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Jinx Build Guide by Eneino01

ADC [11.6] CHallenger peak Adc - Jinx guide Season 13 destroyer

ADC [11.6] CHallenger peak Adc - Jinx guide Season 13 destroyer

Updated on February 7, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eneino01 Build Guide By Eneino01 32 2 79,993 Views 2 Comments
32 2 79,993 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Eneino01 Jinx Build Guide By Eneino01 Updated on February 7, 2023
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Runes: Common galeforce or kraken

1 2 3 4 5 6
Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Cut Down

Gathering Storm
Absolute Focus

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

[11.6] CHallenger peak Adc - Jinx guide Season 13 destroyer

By Eneino01
Table of Contents

How do I pick items?- Learn how to pick items!

Laning phase tricks- How do I play my lane?

After Laning phase...- And now?

Tips&Tricks- The best You can get from a guide!

Thanks for reading!-Farewells

Hello! My name is Enea (Eneino01 in-game) and I'm 18 years old main ADC that reached Master on EUW this season! This is my second guide and I'm featuring something strange but really good to win with. I would like to talk a bit of myself as a player.I started playing on season 4 with the one and the only Jinx since I was silver and she's still my main. Now, after a long time, I decided to start streaming on Twitch and now I'm writing some guides for new players.As I'm not a big streamer every help is appreciated.[color=#ff8000 That being said I'm trying to feature in a short time every other guide of all the ADC'S...[/color] Thanks for the patience and now let's start with the guide!
How do I pick items?
As i'm an old style player I would like to say that every game has a different situation. That's why your build has to change depending on what enemy we have against and so on. Just remember that there's not a perfect build that fits for every game and that's why picking our items is one of the most important decision of the game. That being said, I'm going to describe only the most important items and not the core ones like Infinity Edge that you should Always build.

Doran's Blade

Doran's Blade is the most common start because of his lifesteal and Attack Damage potential that helps to deal damage to the enemy and push at the same time. You should Always take Doran's Blade if You manage to attack the minions or when you have an aggressive lane where you can dominate.

Doran's Shield

Doran's Shield is used when you're against lanes where you're getting attacked many times without being able to attack minions. You should pick the shield against Champions like Morgana and Caitlyn to help you survive the laning phase.But remember! If you take Doran's shield you're losing damage against enemies but not against minions, so think about it twice when you take it!

Runaans Hurricane

Runaan's Hurricane is one of the best items on Jinx because of his fishbones that can deal huge amount of AoE damage while having crit and a high mov speed. I recommend to take this item whenever you need to go full dmg or when you don't need to take defensive items at all.

Rapid Firecannon

Rapid Firecannon is the best second choise because of his range while using fishbones and the damage potential to objective that can help you push lanes even faster. This item should be used whenever you need to get that extra range so that you don't go out of positioning too often while dealing damage at the same time.

Statikk shiv

Phantom Dancer

Phantom Dancer is one of the best items to play defensive with. That's because of the bonus attack speed that triggers once you use 4 autos. This item is a must to pick if you're against fron to back comps.

Death's Dance

Mercurial Scimitar

This item is really good with Jinx because of the movement speed, magic resistance and crowd control cleaning that will make you position better whenever you missplay something. This item should be used whenever you're against a lot of cc's or when you need some mr and lifesteal.

Essence Reaver

Essence Reaver is one of the most under-rated items on Jinx. This item makes her a monster with high cdr on Zap! (around 3 seconds or so) and high critical chances that won't let the enemy escape!

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is one of the most useful items as it's one of the few items that gives ad armor and resurrects your character after dead. This item should be picked when you're the first being focused so that your team can work around your dead if they force a fight on you. P.S When you use the Guardian Angel, You shouldn't become more confident about yourself just because you can ressurect! Remember that if You go out of positioning nothing will save you anyway!

Lord Dominik's Regards

Lord Dominik's Regards is used to shred the enemy armor when the enemy has a really heavy frontline with high resistances. P.S Before picking Jinx make sure that your team has some mixed damage or Champions like Malphite can go full armor and become immortal even against the best Jinx pros!

Mortal Reminder

The Mortal Reminder is used against Champions who gets to heal a lot like Zac or Dr. Mundo and also when the enemy has a support like Soraka that can be pretty annoying for us. Thanks to Executioner's Calling effect we can decrease the heal and kill them easily.
Laning Phase tricks
The laning phase is the most important phase for an ADC as it will determine your mid and late game so let's try to get the best out of it by explaining how a good adc doesn't get picked everytime by the enemy jungler or loses the full priority of the lane. First of all, let's talk about the types of wave management that will help you improve your overall positioning in the lane.
As you may know, there are 3 type of wave management:


This is the most important wave management that an adc has to learn because it can be used as a defensive OR poking scenario. In order to do that, we just have to last hit the minions till the last second so that the wave "freezes" on the same confortable place where you can easily farm and scale.To explain you better, I'll use riftkit so that You can see a game-like situation. Defensive Freeze is used when you're against a poke lane and you don't want to get harrassed too hard. If the enemy wave has 3 minions than yours, you can stall the lane by freezing the Whole game under your tower, but You shouldn't Always do that because otherwise you're leaving every objective (dragon) to the enemy. You should also do that when you have an high scaling champion or a bully champion(I'll explain later why) and You don't want to risk at all as Jinx.
Defensive Freeze is also used as Poking freeze when you're playing Champions like Caitlyn.Let's suppose that we're winning our lane and the enemy adc is behind. By freezing our lane we can poke the enemy adc whenever he gets to attack the minions. You can see on the image below that the adc has to expose itself in order to farm while being in range of your Attacks and the support ones.

