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K'Sante Build Guide by Ksante Mains

Top [13.21] K'Sante Mains Guide (Matchups incomplete)

Top [13.21] K'Sante Mains Guide (Matchups incomplete)

Updated on November 5, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ksante Mains Build Guide By Ksante Mains 57 3 91,470 Views 0 Comments
57 3 91,470 Views 0 Comments
League of Legends Build Guide Author Ksante Mains K'Sante Build Guide By Ksante Mains Updated on November 5, 2023
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Runes: Grasp/Inspiration

1 2 3
Grasp of the Undying
Second Wind

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Welcome to the K'Sante Champion Guide, created with the help of members from the Official K'Sante Mains community.

Join our Subreddit and Discord to stay up to date about everything involving K'Sante!

We also welcome everyone who wants to learn K'Sante or be part of our community!






He promised that he will hit GM this split. :)

- click on the ranks for their -

Maintained by the K'Sante Mains Community Admins/Moderators.

This Guide is still a work in progress!

Check the "To-do list" below for details.

To-do list

CHANGELOG (dd/mm/yyyy


4700 HP, 329 armor, 201 MR champion👤 has unstoppable🚫, shield 🛡, wall🧱 hopping abilities. Has an airborne 🌪, furthermore the cooldown is only 1️⃣ second mana🧙‍♂️ cost is 1️⃣5️⃣ then when he transforms 💫 w cooldown is refunded and passive deals true damage 🗡 and then for armor/mr 🥋 the more 📈 and more 📈 you stack, you get cdr ⏰! you get cdr⏰ on your q and the casting speed 🚀 gets faster 📈 and then he has an AD 🗡 ratio so his W is eek-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA😱😱 - Showmaker

K'Sante's kit can be best described as having a poke and zoning tool ( Ntofo Strikes) and 2 escape tools ( Path Maker, Footwork).

Because of this, K'Sante lacks power for long trades into a lot of matchups until the Cooldown of Ntofo Strikes is a lot lower. Stacking Armor and Magic Resistance increases your DPS in combination with Dauntless Instinct and helps you set up your charged Ntofo Strikes a lot more often.
This chapter covers the abilities and what you can do with them. You can also hover over the ability icons to read the ability descriptions.


After every ability that damages an enemy champion, your next auto attack gains additional attack range and damage. This pairs up very well with the range Ntofo Strikes has and Grasp of the Undying adding additional damage.
Into melee matchups, try to take as much advantage of it as possible, but make sure that you are in a safe position.

During All Out, you want to use your auto attack on as many procs as possible as the bonus damage will be increased true damage and the Auto Attack applying that damage will also be increased. This is one of the main sources of damage next to Ntofo Strikes.

The damage increase on Auto Attacks doesn't affect on-hit effects.


This is K’Sante’s main ability. It pokes, clears waves and is the main source of Dauntless Instinct procs. The charged up Ntofo Strikes acts as a pretty good zoning tool, set up, engage tool or helps you position enemies for better All Out positions together with Path Maker


If used properly, this is one of the best abilities in the game. It prevents you from getting bursted easily, you are able to move to safety when cc'd, cancel displacements, move enemies out of position and lets you set up better All Out positions/angles. There are a lot of different options based on the situation and the hardest part is to figure out when you want to use it and for what purpose.

Path Maker isn't providing cc immunity. While you can’t be displaced (knock back, knock up, etc) and the channel can't be interrupted, stuns that will last until after the channel and dash still remain for the rest of their duration. The dash part itself does not provide any of the mentioned benefits.


Good tool to keep a distance from enemy laners by dashing towards an allied minion if they want to engage on you or to close the gap between you, for you to follow up on an engaging teammate or to protect your carries from lethal threats.

Sometimes, it can be weird to use Footwork if you are around allies. Rather than being a point and click ability, it has an additional hitbox around allies to make targeting easier.
This can cause issues if you need to use Footwork, your mouse cursor is within one of those extended hitboxes but the target isn't in range. Try to move your cursor further out to prevent this unless you want to dash to an ally.


A very hard ability to master. It can serve as your all-in tool, allows you to move enemy threats into bad positions for them, seperate threats from fights or as a escape tool if you dont have any other options available.

You don't want to force it whenever it is available but rather keep it for when it is needed. Balancing the Tank/Warden aspect with the high damage Skirmisher gameplay can be a big difference that can turn around fights.


Standard ability order that works in every game.




















  • Take Ntofo Strikes at level 1. This is your main ability.
  • Take Footwork at level 2 to use the mobility and safety provided by this skill.
  • Take Path Maker at level 3 to reduce the enemy champion's all in burst or to prevent getting cc'd in place for an incoming gank.

> > >

  • level All Out whenever you are able to.
  • max Ntofo Strikes first since it is your main ability.
  • max Path Maker second. This will provide additional all in strenght.
  • max Footwork last. The cooldown won't decrease a lot and the shield strenght gained each level isn't worth putting points in it otherwise.


The changes in this skill order only affect the early levels.








Puting another point into Ntofo Strikes at level 3 increases the damage of your poke pattern.
This should only be concidered if Path Maker wont do anything for you at level 3!

Sometimes, you can put a second point into Footwork instead of a second point into Path Maker. This provides you a little bit of additional shielding on a slightly lower Cooldown for matchups, where you don't really need or can't use Path Maker offensively and you value additional safety.


Teleport makes it a lot harder for enemies to punish you.
Especially in later stages of the game, where you want to pressure the opposite side of objectives your team wants to focus, it provides a lot of map pressure and you should only use it when necessary to have it available for when it is needed, providing you the ability to join your team or get a good flank position to enter their backline.

Some other options to use it for are:
  • when you would miss a lot of minion experience
  • to keep pressure in lane
  • to prevent dives in other lanes if absolutely necessary.


Ghost is our recommendation for the current version of K'Sante. Since the changes removed all combos that played off of Flash, being able to use Ghost as a more reliably and consistent sticking tool became a stronger option.


Flash can still be used instead of Ghost if you prefer it, but it is weaker than Ghost now.

K'Sante works well with most runes from Resolve and a lot of options from Inspiration and Precision. This chapter will cover all the differences and options you can make from the runes in each row.


First row
  • Always take Attack Speed in this row. It makes farming a lot easier.
Second row
  • Choose between Armor or Magic Resistance depending on your matchup.
Third row
  • You can double down on the same resistance from the second row, take Health or pick the other resistance option into Mixed Damage matchups.


