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Tahm Kench Build Guide by Chief Kench


By Chief Kench | Updated on June 3, 2019
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Grasp of the Undying
Shield Bash
Bone Plating

Last Stand

+10% Attack Speed
+5 Armor
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)

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Support Role
Ranked #34 in
Support Role
Win 44%
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I) Introduction

Welcome to my guide for Tahm Kench !

First of all, let introduce myself. So, my name is Chief Kench, I'm currently Diamond on EUW. I've been praticing Tahm Kench since his creation. I'm near to reach the 1.000.000 points on him.

This guide is made for everyone who wants to learn about him. I'm not a challenger, but I believe that I can learn you something. If you notice a mistake please make sure to tell me.

Here is my opgg link :
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1.1 Tahm Kench presentation

Tahm Kench is a catfish, and not even a frog. He is a real gourmet, this fat guy eats everything he wants ! Deprived of compassion, he enjoys the enemy pain. During this guide you will discover and know the inner workings of the champion. Happy reading !
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II ) Runes

Let's talk about runes.

I'll put everyone in agreement. There is NO perfect runes path, it's all about your playstyle.

Here is my main rune page.

Grasp of the Undying To my mind it's a must to have since he gives you a good sustain and lane durability. Tahm Kench relies a lot on long trade and auto-attack. So, everytime you hit the ennemy with your auto, you do a ton of damage !

Here is the second main runes page, that I play against range champion

Glacial Augment synergize super well on Tahm Kench cause it slows the ennemy really hard and make him easy to catch an opponent. Every Auto-attack is a pain in the *** for the ennemy.

Nothing hold you to mix these runes pages. You can also play Inspiration as a primary page rune and take Resolve for the second one. I usually do that against really hard match-up

There is a lot of possibilities, it's your playstyle guys !


Legend: Alacrity if some of you like a bit more Attack Speed

Legend: Tenacity it's cool too if there is an heavy CC comp

Coup de Grace Works too, perfect with Devour


Demolish perfect for more pressure, great for splitpusher

Chrysalis for a safe early game, kinda good with the recent HP nerf !

Conditioning a tanky rune, cool too

Overgrowth still viable, not for long, it will be nerf.

Revitalize a great rune that works on your Thick Skin and [[Spiritual Visage]

Unflinching If you don't want to get kite too much


Approach Velocity is really strong on Tahm Kench excellent amount of movespeed after hitting a Tongue Lash or an Auto with Glacial Augment

Time Warp Tonic sounds amazing too, especially with biscuits and corruption pots

Magical Footwear Well, it's free gold after all

Minion Dematerializer Cool for securing minions, and push.

NB : Feel free to change your runes and switch armor runes to Magic resistance
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III) Masteries

Flash is the best sumonner spell on Tahm Kench cause it overcomes the lack of mobility. So it provides you to escape or reach a carry. I'll detail all the trick with Flash, and I'll show you to use it properly.

Ghost A good spell, and perfect against match-up that can kite you hard like Quinn Jayce. Moreover, it overcomes the lack of mobility same reason as Flash Since the recent nerf of the Teleport I prefer it Ghost

Teleport is the spell that I recommend to use too. First of all, it gives you a better lane durability, Tahm Kench is quite weak without his Thick Skin ! Also, the roaming potential is really high, which means that you can have a way more pressure with your Teleport and [[Abyssal Voyage] ]

Ignite Let's talk about it. To my mind, this spell is correct against few opponents that have a great sustain ability Fiora Tryndamere You need a great trust in yourself,and know your matchup.
However, if your early game is ****ed, (sorry) Ignite isn't going to help you much. The Teleport will be more approriate for a better lane durability
One other reason to don't use Ignite because, Tahm Kench doesn't need to be extra-fed. A Tahm Kench with a team behind is completely useless ! So you should keep your kill for your jungler and mates !

