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Twitch Build Guide by eraze321

ADC [11.24b] Challenger AP & AD Twitch guide 🔫🐀👑

ADC [11.24b] Challenger AP & AD Twitch guide 🔫🐀👑

Updated on December 28, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author eraze321 Build Guide By eraze321 380 43 706,200 Views 21 Comments
380 43 706,200 Views 21 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author eraze321 Twitch Build Guide By eraze321 Updated on December 28, 2021
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Runes: AP

1 2 3
Hail of Blades
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Ideal runes
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[11.24b] Challenger AP & AD Twitch guide 🔫🐀👑

By eraze321
About Me
Hey guys I'm Eraze and welcome to my Challenger Twitch guide. I'm a Twitch player that peaked at Challenger 631LP this season in OCE. I started playing Twitch as a jungler originally in season 8, however at the start of this season I swapped to playing him in the botlane. Twitch is the main champion I played in my climb to Challenger this season, I'd consider him my biggest comfort champion.

I regularly stream my gameplay on Twitch and tweet a lot on Twitter.
Why Twitch

Twitch - The Plague Rat
Speciality: Snowballing, Assassinating, Carrying.
Why should you play this champion when it has such a weak earlygame compared to meta ADC's? Twitch is a champion that can snowball EXTREMELY hard if given the tools to do so and also cause the enemy to tilt very hard due to the stealth from Ambush, opening windows for you to win the game just by throwing their enemy off their game trying to think about your stealth constantly. The champion is also very strong for lategame teamfights and has the potential to literally 1v5.
Pros & Cons
+ Can 1v9 games at every ELO
+ Snowballs very hard
+ Extremely versatile due to being able to go either AP or AD
+ Scales Better than most ADC's, alot of opportunity to comeback due to this
+ One of the few ADC's that has stealth in his kit, which is very strong in solo queue due to the lack of communication
+ Has the best roams of all adc's to snowball harder/come back into the game from a rough lane due to his Q
+ Very high skill ceiling, The better you are at kiting the better the champion is.

Twitch has a lot of weaknesses and issues with his earlygame due to the current meta having a lot of engage supports that you will meet on the enemy team, but if you are aware of this weakness and the risks that can punish you, you can avoid falling behind pretty easily and always have the safety net of being able to roam to look for opportunities.
- Very weak earlygame until you get some items
- Can be countered easily by certain champions such as Yasuo, Braum and Samira
- If you fall behind it can take a long time to become useful again if your roams don't work
- Very susceptible to jungle ganks due to his lack of mobility
- Immobile ADC in a meta where there are lots of engage supports, bruisers and assassins that are looking to kill you

Overall, Twitch is a great champion for soloq. Games often snowball quickly in the current meta and twitch is great at doing this, His Q (Ambush) is the perfect ability to create chaos and get the snowball rolling, and if all else fails he will outscale MAJORITY of ADC champions when it comes to lategame teamfights.
AP or AD?

Generally in my opinion I think that AP Twitch is better in almost EVERY circumstance of a game, if I had it my way I would play AP Twitch every game, EVEN if my team has drafted an AP mid, Jungler and Toplaner. Due to the way AP scales, Magic resistance items on the enemy doesn't really effect him as much as people would think, his Passive Deadly Venom poison Deals TRUE damage that scales with Ability Power, the SLOW on his W Venom Cask scales with ability power to an insane level (After 5 points and a certain amount of AP Venom Cask slows people for OVER 100%), it becomes an AOE Nasus Wither that applies many stacks of your poison that deals insane TRUE damage. His Main damage Ability Contaminate Also scales heavily off AP however it does MIXED damage.

AP Twitch also Generally comes online MUCH faster, the damage after Nashor's Tooth + Rabadon's Deathcap is higher than any two AD items would give you. AP also gives you more options for defensive items as you can go Zhonya's Hourglass or Banshee's Veil, which are items that generally arent Available to most ADC's and are REALLY helpful for dealing with threats such as assassins which are usually an ADC's worst nightmare.