Resolve provides a lot of tools that help you survive, scale or be a lot harder to kill.
It is used as a Primary path for Grasp of the Undying into melee matchup or as a secondary rune path option.

  • Demolish allows you to take tower plates a lot faster saves a lot of time. In later stages of the game it also helps you destroy towers a lot faster. You should always take this option if you are able to consistently hit the enemy tower in your matchup.
  • Shield Bash has become a strong option into matchups where you dont expect to hit the enemy tower to get value out of Demolish. This provides you additional strenght for poke or skirmishes instead.
  • Take Second Wind is your best option into ranged and poke matchups but it's also a good standart option if you prefer the additional sustain it provides. It will make it a lot harder for the enemy to poke you out of lane, allowing you to get more exp and gold.
  • Bone Plating helps you against champions that want to contest waves or possibly try to kill you in the early levels.


Inspiration provides some missing lane sustain with Biscuit Delivery to allow you to get through laning phase more consistently.
It is used as a Primary path for Unsealed Spellbook or as a secondary rune path option for Resolve that provides additional safety and tools for laning phase.
  • A strong option into ranged matchups, where it's almost impossible to proc Grasp of the Undying without sacrificing a lot of health in return. Alternatively, you can go Aftershock into those matchups, but we highly recommend that you learn to work with Unsealed Spellbook.
  • Choosing the correct Summoner Spells can cover your weaknesses into those matchups and enhance your planned all-in windows.


  • Not being able to buy Boots early because of Magical Footwear can be a downside, but getting your Boots for free can help your gold economy and the 10 additional Movement Speed granted helps a lot.
  • Biscuit Delivery adds a lot of additional sustain for early laning phase. This makes it a lot harder to punish you or force you out of lane.

  • Cosmic Insight is always a good and consistent option.
  • This allows you to be able to have map pressure with Teleport more often or being able to make more plays with Flash.


The Precision Rune path is only used as a secondary Rune path option for Resolve. It provides a lot of options that focus on later stages of the game.
  • The additional healing can help you sustain trough teamfights.
  • All Out consideres your real Health amount for the healing calculations.


This part covers runes that didn't got mentioned in their respective rows. Those are usually inferior choices, are really niche and matchup specific or they don't work well with K'Sante in general.

Font of Life wont provide you anything and it is only really useful once you group with your team.

There's no real reason to ever take Hextech Flashtraption. It's best used on supports that want to roam and do surprise flanks.
You won't benefit from Perfect Timing for 14 minutes and even at that point, it is a 1 time use and sell while blocking one of your inventory spaces.

Future's Market is a tricky rune because you need to optimize your back timings around it. This implies that you need to change the way you play to make use of this rune. Not every debt is a good one either. The best ones are the big item spikes this rune allows you to get at an earlier time.

Not really necessary. K'Sante has pretty good and consistent waveclear already. Minion Dematerializer is also very underwhelming in general.

Time Warp Tonic will never outperform Approach Velocity if you want sticking power and Cosmic Insight will always be more useful. Once you don't have any pots, this rune does nothing anymore.

Overheal only has potential to do anything during All Out but it won't do enough to be relevant.
The Mana regeneration is not needed. Presence of Mind won't allow you to use Path Maker or Footwork a lot more during laning phase and you still want to use them sparingly.

Additional Attack Speed isn't providing a lot on a tank and during All Out, you work with Auto Attack resets.
Lifesteal isn't providing a lot on a tank either and All Out doesn't need more healing.

A less consistent option than Last Stand.
You will never make use of the bonus damage. You build Health items and All Out considers your real Max Health amount.
Because of the increased Health threshold All Out got with 13.20, this rune isn't as consistent anymore. It can still be a strong option but you won't be in a permanently active state during All Out.

The following rune pages are examples. Adjust rune shards and mentioned options with the informations provided in the previous topic.



Very safe laning option that provides a lot of additional sustain with Biscuit Delivery.



Go-to option into ranged matchups. The combination of Second Wind, Biscuit Delivery and Doran's Shield makes it really hard to poke you out of lane.



Exchanging early safety with stronger late game options.

Itemization as a tank highly depends on the matchup and enemy comp you are about to face. We can't provide a "build this in all cases" option, but we can provide a run down on the different items and their strenghts in combination with K'Sante's kit and give you examples on how to itemize.


Because of the way K'Sante scales with resistances, you want to prioritize items that offer Armor and Magic Resistance early on to reduce the cooldown of Ntofo Strikes as your main offensive ability while improving all the other scalings in his kit.


Health is a good stat that makes your resistances more effective because you can survive a lot longer.
While K'Sante uses Health in some of his scalings, he prefers resistances overall which makes pure Health items early on really bad. You are fine building items that dont have any Health like Frozen Heart or Gargoyle Stoneplate.


Ability Haste is something you get by building some of the best items for K'Sante. It isn't the best stat since it wont affect Ntofo Strikes, but you shouldn't avoid any items with it either.


Despite having Attack Damage scalings, K'Sante doesn't wan't to prioritize it. It won't add a lot of damage on a tank and All Out benefits a lot more from the Armor and Magic Resistance scalings until you get the Ntofo Strikes minimum Cooldown requirement.


Attack Speed should be avoided. Being able to attack fast wont do a lot on a tank with no Attack Damage and All Out completely relies on the Auto Attack resets granted by Ntofo Strikes and Footwork. Dauntless Instinct also enhances the Auto Attack damage during All Out to make it meaningful damage.

Since Doran's items got buffed, we don't recommend to go for Cloth Armor or Ruby Crystal as starting items anymore.


The go-to option . It provides a lot of safety and makes it easier to stay ahead if you get a lead on your lane opponent.

Look at the enemy comp and decide what the best option is for your situation. If the prefered option benefits your lane matchup, you can get them early. Otherwise buy Boots and upgrade them once you finished Iceborn Gauntlet.


Prefered option into Auto Attack focused and heavy Attack Damage comps.


Buy them into cc heavy comps or high Magic Damage comps where Plated Steelcaps wont do a lot.

We recommend that you don't pick your Mythic item based on the Damage type your opponents have, but how many Melee or Ranged champions their comp has.
Iceborn Gauntlet makes K'Sante insanely strong and should be taken for around 95% of games, with the other 5% being Jak'Sho, The Protean into 4+ Melee comps.


This item synergizes well with K’Sante’s kit, enhancing trading and stickiness with the Sheen effect and slow from Ntofo Strikes. It helps you land Ntofo Strikes and Path Maker and makes it difficult for enemies since you are able to permanently kite them from a decent distance.