Ghost A good spell, and perfect against match-up that can kite you hard like Quinn Jayce. Moreover, it overcomes the lack of mobility same reason as Flash

Exhaust Excellent against assasin champion like Zed but most of one burst champion can be countered by your Thick Skin so I don't see the need of using Exhaust

Cleanse Some of you asking for my opinion. Well, it much more approriates on a "support" playstyle. This spell is against CC champion and allows you to disable all the CC spell on you while you're eating an ally.
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IV) Skill Sequence

In this chapter, I'll show you different ways to play Tahm Kench

The first one is the classic

Level 1
Tongue Lash is your main skill that you have to max out, it's also your main factor of damage here, and the only way that make easier to catch easier.

Level 2
Devour Getting devour at level 2 is the best way to all-in someone and hard trade. I'll recommend you take your Devour if you want to go for a early trade, try to take level 2 before your opponent.High risk, High Reward.

If you can't trade, getting Devour can be used for farming.

Level 3

Lastly, you get your Thick Skin. Great tankyness, now you can trade most of the champion ! Once you hit level 3 Tahm Kench becomes really dangerous.

The only things that change in this "path" skill build is to getting your Thick Skin at level 2.

Why would you say that ?

The main reason is to getting an extra-tankyness before the normal path. Being more tanky earlier means that your lane durability increase. So, you will not waste potions, and get a health recovery if you take a bad trade. What's more, it gives you a good security against an early gank Shaco Twitch

I usually take this one for hard poke match-up such has Teemo Heimerdinger Gnar well any poke champion. Even against Gangplank because of his Parrrley

Level 1

Take your Devour and take the 3 first melee minions. Then avoid getting to much poke. You'll only farm with your Devour until level 2 or 3

Level 2

It really depends on how you handle and the situation... If your jungler won't come now and you're getting poke over and over just take Thick Skin

On the other case, take your Tongue Lash. For your jungler or poke...

Level 3

Take the last spell that you miss.
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V) Spells

An Acquired Taste If some of you don't understand. An Acquired Taste puts a mark on the ennemy everytime you hit him with an Auto-attack, your Tongue Lash or poke him with Devour. This passive scales on HP that's why Tahm Kench should definitely be tanky as much as he can.

Tongue Lash is your main spell, it really hurts when it is maxed. On top of that it slows the ennemy and make it easier to catch him.

Devour I see that, as a finisher. It is mostly used as a finisher (when you're sure to kill someone) otherwise it is used as a "peel" "protect" spell. You're also slowed when you're using it on an ennemy

Thick Skin One of the best Tahm Kench spell, well I don't wanna argue but great tankyness, you can tank one burst ultimate such has Veigar ultimate Primordial Burst Darius Noxian Guillotine Zed Death Mark

Abyssal Voyage so it gives you a great roam capacity. Especially when you have Teleport futhermore. A great spell with many ways to use it.
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5.1 How to use properly Tahm Kench spells.

Here are the common mistakes of a Tahm Kench beginner :
_ Devour his ennemy whenever he can
_ Use his Thick Skin everytime he takes a trade
_ Devour his ally too ealier (the most important)
_ Comeback with Abyssal Voyage whenever he can

Let's talk about the first mistake. What you have to understand is when you Devour your ennemy, your 3 stacks An Acquired Taste dissapear.

There is a better way to optimize your damage.

Ideally is to apply the maximum stacks with your auto or Tongue Lash and stun your ennemy with your Tongue Lash which last 1.5 seconds (it is really long) then you can apply 1 or 2 autos and finish with Devour

Here is the combo :

AA+ Tongue Lash+ AA + wait until Tongue Lash CD recover (keep trading with your auto) + Tongue Lash + 1-2 AA + Devour -> Repeat (+ AA + Tongue Lash)

When the jungler is coming, make sure to eat him quickly so he can come !

AA+ Tongue Lash+AA+ Devour

Situational combo : (3 marks)

Flash + Devour a great combo to save your ally or surprise an ennemy. (He has no way to react with a flash) (I'll upload it correctly)

More difficult : Flash + Devour + AA + Tongue Lash + AA...

Harder ! (2 marks)

Flash + AA + Tongue Lash + 2 AA + Devour + AA + Tongue Lash

Very very situational : Finish your ennemy with a Devour poke > Devour a minion then spit on him !

Good things to know :

Devour + Tongue Lash is impossible to dodge except if he has a flash.

