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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Kayle Build Guide by Slay Me Bae

Support [6.22] Kayle Support "Your time has come" updated

Support [6.22] Kayle Support "Your time has come" updated

Updated on November 18, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Slay Me Bae Build Guide By Slay Me Bae 12 1 320,977 Views 4 Comments
12 1 320,977 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Slay Me Bae Kayle Build Guide By Slay Me Bae Updated on November 18, 2016
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  • LoL Champion: Kayle
    Passive Utility Focused Suppor
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I will be updating this guide for preseason. Give me around two weeks to add in some information on the new items :).
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My name is Slay Me Bae/Support Orianna, and I main support. I am currently in love with Janna, Orianna (AquaDragon33), Kayle, Nami, and Bard (~ootay~). This is my first guide, so feel free to leave some feedback and tips.

As with every character, practice before taking her into ranked <3.

Located at the top you can swap between the two playstyles and sets of builds, one being more damage focused and aggressive, with the other being focused as heavily on support as possible.

Thanks to JhoiJhoi's

Links to the fanart featured on this page should be on the image itself. If your fanart is on this guide and you would like it removed PM me and i'll get to it ASAP ^-^. (Fanart is one of my favorite things ;) )
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Assumptions & Goals

In this guide I will be assuming one things:
1.You have basic knowledge of Kayle, but not this playstyle of Kayle.

After this guide you should be able to:
Play Kayle in the Support role (obviously :D)

Let's get started with some Pros and Cons
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Pros & Cons


  • Good sustain and catch potential early with Rank 2 W
  • Catch Potential early with Q slow
  • Late Game AOE slows (w/ Rylai's)
  • Ability to make someone invincible for 2 -> 3 seconds (great OMFG button that gives time to react and prevent further health loss or death)


  • Little to no Sustained damage
  • Ult can be useless in some situations (Ex: Use ult on tank as they engage to allow them to eat some damage at the start of a fight, but instead tank disengages causing your ult to be almost useless.
  • Can be a difficult playstyle change depending on the build you choose.
  • (Suprisingly) People can regard this as a troll pick which can lead to verbal abuse and pessimistic attitudes towards the game.
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Color Coded as such (Main Support Items = Exceptions):
Offensive Cooldown Pickups
Defensive Cooldown Pickups
Filler Options
Noob Traps/Not Recommended

Use Ctrl+F if looking for a specific item :)

Talisman of Ascension Talisman of Ascension

Great basic item for support, active has many uses such as: roaming quicker, engage, disengage. Stats are pretty basic. Forces a dedicated slot to sightstone though :c

Eye of the Oasis Eye of the Oasis

Yay for itemslot efficiency! We lose the active of Talisman, but gain the ability to buy a different active?? (activeception)

Frost Queen's Claim

This item is great for supports, it allows for catch and disengage potential with the active. The only downside is using another slot for sightstone specificially.

Eye of the Watchers

This item not only gives GREAT base stats, but increases our itemslot efficiency. We lost spooky ghosts, but can potentially build something better in its place.

Ruby Sighstone

This item is the definition of activeception, all your item actives cooldowns are reduced by a hefty 10%. Must have when going active heavy builds.

Offensive Cooldown Items

Ardent Censer

This is a great item when you have an attack focused adc such as Vayne or Kalista. This gives them some Attack speed, aswell as a bit of magic damage for more kill potential against armor stacking teams. It's not uncommon for an Adc to get a bonus 200 damage off the passive of this item. For a mathematicians sake let's assume an ADC has 2.0 attack speed after the AS buff is applied. 2 attacks per second * 30 damage per auto * 6 seconds * 75% uptime of auto attacking (time when they can auto and aren't chasing, running, or cced) = 270 damage over 6 seconds * 75% (assumption of no MR built so around 25% base magic damage reduction) = a final number of 202.5 bonus magic damage. While these numbers are pretty optimistic, this is pretty free damage for your carry.

Zeke's Harbinger

This is one of my favorite support items by far. When using this item you bind it to someone and stick beside them. After attacking and moving around while near them you hit 100 stacks (can be seen above your buff bar) which allows your, or your binded buddy to attack to proc a buff. This buff provides 50% bonus crit and 20% bonus ability power for BOTH of you. This is good for passive Kayle (ADC can build less crit items to still hit 100% crit) and offensive Kayle (when this pops your AP rises by 20%). This does NOT have to be bound to adc 100% of the time, infact if roaming with your mid or jungle feel free to bind it with them for awhile, you can always rebind when you meet back up with bae later.


An item featured in many mid builds, this is an all around good item. You get AP for bonus damage and healing, cooldown for getting that heal off cooldown faster, and a potentially godlike passive to shut down selfsustaining crazies such as Vladimir, Yasuo, Zac, and even Soraka. This item is pretty cheap, which is always a plus for supports.


Oh Ohmwrecker, where did things go so wrong. This is a very underrated item item with very confusing stats. This item gives a decent amount of tankiness through the health and armor, and provides chasing potential through it's passive (20% movespeed around tower or tower rubble). Nobody expects to see this item ingame, which is one of the great factors if you DO buy it. Use this item when you have dive heavy comp, this gives characters like Sejuani, Riven, and Zac the ability to go ham on the enemy under without many consequences. When/If you do build this item, let your team KNOW they have the ability to dive under towers (let them know when its up as to avoid some potentially bad dives).