HOWEVER, I do not go AP every game, and I would not urge you to either for the simple reason of your teammates mental, Most people aren't aware of these reasons that make AP Twitch viable regardless of your teams damage sources, and seeing that you go AP can often cause people to tilt very hard and become frustrated, which is not ideal to win as many solo queue games as possible and climb the ranks.

AD Twitch is much weaker than AP in terms of early-midgame, however if you are able to snowball with AD anyway, it scales insanely well and has higher potential to 1v5 teamfights a lot EASIER than AP does, due to the difference in playstyle, even if you are fed with AP Twitch you need to play fights slowly based on your cooldowns with Venom Cask and Contaminate, but if you are ahead with AD you turn into a teamfight monster who can just all-in and wipe an entire team in seconds.

Generally because of these things I have a few circumstances of when I pick what - If I already have two sources of AD on my team and only one source of AP i will generally go AP, If I already have Two sources of AP damage and only one source of AD then I will opt for AP. The Exception to these rules for me is when my Support picks Lulu - as this champion makes AD Twitch much much stronger, So I would always go AD with a Lulu, regardless of my team's champions.

This domination page shows the most efficient rune page for AP Twitch. The main keystone for Twitch is Hail of Blades. Hail of Blades allows you to very rapidly apply stacks of your passive Deadly Venom, applying these stacks as fast as possible is the most important thing with AP Twitch so you can get the maximum stacks (6) and get the highest damage from your Contaminate, as well as get the high damage from your poison ticking faster.
For the second row you always want to take Taste of Blood. Taste of Blood is great for sustain in lane as this is by far Twitch's weakest point of any time in the game.
In the 3rd Row there aren't many viable options for twitch, Eyeball Collection is just an overall good rune as twitch loves raw AP, and there aren't really any other viable options worth taking instead.
In the last row you have a couple of options, you can choose between Ravenous Hunter and Relentless Hunter based on how you want to play, if you plan to roam a lot with Ambush then Relentless Hunter is the better choice, if you believe you cant roam much then Ravenous Hunter is also good as you have 0 sustain in your kit otherwise.
For the second tree you ALWAYS want to take Presence of Mind and Legend: Alacrity as these are both amazing runes for Twitch, he struggles a lot with mana issues which Presence of Mind fixes, and [[legend: alacrity] gives you more attack speed for both faster burst and higher dps in general
Pretty standard in terms of the adaptive runes, Change between Armour and Magic resistance based on whether you are laning vs and AD or AP champion.

This Precision page shows the most efficient rune page for AD Twitch. The main keystone for AD Twitch is Press the Attack. Press the Attack is AMAZING for early burst and trades in lane, perfect for picks mid-game which is the main goal with the standard build. As I have already mentioned, Lethal Tempo becomes an option when you have a Lulu supporting you.
In the second row, Presence of Mind is Amazing for Twitch, this champion struggles a LOT with mana issues especially in the earlygame. His Passive Deadly Venom continuously restarts the ticks for the mana regeneration from this rune, making it the best choice by far.
In the third row, your choice depends on a few things, if you are running the Press the Attack build/rune setup then you NEED Legend: Alacrity due to not itemising any attack speed except your mythic early. If you are running Lethal Tempo with a Lulu then the choice is up to you between Legend: Alacrity and Legend: Bloodline, Alacrity scales much faster and is good for snowballing, however you don't have any sustain so if you care about that you can opt for Legend: Bloodline but it scales much slower.
In the final row it depends on the champions you are against, if you are against a lot of tanks/bruisers then take Cut Down, if there are very few tanks/bruisers then take Coup de Grace for more damage against squishy targets and snowballing.
For your secondary tree I would always opt into Taste of Blood, and then if you are buying Galeforce you should take Ingenious Hunter, if you arent buying galeforce then opt for Ultimate Hunter so you can look for picks more often.
Pretty standard in terms of the adaptive runes, Change between Armour and Magic resistance based on whether you are laning vs and AD or AP champion.
AP Twitch - Starting items
For AP Twitch: Doran's Ring + 2 Health Potion's - Twitch struggles with mana a LOT in lane, this helps him deal with that as well as giving some early AP for extra damage on your E Contaminate + Passive Deadly Venom. Before playing AP Twitch for the first time I would recommend going into practice tool and practice last hitting with Doran's Ring, as you do very little damage per auto, and it can feel difficult if you aren't used to it.