That's why I usually go for Devour + AA and Tongue Lash > also it gives you the Auto reset.

You can steal minions, or camp (except drakes, red, blue, baron) with Tongue Lash+[Devour]

I forgot to mention something really important

For the spit direction Devour

_Spit him at your tower if you can !
I advise you to spit him back to you. If you're near a wall, make sure to block him with your body,or minions... it will make a big difference !

_ If you're engaging a close fight, and you're near a bush, just stay in the brush and spit your ennemy outside, so he can't have the vision and auto you.
_In addition, Devour has a short range ! If you stun an ennemy located near his turret, just make few step backward and eat him. You will reduce the number of tower shots !

Second mistakes : using Thick Skin whenever he can.

When you use your Thick Skin it turns into a shield that don't last for a very long time. So when you're using it, it doesn't give you HP regeneration.
If you take short trade, just don't press Thick Skin and just let your health recover.

So, when you should use Thick Skin ?

Before dying, you should use Thick Skin in order to tank as much as you can.

Before taking a crowd control that leads to death. You have to know you can use Thick Skin when you're crowd controlled.

When I have to tank a tower shot Thick Skin

Third mistakes : eat his ally too earlier. (How to use Devour correctly.)

When you eat someone it provides him to deal damage. So, think twice before eating an ally, especially in a team fight cause you'll lose a very important damage part. First you can't use it on a ennemy and second your ally can't attack too.

It's all about decision-making and it takes time, you have to practice and analyse really quickly which situations his appropriated for a Devour using at this moment.

I recall you that Devour has a long CD if it's used on an ally so use it wisely !

So when you have to use it Devour ?

I rarely go agressively and Devour an ennemy in teamfight, well it's a possibility but not the worth. Let me explain, first you're slowed and makes you impossible to tank,to go back if it's go wrong, to peel, and hit other guys.

What's the next solution ? I use as a defensive spell.

Use Devour before or after your mate takes a CC
Use Devour when your mate is about to die, it will force your ennemy to use spell, summs and it recovers your team mates CD ! (good deal)
Use Devour in order to ran away both and use your Flash

Good things to know :
You can Devour ally through walls and spit them through too.
It cancels a tower shot if you're allied is eaten. Devour it also cancels it on a minion...
You can use Devour on a minion and spit him into the fountain, it makes easier to kill it.

Last one, how to use Abyssal Voyage

Things you have to know : Your ennemy is warned if you TP, there is a delay of 10 second if you cancel it.
You can TP with a team mate if he "clicks" on your character, Tahm Kench will open his mouth for 6 seconds. If you want to TP alone, just press "R" button and point a direction.

Reasons to use it :

(1) Come back in lane with Abyssal Voyage
(2) Roam or help counter-jungling
(3) Escape
(4) Catch someone or flank.
(5) Get an objective or contest it
(6) Splitpushing and pressure your opponent.

1. It's a possibility to come back on your lane with Abyssal Voyage
3 reasons ->

_You're going to lose a big wave

_All lane are pushed and you can't roam.

_Your opponent is destroying your turret.

Here is an example of the perfect TP

The rectangle is the best spot, it is located along the wall, so he can't escape at the bottom and top direction. You can just cut him wherever.
It is really important to not TP near him, there is a delay beetween the time you're travelling and the moment that you appear. (I don't know if it is understandable)

Roaming on bot:

Just don't use Abyssal Voyage for few minions, or if the lane is reset. Keep it safe for a potential roam.

(2) Roam

Roaming is highly recommanded for your team, it increases the potential to get a kill, a turret, and win...

Roaming conditions :

Your lane is pushed
or your opponent is dead.
Mid lane isn't pushed

You can't roam on mid lane if the opponent is fed (it's gonna get worse)

Here is the plan :

Make sure to ping "On my way" it is really important to communicate in order to get a better follow-up on this roam

If you're dominating so hard and you still have Teleport and Abyssal Voyage you can Roam on bot lane, just make sure to ult behind the ennemy and Teleport back on your lane.

(3) Escape

This situation is really rare, but you can escape with your Abyssal Voyage just get into a bush a and use it if it's too dangerous, I usually Pink Ward my bush in order to don't get interrupt by any kind of spell.