Iceborn Gauntlet also provides you kill-pressure and is the best option if you are ahead and if you can snowball.


Jak'Sho, The Protean is a good mythic option, but it can't keep up with Iceborn Gauntlet's utility and strength. It only provides you pure Armor and Magic Resistance with some Health drain, but that's it.
Even in scenarios where it would be good, Iceborn Gauntlet still remains a really good option.

Jak'Sho want's you to be the frontline for your team into heavy melee comps.
This item heavily benefits from more champions around you for the drain effect, making it a bad choice into heavy ranged comps.


Evenshroud is a viable option if you are very behind in gold. You shouldn't go into a game with the mindset of buying it ever, but it can make you a little bit more relevant for skirmishes and fights as long as noone else on your team bought it already.


Heartsteel is not a good option because it is a pure Health item with pretty bad components. You want to focus on getting resistances to get your Ntofo Strikes Cooldown down for more fighting power. Being stuck at 3,5 seconds of Cooldown leaves you in a really weak state and completely shuts down your early agression oppertunities.
Other tank mythics are supportive. They won't provide you a lot in fighting power, don't provide any kill pressure and can't compete with the utility Iceborn Gauntlet provides.

The listed items are good options to buy and leave in your Inventory until you want to upgrade them. The benefits they provide can help in a lot of cases but it isn't mandatory to get them.


Bramble Vest is the go-to antiheal option. It can be bought on the first recall if you need it and can afford it.

This items value can drop a lot if the enemy champion is able to heal without interacting with you, but it is still valuable for all-in's.
Treat any healing you reduce as additional damage done for those situations.


A good pick-up into Attack Damage matchups that heavily rely on Auto Attacks.
The "Rock Solid" effect reduces their Auto Attack damage by a good amount.


Provides a lot of pure resistances for a low amount of gold. A good option if you want some additional mixed resistances after finishing your mythic and you want to get another legendary item before upgrading it into Gargoyle Stoneplate.


This is only relevant if you go for an Iceborn Gauntlet build. This helps to compensate for the lack of Magic Resistance Iceborn Gauntlet has into Magic Damage matchups.
Make sure to buy them before you focus on the Chain Vest component of Iceborn Gauntlet and only buy as many as your next item choice will use.
Especially against a Magic Damage matchup and enemy jungle, this will provide a lot of survivability.

Negatron Cloak is also an option if you want to go for Force of Nature eventually, but you can also go 1-2 Null-Magic Mantle's, depending on how many you need, that will be used on Gargoyle Stoneplate.


Bami's Cinder can provide additional DPS. This helps into matchups where you struggle to poke the enemy champion down while they try to force extended trades on you. It also adds additional waveclear but makes it harder to keep a wave at a specific spot because of the aura damage.


If you need anti-healing in a matchup where they can ignore Bramble Vest's on-hit passive.
You won't upgrade this item which means that you want to sell it eventually. This costs you a lot of additional gold.

Legendary items that aren't listed here aren't recommended by us.


The best Legendary item you can buy for K'Sante. A lot of pure Armor and Magic Resistance. The shield granted by the active effect also compensates for All Out's weakness in getting bursted.
The Health scaling for the shield considers your real Health amount during All Out.

Consider to buy this item once you finished your Mythic item. It is already a really good option as your second item due to the pure amount of resistances greatly enhancing your scalings.

|Randuin's Omen|

Randuin's Omen became a really good option into heavy Attack Damage and Auto Attack focused comps. Compared to Frozen Heart, it provides Health instead of Mana as a better combat stat for the same prize.
We recommend it as a 2nd item if your top matchup and the enemy Jungler are Physical Damage.

In almost all cases, you want to decide between Frozen Heart and Randuin's Omen because of their shared "Rock Solid" passive.


If you went for Bramble Vest during laning phase, you want to finish it eventually.
You can also get it in later stages of the game once the map is more “open” and you interact a lot more with other lanes that have a lot of healing.

Make sure that the enemy with healing uses Auto Attacks, otherwise they can just avoid your healing reduction. Also check how many people in your team went for antiheal items already. There is no reason to invest into it if others itemized it already.


With the buffs in 13.14, Spirit Visage became a really strong Magic Resistance option.
It can be surprisingly good in combination with All Out's omnivamp, Footwork, Gargoyle Stoneplate's shield and potentially Triumph and any sources of healing and shielding in your team.


A really good late game option if you struggle against a hyper-carry or if you don't want to invest into Magic Resistance into a 1 Magic Damage threat enemy comp.
Because this item only provides Health and no resistances, you should consider it as one of your last 2 items and focus on resistances before. This item is insanely strong in the right scenarios.

The combination of it and the Magic Resistance of Gargoyle Stoneplate is more than enough to completely shut down 1 Magic Damage team comps.

|Force of Nature|

A decent and consistent Magic Resistance option that focuses on a lot of bonus Movement Speed.


Very cheap item that provides a lot of additional DPS, making it a good option into tanks and very tanky comps or matchups where you can't avoid extended fights. Since the "Immolate" aura damage is Magic Damage, it’s a lot harder for enemies to itemize around you. It can underperform if the enemy team has a lot of ranged units since you want to hit as many enemies as possible with the "Immolate" effect.


Very cheap and very underrated Magic Resistance item. This option can provide a lot of value for and into Magic Damage heavy comps, granting a lot of additional Magic Resistance for each nearby enemy while shredding some Magic Resistance on them.

It requires you to be near enemies to apply the Magic Resistance reduction, so make sure that you pick it up in games where there's more than enough damage without you using All Out a lot or your Magic Damage threats are very ahead.


A really strong option into heavy Attack Damage and Auto Attack focused comps.
The "Winter's Caress" aura reduces the Total Attack Speed, which can cripple enemy carries heavily.

The aura effect also procs Jak'Sho, The Protean's passive.

The next items have some niche uses but they shouldn't be every game choices. If you dont know if you should buy those items for your scenario, you should prioritize other items.
The value of those items is for the scenario they excel at.


A decent option if your team doesn't really want to engage in teamfights because of a very inferior teamfight comp or the enemy team is too ahead. As long as you are alone and can use it's passive, it's a really strong item with an insane gold efficiency. But you are stuck with an below average Health and Attack Damage item with teammates around which isn't desirable. The build path isn't good either, make sure that you really need it for your game.

