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Nasus Build Guide by freddy66623

Top [12.15]πŸ•Freddy's Nasus - Elo Hell Escape - In Depth

Top [12.15]πŸ•Freddy's Nasus - Elo Hell Escape - In Depth

Updated on August 9, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author freddy66623 Build Guide By freddy66623 116 15 621,414 Views 8 Comments
116 15 621,414 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author freddy66623 Nasus Build Guide By freddy66623 Updated on August 9, 2022
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  • LoL Champion: Nasus
    Top Lane Dog
  • LoL Champion: Nasus
    Blue Nasus

Runes: Tank Substain Build

1 2
Grasp of the Undying

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+8 ability haste
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

[12.15]πŸ•Freddy's Nasus - Elo Hell Escape - In Depth

By freddy66623
Guide Details

x Intro
x Who am I?
x Conclusion


x Why Nasus?
x Pros / Cons
x Abilities

x Summoner Spells
x Runes
x Skill Sequence


x Items
x Early / Mid
x Late game

Hi there, My name is Freddy!
As you may have seen (or if you haven't you can now!) I stream League of Legends on TimnFreddy with my buddy Timmy! I have recently come to love Nasus as a top laner, and for those looking to solo carry I highly encourage you to play him. About 1 month ago I started playing league of legends full time again after a long break. I was Diamond 2 in 2014 and I am currently trying to get Silver to Diamond on EUW using Ivern/Nasus/Wukong/Fiora/Maokai and many more top laners. I invite you all to come and hang out as we struggle our way back into high elo!

We stream daily from 19:00 - 23:00 +1GMT (Brussels Time) (Times may vary but this is the general timeframe we aim for). We also have a discord Server where you're welcome to hang out and chat.

What can you expect from the channel? A fun, relaxed environment where we try to interact with you guys as much as possible! We also like to celebrate our milestones by doing RP giveaways, so come follow us if you want to get in on that too!

How do you enter those giveaways? Just make sure you're a follower on the channel and leave a like/comment on one of our guides!

A little more about me:

Why did I start streaming? I studied multimedia & 3D animation and I thought this would be a good place to apply my knowledge and techniques, after seeing my stream grow quit large I thought id make a go of it! So my goal is to be partnered with twitch by the end of 2020. I myself may not be the best player but I do strive to have a good time with my buddy Timmy and share a few laughs with my viewers along the way.

Thats pretty much it for me! Now let's get into the guide!

Hey what's up all my dog loving boys and girls!

Why am I making this guide?
I think that an old champion like Nasus has a lot of potential! Especially in low Elo he's an amazing champion to learn the importance of creep score and not surrendering too early! (it also helps that I recently got a new puppy πŸ•)

Let's get started. In this guide I'll cover everything you need to know about Nasus

Buckle up, here comes a whole lot of information!


Nasus - Awesome Dog
Melee, Jungler, Top laner, Domination, Snowball champ
Synergy: Works in any team
Late Game Potential: Exceptional
Speciality: Never die
Why Nasus? Well it's simple, Nasus will be great in all rankings from ♦️ iron to in diamond πŸ’Ž. If you are trying to escape elo hell he's the champion that will provide you with the late game capabilities to 1 v 9 a game and make your own way to the top! . Nasus is both a great champion to learn to CS on as well as a fun champion for those who are already CS capping every minion wave. With Nasus you could lose lane and still get the strength needed to dominate late game as long as you continue to Siphoning Strike. A big plus is you really don't need any DPS items other then Trinity Force or Iceborn Gauntlet if you are good at stacking Siphoning Strike

First of the reason we go Resolve is because of the fact that you will have to be tanky no matter what. Ofcourse you will rely on Siphoning Strike to be our output damage but other then a Trinity Force you will want to go full tank

