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Mordekaiser Build Guide by BezMemow

Top [13.21] The BEST Mordekaiser Guide + MATCHUP RUNDOWN

Top [13.21] The BEST Mordekaiser Guide + MATCHUP RUNDOWN

Updated on October 26, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BezMemow Build Guide By BezMemow 51 4 75,531 Views 0 Comments
51 4 75,531 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BezMemow Mordekaiser Build Guide By BezMemow Updated on October 26, 2023
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Runes: Conqueror + Resolve

1 2 3
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5 6
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
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Welcome to my Guide, I'm BezMemow
In this guide I intend to share with you my knowledge I've acquired over the hundreds of games I've played Mordekaiser, I could be considered a Mordekaiser OTP and I hit Master 500 LP playing almost exclusively him. Thank you to Kocykek, I thought his guide was very nice and accessible to newer players so I decided to make a very similar one for Mordekaiser!

In this guide you will see the best combinations of runes, summoners and items for Mordekaiser as well as insight into laning and certain matchups (which is important if you wanna pick up Mordekaiser and climb with him!)

No reason to delay, let's get into it.

Mordekaiser is an easy to understand champion, which makes him an accessible pick. He excels at tankiness and 1v1s inside his Realm of Death. His teamfight and sidelane are also really strong, providing great utility for the team and being great at capturing objectives. He's also extremely strong vs tanky picks and melee champions. Mordekaiser is very weak in lane, against a good opponent it will feel often like the matchup is unplayable, he's very skillshot dependent early and late game. He's very dependent on his passive and he's very kiteable. He's also weak to CC like many other juggernauts. His tankiness can often prove to be a detriment vs max hp% dmg champs.

Darkness Rise

Mordekaiser's basic attacks deal 40% AP bonus magic damage on-hit.

Mordekaiser generates a stack for each enemy Champion or large Monster hit by his damaging basic attacks or basic abilities, lasting for 4 seconds, refreshing on subsequent hits, and stacking up to 3 times. At 3 stacks, he gains 3 / 6 / 9% (based on level) bonus movement speed and deals 5 − 15.2 (based on level) (+ 30% AP) (+ 1% − 5% (based on level) of target's maximum health) magic damage every second to nearby enemies. Against monsters, the damage is capped at 28 − 164 (based on level) per second.



Mordekaiser strikes his mace down in a line in the target direction, dealing magic damage to enemies within, increased if only one enemy is hit.


CAST TIME: 0.5 s
RANGE: 625
Here's an example of a Obliterate + Flash

Things to know about it:
Obliterate + Flash stays on target 100% of the time, if there is no target it will aim where it was aimed originally, what that means is if the enemy flashes your Obliterate, and you Flash in place after they had done it already, you will hit your Q regardless.


PASSIVE: Mordekaiser stores 45% of the post-mitigation damage he deals and 15% of the pre-mitigation damage he takes, reduced by 75% for non-champion sources, as Potential Shield on his secondary resource bar, up to 30% of his maximum health. The Potential Shield decays by 8 − 25 (based on level) every second after not dealing or taking damage for 1 second. While Indestructible is not on cooldown, the Potential Shield will not decay below a minimum of 5% of his maximum health, and it will be set to that amount when it comes off cooldown if it was previously below it.

ACTIVE: Mordekaiser consumes his Potential Shield to grant himself a shield for the same amount for 4 seconds. The shield decays exponentially over the duration. Indestructible can be recast after 0.5 seconds while the shield is active.

RECAST: Mordekaiser consumes the remaining shield, healing for a portion of the amount.

Death's Grasp

PASSIVE: Mordekaiser gains magic penetration.

ACTIVE: Mordekaiser summons a claw in the target direction that grants sight of the area. After 0.5 seconds, it deals magic damage to enemies within and pulls them 250 units.


CAST TIME: 0.25s
TARGET RANGE: 700 / 900

Realm of Death

ACTIVE: Mordekaiser slows the target enemy champion by 75% over the cast time, then banishes them with him to the Death Realm for 7 seconds.