Keep in mind that K'Sante is a very strong teamfight champion if you are able to do so! Champions that were designed to side lane or hullbreaker is tailored to will always beat you if you try to force that playstyle on K'Sante.

The earliest point to buy this item should be as your 2nd Legendary option. The resistance passive doesn't add a lot until later levels.


A very underrated item if you have a carry on your team that is a head. It helps you to protect them and makes it easier to play around them as your win condition. Especially if you fall behind, this item offers a lot of utility for a very low price.


Sometimes your team needs some form of engage. While pure Movement Speed isn't the best way to engage, it is still getting you to the enemies if necessary. Chose the one with the resistances you want for the game.

Turbo Chemtank is the more consistent option compared to Dead Man's Plate because of the high burst of Movementspeed it provides.

|Sterak's Gage|

[Experimental Option]
Sterak's Gage combines additional Attack Damage and survivability with the Shield and Tenacity it provides, making it a safer option than Titanic Hydra but with less overall Damage.

|Titanic Hydra|

[Experimental Option]
Titanic Hydra can provide you some additional Damage and wave clear. If you feel like you need some more Damage and have room as your 4th or last item, it can be a decent choice, but Sterak's Gage competes with the item slot.

A lot of things can influence how you build. This includes your matchup, your comp, the enemy comp and the current game state.
Make sure to follow up those Build Path examples with Items that you need for your game.

This chapter won't cover matchup specific Build Paths. Check the Matchups Chapter to see if we have any recommendations.


  • This combination provides you a lot of all-in pressure because of Iceborn Gauntlet and additional safety because of Gargoyle Stoneplate's active shield.
  • The early mixed resistances in this build path makes it a really good option to cover Physical and Magical Damage early on.


  • Early Bramble Vest helps you against matchups that Auto Attack you frequently while also healing a lot.
  • After finishing Iceborn Gauntlet, you have 2 options to continue this build:
    • Finish Thornmail if you face an Physical Damage Toplane matchup and an Physical Damage Jungler.
    • Focus on Gargoyle Stoneplate if the enemy Toplaner and Jungler are a mix of Physical Damage and Magic Damage
  • Continue buying the missing option once your 2nd item is finished.



  • This combination makes you very tanky very fast but they won't provide you a lot of damage in return.
  • The Build Path allows you to be more flexible and you can buy Components like Bramble Vest or add Sunfire Aegis before or after buying Jak'Sho, The Protean if you want more damage.

K'Sante is unique in his Tank - Warden and Fighter - Skirmisher split.

Knowing when to utilize your utility, peel and protection of the warden aspect combined with a lot more tankyness and when to use the damage heavy but squishy Skirmisher form will have a lot of impact and can decide a lot of outcomes differently.

You can also approach fights differently. By being a tank frontline, soak damage for your team and eventually find your way towards their backline, protecting your carries or go a more bruiser/skirmisher approach and flank the enemy backline, making them waste their time on you while your team handles the rest of their team and eventually going All Out to kill them or seperate them from their team.

While in a lot of situations, you don't rely on most of those combos, they still provide you a basic concept on how to use the tools you are given.

In some cases, using Path Maker is optional or should be held to prevent burst or getting cc'd. This is especially important during All Out.

Most combos can be executed a lot faster.

Icon explanations



Works with any stage of Ntofo Strikes. Great lane harass, hard to trade back against. Use the range as much as possible. Grasp of the Undying heavily enhances the combo damage. Try to combine it as much as possible.

text version

video version

This combo is something you will use to 90% of your game. Your goal is to poke enemies down while kiting them until you get them low enough to engage with All Out


Same as Option 1 but Footwork allows you to gap close. Make sure the enemy can't engage on you.

text version

video version


More focus on the partial auto attack resets granted by Ntofo Strikes and Footwork. Any stage of Ntofo Strikes works here.

text version

video version

There are a lot more and different options that include some of the simple combos from below combined with the short patterns above. Try to utilize it as much as possible.

Q3 > Auto Attack > Path Maker > Auto Attack > Footwork

Goal of this combo is to force Path Maker once you hit a Q3 on your enemy and to use Footwork to jump back to safety. Make sure you don't overuse this combo or you will run out of Mana really fast.



Footwork > Auto Attack (with Iceborn Gauntlet) > Path Maker

Footwork can be used to dash behind the target and charge Path Maker as long as the enemy stays within the hitbox.

text version

video version


Path Maker > Q3

This combo relies on the stun of Path Maker to guarantee the knock up from the third instance of Ntofo Strikes. This combo works as setup for ganks, All Out or trading. You can combine this with Footwork at the beginning.

text version

video version


Allows you to move your target towards a desired location for better All Out angles.

text version

video version


Combination of multiple combos. Make sure to rotate between abilities and auto attacks to maximize Dauntless Instinct bonus damage.
Using an additional auto attack after the first Path Maker could allow the enemy to move. Skip it if the enemy has some form of tenacity.

text version

video version

All Out provides you bonus Attack Speed which allows you to Auto Attack twice between your Ntofo Strikes Cooldown. While this provides you more damage overall, this also takes away your ability to reposition or follow your enemy after the Dauntless Instinct proc.

This chapter covers informations you should always try to keep in mind or things that help you create good habits on the champion.


Things that don't fit into any of the ability categories.
  • This has been mentioned multiple times so far, but use Ntofo Strikes range and the additional Auto Attack range granted by Dauntless Instinct.

    Working with both tools properly makes it a lot harder for enemies to trade back while it gives you the potential to win short trades for free.

  • Use the partial Auto Attack resets granted by Ntofo Strikes and Footwork on towers.

    This way you get a lot of additional damage on a tower in the same amount of time. It's especially important once you have Sheen.

  • You want to use Path Maker to push the melee minions into the caster minions.
    This allows you to hit all of them at once with Ntofo Strikes while your minions move slightly closer to the enemies side.


  • Position yourself at an angle that allows you to hit 1 target in a clump of enemies. This prevents hitting multiple minions at once and potentially causing the wave to push if you dont want that to happen.

  • The first 2 stacks of Ntofo Strikes can also hit champions behind you. This does not work for the charged version.

  • The knockup and displacement of this ability can move targets over thin walls.

  • Don't use Q3 unless you have a reason to.

    A lot of times, K'Sante players use the charged Ntofo Strikes for the sake of using it. Most of the times this goes into the enemy minion wave.
    This causes the wave to push a lot faster and put yourself in bad positions if you don't want to crash the wave.

