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Thresh Build Guide by LeeTV

Support [14.1] ⛓️ Master Thresh Support Guide

Support [14.1] ⛓️ Master Thresh Support Guide

Updated on January 12, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LeeTV Build Guide By LeeTV 373 27 921,137 Views 9 Comments
373 27 921,137 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LeeTV Thresh Build Guide By LeeTV Updated on January 12, 2024
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Runes: Glacial

1 2
Glacial Augment
Hextech Flashtraption
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

Bone Plating

+8 Ability Haste
+6 Armor
+65 Base Health


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

[14.1] ⛓️ Master Thresh Support Guide

By LeeTV
  • Hi guys, I'm Lee from OCE and welcome to my Master Thresh guide. I have played support since season 4 with Thresh being my main champ. I have peaked Master with 70% win rate from unranked to Master on support playing Thresh which has allowed me to climb elo with ease. I found a love for Thresh after realising the capabilities of his kit which revolve around play making as well as peeling your teammates to prevent deaths. If you want to learn Thresh and understand how he works from inside and out then stay with me as I impart my knowledge and experience on a champion that I have played for years.

  • Thresh is one of the best support for climbing in solo queue because of his aggressive play style and the ability to carry a team fight and even an entire game just by hooking the right enemy champion. However playing him perfectly and carrying your games efficiently requires practice and experience. In this guide I will explain Thresh pro's and con's, runes, items, laning phase and how to team fight.

  • Thresh is currently an S tier support that is constantly getting nerfed due to his carry capability in pro play. His kit possesses incredible play making potential and cc abilities that when mastered can make you look like a god. His Death Sentence and Flay are his bread and butter when engaging or peeling. Dark Passage can save your teammates from certain death or be utilized when play making.

  • If you want to devour e-girl enchanters, dominate lane and crush your enemy with game winning hooks Thresh is the champion for you.

+ Strong engage
+ Extremely dominant in lane
+ Can peel your teammates well
+ High outplay potential
+ Strong at every stage of the game
+ Potential for play making
+ Can punish enemies poor positioning
+ Can prevent your teammates from dying
+ Enemy junglers will have a hard time ganking your lane due to lantern

Thresh is one of the best supports due to his unique kit. He can dominate lane by applying pressure via sitting in bushes forcing the enemy play safe due to the presence of his Death Sentence. Thresh is an incredible roaming support as Mobility Boots are a core item on him making his roams effective. Thresh is all about making plays with his Death Sentence. He excels at peeling as every ability in his kit can prevent the enemy from connecting to your teammates.

- High skill ceiling
- Skill-shot reliant
- No sustain in lane
- Can be easily counter picked
- Requires an aggressive ADC
- Can be easily punished if you miss a hook
- Requires a large magnitude of games to master

Thresh is one of those champs that you can't just lock in and expect to do well it requires practice and a large amount of games to understand how to play him correctly. If you can't read the enemies positioning you'll have a tough time hitting Death Sentence. Thresh can be poked out of lane due to no sustain and is easily counter picked. If you miss your Death Sentence you can be punished, giving the enemy a window of opportunity to engage on you.

Glacial Augment procs when immobilizing an enemy champion slowing them with 3 glacial rays by 30% and reducing their damage by 15% against allies excluding yourself for 3 seconds.

This rune is incredible as it procs off of Thresh Death Sentence and Flay which not only increases your chances of securing a kill but reduces the damage your allies take.
Hextech Flashtraption gives you another use for Flash when its on cooldown. It allows you to channel your Flash for up to 2 seconds blinking to the location you have selected. This rune is potent when zoning opponents in the bushes when laning and can be utilized to get over walls for ganking on roams.
Biscuit Delivery provides Thresh with extra sustain in lane giving 10% and mana on consumption as well as increasing the total mana cap by 50. These biscuits are crucial to Thresh survivability allowing him to take more trades and giving him a survival tool when hes mana starved to land an extra ability which may net a kill.
Time Warp Tonic grants 50% of immediately upon consumption and mana if applicable as well as 5% bonus Movement Speed while under the effect of a potion or biscuit. This rune is highly underrated and has saved me countless times from dying making it extremely valuable as your opponent will underestimate your in early trades. Time Warp Tonic also provides additional Movement Speed when consumed which can allow you to escape certain situations. It's advised to buy a Refillable Potion upon first recall to get the most out of this rune.
Bone Plating is the best option for Thresh as it reduces the damage he takes making him more tanky.

