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Tahm Kench Humor Guide by oxQuacKxo

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author oxQuacKxo

[5.20] This Is What Tahm Kench Was Truly Made For

oxQuacKxo Last updated on September 20, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys i am really new to this website so don't judge me, i didn't add alot of things to make the guide pretty but you know simple is the best, i wanted to make this guide so badly because tahm kench with Enchantment: Devourer is so fun, so here it is the guide to being a REAL DEVOURER heh get it cause Tahm Kench uses Devour and your jungling item is Enchantment: Devourer ugh ju..just continue reading ..

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Why Would You Buy These Items

]-Is just too good to not build on i mean it gives 30 magic damage per hit and when sated it deals 50 your does the exact thing but with a higher number so + = a lot of magic damage per hit not to mention damage these three items will make you a magic damage monster will you dont exactly have any AP so an unskilled player will build armor against you which is useless because you are doing MAGIC DAMAGE not physical damage and if he tries to build magic resist you have to steal 25 magic resistance from him.

]-Is so good it gives you a lot of stats and you need them all even the passive is quite good so really good on .

]-Is a really good item for because it makes him tanky and
give him movement speed and a nice on hit effect.

]-is such a good item for it makes you tanky as shiet and slows the enemies attack speed and gives you 10% less damage from critical strikes and a really good active yes it have been nerfed but its still quite a solid item.

]-is quite a good item be on because it gives you 30 magic
resistance and 30 attack speed and 42 bonus magic damage on hit which goes will with
and and it steals 25 magic resistance from your enemies which makes you even more damaging per hit.

]-are possibly the best boots for everyone unless there is 4 or more heavy AD champions against you then you take but mostly take because it gives you 25 magic resistance and 35% tenacity which makes fears,stuns,slows,bindings less effective.

P.S. -you can take or or but never take on anything because it sucks

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Why would you take these runes on tahm ?

i take 9 scaling hp seals cause tahm's ult works well with hp
and i take 9 attack speed marks to clear faster and i take
5 glyph of scaling CD reduction cause tahm's ult has a long cooldown
and i take 4 glyph of magic penetration cause it works will with devourer and wit's end
and i take 3 armor quints cause when jungling the monsters deal physical damage so armor
makes you take less damage from monsters and its good for countering AD champions like fiora.

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]- Because when you devour someone you get slowed so this makes the slow less
]- Because it helps with jungling
]- Helps for jungling too
]- Works well with Abyssal Voyage
]- Works well with Abyssal Voyage too
]- For extra armor
]- For extra magic resistance
]- To take less damage from AD carry's
]- To take less damage from mages
]- It buffs your magic resistance and armor at the same time so why not take it
]- does the same thing


]- buffs all of your damage by 2% and works well with your
]- Extra attack speed to clear faster
]- For extra cooldown
]- To make your team do more damage
]- To Do even more damage

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Tongue Lash]-Max this first but dont take it on level 1

Devour]-Take this level 1 it deals more damage to the monsters then Tongue Lash

Thick Skin]-Max last

Abyssal Voyage]-Max whenever available because it deals extra damage and it can teleport you

