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Renekton Build Guide by blissfully

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author blissfully

[6.9] Renekton Jungle for Big Boys. UPDATED LADS!

blissfully Last updated on May 11, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Bounty Hunter
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Resolve: 12

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This guide was written in patch 4.19, season 4. I have updated the majority of the guide for season 6, however there will still be lots of mentions to Feral Flare: , which was of course the season 4 equivalent of Devourer/Bloodrazer bloodrazer. I also used to build Infinity Edge , however after they changed Blood Thirsterblood thirster and added Duskblade I have been switching between the two.

Welcome to my Renekton Jungle guide. It should be noted right from the start that this guide is for big boys who like to go IN. Renekton can have absolutely MAD single target damage, while remaining a mobile and effective reasonably tanky chap. YOU SEE THE PICTURE BELOW??? I DREW THAT! :)

In this guide we'll go over how to use his high damage build effectively and as safely as possible, focusing especially on his mechanics, rather than spending ages talking about why I've taken AD reds or w/e who cares.

I will be keeping this guide updated into pre-season 5 and season 5 itself, although the guide itself was written in patch 4.18.

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Why Renekton Jungle?

"wtf report Rene"

As people are terrified of non-flavour of the week champions in ranked, you're likely to get a lot of that right from the get-go in champion select.

Those games were all in season 4, here is a game I've just played (1/10/2015 patch 5.19) to show you it still works just as well, if not better and how the build looks. You'll also see I have a new name!

And finally, season 6! This is a game I just played on 11/05/2016, patch 6.9. With the new jungle item, this REALLY works. God bless rito, now take ur dynamic queue and **** off :) Btw, I have another new name! :D

Towards the end of season 4, Renekton has been seeing less and less play in his normal stomping group of top lane. This is due to the teleport buffs a few patches back, meaning that any champion that works well with (I/e Irelia, Maokai and Rumble) are suddenly much more relevant than Renekton, who has to take ignite to be any use as a lane bully. Teleport Renekton doesn't make sense because not only does he lose a big chunk of his lane domination pressure, but also has trouble making use of the spell in the mid game.

HOWEVER, taking Renekton away from the island of top lane and into the jungle lets him unlock the full potential of his kit, unbound by the limits of a tank build. This is heavly amplified by the natural synergy between Ruthless Predator and Feral Flare applying absolutely crazy damage to champions and jungle camps. The jungle also allows him to freely stack his passive Reign of Anger off the attack speed included in the build, which together with Cull the Meek give him excellent jungle sustain.

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Pros / Cons

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+ High sustain
+ Good clear speed post level 4
+ Excellent ganking kit
+ Natural tankiness built into kit
+ High damage stun
+ Naturally works well with
+ No mana issues
+ Double gap closer
+ High damage scales much harder than tank
+ Snowballs HARD
+ Damage output will be heavily underestimated by enemies
Renekton's passive Reign of Anger combined with his Q Cull the Meek give him excellent sustain in the jungle when used correctly. Cull the Meek and Slice and Dice provide high AOE damage when clearing the jungle, with the high single target burst of Ruthless Predator to finish off larger creeps. His Slice and Dice give him an excellent gap closer when ganking and his ult Dominus gives him a burst of extra health and a useful burst of constant AOE of magic damage.


+ Takes a fair amount of damage when clearing level 1 without a leash
+ Can struggle to gank anyone with a strong gap closer without
+ Long cooldown on gap closer early game
+ Reliant on landing first cast of when ganking a full health target
+ Obviously much more squishy than tank build
+ Strong possibility team mates will flame you for picking him (before you pick them up and carry their pus*yboy a$$es)
Renekton jungle's greatest strength, ganking, is also his greatest weakness. Ganking lanes must be done a very specific way to work correctly, and ganking an enemy with a fast gap closer like LeBlanc can be very difficult without Flash. Although his clear speed picks up pretty fast after level 2, his level one clear is very slow without help. Like I mentioned earlier, people are terrified of anything that isn't flavour of the month in ranked so be prepared for some champ select s.