Second Wind is viable when you're versing a poke lane against enchanters such as ziggs, xerath, zyra, etc.
Unflinching provides slow resist and tenacity reducing the cc on Thresh and allowing him to escape sticky situations after diving into the enemy.

Overgrowth can be a good option if the enemy comp has no cc giving a larger health pool.
rune allows you to auto attack faster.
rune reduces magic damage taken.
rune reduces attack damage taken.


Aftershock makes you tanky giving 35+ , 35+ and 80% of your bonus resists for 2.5s. It's proc'd through immobilizing an enemy champion which is easy to do as Thresh when you hit a Death Sentence or Flay. You should try to engage whenever the rune is active since it gives you more survivability.

Guardian triggers a shield and movement speed boost when within 350 units of an allied champion or if you throw your lantern at an allied champion. Guardian is useful when vsing a poke lane and if you think that you won't be able to engage that much on your current lane match-up.
Font of Life is the only reliable rune in this line that you can utilize. It's helpful in providing sustain as well as giving your adc that small amount of extra health in a fight that could be the difference between killing your enemy or dying.
Bone Plating is the best option for Thresh as it reduces the damage he takes making him more tanky.

Second Wind is viable when you're versing a poke lane against enchanters such as ziggs, xerath, zyra, etc.
Unflinching provides slow resist and tenacity reducing the cc on Thresh and allowing him to escape sticky situations after diving into the enemy.

Overgrowth can be a good option if the enemy comp has no cc giving a larger health pool.
Biscuit Delivery provides Thresh with extra sustain in lane giving 10% and mana on consumption as well as increasing the total mana cap by 50. These biscuits are crucial to Thresh survivability allowing him to take more trades and giving him a survival tool when hes mana starved to land an extra ability which may net a kill.
Cosmic Insight is mainly taken to reduce the on Flash and Ignite giving you an edge on the enemy due to having these summoners come off cool down quicker. Another benefit is having your mythic Locket of the Iron Solari reduced.
rune allows abilities to come off of cooldown faster.
rune reduces attack damage taken.
rune gives extra health increasing survivability.

Locket of the Iron Solari (TANK/SURVIVABILITY)
Locket of the Iron Solari is Thresh core mythic item. This item should always be built first due to it's 30+ , 30+ , 200+ and 20+ . The item provides stats in all the crucial areas that make Thresh tanky as well as providing him with increased to use abilities more frequently. The other reason for taking this item is due to the shield absorb that's given to you and your allies which can prevent deaths. Furthermore the mythic passive for this item grants allied champions 5+ bonus and 5+ bonus .

Mobility Boots (MOVEMENT SPEED)
Mobility Boots are Thresh core boots which should always be picked due to the high Movement Speed given. This allows Thresh to roam the map and get to fights at a faster speed as well as catching people out to a greater extent as his Movement Speed will be faster than the enemy's without these boots.

Boots of Swiftness can be used instead of Mobility Boots if the enemy team has a lot of slows.
Mercury's Treads can be used if there is a large amount of cc on the enemy team.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity can be used if you're opting for a high build.

Zeke's Convergence is Thresh second core item that you should always build. It provides 25+ , 250+ , 250+ mana and 20+ . When immobilizing an enemy the teammate you have this item bound to will be given bonus damage to their attacks for the next 4 seconds. This is massive as Thresh Death Sentence and Flay provide cc so it's easy to proc this items passive.

Knight's Vow gives +10 , 400+ and 300% base regeneration. Similarly to Zeke's Convergence you bind this item to your ally, it has a passive that redirects 15% of the damage they take to you as long as you're above 30% . If your ally is below 50% you will gain 35% Movement Speed towards them. This item increases the survivability of your selected ally and gives you a Movement Speed buff when they're low on health allowing you to come to your allies aid quickly.