First Recall
After your first recall, the most ideal first item is Blasting Wand as it provides a huge spike earlygame and should be your highest priority. If you cannot afford Blasting Wand opt for Dark Seal, after that start to build towards Nashor's Tooth, priority for the components should be Blasting Wand > Recurve Bow > Amplifying Tome > 2 Dagger's.

Refillable Potion and Control Ward are always good options when you have extra gold, but if you can't afford this along with the highest priority item mentioned above, don't go for either (for example, recall on 950g? Blasting Wand + Health Potion > Dark Seal + Amplifying Tome + Refillable Potion

Core items

Nashor's Tooth + Rabadon's Deathcap - Nashor's Tooth is AP Twitch's dream first item, this champion LOVES raw AP, however just raw AP isn't enough to burst someone at one item, the insane amount of attack speed it gives as well as the on-hit damage allows you to have an insane one item spike that can 1v1 almost all adc's at one item. For second item Rabadon's Deathcap is always the option I would recommend, as mentioned earlier twitch loves raw AP due to the amount of things that scale with AP (even Nashor's Tooth on-hit damage scales with AP as well as his Passive Deadly Venom, W Venom Cask, and E Contaminate)

Situational items

Mejai's Soulstealer, Zhonya's Hourglass, Banshee's Veil, Everfrost, Riftmaker - here is when the AP build shines in terms of its versatility, Snowballing very hard and want a huge damage spike? Opt for Mejai's Soulstealer. Enemy has a fed assassin that's giving you trouble? Zhonya's Hourglass is your new best friend. Enemy has an important ability thats giving you trouble such as Blitz q or Rakan Ult? Banshee's Veil will prevent these issues. Is there a melee champion such as Tryndamere, Jax, Udyr Running you down and zoning you from the fight and you can't deal with him? Everfrost will provide self peel. Is the enemy team extremely tanky? Riftmaker Gives you a big damage amplification and extra true damage to turn them into butter.


If there are people that are going to run at you often or the enemy team is a bit tankier, opt for Ionian Boots of Lucidity for the cooldown reduction on your W Venom Cask + E Contaminate to kite them for longer and get more rotations of spells off. If the enemy has low threats or is very squishy then Berserker's Greaves are great for both burst and DPS, OR if you are snowballing heavily for the same reason.

AD Twitch - Starting items

For AD Twitch: Doran's Blade + 1 Health Potion OR Long Sword + 3 Health Potion's - If you are laning against a champion that can harrass/poke you easily such as Karma, Varus, Ziggs, or easily outsustain you due to healing, such as Soraka or Nami then go for Long Sword + 3 Health Potion's to match the sustain or survive for long enough through the poke. If enemy lane doesnt have either of these opt for Doran's Blade + 1 Health Potion.

First Recall
First recall with AD Twitch your most ideal item is Noonquiver, which is made a lot easier if you started Long Sword, if you cannot afford Noonquiver then pickaxe is the next best option, if you cannot afford that either then opt for the components of Noonquiver - 2x Long Sword + Dagger

Refillable Potion and Control Ward are always good options when you have extra gold, but if you can't afford this along with the highest priority item mentioned above, don't go for either of these, unless you REALLY need them to survive harrass/ganks.

Cull can be a very good item situationally. I would only recommend buying Cull in either EXTREME circumstance of lane, if you are very ahead of the enemy laner and don't need the extra damage to kill them, Cull is a good extra item to generate more gold long term. Or if you are very far behind and have no chance to ever kill the enemy laner, then you can buy [[cull] to try and recover a bit via farming.