Also, you can escape with a mate just make sure he is in the range of your Abyssal Voyage

(4) Chase someone

(5) Contest it !

Well,picture speak for themselves

(6) Splitpushing

I don't wanna explain the mecanism of splitpushing but here's some benefits :
_ Take objectives
_ Pressure the ennemy and force someone to stop you

I usually splitpush when the ennemy has too much wave clear like a Xerath and AoE comp.
Splitpush when it's necessary, when you're leading !
Keep your Abyssal Voyage if your mates are fighting

You can also use Abyssal Voyage as a counter splitpush spell

Good things to know : you can cancel a turret shot with your ult.
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VI) Builds, Items opinion

I always build Tahm Kench, with full HP and full tank since he scales on HP item and his kit is appropriate on this. You can also have fun if you want to go AP or AS it works but according to me it's not the best way if you want to play him efficiently.


I always rush Bami's Cinder because it gives you a decent wave clear, that's the main Tahm Kench problem and it scales well on him !
Then I take a bit of Armor and finish the item. Sunfire Cape definitely a Core Item.

I really prefer Randuin's Omen than Dead Man's Plate because the slow and the reduction critical strikes is quite nice !

Righteous Glory really nice for catching your ennemy.

Thornmail against high sustain or high AS champions like Fiora Tryndamere Vayne Kalista


Spirit Visage Core Item, cause the passive and the stats bonus.

Adaptive Helm super item that I always build first against Teemo Singed Katarina Rumble

Abyssal Mask An expensive item, but works really well on Tahm Kench, I build it once I have a huge advantage.

Situational item

Gargoyle Stoneplate the tankiest item in the game, I build when there is a huge damage comp against me like Veigar Brand Darius

If the key win is my ADC (he is the only fed) I go utilitary :

Knight's Vow Locket of the Iron Solari are fine and make your ADC stronger.

Warmog's Armor for extra health regen, you should definetely build this for the late game.
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VII) Phase laning, how to crush your oppoenent (Zoning - Cheese - advanced trick)

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VIII) How to farm easily

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IV) Matchups (detailed) - Everything you have to know and how to HANDLE IT PERFECTLY

In this chapter I'll tell you how you to handle every Match-up... I've practised a lot and know how to cancel a lot of ennemy spells.

I'll sort in ascending order - easy to hard.

- Grasp of the Undying Devour first or Tongue Lash for cheese
_ You can go really aggressively against him, and trade him at level 1
_ If you want to play safe, take Devour and take the 3 first minions, avoid taking poke from his Q Colossal Smash
_ You can cancel his dash with Devour
_ Make sure to Devour your ally if he gets Hero's Entrance

Definitely not a big treat, you can bully him from level 1 to 18.

Grasp of the Undying - Devour level 1

_ Play safe until level 3, cause of his Counter Strike
_ Let him push and freeze the lane near your tower
_ Harass him and keep distance from his jump and Counter Strike
_ Once you reach level 3 start to harass him with auto everytime he tries to last-it, it will force him to Counter Strike and Leap Strike
_ Keep the lane frozen near your turret.
_ Once his Counter Strike is on cooldown, you have 16 seconds to trade him, if it's impossible keep the lane frozen, he will lose gold.

Grasp of the Undying and Tongue Lash

_ He has a short range so harass with Tongue Lash
_ Don't let him dash on you with Jousting he will go for a short trade, and back with Jousting you can't catch him after that.
_ I don't recommend to Devour when Skarl is low cause he will take the damage and not Kled. Pop his Skarl first assure you the kill.
_ Spit him Devour behind you so he can't escape.

Grasp of the Undying and Tongue Lash for cheese or Devour

Well, you're better than him at any point except for teamfight engaging. The main problem will be is Seismic Shard which gives him movespeed and Ground Slam which is good for engaging or run away. He can't kill you but his kit makes him hard to catch sometimes

So, you'll probably get poke on early game, I advise you to trade at level 3, and take your Thick Skin at level 2.
Make sure to outpush him (when it's neccesary) because his wave clear isn't decent and you can poke him Tongue Lash really easily when he is under tower or just roam.