Mordekaiser also consumes the target's soul for 7 seconds, healing himself for 10% of their maximum health and reducing their current attack damage, ability power, total attack speed, maximum health, armor, magic resist, and size by 10%, in addition to gaining them for himself. If the target dies while inside the Death Realm, Mordekaiser keeps their partial stats until they respawn.

Units between realms see each other as spirits, considering each other dead and negating any interactions between each other. Only Mordekaiser and the target will enter the realm; other champions cannot follow them. Everything that occurs inside the Death Realm is hidden to units outside of it, and vice versa. All pets still inside the realm are killed at its end.

Mordekaiser can manipulate where the arena spawns since the radius is based around Mordekaiser's position. It's roughly a passive length away from Mordekaiser's back.

Best overall starting item, safe for laning, plenty of in-built sustain that's very important since Mordekaiser's laning phase is extremely weak.
Very good for snowballing lane, it doesn't have as much sustain but it definitely has more damage. Very good into matchups where poke is your win condition ( Jax, Olaf)
Worst starting item with how volatile it is but very good for low elo where people suicide for no reason. If you manage to keep your deaths low it's extremely op if you get a stacked mejai's.
Good first back item, component for Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Riftmaker, if you're going the Riftmaker or Jak'Sho, The Protean path it's very strong.
Must buy into lanes like Aatrox and Olaf, I prefer the Oblivion Orb component but the sad reality is that Mordekaiser's laning phase is tragic so he needs a defensive item. It's a good buy into Illaoi and Volibear if you're not comfortable playing with Morello instead.
HP and CDR are very good on Mordekaiser, it's a component of Iceborn Gauntlet so if you're going it first item it's a good first back.
Must buy for lanes like Jax and Fiora, these matchups are kind of unplayable otherwise.
Very good first back and my favorite. It grants passive movement speed and AP, it's a component for Cosmic Drive, after I get it I keep it until I finish my Iceborn Gauntlet, the AP you get is enough to kill the casters with E+Q cause otherwise you wouldn't be able to.
Very strong item, stronger than Rylai's Crystal Scepter since the slow scales with max HP and its doubled against your primary target (so anyone in the Realm of Death), making it impossible to miss your Q or E unless they use their dash or flash.
Grants passive movement speed and extra movement speed the longer the fight goes, very OP on Mordekaiser as he needs the movement speed to get to his enemies and kite out Botrk users like Jax and Irelia
With this build you obviously lack Magic resist so you need to build it 3rd item, if they have no AP you can build Zhonya's Hourglass instead. It's a cheap item with tons of resists so you can finish the damage items afterwards.
Extremely strong on Mordekaiser since he has passive magic penetration from Death's Grasp, it's also stronger if enemies have shields and the longer you fight making it an amazing buy. You will be shocked by the damage!
Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a must buy in this path, since you're not building Iceborn Gauntlet you're not gonna have access to any slows without it, in higher elo you're gonna be increasingly dependent on hitting your abilities against enemies that are skilled at dodging, the slow helps with that.
Very powerful item on Mordekaiser, the drain is very useful but the hybrid resists is what makes it a very strong item. The item is especially good against melee champions and enemies that want to fight for prolonged amount of time. The Hybrid resistances are one of its kind, the only other items that aren't mythic that provide those are from Gargoyle's.
Anti-heal is extremely important, Morello grants you magic pen and extra damage with it, as a tank (since you're going the Jak'Sho, The Protean path) you need to provide utility, slow from Rylai's Crystal Scepter, tankiness and anti-heal. Don't expect to be the main damage dealer in the late game.
Very powerful item on tanks, deals huge damage that pairs well with Darkness Rise that scales with max HP (just by existing) and grants a ton of HP and Armor.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a must buy in this path, since you're not building Iceborn Gauntlet you're not gonna have access to any slows without it, in higher elo you're gonna be increasingly dependent on hitting your abilities against enemies that are skilled at dodging, the slow helps with that.
The Damage on this item can't be overstated, it's very good against tanky champions since it provides true damage as well as Omnivamp. The main reason you'd buy the item is for the omnivamp. It also provides some HP and CDR which are extremely important starts for Morde.
It pairs extremely well with Riftmaker since the Omnivamp works during the Zhonya's, meaning you can heal with your Darkness Rise as you're in Zhonya's, very strong if you're in the middle of a teamfight!
I don't see many people build this item on Mordekaiser, it's extremely overpowered though since the ratios on Obliterate are so high, by building it you achieve 1100 damage from one isolated Q, every adc will want to cry!
Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a must buy in this path, since you're not building Iceborn Gauntlet you're not gonna have access to any slows without it, in higher elo you're gonna be increasingly dependent on hitting your abilities against enemies that are skilled at dodging, the slow helps with that.
A good gapclose item, it grants you all the stats you need alongside extra magic pen and a very good active that pairs well with Rylai's Crystal Scepter, it makes you a bit squishy but it's a strong one item powerspike.
It pairs extremely well with Riftmaker since the Omnivamp works during the Zhonya's, meaning you can heal with your Darkness Rise as you're in Zhonya's, very strong if you're in the middle of a teamfight!
Extremely strong on Mordekaiser since he has passive magic penetration from Death's Grasp, it's also stronger if enemies have shields and the longer you fight making it an amazing buy. You will be shocked by the damage!