Core items: Press the Attack runepage

Galeforce is the dream item for Twitch, it's extremely versatile. Great to either dodge a key skillshot or escape someone running you down, but it is also very good to use offensively, not only does it allow you to close the gap to get more auto attacks off, it also provides magic damage which is an execute for unexpected burst in combination with your E Contaminate. Lord Dominik's Regards is a great second item for this playstyle as it gives you an insane amount of damage at second item, and with the meta currently having many bruisers/tanks you can also melt them easily. Infinity Edge is self explanatory, you have AOE auto attacks with your R, and after the first two raw damage items this one makes your damage go through the roof. Usually games are over by this point, however if not then Runaan's Hurricane is a good 4th item, as by this time in the game people are more likely to group and teamfight, so it's harder to look for picks. Has great synergy with your R Spray and Pray, but its difficult to buy it early since you deal very low damage with it as a second item, and you need Infinity Edge third for the biggest spike.

Situational items

Kraken Slayer - I wouldn't recommend buying Kraken Slayer almost ever, Galeforce is too good of an item, but if there are ZERO threats then it can be an option, if you are buying this make sure to take Ultimate Hunter instead of Ingenious Hunter.

The Collector - This item can be a good second item instead of Lord Dominik's Regards if the enemy team has no people that will be buying armour at all (which is very rare, if enemies even buy Plated Steelcaps then Lord Dominik's Regards is better).

Wit's End - Amazing item if you are against an AP heavy team, if laning VS an ap champion such as Ziggs and they also have an AP mid or jungler you can rush this item before your mythic. If you are against an AD laner, but enemy team has double AP in mid jungle which are threats to you such as Elise + LeBlanc you can buy this item second.

Blade of the Ruined King - VERY situational item, only buy this very late into the game and only if enemy has MULTIPLE tanks which are an issue for you.


Berserker's Greaves are the only option for boots on AD Twitch in my opinion, buy boots after mythic/first item whenever you have the gold to do so.

Core items Lethal Tempo with Lulu

If you have a Lulu support take the Lethal Tempo rune page mentioned above, the starting items/boots/situational are almost the same (except for The Collector, never buy this with Lethal Tempo) however the core build order looks different:

Core items for Lethal Tempo Twitch with a Lulu: Galeforce -> Runaan's Hurricane -> Lord Dominik's Regards -> Infinity Edge -> Phantom Dancer - Due to Lulu's insane attack speed steroids you scale a lot better with attack speed, so Runaan's Hurricane second is perfect as you want to force teamfights as soon as possible. Lord Dominik's Regards third generally outdamages Infinity Edge with this build, even though you're already at the 60% crit threshhold required for Infinity Edge's passive. I would only recommend Infinity Edge third if enemy has no tanks/bruisers that are an issue for you.

Other notable options for lethal tempo twitch: On-hit items such as Wit's End, Blade of the Ruined King, and even Guinsoo's Rageblade become much better with this build as with the Lulu and Lethal Tempo you will have much higher attack speed to proc these on-hit effects more often, the situations you buy them are still the same.

Guinsoo's Rageblade can be a very good 4th item ( Galeforce -> Runaan's Hurricane -> Lord Dominik's Regards -> Guinsoo's Rageblade -> situational) if you are against a VERY tanky team, as you melt tanks insanely fast with Guinsoo's Rageblade's on-hit damage and all the attack speed. However this is much harder to play than any other style of Twitch because you will be reaching attack speeds upwards of 3.5-4 per SECOND, so if you plan to try this I would recommend practicing kiting with it in practice tool.
Summoner Spells

FLASH: Flash Pretty self explanatory, you're an immobile ADC, can help secure kills or escape from danger. Take this every game there's no reason to replace it.
IGNITE: I REALLY prefer taking ignite myself every game, as a lot of the time you want to look for picks with your stealth, in this situation your support generally wont ever be in range to help, so the extra damage guarantees these picks.
EXHUAST: If i'm AP Twitch I will take Ignite every game since you have access to defensive items such as Zhonya's Hourglass to survive assassins and such, however sometimes supports wont switch from Ignite so this is your next best option.