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]-You cant jungle without this item
]-For Extra sustain when jungling
]-Its really important and its for FREE!
]-Your most important item
]-Gives you hp which works well with your Abyssal Voyage and gives 20 extra damage and builds to the op item Trinity Force
]-Gives you extra damage and some mana and it builds to Trinity Force
]-Makes you walk faster and tahm needs some movement speed cause hes slow
]-Gives armor which is good for jungling and takes 15% of your enemies attack speed
]-Gives you extra armor (armor isn't only good for jungling its good against anything that deals attack damage)
]-Very important it gives you a lot of stats and it has a good passive
]-It Gives a lot of hp and armor and it has a good passive which makes you go faster which is good for Tahm Kench
]-it have been nerfed but still its quite a good item
]-Really good counter for heavy AP champions and works well with your Thick Skin really good item overall
]-Gives you a lot of hp which works well with your Abyssal Voyage and gives hp regen
]-It Gives a lot of hp and damage and hp regen and gives you on hit effect good item to buy but there is better ones
]-Works well with devourer and gives attack speed and magic resistance ill buy this as my 6th item 80% of the time
]-Gives you AD and MR and it has a good passive really good item overall but wit's end is better
]-Gives you a lot of hp and some damage and it makes the enemies slow when you hit them nice item overall ]- Spirit Visage is a better item then this but not bad item
]-Have been nerfed but not a bad item, you can buy better items then this item
]-Its a good choice for last item, but there is better items
]-Gives you hp and armor and it deals magic damage to nearby enemies really good item overall
]-I dont know why would you buy this but there is a lot of better choices
]-If you want life steal take this item, don't take The Bloodthirster because Blade of the Ruined King is better for Tahm Kench because it gives attack speed and life steal which is better then AD and life steal
]-Not a very good item yes it makes you do more damage but it scales with AP and we are not building AP
]-If you want some life steal with extra hp regen take this
]-If you want extra movement speed take it but there is better boots then this
]-it gives extra movement speed and makes slow effects less effective, better then boots of mobility
]-gives you attack and movement speed good but not the best choice of boots
]-take if you are against 4 or more attack damage champions
]-this is the best choice of boots for tahm but ninja tabi is better if the enemy team is AD heavy
]-Take if you are against a really heavy AD team
]-same thing take it if against heavy AD team, but Frozen Heart is better so take this if you are behind because Thornmail is cheaper then Frozen Heart
]-sell your yellow trinket and buy the red one and upgrade it if possible
]-Wards are really important in the game always buy when you back to the base

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Summoner Spells

]-i take this 95% of the time to make some sick jukes

]-If you are jungling its 100% needed

]-I use it 5% of the time it works well with your Devour like if your saving someone

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An Acquired Taste]-Is your passive whenever you hit an enemy with a basic attack or a spell you apply a stack that enhances your Tongue Lash and your Devour but you need to apply the stack 3 times, once you have 3 stacks of An Acquired Taste on an enemy you can Devour to eat them and deal a percentage of their health OR Tongue Lash to stun them for 1.5 seconds

Tongue Lash]-Is your Q which makes you launch your tongue in a target direction if it hits an enemy / monster / enemy minion it will deal an amount of magic damage and slows the target

Devour]-Is your W which makes you eat your allied champion or your enemy champion however you can't eat an enemy champion unless you have 3 stacks of An Acquired Taste if you eat an allied champion you get faster by an amount and if you eat an enemy champion you get slowed by 95% (this slow doesn't apply if you eat an enemy minion)

Thick Skin]-Is your E passive: which converts all damage taken into gray health, once your out of combat a percentage of your gray health will be converted to real health, active: you can convert all gray health to a shield that lasts for 6 seconds

Abyssal Voyage]-Which is your ultimate spell passive: your basic attacks and Tongue Lash and Devour deal 20 + 4% / 6% / 8% of your health as magic damage, active: you can
teleport and your ally to a short distance (you can teleport alone)

How to use Tahm Kench spells effectively

Tongue Lash]-Can be used to stun your enemy or slow them there is a lot of situations that this spell can be used in for example like when a Katarina jumps in with her ult you would stop her ult by stunning her with this spell or if your chasing someone or if your running from someone and it has quite some good damage overall its a good spell