I won't mention every item in the Offensive options section since some don't require a lot of explanation, but I'm gonna pick some honorary mentions!

People really love this item for little to no reason, what it allows them to do is turn off their brain and run at the carry and autoattack, however high elo doesn't work like that. You will never be as proficient as another auto attacker or an ADC unless you're fed. The item has no use in my eyes but it's an option. Perhaps it's good if you go Lethal tempo vs AA champs like Nocturne or against Yorick's Ghouls.
Noone ever talks about it, but it's an excellent item when you're weakside/behind. It provides a good utility active, it's also a good disengage tool. I've thought about building it against Jax as a disengage tool for when he jumps. It also provides a slow/root allowing you to land your combo. Overall good item but you the mana is wasted. The weakness is it lacks damage.
The item isn't talked about nearly enough, the damage on it is crazy. The max hp% burn it provides pairs perfectly with Darkness Rise and the extra damage on high HP champs makes it an OP item vs Tanks like Dr. Mundo or Cho'Gath. The bad part is that it provides mana (useless) and it provides no HP, so you're gonna be a bit squishy early, but that's fixed as you get your Rylai's Crystal Scepter

I won't mention every item in the Defensive options section since some don't require a lot of explanation, but I'm gonna pick some honorary mentions!
Extremely op item, if you go Riftmaker and Revitalize, build it even if there's only one AP in the enemy team. The value you get from it then is insane. The Shield and Heal power is exponential on Mordekaiser.
I build it rarely but it's a cheap Jak'Sho, The Protean, if you're getting destroyed you can consider going it. It's also good for your allies as the first tick goes off before you go to the Realm of Death and the third as you leave it.
Don't be fooled, just cause it gives mana doesn't mean it's useless on Mordekaiser, it's very strong against a heavy AA team like Master Yi or Bel'Veth

A very good rune set against Ranged teamcomps for Mordekaiser in Season 13.

Conqueror is amazing on Mordekaiser since it provides increased damage as well as healing in prolonged fights. It's a must have since Fleet Footwork provides little value (unless in a really bad matchup) and Lethal Tempo is only useful against champions like Olaf

Triumph grants extra gold and healing after killing an enemy. Best rune by far, Overheal is an option if you rush Riftmaker

Legend: Tenacity is a good rune in general for juggernauts that suffer from CC stunlocks. You can play with Legend: Alacrity if the enemies don't have a lot of CC or you're going Unflinching.

Last Stand is better in every way than the other options simply because Mordekaiser has a lot of HP and tends to stay in the fight longer while below 30% health. Indestructible doesn't count as having more HP, so if you use it at low HP the buff will stay at max value.

Nimbus Cloak is a really good rune, specifically if you pick Ghost, the movement speed buff is needed on Mordekaiser due to the kiting potential especially in higher elo. It is a riskier option in lane though.