If you are AD Twitch then I still generally prefer Ignite myself, unless the enemy team has assassins like Zed/ Qiyanaor threats to you such as a Draven lane, in this case Exhaust can be really helpful to survive.
HEAL: I really hate this spell and I would urge you not to take it on Twitch, there are just better options for what he wants to achieve.
Laning & Earlygame

Laning & Earlygame with Twitch

Laning is generally the same for both AP and AD Twitch since you don't have the items yet, the only differences being your first few recalls, rune setup and how often you can roam.

AP Twitch has two very notable powerspikes, if you can get Blasting Wand first base then you have insane burst to surprise the enemy laners with and look for kills with Ambush, the other strength with this comes at level 5, with Blasting Wand and 3 points in your E Contaminate, if you can't look for kills in lane you can W Venom Cask the wave, auto the melee minions twice each, press E and the entire wave dies, this gives you good chances to roam. His second big powerspike being finishing Nashor's Tooth. Generally Twitch with Nashor's Tooth can 1v1 any adc with any mythic when you have ignite.

AD Twitch has less noticeable powerspikes, but the two most notable ones would be Noonquiver + Pickaxe at level 6 with Press the Attack, this generally is always enough damage to oneshot an ADC that isn't expecting it due to the damage from Press the Attack and the amount of AD you have from items + your R Spray and Pray as well as damage from Ignite. The other notable spike is when you finish Galeforce, This item is great for picks earlygame, you can stealth on most ADC's and oneshot them, make sure to Galeforce as late as possible as it deals more damage the lower they are, either use it to follow their Flash, or for unexpected burst when they are low in combination with your e Contaminate. Beware of ADC's with Immortal Shieldbow though, as this item can prevent you from oneshotting them when you have Galeforce unless you are far ahead of them.

Generally Twitch's hardest point of the game due to how weak he is early, you really need the enemy to make a lot of mistakes to win lane, or you need your support to play very well, however there are a few things you can do to make the lane easier.

If you ARENT leashing, while the enemy is leashing, you have two options:
If you believe you can beat the enemy level one because your support is stronger (For example you have Thresh against enemy Janna) you can sit in the lane bush closest to enemy tower, and look to fight level one with E Contaminate start, this is best with Press the Attack, however it can be good with Hail of Blades also.
If not, start w, auto a caster minion once which should pull the enemy minions closer to you, and then you can W the wave and start slowly pushing it to the enemy to make sure you get level 2 first.

If both teams are leashing (most games) you have a few options:
If the enemy botlane has champions that are stronger than you level 1 and want to harrass you such as Draven, Caitlyn, Karma then a good option for level 1 is to start W, this ability truthfully doesn't do a whole lot earlygame, however when the enemy looks to auto attack you, you can auto back, throw your W down for a slow and to stack your passive Deadly Venom on them more, then if they want to keep trading then they have to continue to walk through it to trade, the slow can be really useful to outspace the enemy, when they look to auto you and are slowed, you can walk away, then as they turn away you can look to get another auto off. Basically when you use this ability you force them to disengage because nobody want to stand in it the whole time, and when they are trying to do that you can attack them, and if they try to attack you back then they have to stay in it and take more poison damage.

If the enemy botlane is either weaker than you or about the same strength, then you can look to cheese and early trade with Q Ambush start, this again is best with Press the Attack, but can also work with Hail of Blades, just stealth up to the enemy ADC when you know the support isn't in range of you and look to get three autos (for both runes) and then disengage, people often forget this and it can lead to a good hp advantage earlygame.

If you have a hook champion such as Blitzcrank or Thresh you can wait to level your skill, farm like normal, and if they hit a hook you can level E for a big burst, but this is alot rarer than other circumstances.

After any of the above mentioned scenarios, just look to farm safely, and trade with the enemy laner when you can do so without missing minions/losing the trade. If you started Long Sword + 3 Health Potion's and the enemy started Doran's Blade + 1 Health Potion you can look to take a lot of trades, even if you lose the trade in the short term, you will outsustain them and they will eventually be too low HP to trade back.