Redemption provides 15+ , 200+ , 20% heal & shield power and 100% base mana regeneration. The item's active provides an AOE (area on effect) heal which can increase the survivability of all teammates when in a fight.


Thornmail provides Thresh with 60+ and 350+ making him more tanky. The item also provides Thresh with a 40% grievous wounds debuff to enemies that attack him. If Thresh immobilizes enemy champions he will apply a 60% grievous wounds debuff for 4 seconds. This item is worth buying if the enemy team has in-built healing within their kits and if you require heal cut on your team. The first component Bramble Vest works just as good for the 800g it's worth. So if you require early grievous wounds against champions like soraka or yuumi it's worth buying.

Frozen Heart provides Thresh with 80+ , 400+ mana and 20+ making him quite tanky. It's passive reduces incoming basic attack damage by up to 40% as well as reducing the attack speed of enemy champions in a 700 radius by 20%. This item is extremely effective against hyper carries such as kogmaw, vayne, jinx, yi, etc.

Anathema's Chains (TANK/SURVIVABILITY)
Anathema's Chains gives Thresh 650+ and 20+ . It's passive gives you up to 30% reduced damage to a specified enemy champion making you quite tanky and reduces the targets tenacity by 20%. This item is only worth buying if there is an enemy that's so fed to the point that you're dying within a blink of an eye and they have a large amount of tenacity and can escape your cc easily.

Spirit Visage provides Thresh with 450+ , 100% base regeneration, 40+ and 10+ . The passive also increases all healing and shielding received by 25%. This item is only worth buying if the enemy team is AP heavy or if the enemy has a mage that's evaporating you in 1 second flat e.g. kassadin, cassiopea, ryze, veigar, brand, etc.

Mikael's Blessing gives Thresh 20% heal and shield power, 50+ , 100% base mana regeneration and 15+ . The active removes cc from yourself or an allied champion and heals for 100-200. This items only worth buying if the enemy team has a large amount of cc . The stats on this item are horrible for Thresh as it gives him no or . I'd only buy this item last if you ABSOLUTELY need to remove cc on your carry to win the game otherwise your carry should buy Quicksilver Sash.

  • Invading: Before you enter laning phase you should determine if it's a good idea to invade the enemy team as Thresh is an exceptional invader at level 1 if you put a point into his Death Sentence. Things you should look for upon invading is your teams cc capability to follow up on your Death Sentence which isn't always a necessity but nice to have. The other thing to look out for is if the enemy team has a stronger level 1 than you e.g. Braum is a bad idea to invade as his passive can wipe your whole team.

  • Applying Pressure: Once in lane its key to exert dominance by standing in bushes pressuring the enemy adc off minions making it hard to cs. To keep pressure it's crucial to hit level 2 before your opposition as you hit a small power spike putting a point into Flay which can yield you a kill or burn enemy summoners if you combo Death Sentence and Flay. Experience for level 2 requires the first wave of creeps plus 3 mele minions on the second wave, so be sure to save your Steel Shoulderguards stacks to execute the last 2 mele minions required to hit level 2.

  • Tracking Enemy Jungler: Another key thing to look for in the early laning phase is tracking the enemy jungler. Take notice if the enemy bot lane leashed their jungler; if they didn't their jungler has most likely started from top side and will path downwards to gank you first. This will give you the information you need to be weary of incoming ganks within those early levels. Warding the river or tri-bush can help spot the enemy jungler out to avoid getting ganked.

  • Securing Scuttle Crab: If you have lane priority meaning that you've pushed the wave in on your opponent towards their tower you can look to help your jungler secure the rift scuttler as the enemy wont be able to contest you.

  • Controlling the Wave: It's my recommendation that if you're duo with the ideal adc pick e.g. Draven that you don't continuously push the wave into the tower. The reason for this is you'll find it very difficult to land hooks and find kill opportunities. Try to leave the wave around the middle point as this will allow you to look for more kill windows.

  • When to Roam: Roaming is one of the most over powered things a support can do. You should look to roam if [1] you're hard losing lane [2] you've just recalled and bought Boots or Mobility Boots [3] your wave is completely pushed in or frozen [4] if you have lane prio and your jungler wants to invade the enemy jungle [5] if enemy mid is overextended and it looks good to roam gank.