Transcendence is one of a few good options in the tree, it's not necessary but I like the CDR. There's many other good options like Celerity

Default rune set for Mordekaiser, it provides a safe laning phase (that he lacks) and very strong shields from Indestructible. It's also very good into Melee comps.

Conqueror is amazing on Mordekaiser since it provides increased damage as well as healing in prolonged fights. It's a must have since Fleet Footwork provides little value (unless in a really bad matchup) and Lethal Tempo is only useful against champions like Olaf

Triumph grants extra gold and healing after killing an enemy. Best rune by far, Overheal is an option if you rush Riftmaker

Legend: Tenacity is a good rune in general for juggernauts that suffer from CC stunlocks. You can play with Legend: Alacrity if the enemies don't have a lot of CC or you're going Unflinching.

Last Stand is better in every way than the other options simply because Mordekaiser has a lot of HP and tends to stay in the fight longer while below 30% health. Indestructible doesn't count as having more HP, so if you use it at low HP the buff will stay at max value.

Bone Plating is a very strong rune in the laning phase, pick it everytime you're up against a Melee. Otherwise pick Second Wind or Conditioning depending on matchup, the first especially for recurring damage ( Teemo poison, Cassiopeia poison) and the latter for when neither Bone Plating or Second Wind fit or if it's a sleeper lane.

Revitalize is a good and strong option, it pairs well with Riftmaker and Spirit Visage, as well as Enchanters like Lulu. If you're picking Legend: Alacrity go Unflinching here, but Revitalize is better I would say.
Perfect Timing is very strong against Olaf or when you're rushing for Zhonya's Hourglass, it deserves an honorable mention since you can pick it situationally.

Approach Velocity works well with Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Hextech Rocketbelt, it grants you extra movement speed and if you're going Inspiration tree it's a good option.

Cosmic Insight is default for Inspiration tree, lowers your summoner spell cooldowns, which are extremely valuable on Mordekaiser

Teleport is a must in my book, it allows you to do macro plays you otherwise would have more trouble doing, Ignite is not very good since you're most likely not gonna snowball the laning phase and even if you could ignite wouldn't be necessary. If you do decide for some reason to pick Ignite instead, you need to be much more careful about your recall timers and rotations.
Flash is a really good summoner spell for Mordekaiser as it allows you to do some combos that you wouldn't be able to do otherwise (or not as easily). Obliterate + Flash or Flash + Realm of Death to change the position of the arena. It's a must pick if the enemy toplaner and jungler have a good setup together or if you need it to pick off enemies.
Ignite is good for kill potential, however I don't recommend picking it without tp, it might be good to survive matchups like Olaf or Fiora to avoid building Bramble Vest which is a pretty bad item overall but needed if you don't pick it.
It's a very good summoner on Mordekaiser, the resets it provides in teamfights is very valuable making it better in the late game and midgame than the laning phase. It's also really OP for running people down when you freeze or when you're in range to ult in a teamfight. Especially good summoner with Iceborn Gauntlet. My favorite with Teleport

Aatrox is a bad matchup for Mordekaiser. He's very oppressive level 4 and above. It's very easy to lose the matchup for both sides. Level 1 you win so use that to push the wave and crash wave 2, 3 or 4 depending on the jungler and the pathing. On the bounceback you play safe, if you go even lvl 6 you can beat him as long as you have anti heal. I prefer Ghost in this matchup but Flash is fine to dodge Q3. Oblivion Orb is probably better but Bramble Vest is fine and armor is very good vs Aatrox especially early game. You scale similarly due to him receiving a lot of scaling buffs making it a bad matchup but still winnable. Try to stack waves and sit in your minions so that he can't land his combo.

Bad matchup for Mordekaiser, a good Akali will make you feel like it's unplayable. Going full tank is recommended in this matchup, although in low elo there's definitely room for winning the lane. Second Wind is a good rune as she pokes you endlessly and buying Doran's Shield is almost mandatory. Just don't let her snowball and you've done enough for the game. You outscale. Her Twilight Shroud stays in the Realm of Death.