    It is better to use the duration of the stack to zone the enemy champion instead, providing you some breathing room and wave control.
    If the Ntofo Strikes charge is about to fall off, you can try to fish for a hit on the enemy champion or use it to lasthit a minion thats far away, otherwise you don't need to use it since there won't be a benefit or punishment in doing so.


  • Path Maker can catch and push enemies that are slightly behind you.

    While it seems underwhelming, this is a very important aspect of using the Footwork > Path Maker Quick setup combo.
    It provides you additional range and enemies wont expect it.


  • All Out can be used to dodge skillshots and other forms of CC like Lillia's Lilting Lullaby sleep proc.

  • When using All Out over terrain in a teamfight or skirmish, make sure that you dont seperate yourself too far unless you just want to prevent an enemy champion from joining the fight. Once you killed your target, you want to join the fights as soon as possible again and working with shorter distances makes this a lot easier.

  • If an enemy Teleport's to a tier 1 or tier 2 turret while your minions are pushed into tower range, you can (with good timing) precast a charged Ntofo Strikes or Path Maker to move them closer to a wall and All Out them away.

  • Make sure that the blast cone near their tower isn't available if you are red side.

    This will just provide a free escape if you angle your All Out into that direction.

  • All Out ignores any movements the enemie does between you clicking the ability on the target and the knock-back part.

    If you time this well and predict an enemy dash or blink ability, they will fly back to the initial end location.

Will be added soon!


In this section we will cover everything you need to know to improve as K'Sante. The informations provided aren't the only options to play him, but it is what we think will be the most consistent option.

K’Sante is a very reliable champion if he has to be weak sided. There is always outplay potential against every common matchup or you can play really safe with decent range poke and escape with Path Maker and Footwork if needed while focusing on farm and experience to scale.
You don't want to permanently fight most lanes until you reach specific power spikes but you outscale most enemy top laners if you manage to stay even.

Despite having those informations, K'Sante will need experience to be played well. Feel free to test your limits.

Not everything mentioned in this chapter is K'Sante specific. We also mention some general informations you should always have in mind.
6.1 Mindset to Improve
This insight was provided by Atreus.
  • One of the most important things of learning K’Sante is understanding minion waves, your strengths, power spikes and windows of opportunities. Being able to manipulate the wave into favoring your weak early is a good start to improving with K’Sante, because every game starts with the early game, and its something that can put you very behind if you are not careful.
  • Knowing when and when not to fight your enemy is a big knowledge gap between good and bad players.
    • How do I approach my target?
    • What do I do if they do x?
    • What if i do x?
    For example, you might not want to just run into a Warwick level 1, but an overextended Illaoi without Test of Spirit is a lot safer.
    This is also part of understanding the different types of threats in each matchup, you can ask yourself these questions:
    • What is the dangerous part of the matchup and how can i avoid it?
    • How might I play when the enemy uses their key- or threatining ability?
  • If you understand all of the key power spikes on K’Sante you can succeed with him very well. Understanding when you will hit level 6 or how you will play differently with Iceborn Gauntlet makes all the difference between a winning and losing lane. K’Sante has a very slow lane meaning he does not do anything crazy for a bit, but once you get level 6/ Iceborn Gauntlet you completely flip in terms of playstyle and if you are able to catch your opponent in the small window they make a mistake, you can punish them a whole of hell lot harder.
  • Windows of opportunities is important, every champion has an ability that stops them from being knocked over, for example Sett's Haymaker, Camille's Hookshot, Pantheon's Aegis Assault. These abilities are crucial for winning a fight in top lane and also have a long Cooldown, so if you notice that the enemy abruptly uses it or suddenly wastes it, you can look for a kill window when it is on its big Cooldown.


  • Always make sure to maximize your gold income and experience.
  • Most of the times, you want to have the wave near your tower. This forces your enemy to respect you since you can throw them into your tower if they dont.
  • Try to minimize your Path Maker and Footwork uses. They cost a lot of mana while K’Sante has a low mana pool early on
  • Use demolish as often as you can to benefit from tower plate gold.


  • Focus wave management
  • If you have multiple waves stacked and your lane opponent wants to trade you, you can use your Path Maker and Ntofo Strikes to keep them in your wave. They will take a lot of free damage if they decide to auto attack you or draw minion aggro as a result of any other ability.
  • Try to reset before level 6 and get resistance components. This will make your lvl 6 power spike a lot stronger. If the enemy tries to play safe under tower, you can use the All Out Setup combo to force them out of tower range (preferably over terrain).
    This costs them minion exp and gold on top of being isolated.


  • Your level 1 is extremely strong if you use your range properly. Most Champions need more than 1 ability to trade while K’Sante has 1 damaging ability and 2 escape tools.
  • Use your Ntofo Strikes + Dauntless Instinct combo and Grasp of the Undying to poke the enemy. Make sure you aren't at risk of getting all-in’d and try to deny as many Grasp of the Undying procs as possible if they have the Keystone as well


  • Try to get as much experience and gold as you can. You will trade health doing so, make sure that those trades are worth for you.
  • Keeping the wave in front of your tower makes those matchups a lot easier. Most ranged champions you encounter toplane lack good wave clear and makes them easier to gank.
  • Play around bushes. Ranged champions can't auto attack you, unless they ward or walk into you. If they decide to ward, they wont have vision to prevent ganks.


If you find your wave getting frozen by your strong enemy laner there are some strategies you can do to break the freeze:
  • Call over your jungler to help break it. You will share experience with your Jungler which isn't favourable, but it is more important to get the wave into a spot you can work with.
  • If the enemy laner has aoe damage in their trade pattern, position yoursekf inside your wave so it begins to push.
  • Roam/get vision. Sometimes applying pressure outside of the lane can be too much for your enemy laner to handle. They will often try to push if they see that you impact Midlane or other parts of the map.


There are some strategies to prevent or handle it and punish it:
  • Make sure to catch your wave. If you get distracted by the proxy and focus on trying to get them on their own, they get exactly what they want.
    If necessary, use the Practice Tool to be able to consistently lasthit under tower.
  • Whenever a tower plate is about to get destroyed, try to zone the enemy laner out of its range to prevent them from obtaining the gold.
  • Call over your Jungler and/or Support and try to close in on them for a guaranteed kill. Make sure that both of you walk different ways that also blocks easy escape routes.
  • If your Jungler is botside and noone is coming to help, simply make sure you get every lasthit and ping for potential roams. Make sure to match recall timings and set up vision preemptively to see if the enemy laner goes to proxy again.