A good tip for trading with Twitch is to look to auto whenever you can, walk back and wait a bit, and just before your passive Deadly Venom runs out try to look for another one if you can do so safely, if you can't auto them safely anymore you can also throw your W Venom Cask at the enemy before the poison runs out, as this resets the duration and adds more stacks of it, so just try to re-apply it as many times as possible by taking short 1-2 auto trades and throwing a w here and there, always hold your E Contaminate as long as possible, only use it either when the enemy gets to 6 stacks (the poison icon on them will change and be noticeable at this point) or use it at 3+ stacks when you know you can't re-apply the poison safely any more.

Obviously you can look to stealth with Ambush on the enemy whenever it's safe to do so (you know the enemy jungler isn't nearby, you have vision on the enemy support or know exactly where they are, such as in a bush etc) but only use Q Ambush when the enemy can't see you, otherwise it's very obvious. If you need to chase an enemy it's fine to use it when they can see you, it gives extra movement speed so it's a great tool for chasing that people disrespect it.

After level 6 is when you have the most opportunities to look for 2v2 kills or 1v1 picks when someone is alone, your ultimate Spray and Pray gives you a huge burst of damage and an insane amount of range, if you are even with the enemy ADC in terms of items/gold/level then generally you can beat majority of them in a 1v1 if you stealth on them and have Ignite, Always use Ignite early to reduce summoner Heal as this leads to a lot of kills. If your support has CC such as Leona, Nautilus, Thresh then if they land any CC on the enemy adc/support after level 6 you will generally always win the fight due to the high damage and range from your ultimate Spray and Pray.

Every time you recall in lane, look at both top and mid as well as your lane, if you know you wont miss too much CS (dropping one wave for a guaranteed kill it always worth it but losing more waves can start to feel really bad), if one of the enemy laners is low or overextended you can try to attempt a roam coming from base, as people are usually late to call MIA when you recall, so it's more unexpected. If you see a gankable lane always ask your laner if the enemy has Flash so you can play accordingly to that.

Other times to roam:

If you are hard losing lane, and know there is no way to ever win a 2v2 anymore, you can give minions and just start to roam constantly to try find a window back into the game by getting gold for yourself or tilting the enemy team, if you are going to do this I would recommend buying Boots earlier than normal to help get to places faster.

If the game is looking VERY doomed, say your team has 5 kills while the enemy team has 20 kills, Usually this game would just be a ff15, however because of your Q Ambush, you can abandon your lane and play for the last resort: enemy shutdowns. When the enemy team looks for plays on your laners. At this point just think of yourself as a second jungler for your team and try to create a numbers advantage when enemy team goes for a play, a few big shutdowns on Twitch in these games can turn the tides like crazy and allow you to 1v9, but don't forget to farm when you do this, if you get a few shutdowns don't just keep running around, make sure to get exp and gold from minions otherwise you will just fall too far behind to carry due to being at a huge level disadvantage, it's all about balancing it perfectly.

Tip for mana struggles - If you are finding yourself very low on mana often, try to auto attack an enemy once (universal for both AD and AP Twitch) to apply your passive Deadly Venom and Presence of Mind, your poison restarts the timer of Presence of Mind with every tick, so you have increased mana regeneration for a long time.
Midgame & Lategame

Midgame & Lategame with Twitch

Generally midgame is played the same on both AD Twitch with Press the Attack and AP Twitch, the only difference is when you are playing Lethal Tempo Twitch with a Lulu and Runaan's Hurricane second item.

After taking the enemy bottom tower or losing yours, you should find yourself switching lanes with your midlaner, starting to farm mid while he goes to a side-lane, at this point whether you are AD or AP your goal is the same, farm the mid waves and look for picks on people that are alone or overextended in either mid or sidelanes if they push too far with your Q Ambush. With Press the Attack AD Twitch you want to be looking for as picks for as long as you can and as often as you are allowed to. AP Twitch is really good for picks due to his strong earlygame, however it is also EXTREMELY strong in teamfights due to your W Venom Cask, so either options are fine for you at this point.

The difference comes with Lethal Tempo Twitch in midgame, after finishing your mythic, boots and Runaan's Hurricane you generally want to group and look for as many skirmishes/teamfights as possible to get the most value from Runaan's Hurricane as you can, but make sure not to fall too far behind in exp/gold from grouping and losing CS for it.