He will poke you down pretty hard, if you play safe and don't get killed lvl 2 you should be winning soon enough. After you build Plated Steelcaps you can easily run him down with Ghost if you ever hit your Death's Grasp.

Decent matchup for Mordekaiser. You win lvl 4 and above, you should win long trades. Once she gets Divine Sunderer she will become a real threat, you need antiheal for it like Oblivion Orb or Bramble Vest, the matchup is still winnable but she hard outscales and if the game goes to late game she will hit Qs for 25% of your HP.

Cassiopeia hard counters Morde, she has pretty high move speed and with Rylai she perma kites you while dealing absurd amounts of damage and healing at the same time. If you ever get close to her she will ult. The best way of beating her is going Ghost, rushing Mercury's Treads, picking Unflinching and trying to land your Death's Grasp + Realm of Death + Obliterate combo to secure the passive and start autoing her at melee range before she's able to do anything. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is also a very good buy.

Good matchup for Morde, a big walking HP tank, going Liandry's Torment destroys him, you win against him constantly but early is the only time where you can get ganked and potentially killed. Lvl 6 is also a time where if he has a jungler with good CC they can stunlock you forever until he can ult you before you're able to do anything. You can ult him when he Qs to avoid the bump, Ghost or Flash are both fine to pick.

Skill matchup for Mordekaiser, Darius destroys you earlygame and has full control of the wave, let him push into you and don't risk losing HP, poke him with Q from afar, if he ever misses his Q or uses it on the wave, you can trade with him cause you win the trade easily. Once you turn lvl 6 and you're even you can beat him, antiheal is useful but not necessary. Best all in timer is when he misses his Q or you're able to engage on him without immediate retaliation. 2 kills is enough to snowball on him hard, once he gets a lot of resists he's much harder to kill late game. Demonic Embrace is also really strong vs him as he has a lot of HP.

There isn't much to say about this, it's either Fiora has hands or not, rush Bramble Vest, early game it's playable and you can beat her, some Fioras think they can win lvl 6 but they don't if you go Bramble and you don't miss every single ability. Let her push into you and slowpush for the bounceback, since she has no waveclear you shouldn't have a problem with crashing. Be very careful with using Death's Grasp since she will parry and stun you.

Good matchup for Morde, be careful for his lvl 6 all-ins with ignite, it's a very annoying matchup if he goes Phase Rush as he wins shorter trades and heals from his passive. Later in the game he becomes incredibly mobile and tanky, so you need items to slow him down and to deal max HP dmg/get penetration like Void Staff.
In this matchup you're able to get prio and crash wave 2, 3 or 4.

Really bad matchup, he has huge movespeed, a dash, a slow, a stun in his Mega Gnar form. He deals max HP dmg with his W and they will often rush Blade of the Ruined King vs you. The only way to win is early game, lvl 6 with Ghost. Run him down and maybe if you're able to get a lead, rushing Hextech Rocketbelt or Iceborn Gauntlet will give you the slow/gap close to able to kill him a few times before he scales up.

Not an easy matchup, early game there's a lot of tricks you can do to beat him and get a lead. He outscales so it's important to know and exploit. When the game starts go immediately to the middle bush on toplane and stop him from putting up the barrel, you win lvl 1. If you have to leash don't do it, play around his barrel, go in and out of its range to force him to either use another one or to blow it up and miss. Watch out for his Orange, if he uses it mindlessly you have a window to use Realm of Death. You can also run him down with Ghost and beat him when you get Plated Steelcaps and you're even, use your Realm of Death to force him to orange and secure an Obliterate hit. He's very immobile and squishy so junglers like Kha'Zix or Rengar get a free kill on him.

Good matchup for Morde, he can't really poke you down and you completely destroy him in Realm of Death. He has a decent setup for his jungler and a good Gragas can outplay you, later in the game if he has a lot of items and he went a oneshot build, he can deal a lot of damage to you and maybe oneshot you, but you outscale him and you have no dashes that he can block.