PASSIVE: Entering combat generates one stack every second for the next 3 seconds. Additional stacks may be generated by re-entering combat after 2 seconds. After reaching 4 stacks, your next basic attack within 6 seconds against an enemy Champion icon champion consumes all stacks to deal 4% of your maximum health in Magic damage bonus magic damage, restore 2% of your Health icon maximum health, and permanently grant 5 bonus health. The empowered attack duration refreshes whenever going in combat.
Demolish is your bread and butter for both split pushing or just knocking down towers in a teamfight! You will want to use your last hit as a Siphoning Striketo really destroy a tower.
PASSIVE: You generate stacks on enemy Turret icon turrets within 600 units, up to 6 after 3 seconds. Your next basic attack against a turret with 6 stacks deals 100 (+ 35% of your maximum health) bonus physical damage.
Conditioning is again to make yourself a little more resistance heavy. Yes some tanks chose to go for more health, but as I said you are quite kite-able and that makes you really susceptible to a Blade of the Ruined King which is countered by focusing on a bit more resistance and less Health heavy.

PASSIVE: After 12 minutes, gain Armor icon 9 bonus armor and Magic resistance icon 9 bonus magic resistance and increases your total armor and magic resistance by 5%.
So needles to say that Cooldown reduction is priority, as it will allow you to spam syphoning strike much more. Followed by that is again defensive due to the fact that it will give you allot of early game sustain as you will not have to back any time soon.


Inspiration is my choice of rune because you will want to spend as much time in your lane as possible. With building the support tree this is made allot easier by.

PASSIVE: At 12 minutes (reduced by 45 seconds per Damage rating takedown), you gain Slightly Magical Boots item Slightly Magical Boots for Gold free. Slightly Magical Boots are identical and can be upgraded as if they were Boots of Speed item Boots of Speed.

Now Biscuit Delivery may seem odd but the reason behind running this rune is that is provides you even more lane sustain which is everything on Nasus

Receive a Total Biscuit of Everlasting Will item Total Biscuit of Everlasting Will at 2:00, 4:00 and 6:00. If the inventory is full while receiving a biscuit, the biscuit(s) will appear as soon as a slot in the inventory is available.

Choice of legendary
Mercury's treads: Mercury's Treads are preferred over Ninja Tabi because of the fact that the Tenacity that Mercury's Treads provides is better. However when up against full Attack Damage Teams you will want to run Ninja Tabi for its passive that reduces damage taken from auto attacks.
Trinity Force: Trinity Force is a huge damage dealer. It is your ONLY offensive item because it works well overall and provides quite a bit of damage and Cooldown reduction. Usually if im winning I will get Sheen and Stinger first together with a Kindlegem to maximise my Cooldown reduction for Siphoning Strike. IF however you are losing super bad and don't have the money you can trade in Trinity Force for a Iceborn Gauntlet
Spirit Visage: Spirit Visage may seem like a weird item for both the AD and AP build. But its just a necessity for your self heal. It works wonders with your passive Soul Eaterand with enough Siphoning Strike stacks you will just heal immensely.
Thornmail is your counter to those pesky Adc mains who are just there to kite and ruin your day! The Thornmail however makes them think twice about attacking that beast Nasus in team fights. If you chose you could trade it out for a Frozen Heart which will also work nicely on countering the kite. But hey... they won't kill themselves attacking you xD.
Guardian Angel:
Guardian Angel Is what I call the "spooker" it scares them into killing you because you will just get right back up. Now you can take quite a bit of damage already with Thornmail and Spirit Visage. But you can't just get back up once your Health reaches 0. Not to mention that the B. F. Sword and extra Chain Vest that goes into it just makes you that much stronger.
Divine Sunderer
Divine Sunderer Is one of our choices to play. I chose Divine Sunderer to try and get one shot combos going. However Trinity Force will give me some more movement and attack speed. But even when jungle-ing Divine Sunderer is our favorite.
Elixir of Iron:
Elixir of Iron Its unusual that you will see an elixir being used in a build. But I have seen this too much where people get full build and don't buy an elixir. Elixir of Iron is such a crucial and beneficial item to Nasus especially in the late game that I have to mention it. This not only provides MORE tenacity but also allows you to gain more HP & Grow AND its effect makes minions charge faster... Whats not to love.
Soul Eater
✦ INNATE: Nasus permanently has Life steal icon 12 / 18 / 24% (based on level) bonus life steal.
✦ Nasus Benefits from this off his Siphoning Strike combined with Spirit Visage turns Nasus into a late game beast.
Siphoning Strike
✦ Siphoning Strike is Nasus Bread and butter. I cannot stress enough how much you will need to get good at both spamming this and getting Cooldown Reduction will help. Combine this with a Spirit Visage and Soul Eater]] makes him an absolute healing beast in the mid/Late game. It may be difficult to master at first but rushing Sheen and potentially Trinity Force will make it allot easier to last hit. (tip focus the back minions first)
✦ ACTIVE: Nasus's next basic attack within 10 seconds becomes an Excessive Force 2 unstoppable basic attack, gaining Range icon 25 bonus range and dealing Attack damage bonus physical damage.If Siphoning Strike kills its target, Nasus permanently gains 3 stacks, increased to 12 if its target is a Champion icon champion, large Minion icon minion, or large Monster icon monster. (tip: Siphoning Strike resets your auto attack Cooldown)
✦ ACTIVE: Nasus ages the target enemy champion for 5 seconds, Slow icon slowing them by 35% and Cripple icon crippling them byγ€Œ half that amount 」, both increasing over the duration.
✦ Wither is your only gap closer other then Flash so remember to have this ready on the champion you are going to pursuit. With some Cooldown reduction you can keep Wither up almost 24/7.