Inevitably after a while people will start grouping and looking for teamfights, and all the three different styles of Twitch I have mentioned have different ways that they want to play teamfights so I shall go over them all.

Teamfighting with AP Twitch

Firstly AP Twitch loves teamfights after getting items due to how his W Venom Cask works. If you can get a pick before a teamfight this will ALWAYS be the best case scenario, however if that is not possible your goal is to play the fights as SLOWLY as possible, AP Twitch in the lategame is essentially both an Assassin like Evelynn, and a control mage like Anivia, you either look to make an asassination when people don't expect it, or play extremely far back and slowly, getting as many W's and E's on people as you can, you can easily kite people back with your W Venom Cask due to its insane slow with AP, then you just use your ult to apply more stacks of your passive Deadly Venom to get the maximum damage out of your E Contaminate. W can also be extremely useful at baron nashor and dragon fights to cut off entrances, if the enemy is approaching through a small gap you can place your W down and watch them run through an AOE Nasus Wither while taking true damage.

Teamfighting with Press the Attack AD Twitch
This build is much worse for teamfights than other variant until you get your 4th item Runaan's Hurricane, however you can't always avoid them. Before you get Runaan's Hurricane try to play teamfights as an Assassin like Evelynn, look for Flanks with your Q Ambush to try and create a numbers advantage for the fight, remember that getting a kill or assist resets your Q Ambush cooldown, So if you make a pick and know you can't get any more, you can Q again and attempt to run away and re-position. After Runaan's Hurricane teamfighting becomes much easier, you can still look for assassinations as before, and it will be much easier to kill multiple people with these flanks now. If flanking/assassinating is too risky/difficult then you can also position like a regular ADC, try to stay out of vision of enemies and wait for them to use important spells/engages on your teammates when they think you aren't at the fight, after important spells are used you can exit stealth and look to wipe the enemy team with your R Spray and Pray + Runaan's Hurricane synergy.

Teamfighting with Lethal Tempo AD Twitch
This is arguably the best scaling build for teamfights, Especially with a Lulu, this is where it shines the best, however you need to play the fights differently, you can't really look for assassinations as easily due to how Lethal Tempo works, and you cant sit in stealth waiting for enemies to use spells, the most ideal situation for teamfighting with this build is to be able to see all of the enemies so you know you won't be flanked, you run up to the enemy, throw your W Venom Cask and press Q Ambush to go invisible while pretending to run away, your W will start the Lethal Tempo proc, and once it activates then you can unleash everything on the enemy with the insane attack speed steroids from exiting Ambush, Lethal Tempo activation and ideally your Lulu's W Whimsy+ E Help, Pix!, if you can do this then you're likely going to win the teamfight unless you get caught by somebody on the enemy team. There are a few other circumstances to use this build well rather than w -> q into engage on the enemy that I just mentioned.

It also works if the enemy is chasing you, you throw w to slow them, activate q to pretend like you're running away and then re-engage with ultimate when tempo procs. The last option which isn't as good and should generally be the last case scenario or can be helpful to bait enemy is you can walk to up an enemy in stealth, cancel stealth by auto attacking them once, then either pretend to disengage by walking away a bit, or dodge a spell that they throw at you while you wait for Lethal Tempo to activate, after it activates then you can use your ultimate Spray and Pray and gun the enemy down.

Generally you don't want to use your R Spray and Pray without your Lethal Tempo being active as it wastes a lot of potential DPS.

Other important tips, before a teamfight happens, think about how it's going to play out:

If you're AD Twitch and the enemy Team has a Leona that will use her ultimate Solar Flare on you every fight and they have the follow-up to oneshot you? Be ready to use your Galeforce to dodge this ability.

If you're playing AP Twitch and the enemy team has a Qiyana + Zed? Think about when you're going to use your Zhonya's Hourglass in their combo to avoid the damage.

If you're running Exhaust on either build variant, think about the biggest threat to you and when you need to Exhaust them so you're ready for when it happens and aren't caught by surprise.

Just always be aware of what poses a threat to you and think about how you can avoid that threat.
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