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Brand Build Guide by iamcasualty

Middle [12.10] Burn Like Wildfire (All Roles)

Middle [12.10] Burn Like Wildfire (All Roles)

Updated on May 28, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author iamcasualty Build Guide By iamcasualty 28 4 62,054 Views 0 Comments
28 4 62,054 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author iamcasualty Brand Build Guide By iamcasualty Updated on May 28, 2022
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Runes: Scaling (Standard)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Dark Harvest
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Manaflow Band

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
Usual Takes
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[12.10] Burn Like Wildfire (All Roles)

By iamcasualty
A Little About Me
I am Casualty, you may call me Cas. I started playing league at the end of season 8 right near the start of season 9 and enjoyed brand a lot. played him support with my buddy as ADC (much to his dismay as my passive yoinked his kills) but my love for this champion only got refueled when they buffed him and changed how his ultimate interacts with Brand himself mostly they wanted to change him to be primarily Mid. Which is where I currently play him, along with anywhere else I can. (Try the tanky Top build it's fun in just about every lane)

I may be a bronze S***ter but I have a lot of knowledge with this champ currently sitting at Mastery 7 with 200k+ mastery points and climbing.

I stream every now and then at Twitch if you wanna stop by sometime

My point with this guide is that the game should be fun. First of all Brand was fun for me it was the first champ I enjoyed. (I tried Riven first in top lane but uh lets not talk about that dark day haha) It doesn't matter your rank, Personally I enjoy just D**king around in draft because draft is more fun for me, I don't care about ranked. What matters is you have fun with the game and enjoy the champion you're playing and that you be kind to people who are learning someone they might eventually enjoy too. Not everyone is gonna click with a champion the instant they pick them up.

Enjoy the guide I hope it helps you learn one of my favorite champions - Casualty
Combos Guide + A Few Tips
Early laning Phase Combos:

E>W Your E will spread in a small area if your passive isn't already applied (usually used on the casters) then you will W the casters to get the empowered W damage to finish off or heavily damage the casters minions, Also a good close range combo for champs in early fights

Q>E This is a good combo to use to get your passive onto a target farther away then E to spread that passive over a wide area. GREAT FOR POKING PEOPLE PLAYING SAFE BEHIND THE WAVE (usually aim it at a tanky target like the cannon minion, a melee Minion or if you have a high health caster available to hit.) Q a minion and then E the minion to spread your passive over a wider area (600 Units wide)

Q>W This combo is mainly used to get your passive activated on a far away target with Q before you use your W to get the Empowered W Damage on the target since they will have passive active on them from the Q

E>Q If someone is chasing you or you need to CC someone quickly E them to apply passive then Q for a stun and walk away to safety. you can also apply your W afterward to proc your 3 part passive explosion for more damage (explained more in the pre level 6 area)

Pre level 6:

E>Q>W this is a close range combo because your E is not a skill shot but its a close range point and click ability that will apply your passive to who you click on and deal some damage and apply said passive around that target in a small area to other targets (300 range if i recall if they dont have passive on them already but 600! if they do) then you will Q that target to stop their advances with a stun and then W said target to get the empowered damage from W. which will also then proc your 3 part passive for a lot of damage (TL;DR this is your bread and butter combo when someone is close and it hurts)

Q>E>W (Instant Stun) this is a tricky combo at first to get used to. your Q is a projectile and has a small travel time. so you throw out your Q and Then E the target before it lands for a INSANT Stun. cause on its own without passive already on them the Q wont stun them so they don't react to it at first normally. then you W for Big Deeps.

Q>W>E (Instant stun combo 2) this is the same premise as the previous combo except you throw your Q from distance at your target or from fog of war then W right after. your W will explode and apply your passive right as the Q hits resulting in a stun that is very hard for the enemy to react to. most people don't move because the Q alone wont stun them. that's when they finally notice your W underneath their feet and its too late to dodge. this combo takes practice along with the previous one.

Q > Flash > E > W Flash Stun Combo: your Q has a short cast time which means we can cast Q then flash immedietely to E our target and apply our passive. the Q is already in flight Then W for extra damage and to proc the 3 part blaze passive.