  • Try to apply pressure in sidelanes. Make sure you know where the enemies are or you expect them to be. K’sante is a very effective split push champion. He wont take towers as fast as a bruiser since he is a tank, but Iceborn Gauntlet's Sheen passive, Ntofo Strikes and Footwork's (partial) Auto Attack resets and Demolish can take towers down decently fast for a tank.
  • Try to get attention from multiple enemies and try to position yourself in good areas to separate them with All Out and make a 1v2 or 1v3 to a 1v1 situation or even Ult them into your teammates.
  • Group for objectives and try to anticipate skirmishes. If you have Teleport available, make sure to use it in a beneficial position early in the fight. You can approach fights as a tank and be the frontline for your team or as a skirmisher and flank their backline, soak their damage and All Out them, separating them from their team and killing them.


  • Try to group with the team more often and look for picks and objectives. Try to clear waves in sidelanes whenever you think there won't be anything happening.
  • Look at your team and identify who is the most likely to carry fights and eventually the game. Make sure to play around them and protect them whenever you have to.
  • Even from behind you have the potential to 1v1 a squishy enemy carry.

  • At this point of the game you should always group with your team for objectives, contest towers and help setting up vision.
  • If the enemy team has already set up near an objective, you can engage first as he is extremely tanky and hard to kill with 4+ items. Use Path Maker to soak all their damage and bait out cooldowns. This makes the incoming fight a lot easier.
  • When pushing and defending towers, look for opportunities to Q3 and push an enemy carry to your team. This can single handedly win teamfights or force the rest of the enemy team to back off.
  • In teamfights, save All Out until after the enemy has used most of their CC abilities and their main damage has already been used up. Try to All Out a target who will have a hard time killing or getting away from you and then return to help your team.
  • at Dragon/Baron fights, try to stack Ntofo Strikes using the objective if you are unable to reach the enemy frontline. If you are taking the objective, hold on to Q3 until the enemy comes close, if the stacks fall off, try to get Q3 ready against as fast as possible.

This chapter covers details about K’Santes scalings.

*During All Out, K'Sante will lose 85% bonus armor and magic rest and 45% max health, but he also retains the original Health and resistances, which also affect any effects that interact with it.

Ntofo Strikes cooldown scales from 3.5s to 1.75s at 250 bonus resistances.
During All Out, Ntofo Strikes cooldown is reduced by 1s. Up to 1.33s at ~167 bonus resistances.

cooldown calculation

Ntofo Strikes cast speed scales with bonus health. Starting at 0.45s to a minimum of 0.25s at 1600 bonus health.

cast speed formula

Bugs and other issues
Go here for a list of bugs we are currently aware off.

The difficulty mentioned for each matchup implies, that both players know how to player their champ equally well and know how the matchup works.
1 - Heavily K'Sante favoured | 2 - K'Sante favoured | 3 - Skill Matchup
4 - Enemy favoured | 5 - Heavily enemy favoured

You main one of those champions on a high level and think we forgot key informations or there are different methods to handle them?
Let us know! Feel free to add informations and feedback to the discussion part of this Guide or write us on Discord.

All items and runes mentioned are recommendations.
We won't provide you a full setup because any rune rows not mentioned are flexible options and items are situational based on your game. This guide covered everything you need to know for that.

You can click on the champion names in the list below to navigate to their respective section faster.
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Difficulty: 3

Recommended rune(s): Grasp of the Undying

Laning Phase:
  • Use oppertunities where Aatrox's The Darkin Blade is on Cooldown to trade with him. It has a high Cooldown early on and his kit is build around supporting this ability as the main damage source.
  • Avoid The Darkin Blade's "sweetspots" since those deal additional damage. To dodge his 3 different casts :
    • Q1: Move sideways or out of range.
    • Q2: Move towards or away from Aatrox.
    • Q3: Move away or behind him.
  • Use Footwork as a response to Umbral Dash. Aatrox uses this to re-align his The Darkin Blade.
  • If Aatrox uses Infernal Chains in combination with The Darkin Blade, you can use Path Maker to reduce the damage you take and prevent the cc from Infernal Chains. If Aatrox uses Q3 here, you can charge into him to trade back.
  • Keep the wave in the middle of the lane.
    If Aatrox manages to crash the wave, he can easily poke you under tower while you have to focus on farming.
  • Level 6: You win all-ins as long as his The Darkin Blade is on Cooldown and Aatrox is at half Health while you are in a healthier spot. Keep Footwork or Path Maker available to dodge The Darkin Blade once his Cooldown is gone. You can also use All Out to dodge one of his casts.
  • Keep him away from your team and don't allow him to hit multiple people with his The Darkin Blade.
  • If Aatrox uses World Ender, try to prevent him from hitting anyone. Any kills and assists will extend the duration and makes him a lot harder to deal with.


Difficulty: 5

Recommended rune(s): Grasp of the Undying
Recommended Item(s):
Laning Phase:
  • Focus on wave management.
    This matchup is very wave state reliant. If you push randomly, Darius can freeze and zone you easily. If the enemy wave is near your tower, Darius can't play aggressively since Hemorrhage guarantees that he gets tower aggro.
  • Bait his Apprehend by baiting it at max range or, worst case, by predicting it with Path Maker.
    It has a very short animation and if you miss-time it, Darius has a lot of time to punish you because of the short stun it provides.
    Outside of Ghost, this is the only way he can threaten you in lane if you space him properly.
  • If Apprehend is on Cooldown, try to fish for Ntofo Strikes hits and use Dauntless Instinct and Grasp of the Undying if he Auto Attacks a minion.
  • Always try to avoid the outer circle of Decimate. It deals additional damage, adds a Hemorrhage stack and heals him a lot.
  • Don't go for long trades and don't give him all 5 stacks of Hemorrhage.
    Always have a escape option available if he wants to engage on you.

  • Use Gargoyle Stoneplate's active to soak his Noxian Guillotine.
    Since it will prevent him from killing you with Noxian Guillotine, he also won't get any resets to potentially snowball during skirmishes and teamfights.
  • Don't let him stack his Hemorrhage on you at any stage of the game. If you aren't careful, he can easily oneshot your backline in no time because of the high amount of Attack Damage this passive provides him.


