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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Kindred Build Guide by CardinalDuality

AD Carry [6.5 WIP] Kindred - Eternae (Cheatsheet Fully Updated)

AD Carry [6.5 WIP] Kindred - Eternae (Cheatsheet Fully Updated)

Updated on March 13, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CardinalDuality Build Guide By CardinalDuality 106 11 6,361,583 Views 99 Comments
106 11 6,361,583 Views 99 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CardinalDuality Kindred Build Guide By CardinalDuality Updated on March 13, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Jungle Role Ranked #36 in
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Hey everyone, I am CardinalDuality and this is my Kindred champion guide, I would appreciate any and all feedback on this guide. Rep and votes are also huge in helping this guide move forward as it helps me know how this guide is being perceived. I have been playing League of Legends since February of 2011, which is the middle of season 1 and still enjoy playing today.

Kindred is an incredibly fun champion to play with their unique Mark of the Kindred mechanic. They combine the role of the jungler and the marksman into one creating a unique gameplay experience of swiftly hunting down marked target, dangerously stealing from the enemy, and completely controlling death on the battlefield.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide and provide feedback and votes, and without further delay, let's begin the hunt!
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Pros / Cons

* Mobile
* Insane Damage
* Infinite Scaling from Mark of the Kindred
* Lamb's Respite can save entire allied team

* Squishy
* No hard crowd control or engage tool
* Mark of the Kindred is visible to all enemies
* Lamb's Respite can kill entire allied team
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Each tier should have a fairly obvious choice over the others:
1. Attack Speed is Kindred's favorite
2. Kindred is ranged so the damage modifier isn't actually an upgrade
3. AP is worthless
4. Actually a choice, but because of the hunt mechanic the unique champion kills shouldn't be an issue
5. Armor penetration vs magic penetration... Kindred is physical damage based
6. Fervor of Battle stacks quickly thanks to high attack speed and adds a lot of damage over the course of a fight

1. Junglers are almost always in combat so better clear speed means getting to the gank faster anyways
2. Jungle buffs for jungler, already have infinite potion sustain
3. % damage increase is huge for kill potential, mana isn't
4. Kindred isn't a support
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Summoner Spells

When jungling Smite is a necessity, there's just no way around it. This is required to jungle, this can't be overstated, and there's simply no alternative.

Flash is the "get out of jail free" summoner spell. The mobility offered shouldn't be passed up, even though Kindred already has a small dash in Dance of Arrows, instead they should be used in conjunction with each other for the most effective results. While other summoner spells can replace Flash none of them are as versatile and they won't be listed here.
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Champion Abilities

Ability Sequencing

> > >
First Lamb's Respite is maxed out. This is Kindred's ultimate ability and as with every champion maxing out the ultimate ability first will always be the best option. Next Dance of Arrows is leveled up completely. This ability provides the most early game damage of any of Kindred's abilities and maxing it out will give the most damage early on, leading to higher success rates in ganks, meaning more stacks of Mark of the Kindred. Next could be a choice of preference in a way, however, the fact that Wolf's Frenzy's cooldown gets lowered by leveling it, this means Dance of Arrows will also be off cooldown more often due to the cooldown reduction Wolf's Frenzy provides in tandem with Dance of Arrows. For this reason as well as the fact the percent health damage doesn't increase upon leveling only the monster damage cap, Mounting Dread is maxed last.

Ability Usage

  • Late game scaling
  • Ganking strategy
  • Jungle invasion
Tips and Tricks

  • Mobility
  • Map movement
  • Damage
Tips and Tricks

  • Damage
  • Sustain
  • Movement
Tips and Tricks

  • Crowd control
  • Damage
  • Kiting
Tips and Tricks

  • Baiting
  • Tower diving
  • Objective control
Tips and Tricks
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Item Sequence

Boots of Swiftness - Alacrity 1350
Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer 2450
Runaan's Hurricane 2600
Sterak's Gage 3100
Blade of the Ruined King 3200
Maw of Malmortius 2800

Kindred doesn't need survivability from their boots because of Lamb's Respite, they merely need the mobility to control staying or leaving the invulnerability zone. This leaves the most valuable stat from boots to be offensive, the most valuable offensive stat to Kindred being attack speed.

While the other jungle items may be taken for increased combat capabilities, vision control literally wins games. Any other enchantment shouldn't be considered, armor penetration and attack speed are the stats Kindred wants and none of the other enchantments offer these.
Very similar to the item Phantom Dancer, but instead of a damage reduction on a single target, there's a large area of effect damage to multiple targets. This item combination covers the weaknesses of each component.
This is the ultimate duelist item. The attack speed is great, the crit chance is alright, but the passives on this item are insane for Kindred. The ability to duel with a 12% damage reduction is insane in a 1v1, and teamfight scenario.
Core item for Kindred, attack speed, attack damage, lifesteal, crowd control, insane synergy with passive, only downside is the price.
Pretty self explanatory, the armor penetration only works on bonus armor, but is still essential for taking out huge tanks, if enemies have tons of self-sustain get Mortal Reminder instead.
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Early Game

Start by getting a leash from some allies on a small jungle camp then go and take the nearest buff. Game time should be roughly 2:30 at this point which is when scuttle crab spawns, most likely one of them will become marked on spawn. Hunt it. Proceed along a standard jungle path, taking buffs when available.

Mid Game

Now is the time to start marking enemy champions and invading the enemy jungle for marked camps. This becomes incredibly situational but a general rule of thumb is that if the enemy jungle is missing and nobody knows where they are, don't cross the river under any circumstances. Once the enemy jungler is visible through wards or ganks, it is safe to mark and hunt targets. Kindred is also perfectly happy to keep farming. Taking dragon is very easy because of the amount of percent health damage in Kindred's kit, and this should be done any time the enemy team won't be able to react, for example, the enemy bottom lane both just recalled and their mid laner is dead for another 10 seconds.

Late Game

Kindred excels at killing monsters and champions, but is terrible at sieging towers as they use mostly on-hit effects to hunt their targets. Because of this Kindred wants to teamfight over objectives in order to win the game. Lamb's Respite is extremely powerful in this regard as well, mark targets carefully before a teamfight and even if the outcome of the fight is even at first glance, it can be considered a win because Kindred will always come to the next fight stronger than the last.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Enchantment: Warrior not listed in the recommended items?

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Special Thanks

First thanks to my audience, you, for taking the time to read this guide, as well as provide any feedback you may have to offer. Your suggestions, comments, and votes are what keep this guide alive and it really means a lot to me. Last time I promise, thank you all so much for all of your help to make this guide as complete and helpful as possible for all of those looking to further understand the champion Kindred!

Finally I would like to extend my special thanks to jhoijhoi for her guide making help. She has really given so much inspiration into formatting and coding a guide to be fun, interesting, and helpful. I can't thank her enough.

With this conclusion, I must begin a different hunt. Good luck and have fun everyone!

Wolf: "It thinks it can best us!"
Lamb: "This is called... denial."
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Change Log

11/14/2015 - Updated for 5.22

10/19/2015 - Changes to:
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Items
  • Frequently Asked Questions

10/16/2015 - Additions to:
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Special Thanks
  • Champion Abilities

10/15/2015 - Guide First Started - Completed:
  • Cheat sheet
  • Introduction
  • Summary
  • Pros and Cons
  • Masteries
  • Runes
  • Summoner Spells
  • Items
  • Champion Abilities
  • Gameplay
  • Special Thanks
All still in progress.
League of Legends Build Guide Author CardinalDuality
CardinalDuality Kindred Guide
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[6.5 WIP] Kindred - Eternae (Cheatsheet Fully Updated)

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