After level 6:

Disclaimer: IF you die while your ult is out, it stops bouncing. Only put yourself near the targets you have ulted if it SAFE enough so that way it can bounce off of you as well otherwise if you die your ult just stops in its tracks and is no longer doing damage. another thing your ult will not bounce to you while you are in ZHONYAS

E>Q>W>R (Close range combo) point click your E to apply passive (if they already have passive on them GREAT it will spread the passive), Stun with Q, W for damage (which will then activate the 3 part passive explosion timer) while they're stunned then R and stay close to them so it bounces off you and keeps applying damage UNLESS they have other targets around them it can bounce to, then don't put yourself in danger (Remember it CAN bounce to minions, monsters and other champs as well if they're close enough to each other) this alone is usually enough to send most people screaming away from you especially if you've ignited them at this point.

Q>E>W>R this is long range combo like I talked about earlier, if you can surprise someone with the instant stun combo, you finish with your R and hang near them if they're solo or just stand at a distance if they have other targets near them it can bounce to, dodge skill shots and CC while your R bounces
and ignite them before they walk to far away if they're low.
Change Log
12.10: With the durability update people have more health and tank stats so brand has shot up in popularity (and winrate) even in high elo. build remain mostly the same however i will be adding a new rune page and possibly 1 new build that i've seen pekinwoof using. So since i like the build and he's a challenger player i think it would be ignorant of me not to add it here for you all to use if you'd like.

12.3: Brand got some QoL (quality of life) Changes helping him more reliably get mana from last hitting and making his bounces from ult more consistent. otherwise no changes to his items or builds.

12.2: Rylais is cheaper now at the cost of having less AP but more HP. so its a great buy again for brand. (added it to the annoying brand build)

Season 12: 1/18/2022 added a new sustain rune page.

Season 12: no important changes for brand, cringebow (shieldbow nerfs so yasuo, yone and the like might be easier to fight)

12/24/2021 : I've finished my testing and tank brand is "viable" now with seraphs being cheaper and giving us haste based on our max mana. I've added a new build "tank top brand" check it out and have fun with it.

12/12/2021 11.24: Seraphs embrace is cheaper and AMAZING for brand now. i have added a build with it.

11/17/21 11.23: I've been playing with Crown of shattered queen and I think its too easy to remove for the enemy. They can poke it off with Zed Q, lux E or Kayn W. Then all in you shortly after anyway. so now you lost power (10-40 AP) and defenses for getting poked imo you now no longer have a mythic item for 40 seconds after being poked once. still gonna test it but so far i dont like it. i'm also still testing the new glacial build (made changes to the core of the glacial build since glacial itself got changed)

10/31/21 Season 12 notes: glacial augment build is gonna change because of the glacial augment changes, and they look spicy for brand. (making a slowing path between you and them and then a slow path to their allies and reducing damage they deal sounds insane especially since they're slowed it means your ult slow on top it means you'll likely get all of your ult bounces off) im also looking into the seraphs changes and it MIGHT make tank brand even more "viable" or usable. we'll see what shakes out of season 12 first though.

11.21: not a lot of changes for mage items. ingenious hunter got a change im testing that rune currently with builds but season 12 is coming and some of those items look juicy for brand. update this when anything changes

11.15 07/21/21: No item or champion changes for brand, Annie and Irelia will be added to the matchups list as well as Cassiopeia and yone. (all 3 received changes that will affect them in mid) i also added a test build I'm working on with electrocute and seraphs embrace

11.14 07/08/21: No item changes or champion changes for brand, Changed the title and updated an item group.

11.13 6/28/21: Added a separate build for the "annoying brand" runes

11.13 6/24/21: updated the title to 11.13, Mage items across the board got reduced in cost. Cheaper liandrys anguish POG

11.12/11.13 6/20/21: Added morgana to the threats category as well, plus a few grammatical fixes in some of the notes and fixed the skill orders for both pages and added more to the Tank brand area for items and the rune page (also removed the conqueror page)

11.12; 6/8/21: Updated the title, items you use haven't changed much but I am happy with the changes that were made to abyssal mask and frozen heart in one of the previous patches looking into making a full true tank build. Cleaned up the combos guide a bit and added a laning phase combo I thought I had already added (Q>W)
League of Legends Build Guide Author iamcasualty
iamcasualty Brand Guide
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[12.10] Burn Like Wildfire (All Roles)

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