  • How to Teamfight?: Once laning phase is over mid-game transitions into a team-fight dynamic. Thresh is all about looking for potential picks, capitalizing on the enemies poor positioning and peeling your teammates.

  • Engage: Thresh is a monster when looking for potential picks and starting team fights with his Death Sentence. His combo should go a little something like this... be patient and look for the best opportunity to engage on the enemy team and preferably look to Death Sentence either the most fed player to take them out of the team fight first. You should Death Sentence into a Flay and then use The Box preventing them from easily escaping. The more people you dive onto when using The Box the better as it slows all enemies that try to escape. When you dive into the enemy team be prepared that you may die or use Flash to escape, at the cost that you should be able win the team fight. Flash can also be utilized following up with a Flay to surprise your opponent slowing them followed by a Death Sentence. If you're feeling confident you can also engage with Flash as a gap closer into a Death Sentence followed up by a Dark Passage to bring your teammates to you to finish the kill. Another combo that can be used to close the gap on a kill is by using Dark Passage first, Flash over a wall and Death Sentence the enemy which is for more advanced Thresh players.

  • Peeling: This another area that Thresh excels in. You can utilize your Death Sentence to cc the enemy and drag them away from your teammates giving them room to breathe. Flay can also be used to knock your opponent back and slow them. Be aware of the enemy team comp to utilize your Flay in the correct manner e.g. Flay Zac Elastic Slingshot, Lee Sin Sonic Wave or Leona Zenith Blade preventing the enemy from connecting to your teammates. Dark Passage when used correctly is what makes a good Thresh player, Dark Passage can be used over walls and in fights to prevent people from dying, it can also be utilized for its small health shield. Lastly Dark Passage can be used for vision over walls and to check if people are camping bushes.
  • [1] Hooking over walls - (Engage)
  • [2] Flash + Hook - (Engage)
  • [3] Flash + Flay > Hook - (Engage)
  • [4] Lantern jungle gank - (Engage)
  • [5] Flash + Hook - (Engage)
  • [6] Awareness Hook - (Preventative)
  • [7] Flash + Flay > Hook - (Roam Engage)
  • [8] Peeling a roam - (Preventative/Peel)
  • [9] Mid roam Hook - (Roam Engage)
  • [10] Lantern for vision - (Preventative)
  • [11] Lantern + Hook - (Roam Engage)
  • [12] 2 v 3 - (Preventative/Peel)
  • [13] 1 for 1 - (Engage/Peel)
  • [14] Taking risks - (Engage)
  • [15] Peeling your ADC - (Peel)
  • [16] Holding Q - (Engage)
  • [17] 1 v 3 - (Outplay)

[1] Hook over the wall + Lantern to net a kill

[2] Flash + prediction dodge Hook

[3] Utilizing Flash + Flay into a prediction escape Hook

[4] Great spot to Lantern your jungler in for a gank

[5] Mid gank, Flash + prediction dodge Hook

[6] Pay attention to enemy engages, this fight could have turned sour if that Hecarim got a 4 man R off

[7] Ganking mid - Flash + Flay into a prediction dash Hook

[8] Utilizing Thresh's kit to peel a mid roam

[9] Mid roam gank - dodge prediction Hook

[10] Utilizing Lantern for vision

[11] Ganking mid - Lantern + Hook to net a kill

[12] Keep eyes on the map - Thresh's kit being used correctly

[13] How to turn a bad situation into a 1 for 1

[14] Never be afraid to take risks, it will make you a better player

[15] Peeling your adc with Thresh's kit

[16] When hooking someone hold your q untill the last second, as they flash away you will follow them

[17] 1 v 3

This is my first mobafire guide! 🤯

Thanks for checking out my support guide! Please give me a 👍 if I've helped you gain some new insight on Thresh.

You can find me streaming at:

  • Guide published - 05/09/2021
  • Clips chapter added - 06/09/2021
  • Cleaned up Items chapter + Added glossary to Educational Clips chapter - 07/09/2021
  • Inspiration Runes added to Runes chapter - 13/01/2022
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