Special thanks to KaiOverHere for the in-depth matchup details.
Garen uses different Keystone options that also have their own build, difficulty, playstyle and counterplay.
  • Conqueror provides Garen a lot more damage for all-ins or trades and in later stages of the game.
  • Phase Rush focuses on a hit and run playstyle in combination with high movement speed.
  • Grasp of the Undying. A new strat thats not very common. We didn't find a way to deal with it yet and consider the lane as 6 - UNPLAYABLE.

Recommended Runes: Grasp of the Undying

Recommended Items:

[*]Build path: Iceborn Gauntlet > Gargoyle Stoneplate [/list]

General Matchup tips:
Difficulty: 5

Laning Phase:
  • Minimize trading.
    You need Iceborn Gauntlet to be able to play this matchup and you need to focus on getting the gold to buy it as fast as possible.
    Any trades before that aren't about staying healthy or dealing a lot of damage, but to allow you to push waves.
  • Stack waves and crash them into the enemy tower. You can brute force this if necessary but make sure he won't all-in and kill you.
  • Prevent any freeze attempt Garen tries to go for. If he tanks the wave, threaten him with Ntofo Strikes until he backed off into the tower.
  • Pre 6: Garen needs multiple skill rotations to kill you.
  • Past 6: You want to have Chain Vest for your Iceborn Gauntlet at this point. If you don't have it yet, Garen can easily kill you.
  • Once you have Iceborn Gauntlet and Garen has no Gold or Experience lead on you, you can out-kite him and he will struggle to deal damage to get you into Demacian Justice kill-range.
  • Unless you are behind, you are able to win 1v1's against Garen in sidelanes. Even if Garen finished his Black Cleaver, but you should have Gargoyle Stoneplate at this point.
Difficulty: 2
As of Patch 13.16, Phase Rush Garen might buy Ruby Crystal as starting item. They want to buy Bami's Cinder as their first item and proxy farm. To prevent this, make sure that he won't get a reset at 700g to buy Bami's Cinder. If you can't punish him, the matchup changes to Difficulty: 5
Laning Phase:
  • Don't trade too much unless he provides you easy Ntofo Strikes hits.
    You want to focus on setting up a freeze in this version of the matchup.
  • Once you have a freeze set up, play slightly more aggressive.
    Go for more Ntofo Strikes trades. If Garen walks up, consume your Dauntless Instinct and Grasp of the Undying proc.
  • Whenever Garen tries to trade with you, he wants to go for a short Decisive Strike and Judgment combo to run away with Phase Rush before you can trade back.
    You can also bait out his Phase Rush this way. As long as it isn't available, Garen can't walk up to farm safely or play aggressive and he won't have enough damage to pressure you away with his Keystone choice.
  • Make sure to zone him and punish any of his attempts to last hit minions.
  • Once you have Iceborn Gauntlet, you can statcheck Garen.
  • Don't all-in him in fights.
    The main priority is to peel and protect your backline while they kill him as fast as possible.
    Garen can easily access your backline because of Ghost and if he Auto Attacks you to proc Phase Rush.
  • Don't use All Out as long as he is alive. The combination of Phase Rush and Ghost allows him to rejoin fights very fast while you can't keep up.


Difficulty: 3

Recommended rune(s): Grasp of the Undying, Shield Bash
Why Shield Bash?
Illaoi will perma push and can do so pretty well, which means that you will have a hard time to get to her tower to get value out of Demolish while tower plates are available. Since Font of Life isn't doing anything, Shield Bash is the last option in this rune row.

Recommended Item(s):

Laning Phase:
  • Illaoi is a knowledge checker.
    If you pay attention to her abilities, tentacle placements (the area she controls) and play properly around it, she will become very easy to deal with.
  • Keeping track of her Test of Spirit is crucial. You can't act much whenever she has it available but she isn't as dangerous whenever it is down.
    Any engages you do should be done whenever Test of Spirit is on Cooldown.
  • Stay behind minions or use Footwork to dodge Test of Spirit. Avoiding it is very important because it deals a lot of damage and she will be in a safe position to attack your ghost.
  • Avoid as many tentacles as possible to prevent her from healing.
  • Level 6:
  • Her champion design is very strong against tanks, which makes it really hard for you to contest her in sidelanes and ignoring her for a short time is already enough to lose some towers.
  • If possible, have a ranged champion on your team push out the lane she is in. She will never be able to get into range to kill your ranged ally as long as they respect her.
  • Prioritize playing with your team over 1v1ing her.
  • If you have to deal with her splitpush, punish her whenever she misses Test of Spirit. Do a little bit of damage while it's on Cooldown and eventually try to kill her once she is low and just missed Test of Spirit.


Difficulty: 4

Recommended rune(s): Grasp of the Undying, Bone Plating

Recommended Item(s):
Why Aegis rush?
Aegis of the Legion provides Armor and Magic Resistance which will help a lot against Jax' mixed damage early on. You eventually use Aegis of the Legion for Jak'Sho, The Protean or Gargoyle Stoneplate.
Laning Phase:
  • Most likely outcome of this lane will be a farm lane.
    Play to build lane prio and to maintain cs leads.
  • Play aggressively early.
    Until Jax finishes Divine Sunderer, this lane can be very snowbally. Keep poking him with Ntofo Strikes and Grasp of the Undying but make sure to have an escape route for Footwork once jax tries to trade with Counter Strike or use Path Maker to block some of the damage.
  • Level 6:
    • Don't try to fight once Jax uses Master-At-Arms. You can dodge the damage by predicting it and getting out of the AoE range to re-engage after.
    • If Jax uses Counter Strike near a wall, you can use All Out to dodge the stun and damage.
      Jax cannot recast Counter Strike for a second right as he uses it. Use All Out over a wall after roughly a second has passed to guarantee you will dodge the stun when you go All Out. This uses the the property that All Out "teleports" you between your starting and end point, but the enemy will move through the wall.
  • Don't fight Jax alone. He can itemize a lot of items that are good agains tanks. ( Divine Sunderer, Blade of the Ruined King as example) and he will have a lot of DPS once he get items.
  • If you see an oppertunity, make sure that you get Jax under one of your towers for an all-in.
  • During skirmishes or teamfights, if Jax uses Counter Strike and tries to jump into your team, make sure to use Path Maker to prevent that.