Spirit Fire
✦ Spirit Fire is Nasus's ranged ability. This will allow you to either Zone, or reduce armor for when they gank! This is of course in ideal situations, but I have been known to find it useful for last hitting when I lose lane OR to last hit champions. The initial damage is not something to be underestimated.
✦ ACTIVE: Nasus unleashes a spirit flame at the target location, dealing Magic damage magic damage to enemies in the area.
55 / 95 / 135 / 175 / 215 (+ 60% AP)
The flame then remains for 5 seconds, dealing magic damage each second to all enemies within and Armor penetration icon reducing their armor while they remain, lingering for 1 second.[/color]

Fury of the Sands
✦ Fury of the Sands is Nasus's Ultimate. Needless to say that the fact that it HALVES the Cooldown of your Siphoning Strike alone makes it ridiculously over powered. Now sprinkle ontop that you gain immense amounts of Armor and magic resist and fill that with an AOE Magic burn it makes him a solo cary god to those able to wield him.
✦ ACTIVE: Nasus empowers himself for 15 seconds, gaining bonus Health icon health, Armor icon armor and Magic resistance icon magic resistance, increased size, and Range icon 50 bonus range on his basic attacks for the duration.

While Nasus is empowered, he deals magic damage to all enemies around him each second, capped at 240 per second, gains bonus Armor icon armor and Magic resistance icon magic resistance each second, and Siphoning Strike Siphoning Strike's Cooldown reduction icon cooldown is halved.

Now Nasus's Skill sequence is not super hard to say the least but I will try to provide some information as to why and when you will want to use them.



















Spirit Fire

Siphoning Strike

Fury of the Sands
> > >
I think its easy to see which ability you wanna be spamming. So we start with Wither because its effect will gradually slow > after which we place Spirit Fire on the floor lowing their Armor & Magic resist > Siphoning Striketo get 1 shot in before > Fury of the Sands which will reset your Siphoning Strikeallowing you to recast it almost immediately. After this initial combo you will want to spam out as many Siphoning Strikes as possible and whenever you can make sure Spirit Fire is up to reduce their Resistance to your Siphoning Strike


β†’ Strong Cs'er with Siphoning Strike
β†’ Tanky Champion
β†’ Heavy Late Gamer (Goal is 1000 Q Stacks by 30 min)
β†’ Easy To Play
β†’ Solo Carry Potential
β†’ It's a Dog!!!! I mean... you have to like him... he might not be that cute but he deserves a snack :)


β†’ Easily Crowd Controlled
β†’ Blind = NO Siphoning Strike Damage
β†’ Easily Kiteable (make sure to save flash and Wither
β†’ Creep score Reliant
β†’ Counterable by Blade of the Ruined King <- change out Warmog's Armor
β†’ slow early game
Must have
Flash (Gap Closer):
On the contrary from what most people believe Flash can be a huge gap closer / Initiate ability for champions like Nasus& Garen due to the fact they don't have an inherent gap closer in their kit this allows them to do so none the less. The reason I say this is so important is that Nasus can easily be kited by players such as Vayne & Ashe or any great Orb Walker / Stutter Stepper
Must Have
Teleport (Lane Presence) : So when you are jungeling of course you will want to swap out the Teleport with a Smite I mean you are not Ivern where I teleport and steal both enemies buffs before 2 min :p but that's in another guide Ivern Teleport But enough about that the reason why you wanna run Teleport is because you will want to be back in lane asap even time to continue your Siphoning Strike