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Ability explanations

yo what does this do

Reign of Anger
Each autoattacks grants Renekton 5 fury.
Renekton doesn't have mana, and instead has fury which stacks every time he uses an autoattack. Using an ability when he has over 50 fury will grant extra power to the next ability used. We will be focusing on this especially when clearing the jungle.

Cull the Meek
Renekton sqings his blade, dealing AOE damage and healing himself for a % of the damage done.
This is Renekton's main jungle clear ability. When empowered with Reign of Anger, the heal bonus is very substantial and provides him with excellent jungle sustain.

Ruthless Predator
Empowered the next auto, causing it to strike twice, stunning the enemy.
Renekton's only CC, but scales well with AD, dealing a huge amount of damage when combined with

Slice and Dice
Dashes forward dealing AOE damage. Renekton can dash again if his first dash deals damage to a unit.
This is his main gap closer. Learning to use this ability is key for mastering Renekton Jungle

Grants Renekton a health boost and AOE magic damage per second for a short time. This will be used in skirmishes and teamfights, the boost in health giving him the extra tank stats needed to stay alive when focused.

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Skill Sequence


> > >
Dominus is obviously maxed first. You should be maxing Cull the Meek second for the AOE clear damage, as well as the built in sustain. Slice and Dice is ALWAYS maxed next as the cool down on the gap closer is very important, leaving Ruthless Predator to be maxed last.

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Clearing the jungle

gotta go fast

As with most junglers, Renekton's clear can be improved drastically by ability timing, auto attack timing and Fury management. These can all be boiled down to some very simple tips.

Every time you use an ability, you should be clipping the animation of an auto attack, slightly increasing your DPS. To put this more simply, I'll give you a step by step guide to clearing a jungle camp when you're level 1, 2, then 3. It should be noted that you should always be starting at the camp closest to your bot lane, so you get the largest amount of help.

Level 1 = Red buff / Blue Buff

As the buff spawns, start with a single auto attack. Exactly as the auto attack lands, use . If timed correctly, the auto attack will land but the remainder of the auto attack animation will be cancelled by . Use a health pot after your third auto attack to keep your health high throughout the clear. Continue auto attacking until comes off cooldown, then repeat until the buff is low enough to be smited. Once you have killed the Golom, level and apply the same technique as mentioned before to finish clearing the camp, casting an auto attack then instantly afterwards using to cancel the auto attack animation.

Level 2 = Red buff / Blue buff / Wraiths

After your first buff, head straight to the wraith camp. We clear the wraiths instead of wolfs because they allow Renekton to apply the AOE of to more targets, increasing the health gain, damage done and subsequently clear speed, meaning you take less damage from the camp. Use the same technique as mentioned before, cancelling each auto attack with an ability and casting an auto attack between each subsequent ability used. However now we have two abilities unlocked we have to be careful which one to empower with the 50 fury from Reign of Anger. Before level 5, we should always be using the empowered ability on Cull the Meek as this gives us a large increase in health restored.

Level 3

After clearing both buffs, continue to use the auto cancel technique I mentioned, making sure to use the fury empowered ability on Cull the Meek until level 5. By now you should have picked up Madred's Razors giving you item sustain. From this point onwards it will be more efficient to use your rage on empowering Ruthless Predator as the damage increase will not only clear faster, but will also proc 's passive, giving you a boost in health.

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Ganking with Renekton is mega strong when done correctly. Like all junglers you have to consider all the outcomes of the gank before engaging, taking into account the enemy's summoner spells (is the enemy's or up?), abilities [is Ezreal's up?) and enemy jungler's location (is Amumu near by for a countergank?).

On top of all this, you have to consider the best way to approach the enemy laner, taking into account Renekton's kit.

Below are three examples of enemy locations, and the possible correct route to take when gaking which I will discuss in further detail below.

Example 1

Here the enemy laner is pushed up close to our tower. First you should walk to the centre of lane, blocking the retreat to their tower and forcing them to either turn and fight, try to walk past you or run into river. Once you have reached the minion wave, this may be a good time you use your first charge of Slice and Dice through the minions in order to catch up with the enemy. If you are faster than the enemy, or they were slow to notice your gank you may be able to walk up to the enemy and stun them straight away with . In either example it is important to SAVE either your first or second charge of for AFTER the enemy uses their or gap closer.