Banner of Command

Locket's more aggressive, painful cousin. This item is used mainly to push with the active. The active evolves a minion into it's stronger form. I call it Jeremy. Jeremy should be let loose in a side lane to take attention away from your main goal. When going for Baron, place this little guy botlane beforehand to push it out and force a member of the opposing team to stop the push (generally an AD). This leads to a 4v5 at baron giving you a numbers advantage.

Lich Bane

Ah lich bane, the bane of most squishies' existence. This gives you a LOT of burst potential with a maxed q into ranged auto, or just e -> auto. Not really a support item, but a good fun item to use when ahead.

Defensive Cooldown Options

Mikael's Crucible

This is a mini ADC for a person of your liking. While it removes most cc, it does NOT remove supressions, blinds, or entangles ( Amumu's ulti).

Locket of the Iron Solari

Free shield AOE shield, nice defensive stats, procs Windspeaker's Blessing on all hit by the shield. Great pick up whether ahead or behind.

Athene's Unholy Grail

This item gives INSANE mana sustain, it gives a little bit of mmr (great against pokey ap supports), and a nice chunk of 20% cdr. Perfect item for our support Kayle, it costs a bit more than it's counterpart Morello, which causes this item to lose out sometimes due to a support's tiny income.

Frozen Heart

Hardcore defensive item, shuts down most adc's (great item to make jhin's attack speed slow AF). Great pickup in this meta with marksmen jungle and top not too rare.

[Spirit Visage

Huge chunk of mmr, health, with a bit of CDR. With us focusing on our heals, healing ourselves gives us a sizeable increase on our healing (20%). Combined with Runic Armor , our self heals are VERY nice.

Filler Options


Yay for minirammus! Bulding this item is good against very heavy AD teams. While you won't deal the most damage with its passive it's cheap. The passive can also persuade some adcs to focus other targets instead of yours truly (in the same way a GA does).

Guardian Angel

Free Zilean ult? Yes please. This is the biggest NOPE you can do in LoL. This item alone will make people completely ignore you in teamfights. Why focus the support when they won't even die anyway *hair flip*?

Righteous Glory

This item's active gives movement speed while moving towards enemies, combined with a mini AOE slow afterwards. With its base health and mana, it's not the worst item support Kayle can build.

Banshee's Veil

A chunk of MR, little bit of health, and a free spell block every 45 seconds. Good against poke like Jayce, or initiation spells like GNAR!.

Randuin's Omen

Great item against crit stacking teams with it's Crit Damage reduction. Combined with the armor and health it makes you very tanky against adc's. The active allows you to slow anyone who dives on you or anyone near you.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Support Kayle's bread and butter late game ***** move. Every autoattack you do slows an AREA of enemies. This allows you to chase ENTIRE TEAMS like a boss. The health and ability power are nice additions that any kayle support would love to have.

Zhonya's Hourglass

Zhonya's is a pretty good item on most midlaners, and is a viable, yet situational item on Kayle support. This is like a worse version of your ult, so you can ult someone else then zhonya's yourself. This item costs a lot though, and money could be put elsewhere. Also usually used when out of position or after you engage (neither of which should be occuring).

Rabadon's Deathcap

Rabbadabbadons is a great item for any fed AP carry. This MASSIVELY increases your heals and damage output. This item is VERY expensive, which makes it only viable when ahead.

Noob Traps/Not Recommended

Nashor's Tooth

This is a great item for a CARRY Kayle. While we have potential to carry, sustained DPS is NOT our goal, this item should be avoided.

Guinsoo's Rageblade

Same situation as Nashor's, this is not our goal, avoid.

Luden's Echo

If we want burst we will go for a lich bane, Luden's doesn't really work on Kayle since it only procs on Q.

Zz'Rot Portal

Banner of command does the same thing, and gives us stats we need. Sorry Zz, not this time.
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Playing Kayle Support

Not suprisingly, Kayle support is relatively easy.

Your Jobs are as follows:
  • Ward (as all supports should)
  • Use your Q to chase down fleeing enemies
  • Use your Q to slow engaging enemies
  • Use your Q to apply a stack of your passive
  • Use W to heal up low health allies
  • Use W to speed up allies who are running away/chasing
  • Use E to slow (with your Rylai's)
  • Use E to lower MR/Armor w/ the passive
  • Use Ult to mitigate incoming damage
  • Use Ult to save allies from potentially deadly incoming spells ( Ignite, Headshot, Time Bomb, etc.)
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Always use your trinket, sighstone, and pinks. Here are some good warding spots.

Pink Ward Spots

Trinket/Sightstone Warding Spots
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Screenshots & Match History

Here are a few screenshots of my Kayle games. Feel free to send me screenshots of your Kayle games after reading this guide.

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Thank you so much for reading <3.

To be added:
  • Lane Matchups
  • More Items to the lists
  • Abilities Section
  • More intricate "guide"
  • Video?

Update List:
  • 3-24-16: Release
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Slay Me Bae
Slay Me Bae Kayle Guide
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[6.22] Kayle Support "Your time has come" updated

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