Gwen is a difficult matchup, she statchecks you level 6 if you go even and if you go Conqueror, you can easily beat weak Gwen players going the usual build, but a good Gwen keeps her E to avoid your Qs and she is easily able to beat you then. To win early game and midgame you need Lethal Tempo and Nashor's Tooth to not be dependent on Obliterate hits to kill her. Use your Realm of Death when she uses her Hallowed Mist.

Illaoi is a skill matchup early game, you win early so crash wave 2,3 or 4 (while attempting to beat her up through level transitions) and play safely on the bounceback, her E packs a strong punch, when she tries to E you under turret, fake autoattacks to bait her into using it and dodge it. Once you get Realm of Death, use it when she's stuck in an animation like Tentacle Smash or Test of Spirit or once she used her Leap of Faith otherwise she can cancel your ult with hers. Lethal Tempo is useful but not necessary. Liandry's Torment is really op against her as she outscales you and you really need to be able to kill her in Realm of Death late game, building it melts her. Get some armor as well to be able to take in her tentacle hits.

A decent matchup, early game she's useless unless she gets stacks, so cheese her in the tribush or zone her off the creeps to get an early XP lead. If you're able to cheese her you can get prio, otherwise she gets her passive stacked up and destroys you. You beat her easily until Blade of the Ruined King, after that you need to kite her out with Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Ghost or Iceborn Gauntlet. Exhaust is strong against her as she's dependent on mobility.

Hard matchup, rush Plated Steelcaps and be VERY careful about his lvl 1 and lvl 2 engages, if you don't lose a lot of HP you can potentially try to hold the wave close to your turret and pull him under it if he jumps on you. Respect him if you your Death's Grasp is on cooldown as it's the most important ability in this matchup. Poke him with Obliterate as he has no sustain and use your Death's Grasp to kite him out. If you go even you're able to beat him in your Realm of Death at least until he gets Divine Sunderer.

Difficult ranged matchup, let him push into you and play around bushes to avoid poke. Don't take any unnecessary poke and don't try to hold the wave. If he tries to poke you under turret and you see him walking up to put an auto, wait for when he gets stuck in the autoattack animation and use Death's Grasp to pull him in and Obliterate for a good trade. This can also work for lvl 6 to all in him with Ghost, get Iceborn Gauntlet for the slow and resists.

Same as Jayce but much stronger, she scales harder and destroys you at all stages of the game if she plays well. If you don't feel comfortable in this matchup you can permaban her. The only way to win is by getting a good all in by using Death's Grasp for when she autoattacks a minion or you. Pick Ghost and count on your team to be able to beat her, don't let her snowball if you can. There isn't many tricks here.

It's another omega cringe ranged matchup, you can't do much, you need to pick Ghost and pull him in with Death's Grasp while he's stuck in an animation and setup the kill for your jungler by taking him to Realm of Death. You need to ult him in every teamfight so that his Slicing Maelstrom doesn't stun your teammates. That's your only job, if he builds Qss ult someone else obviously.

Skill matchup, you need to be careful for his ignite all in lvl 2 and 3, he also beats you lvl 1 if he plays well. Play around his W cooldown, if he uses it on the minions it's an all in/trade timer for you. He loses all trades without his W, you can't really kill him if he plays well but you can setup a kill for your jungler with Realm of Death pretty easily. Be careful for his roams with his ultimate.

Decent matchup, early game he deals a surprising amount of damage for a tank, but his mana costs are huge, force him to use his W and force him to use his abilities to dodge yours to create a mana gap. He also has little to no sustain. He gets really tanky as the game goes so eventually poking him won't work. His ultimate is REALLY powerful, don't underestimate him as he's able to nearly kill you from 100% hp to 0%, wait out his dashes when he uses it as his dashes cooldowns reset. His W makes him unstoppable so he can cancel your Realm of Death. If both sides play well you can't kill each other but you outscale him and are better in teamfights generally. Exhaust can be decent for his ultimate.

Good matchup for Morde, you can easily get prio and you win all trades, his only window to kill you is lvl 2 with his W and E if he picks Teleport and Ignite. He has no sustain and forcing him to build magic resist is incredibly annoying for him. He has a good setup for his jungler so pick Flash to use it for his Unstoppable Force.