Example 2

Similar to the first example, however this time the enemy is in the middle of the lane. Be sure to quickly block off their escape to tower, using the first charge of as soon as in range of either minions or the enemy, so you can get your stun off allowing you and your laner to output your damage. It may be necessary here to combo + as quickly as possible to get in range for . Be sure to use FIRST or you won't get your second charge of .

Example 3

Now the laner is close to their tower. Here it will probably be necessary to either have your laner engage first baiting the enemy into what they believe is a 1v1 fight, or if the enemy is already quite low, approach as shown in the image and use the + combo as mentioned earlier to get into range for . This will be difficult to pull off if you don't have at least one damage item or the enemy isn't already low enough for you and your laner to kill them quickly

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Standard damage combo

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Although your damage early game is very strong, it's worth noting that the way you approach 1v1s will change as your begin to get items. Lets look in more detail at some examples from a game I played recently.

Example 1

As I come into gank Pantheon is full health, and Rengar is already pretty low, meaning that he's going to be able to add very little to the gank. I also need to be aware of my health as I only have just above half.

First I will Slice and Dice into Pantheon, making sure I connect with the first dash, which will let me use dash again in case he flashes. Now I am in melee range I instantly stun him and I use my full combo, being sure to weave auto attacks in-between all my abilities like I mentioned in the Clearing the Jungle paragraph. I stun instantly because I don't want him to flash before I get the damage down, forcing me to use my second E and possibly getting away. The combo here can be written down like this:

E - W - AA - Q - AA

Now Pantheon has lost over two thirds of his health he has a choice. He can either Flash away towards tri-bush, try to 1v1 me in my creep wave or try to Flash past me, although has he is already low there isn't really a way for him to escape. I still have my second charge of Slice and Dice available and Red buff slow.

I use my final charge of Slice and Dice and apply another auto attack onto him, again slowing him with Red Buff and securing the kill.

This is a pretty simple example of how to use your kit effectively to secure kills. It's also worth noting that without the auto attacks that I weaved between each ability I wouldn't have done anywhere near as much damage, especially as each one applied the Red Buff slow and damage.

Lets look at a more standard 1v1.

Example 2

My team has just won a small skirmish and is cleaning up the last kill behind me. Jayce is coming in to try and pick someone low off with his range. I see him coming as he walks over a ward and I'm going to engage in an attempt to stop him. It's worth noting at this point that the only damage I have is coming from a Wriggle's Lantern and a Long Sword, because I rushed Ninja Tabi against their team ( Pantheon, Master Yi, Jayce and Lucian)

As before I start with Slice and Dice to come into melee range of Jayce. I then output my full damage as shown below:

E - AA - W - AA - Q - AA

This time because I was already comfortably in melee range when I cast my initial Slice and Dice I had time to weave in an auto attack before Ruthless Predator.

Jayce then uses to the skies and Thundering Blow to knock me away, however I still have my second charge of Slice and Dice which I use to get back into melee range. From here I simply walk with him waiting for Ruthless Predator and Cull the Meek to come off cooldown to finish him off.

Now lets look at what Renekton is capable of with Feral Flare and Blade of the Ruined King.

Example 3

Fizz is caught out of position with only Thresh with him. Jayce is already engaging on him and Master Yi has activated his ult to get to him.

I need to stop Master Yi fast before he kills Fizz and we lose the fight. I use the Flash + Slice and Dice combo I mentioned earlier to quickly catch up to yi, using both charges of Slice and Dice to make sure I am in range for Ruthless Predator

My Feral Flare on hit passive is applied to Ruthless Predator, chunking Master Yi down to 80 health instantly. I use Cull the Meek to finish him off and to heal the damage that Pantheon inflicted on me while I was killing Master Yi.

Then turn my attention to Pantheon using my attack speed and Red Buff, killing him with only 4 auto attacks.

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Don't be a pus*y, don't be scared to 1v1 someone (especially once you've got your + , gank lanes, counter jungle with your mobility and ward, STACK YOUR .