Early Game

β†’ Focus on Siphoning Strike
β†’ use Teleport to buy Sheen
β†’ Freeze Lane ❄️
β†’ Play Defensive
β†’ Keep Enemy Pushed
β†’ Get Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi
Early game Nasus is all about the lane presence. You will want to spend your entire 15 minutes not missing a single Siphoning Strike. Use your Teleport only to get your sheen / Kindlegem and get back into lane to continue your stacking. You will want to keep yourself pushed so make sure you are freezing lane constantly at your tower. For those who do not know what freezing lane is its when you tank a little bit of minions not allowing them to enter your tower range until your new minions have arrived allowing you to stall lane at your side.. Do this properly and there will be no stopping you to stack Siphoning Strike aswel as keep your enemy pushed up open for ganks. (tip: check for enemy team Comp Less CC = Ninja Tabi(unless full ap team off) allot of cc = Mercury's Treads[/I]

Now I will risk repeating myself quite a bit here because the gameplay of Nasus is pretty similar so I will highlight the differences in bold. So lets start, At about 12 min you will want to have 250 Stacks in a good game - 300 stacks of Siphoning Strike in an excellent one. Its that around 300 stacks with your sheen that you will want to start engaging your enemy solo (check the ability sequence for more info. Now of course you will want to make sure you keep stacking Siphoning Strike but also begin to push you because you want to those tower plates down. At this point you are allowed to use your Teleport to secure a dragon play or force out your lane IF you see the fight can not be won. Never underestimate Nasus's ability to split push. Using your Siphoning Strike on towers together with Demolish will allow you to absolutely Demolish towers :) (see what I did there) now we have reached 17 Min and you should be approaching your 400 - 500 Siphoning Strike mark and its time to start winning.

Mid Game

β†’ Focus on Siphoning Strike (shocker I know)
β†’ Get tower plating [Demolisher]
β†’ Objective plays or push
β†’ Start fighting with Trinity Force
β†’ Build Resistance vs Enemies
β†’ fight or don't fight (be smart)

Welcome to being a god! So you are officially in your team fight phase depending on how well you played your Nasus and stacked your Siphoning Strike will result on how strong you are in team fights. Now there are 2 ways to win, and there's a reason behind each strategy.
Way 1: So if by some miracle you see that your entire team has fed the entire game and there is a Vayne with a Blade of the Ruined King on her and she is 20/0/0. You will want to use the split push method. Where the enemy team will either have to chose to send someone up against you which you will destroy (unless its the Vayne) and you will either destroy that person up top and continue your split push allowing your team to get objectives OR they will send their Vayne up against you taking out their strongest carry and hopefully your team should win a teamfight.
Way 2:
Join your team and begin fighting over objectives. Now this way may seem more appealing but remember that because you will be spending allot of your time in jungle & fights you will forfeit your Siphoning Strike stacking and as the enemy team grows later you will start to do less damage.
First of all thank you for reading this and making it this far! Its a huge guide but I feel it covers all aspects of Nasus as well as how to climb ranking with him. If you still have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. Or join us on the stream where we're online every day! where I'll gladly demonstrate in a live game.

In summary Nasus is an amazing champ with a lot of potential. You'll have a great time playing him and will be showing off your power in no time. To end it all off on a fun note, I'll leave you guys with a little Easter egg for making it this far: if you have a duo partner, make them play Yuumi I promise you won't regret it ;).

Once again, if you have any questions or just want to hang out, come join us at TimnFreddy and share the good times! I will be posting a youtube guide asap for you guys to check out!

Thanks again and have a great game!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author freddy66623
freddy66623 Nasus Guide
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[12.15]πŸ•Freddy's Nasus - Elo Hell Escape - In Depth

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