Fast Push

Fast push is used when you need to reset your wave so that you can start doing something else instead of farming, something like a drake. In order to do that we have to push as fast as possible (starting by the meele minions) so that we can help our jungler to secure the objective as fast as possible. If you're not able to push the lane, take in consideration to abort the call as your jungler may face your botlane and the enemy jungler while You're farming safely. That may happen because of the lack of vision that we're going to have if we're doing something like a defensive freeze or a defensive axis that I'll explain later.

Slow Push

This is an advanced concept, usually used by the toplaners on mid-game when they know that a fight for an objective is near.In order to do a Slow push we just have to kill the 3 caster minions of a normal wave so that yours will slowly push towards the enemy tower.By doing that, we're forcing the enemy toplaner to clear his wave first(unless he wants to lose a huge amount of gold) before doing anything else. As an adc, You won't use this too much but it's good to know how it works. Note: The power of the minions is given by the average level of the players! That means that if You and your team are behind in levels this push won't work effectivly!

Now that we know how to manage the waves let's get ahead to the axis that we can have in our games. Based on this axis, we have to play according to them to ward properly the map in every kind of situation.

Defensive Axis

When playing defensive, 2 wards are NEEDED to ensure that the enemy jungler won't invade our jungle while we're farming under tower. Pink should be placed either by the adc or the supp and the normal ward by the support only. With these 2 wards we have full control of enemy jungler movements in our jungle and we can also trap him as 3!

Medium Axis

On a stale bot lane,the four players are fighting in the center of the lane in order to get priority of the river. If we manage to get that priority we can detect the enemy jungler easily and maybe get an objective out of it while we're defending our jungle.If for any reason we lose priority, we go to the defensive axis that we explained earlier. The pink has to be placed by the adc and the normal wards by the support while he's roaming. The ward near the mid lane brush can also be placed by our midlaner so that we have less work to do.

Winning Axis

Once we get full control of the lane, we can go ahead and ward the enemy jungle so that we can spot him in any possible situation and get value out of it by pushing other lanes or invade him aswell. All the aggressive wards should be placed by the support because as an adc you have to stay as defensive as possible. The only ward the adc can place is the one near the tribush that may be useful for all-in junglers like Zac.
After Laning Phase..
Now that we know how to play our lane You'll probably think… what do I do when laning phase as ended? After laning phase the first thing we want to do with Jinx is to survive as long as possible while farming and get our famous lategame. Now, our laning phase can evolve in two phases, the losing one and the winning one. Starting from the winning one, if we get to take down botlane it's normal to go toplane but do you really know why we're doing this or you're just assuming that's right? After we won botlane we have to decide whether to go toplane or midlane and here's how we decide.

We go midlane if...

the enemy midlaner has no waveclear or he's playing an assasin like Qiyana or Akali.If you think about it,most of the midlaners have many ways to clear the waves ,that's why midlane tower is the hardest one to destroy in the game. If the enemy is not playing Champions with high clear, and he's also an assasin we can deny his roaming abilities so that he has to defend his tower against the two of us.
Note : By doing that, we can also secure a dragon and not the herald only because we're on the center of the map.

We go toplane if...

the enemy toplaner is meele and can get bullied hard by us. Champions like Ornn and Garen will suffer so much poke! The main purpose of this swap is to take the top tower AND the Herald to destroy the midlane tower
Note: Their midlaner can't clear an Herald! That's why we want to put it mid!!
Now let's get ahead and talk about Jinx in this strategy. The best swap we can get for Jinx is to go toplane and take as many gold as possible. Because of her huge waveclear potential we can keep pushing the meele on toplane under tower while He's unable to do anything.If all went perfectly, after taking down toplane you should have ended your core items and that's where you can start teamfighting because of your item peak potential!After you did these steps you just have to follow your team as much as possible without getting caught while keeping your farm high and you'll pretty much win the game.
Thank you!
You made it through! Thank you for reading this Guide and I hope this helped you to improve your Jinx and your overall gameplay knowledge! If you're interested you can contact me on discord to have a private coaching or You can also watch me playing on Twitch! Leave a vote if You liked the guide so I can improve/make more guides!Also this guide is not fully completed as it's my first one but I'll add some things like Jinx Skills description and so on in the near future.Thanks again and GET JINXED!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eneino01
Eneino01 Jinx Guide
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[11.6] CHallenger peak Adc - Jinx guide Season 13 destroyer

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