Not that easy of a matchup, earlygame you beat him up hard, goal is to freeze and kill him with your jungler for when he tries to unfreeze the lane. If he goes even he can kill you lvl 6 cause he has a stronger all in than you. Use your Obliterate when you're halfway through his Wither to avoid having to autoattack with the debuff. Phase Rush can be an option as his slow is what allows him to spam his Q and what's giving him the opportunity to statcheck you. You need to kite him out to win.

A very hard matchup, early game he isn't as scary but be very careful about his lvl 1 rundown potential with Ghost. Let him push into you, conserve your HP for the bounceback, stack up waves, if he tries to freeze and you think you can't beat him with the wave go back to buy Bramble Vest, use your Teleport and fight him, you win if you stay still and autoattack with Lethal Tempo. Lvl 6 you win if ult before him as you steal the stats regardless. Later in the game you need to get Zhonya's Hourglass for his ult and go full damage otherwise you can't ever kill him as he becomes super tanky. With Nashor's Tooth, Zhonya's Hourglass and Bramble Vest and the tips you can win 1v1s against him in isolation and outscale him surprisingly.

A sleeper lane, he deals a lot of damage early game so be careful about it, you don't really win trades until first or second back. He can stop your ult with his Bellows Breath, once you get your first item you beat him easily. You can't really snowball so take Teleport and make macro plays on the map even if it means losing plates, TP for drake etc. Take Conditioning to scale up cause Second Wind and Bone Plating aren't necessary.

It's not an easy matchup, very annoying actually, he's a bully in lane pre-6. After 6 you can beat him if you're even as he doesn't have a combat ultimate. Be careful for his roams, it's best to push him in as often as possible and consider taking Demolish. You need Iceborn Gauntlet as his damage is crazy otherwise. Shield Bash is good as both Second Wind and Bone Plating aren't amazing options in this matchup.

Very good matchup for Mordekaiser, you win at all stages of the game, she really can't do anything. She can kind of find windows to trade and maybe kill early game if you play bad, best to take W second to avoid any surprises. She has a good setup for the jg so be mindful of that and her ult interaction is weird in your Realm of Death and can bug you out. Flash is good to avoid that. You don't actually win lvl 1 hard enough to able to zone her out of creeps and her CDs are lower early game so she can get prio if you're leashing.

It's Renekton Favored early game, he can snowball if you give him a kill lvl 2 or 3, your HP is much more important than his as he can oneshot you, so don't trade if you don't have to. If you go even and get one item he loses hands down. He doesn't lose lvl 6 unless you ult to setup for the jungler. If you get Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Plated Steelcaps before he's able to snowball you won the lane and he will be useless in fights most of the time.

A good riven will get prio easily as she's able to nearly one shot you level 1. Be very careful if she takes ignite, if you go even lvl 6 you can beat her but be mindful a good Riven will keep her E for your Death's Grasp or Obliterate so wait for her to use it (or bait her into it), alternatively you can also use Death's Grasp for when she uses Q3 and she's stuck in the animation to secure a clean Realm of Death. Flash or Exhaust is good into her. You can also potentially use Realm of Death to avoid her ultimate projectile in some situations.

It's a difficult matchup early as he has high base HP regen and deals a lot of damage, be careful about his W, it has a pretty high cooldown so when he uses it don't be afraid to do a short trade or when you're lvl 6 even all in. He can ult away your Realm of Death so ult him from range not from a melee position. When he gets Blade of the Ruined King the lane becomes pretty difficult, go damage like Riftmaker otherwise the game is easy for him.

Personally I hate the matchup, simply because Shen is incredibly strong in SoloQ, a good ult can turn around a game and you can't do much against it. Best is to pick Demolish for when he ults to get as many plates as you can. Use your Teleport to follow him if it's possible or use Realm of Death or Death's Grasp to cancel it. He wins early game and can easily kill you lvl 1, 2 or 3. So let him push, after that you hard counter him and win all fights. He has a really good setup for his jg so be very careful of that. Otherwise it's an easy lane, but Shen is a champion that doesn't care about his lane.