Devour]-Can be used to save your allies and kill your enemies, so lets say that there is an enemy Katarina with low hp and there is an allied Orianna with low hp and your really close to them and you have 3 stacks of An Acquired Taste on Katarina then you see Katarina jump on orianna with her Shunpo then uses Death Lotus who are you going to eat Katarina or Orianna ? a good tahm player would eat Orianna and then stun Katarina with Tongue Lash so her Death Lotus would stop like that you would kill Katarina and save Orianna but what if you have eaten Katarina instead ? will yes you would stop her ult but you don't know if she is gonna die when you spit her and she might live then kill Orianna and run, so mostly if there is a choice between eating an ally or an enemy choose your ally, and there is some cool saving tricks with Devour for example lets say you and your allied Ahri are in the baron pet trying to steal the baron and you both failed at stealing it so your both are against 5 enemies 5v2 not even a chance in winning so there is one choice you can choose which is Devour Ahri then Flash over the wall that way you will be both safe with one Flash

Thick Skin]-Can be used to sustain after a trade and it can be used to counter an Ignite how you say ? ill answer you, lets say that you are in the river fighting against 2 enemies Jarvan IV and Fizz and your not winning then Jarvan IV uses hes ult Cataclysm and fizz hits you with hes W Seastone Trident and then uses Ignite on you then uses his ult on you Chum the Waters, what do you do ? simple flash over Jarvan IV ult Cataclysm then activate your E Thick Skin your E Thick Skin will take Chum the Waters and the Ignite and Seastone Trident damage

Abyssal Voyage]-Can be used to get into a fight with an ally or get into a fight solo or to backdoor it can be used to run from a fight but not really that effective cause it can be canceled easily mostly use it to get into a fight or backdoor for example lets say you just got revived and your in your base and there is a big team fight in the baron pet what do you do ? use your ult to get into the fight another example lets say all of your team is dead and you just got revived then you see an Annie wanting to destory your inhib just use your Abyssal Voyage to get there faster
another example lets say you just won a team fight and your like 2/3 of you health then you see a Shaco split pushing just use Abyssal Voyage to stop him really good spell overall

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The Pros And Cons Of This Build





Deals a lot of damage


Easy to farm with


Can 1v1 a fed enemy champion and win


If you fall behind you can comeback



Can be hard to play


really hard to use on the first time


Can fall behind


With this build your not exactly a tank or a bruiser


First clear can be hard

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Team Work

as a Tahm Kench you can do a lot, one of them is use your Abyssal Voyage and have your carry go inside your mouth then teleport behind the enemies and kill them, another thing is saves you can save your ally with Devour him then using Flash or if your ally was over a wall and hes low hp and your on the other side of the wall then use your Flash to get into your ally Devour your ally then spit them out of the wall, you can as well do some cool wombo combos like when you use your Abyssal Voyage you tp to a team fight then your allied Orianna puts her ball on you with Command: Protect then uses her Command: Shockwave and then Command: Dissonance and that way you just won the team fight, in team fights you really want to be like a wall between your carry and the enemies carry so your carry wont die and your a tank so you can get all the damage and always think about saving your ally not killing your enemies because yes you do a lot of damage but not as much as your carry so save your carry and take all the damage

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Thoughts And Personal Enjoyment

Enjoyment : 9/10
Personal thoughts
I think the cons aren't that bad will i can say there is only one con if we combine all of the five we get (needs a guy who have played Tahm Kench before) and the pros are really good i mean sense when you could get tanky as shiet and have loads of damage its just too good its fun its Easy to farm / jungle with but its hard to jungle on the first clear only, and you can 1v1 a fed REALLY FED like 35 kills talon and win with this build because it actually happened to me so i recommend you to play jungle Tahm Kench Stalker's Blade - Devourer

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hello niggaz and white ppl i ain't racist doe so thank you booyz for reading this shiet
have fun with this build i call it ze crazy frog build

seriously thou thanks for taking your time and reading this guide have fun with
this crazy build

P.S. If you type oxQuacKxo on lol you would find a person that isn't even level 30 will yes thats me but its not my real account my real account is called Welcome to mirac so i am a smurf silver II that shiety name doe, and yes this is my first guide, this is just a simple guide there isn't a lot of things added to make it "prettier" or something, shiet gotta go fast.


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