Difficulty: 2

Recommended Runes: Grasp of the Undying

Recommended Items

Laning Phase:
  • Don't let Malphite control the lane!
    This will only help him to scale. Punish him every time he ignores you.
  • Keep the wave at your side of the lane and zone Malphite.
    He can't farm well from range and needs to decide between using Seismic Shard on you for poke or the minion to lasthit.
    If Malphite tries to walk up, farm Grasp of the Undying procs and punish him.
  • Try to get tower plates whenever Demolish is available and you are able to push.
    This maintains and adds an even higher gold lead for you.
  • Use Footwork to soak Seismic Shard poke or once he uses Thunderclap. Thunderclap can deal a lot of damage if you allow him to continuesly Auto Attack you and the first hit deals a lot of bonus damage.
  • Be wary of his Ground Slam. The Attack Speed slow can really mess with you. Especially when he puts points into this ability.
  • Level 6:
    • Block his Unstoppable Force knock-up with Path Maker. This won't be easy and the time you have to react depends on the distance between you.
      Most of the times, this indicates a gank or Malphite sees a kill oppertunity.
    • Don't use your Ultimate first in this matchup, otherwise Malphite can just use his to escape from you.
  • After tower plates drop, check if your team needs you.
    Malphite can be really tanky at one item and K'Sante has no good option to deal with a lot of Armor. It will take a lot of time to kill Malphite eventually.
  • If he gets to Unstoppable Force your team in a skirmish or teamfights, you need to grab attention from the enemy team and become their focus.
  • If Malphite hasn't used Unstoppable Force in a fight once you arrive, use All Out in a way that seperates him from the fight with as much distance as possible. Try your best to prevent him from rejoining the fight as long as Unstoppable Force isn't on Cooldown.


Difficulty: 3

Recommended rune(s): Grasp of the Undying, Second Wind

Recommended Item(s):
If you struggle in this matchup, focus on Magic Resistance items such as Jak'Sho, The Protean, Force of Nature or Abyssal Mask. If he is the only Magic Damage source in the enemy team comp, buy Negatron Cloak and leave it in your inventory or build early Null-Magic Mantle's for the Iceborn Gauntlet > Gargoyle Stoneplate build path.
Laning Phase: Mid/Lategame:
  • You can 1v1 Mordekaiser as long as you aren't behind, but it is way easier and better to play with your team and catch waves in sidelanes if he splitpushes.
  • Try to keep him away from your carries and especially your Jungler whenever you contest Baron or Dragon and he joins. Realm of Death will make it impossible to help your carries and it prevents your Jungler from being able to smite, giving a free oppertunity to steal them for the enemy Jungler.


Difficulty: 4

Recommended rune(s): Grasp of the Undying
Recommended Summoner Spells: Teleport, Flash
Recommended Item(s):
  • Build Path:
    Why Thornmail rush?
    Renekton relies on Ruthless Predator and Slice and Dice for trades where he jumps in, stuns you and jumps out before the stun ends. He won't allow you to trade back. The thorn damage Thornmail provides makes those trades not completely free, the anti-heal reduces his Cull the Meek healing and the resistances help you take less damage in general combined with Path Maker. It is also cheaper to buy after getting Bramble Vest.
    Iceborn Gauntlet is still a good option to rush after Bramble Vest

    Why Bami's Cinder rush?
    Bami's Cinder's additional damage helps your DPS in this matchup and allows you to trade back. In combination with Cloth Armor, Renekton will still have a hard time to kill you.
    Laning Phase:
    • You shouldn't play aggressive around Renekton and only punish his mistakes. He needs to get a lead on you to "win" laning phase which means that you "win" by outscaling him and be more relevant in teamfights.
    • Avoid his Cull the Meek to prevent giving him additional healing.
      He will use it in huge waves at 50 rage to maximize it, but champions add a lot of additional healing.
    • Predict Ruthless Predator with Path Maker
      Renekton usually needs to use Slice and Dice to get to you for his combo. This is an indicator to be wary.
    • Play around Slice and Dice
      He can use it as engage or escape. Respect him as long is he has it available and go for safe trades with your Ntofo Strikes and Dauntless Instinct bonus range as long as it's on Cooldown.
    • Level 6: Try to bait out Dominus.
      You can pretend to go for an all-in while a new minion wave is almost arriving. This provides you an quick escape route with Footwork that he won't expect.
      If he still follows you, slow and zone him with Ntofo Strikes and use All Out and Path Maker to stun him if he decides to dive you.
      Make sure that you don't die!
    • Prevent Renekton from reaching your backline.
      As long as he isn't ahead, he is easy to deal with and fast to kill but if he got a Gold lead, he can be very tanky and oneshot your carries.


Difficulty: 3

Recommended rune(s): Grasp of the Undying, Bone Plating

Recommended Item(s):
Why Bami's Cinder rush?
Bami's Cinder provides you more DPS, which makes longer fights beneficial and adds some additional shielding to Footwork. Combined with Cloth Armor as your starting item, Sett will struggle to deal damage to you.
Laning Phase: Mid/Lategame:
  • Don't let him use The Show Stopper on you and into your team. The additional damage from the targets Health scaling will deal a lot of damage and he gets closer to your carries.
  • Haymaker can deal absurd amounts of true damage. Make sure to avoid it and keep in mind that Path Maker won't reduce true damage.
  • He is very strong in sidelanes with the % Max Health Damage. Try to use Path Maker to reduce that damage and be wary of his Facebreaker > Haymaker combo.


Difficulty: 3

Recommended rune(s): Grasp of the Undying

Recommended Item(s): Laning Phase:
  • Play safe during the early levels.
    Yone takes Lethal Tempo which is one of the best early game runes for extended fights. It also reduces his Mortal Steel Cooldown.
  • Having good movement to dodge a lot of his abilities is crucial in this matchup.
    Mortal Steel can hurt a lot if you get hit too frequently and Spirit Cleave is a lot of mixed % Health damage.
    Try to move in a way that isnt giving Yone free hits with Mortal Steel and use Footwork to dodge Spirit Cleave
  • Level 6
    • You always want to use Path Maker to tank Fate Sealed if you can't dodge it in time.
    • Getting good All Out windows can be rough. If Yone uses Soul Unbound, make sure that you stay close to the starting location of his ability.
    • Yone might try to escape with Fate Sealed once you ult him. If you feel confident in winning, try to soak his Fate Sealed damage to prevent the full lenght dash of the ability as an escape option.
      Using Path Maker during the dash of Footwork is the safest option if you have those abilities available.
  • Unless you are ahead, you shouldn't try to 1v1. Yone has a lot of mixed damage and high DPS.
  • Yone is a prevalent diver. Make sure to CC him when he uses Soul Unbound to engage during skirmishes or teamfights. If he gets onto your carries, try everything to protect and save them.
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