Very good matchup for Mordekaiser, you cancel his Q in Realm of Death and you can cancel it with Death's Grasp, he's tanky but not tanky enough, if you go Liandry's Torment or Demonic Embrace you melt him pretty hard. You win at every stage of the game but early game is his only window to do anything to you as his base damage is high. Be careful about him doing proxy and try to match your tempo with him.

Good matchup for Trundle, you can beat him early game if you go Lethal Tempo and Nashor's Tooth and snowball from there potentially. He outscales you though regardless but you can maybe kite him out with Iceborn Gauntlet as second item. Try to use your Realm of Death for when he uses his zone or pillar as they disappear there. Try to setup free kills for your jungler in a bad matchup.

He's really weak at the moment, early game he beats you hard so be careful about it but once you get lvl 3 you win short trades easily. Once he's lvl 6 he can dive you if you're low hp, pick Ghost to run away from him when he ults and use your Death's Grasp backwards to push him away from you, or pull him in if he E's away from you. He outscales you eventually but by that time your team can deal with him. Building Zhonya's Hourglass can be good as well for his ultimate.

Good matchup for Mordekaiser but Urgot is stronger early game, once you get Warden's Mail though it becomes a piece of cake, just make sure to avoid getting hit by his sweetspots so walk parallel of him. You win in your ultimate all you have to do is survive until lvl 6 as he can poke you quite a bit and if you take a bad trade even zone you out. He has decent jg setup so as always make sure to track the enemy jungler as it's the only way you can reliably lose the lane.

Unplayable matchup, you just get permashoved and poked under turret, if you get lucky you can pull her in with Death's Grasp while she's in an auto animation and maybe kill her lvl 6 if you go even by doing that. A good vayne will destroy you and you will be stuck farming under turret for 14 minutes of the game. In teamfights she melts you so ult someone else. Go Ghost if you want to have a chance against her in Realm of Death and full damage.

Skill matchup, go boots and antiheal to avoid his engages and to be able to fight longer fights despite his W heal. He beats you in short trades early so don't take them if he runs at you. He will push you constantly, once you turn level 6 and you poke him out with Obliterate, if he runs at you with Thundering Smash let him, use your E as he runs up and ult when he's in his Q animation so that he can't cancel it with his Stormbringer. Be careful not to take bad trades as he can easily dive you. Be especially careful early game lvl 1 to 3.

The only way you win this is through antiheal, poke with Obliterate (after purchasing Oblivion Orb) and kiting out with Ghost and Iceborn Gauntlet. They usually rush Blade of the Ruined King so the reality is you can't really win this lane, but he can't really kill you, tell your jungler to start topside otherwise Warwick will crash wave 3 and go and kill your jungler. He is quickly outscaled in the midgame.

It's favored for Yone and Yasuo but early game there's a lot of things you can do to beat them, first of all let them push in and avoid unnecessary poke or trades. Rush Bramble Vest as it's really strong against them, then Plated Steelcaps. Yone is much stronger than Yasuo, he statchecks you most of the game, you can try to go either full AP or armor to try to beat him but a good Yone destroys you. You can setup the kills for your jungler with Realm of Death. If Yone ever uses Soul Unbound in your ult, or you used Realm of Death after he used it in the overworld, he won't come back to his ghost until Realm of Death has ended, and you can use it to your advantage. You can avoid Yasuo's Q3 projectile with your ultimate as well.

You easily win lvl 1 so you can crash wave 2, 3 or 4, however avoid his E otherwise his ghouls will deal a ton of your HP, when you get your ultimate you get to play the game, if he uses his cage, you can ult him and easily beat him. Usually they will keep the cage for your ultimate though. If he uses his Maiden in your ult, she disappears after Realm of Death expires. Nashor's Tooth is good here to kill the Ghouls and the cage. Going Ghost is also good for the mobility in avoiding his E and the cage. He outscales you so eventually his Ghouls are gonna deal an abusrd amount of damage but if you ever get to ult him (if he didn't buy Qss) you melt him.
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