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Amumu Build Guide by Massive Nuts

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Massive Nuts

[7.8] Amumu, the crying mummy

Massive Nuts Last updated on January 5, 2018
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Cry to make them cry

Amumu Build

LoL Path: Resolve
LoL Rune: Aftershock
LoL Rune: Unflinching
LoL Rune: Conditioning
LoL Rune: Overgrowth

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Triumph
LoL Rune: Legend: Tenacity
Legend: Tenacity

+15-135 Health (at levels 1-18) and +9% attack speed

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Threats to Amumu with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ashe All adc's are quite easy to kill if alone. Don't run away tho.
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Introduction to crying

Hi! You might know Amumu is really strong and has a lot of gaming-mates even though he always repeats he has no friends. Here is a guide in which you can appreciate one of the hardest champ to counter in the jungle: AMUMU
With this build/guide, Amumu deals really a lot of damage, and is also tanky at the same time. That way, he can 1v1 any other ennemy aswell as be savage in teamfights. This is the perfect jungler every team wants. He can engage every teamfight with Bandage Toss, one-shot botlane and midlane, and go back with his team, still half-life. But despite that, he continues crying...raah Amumu. Btw, this is not a troll build. It actually works better than a tanky amumu in S7. (compared to what an other guide's creator said.)

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Runes -explanation

These runes are made to give you tankiness aswell as damage. If you don't feel tanky enough with this, feel free to take more armor or scaling magic resist. If you feel you don't have enough ability power, go play Nidalee or Veigar jungle, or play with more AP but in non-ranked games. Don't pollute our games please.

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Masteries -explanation

You can also take Savagery instead of Wanderer to be quicker in the early-game-jungle-farming but in late-game, you will need the extra 3% Movement Speed.

On a second hand, I prefer Thunderlord's Decree to Courage of the Colossus for four reasons:
I've also seen Stormraider's Surge played as Amumu. It can be useful for teamfights as the cooldown is very low and the extra-mobility is incredible. But isn't a champ who needs to be fast because he is tanky and do zone-dammage. Stop wanting to escape: Trust yourself. If one champ is escaping, just Stalker's Blade him to slow him and run to cry next to him.

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  • Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk: Stalker's Blade will slow down the ennemy you're aiming, deal damage and allow you to catch him if he is escaping. I think it's the best jungler item for Amumu. I prefer cinderhulk (tanky smite) to runic echoes (ap smite) because it gives a lot more tankiness, and its passive deals zone-damage, which added to Despair deals a lot more damage than having extra-ap.
  • Rod of Ages: This is the most necessary item of the build, and it needs stacking so build it first. It gives exactly what Amumu needs at a low price: 100AP, 500HP and 400Mana (after 10 minutes) for 2700 gold, the amount of money you should accumulate after 15-20 minutes.
  • Liandry's Torment: This item will give you HP, AP and extra-burning dammage. I usually build it after Rod of Ages but if you feel really confident, build Abyssal Mask and if you are having a quite-bad mid-game, prefer the tankiness of a good old Randuin's Omen as it is cheap and will make you die less.
  • Abyssal Mask: You probably guessed, but Amumu only deals dammage in a small zone arround him so the passive of Abyssal Mask is exactly what he needs and will give also magic penetration, to be able to deal dammage to the tanks.
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter: This item is for the late-game teamfights and will provide global slow on any champ near you, making his escape impossible. For those who didn't know, Despair applies Rylai's Crystal Scepter's passive. It will also help your teammates catch them faster, and gives you AP and HP, which is the key of this build.
  • Boots of Speed: Which should you choose? Ninja Tabi is usually what I take because it is op in this meta (7.7) because of the tankiness it gives, making it nearly impossible for the adc or toplaner (usually ad) to kill you. If the team has a lot of cc and ap-dammage, prefer the Mercury's Treads, you can judge by yourself. If the ennemy team hasn't got much dammage (3 tanks or more) or your team has too much tankiness and you need dammage and mobility, take , so that the ennemies'slows don't slow you down as much.

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Abilities and skill-sequence

  • The passive Cursed touch increases your damage by nearly 20% for 2 seconds to the ennemy you're focusing. So, it is really important to hit your opponent while you stand next to him, as right-clicking him will also make you follow him easily.
  • Your bandage toss is, in early-game, about 30% of your damage and will stunn the ennemy for 1second, allowing you to E and R if necessary and the lane you're ganking to join and deal damage. You can also use it to be quicker in the jungle.(Have a look at the "jungling" section.)
  • Despair is basically the spell you must use the most. I see a lot of Amumus forgetting to put it when ganking. Don't! It's 20% of your damage over time. You have enough mana with the build to activate it everytime you fight, so don't forget.
  • Shaking your head with Tantrum will deal instantly a lot of damage arround you. (about 400AP damage level 18) Spam it in the jungle and when you fight, as you never know exactly when it'll be ready. (every autoattack you receive reduces the cooldown by 0,5seconds.)
  • Your ultimate Curse of the sad mummy is about 40% of your damage with this build. Don't hesitate to use it if you're near ennemies as the cooldown is only 110 seconds level 18, and if you grabb your opponent, they will probably flash or dash to escape. You can use it to engage a teamfight, a 1v1 or even escape.

Unless you're on cooldown, always engage a fight with your Bandage Toss. But before that, whenever you see a fight coming, press Despair: this is essential for your dammage to be fully applied to the ennemy. After grabbing the ennemy, press Curse of the Sad Mummy then Tantrum. After that, autoattack them to get Cursed Touch going until you get your Tantrum back and continue dealing dammage. To resume, we have:

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This wonderful picture captured with paint shows how you should do all your jungle in one go. (Start blue and finish with golems.) Only use your smite for wolves and red, and take the healing plants in the river while you're there. Then, just go back and start ganking the lane where ennemy team is pushing the most. You may not have your blue bluff for your first gank but you will outlevel the other team's jungler and botlanes and have red buff if you go fast enough.
Jungling in general is quite easy with Amumu: just use Bandage Toss to engage or stunn a monster, Despair nearly all the time, and Tantrum as soon as you can. In early-game, the cooldowns are so high you're even able to watch what other lanes are doing and start thinking where to gank next while doing the monsters and spamming Tantrum

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I think this guide showed you the exact way to play Amumu in 7.7 according to me. You can't carry every game obviously, but at least you will probably never loose with this. Your ultimate helps so much your team in teamfights if you place it well, you shouldn't have problems taking the lead. If you don't feel confident enough, make sure you reed all my advices. Thank you, and don't hesitate to leave a comment or top-up the guide.
Massive Nuts