Grasp of the Undying and Tongue Lash

Nothing special to say, trade him once you have all your kit Tongue Lash Devour Thick Skin

Grasp of the Undying and Tongue Lash

Poke poke poke, Nasus has to stack with Siphoning Strike everytime he goes for a last it, auto him and Tongue Lash.
Same as Tryndamere his ult Fury of the Sands can be countered if you Devour him or CC him with Tongue Lash

I usually freeze the lane near my turret in order to force him taking risk for stacking. Same as Tryndamere

Grasp of the Undying and Tongue Lash

Just smash him, you can take risk, he is pointless against you.

One more thing, you can cancel his Dredge Line so make sure to apply 3 marks and cast Devour at the perfect time

Grasp of the Undying and Devour

Devour first because of her poke Iron Ambassador, and her Hammer Shock
Don't stuck near a wall, and trade at level 3, it will be ok.

Don't forget to poke as much as you can, if she tries to get her Iron Ambassador

Finally, eat her Devour if she casts Keeper's Verdict

Grasp of the Undying and Tongue Lash

A bit tricky on level 1 cause he jumps everytime, which makes difficult to Tongue Lash or AA him. Moreover, he has an anti-CC to escape

However, there is no way that you get destroyed, once you have Thick Skin it's pretty over for him. He can't win you.

Of course you can Devour while his Jump animation. I advise you too Devour him when he tries to escape with his ult Thrill of the Hunt it reduces his effect.

Grasp of the Undying and Tongue Lash

At first, it seems like Shen can counter Tahm Kench cause he denies autos with Spirit's Refuge

In fact, Shen can be easily denied from it once you Devour and get him out of his Spirit's Refuge

You're stronger than him at any level, he has poor range, easy harass with Tongue Lash and his ult Stand United can be followed by Teleport or Abyssal Voyage

His only way to escape is Shadow Dash but can be denied too by Devour

Grasp of the Undying Devour level 1

I advise you to start with Devour cause he will zone you with his Decimating Smash
You should definitely don't trade him until level 3.
Make sure to apply 3 marks and denied his Decimating Smash with Tongue Lash or Devour

If you follow all the instructions, it should be good, Sion isn't a big treat and can't go for a true 1v1, once you have 3 stacks on him, it's over.

- Grasp of the Undying / Take Tongue Lash first.
One of the easiest match-up cause you can counter his ult.
_ Don't let him load his rage bar, everytime he tries to last-hit, auto him.
_ Harass as much as you can.
_ Freeze the lane near your turret, so he can't hit minions. If he comes, just destroy him.
_ Devour him when he uses his ult.
_ Keep 3 stacks on him and don't devour him if he doesn't dash yet cause you are at range to stun him with Tongue Lash after his dash out.
_ After that phase laning, counter his splipush with your [[Abyssal Voyage]

Grasp of the Undying and Tongue Lash

One of the easiest match-up too, your damage is truly higher than him at every point.
His Warrior Trickster is pointless, since he is marked by your passive.

Grasp of the Undying and Tongue Lash

Assassin are useless against Tahm Kench, if you get close to her, it's O.V.E.R

The only thing that she can do is await with his Twilight Shroud which makes difficult to auto her, and backdash with Shuriken Flip make sure to denied her with your stun after her dash out or cancel it with Devour

Grasp of the Undying Devour first.

Kinda annoying early game with her Tactical Sweep, but it's more interesting when you get your whole kit, she can'tt do anything after that, so play safe until 3.
Her Hookshot can be denied with your Devour same with every dash out champion, just try to stun with Tongue Lash or Devour

Grasp of the Undying Devour first.

Don't overestimate her early game poke, it could turn badly if she go for a level 2 trade. She will constantly poke you with Lunge that's why you should play safe and freeze near your turret.

But, it's an easy match-up, you have to make unpredictable your stun Tongue Lash or your Devour cause you're screwed if she Riposte perfectly.
Every Fiora that I met cast their Rispost immediately when they had 3 stacks. You just have to wait that she casts Rispost to stun or Devour her.

Last point at level 6 she has insane health steal with Grand Challenge if she pops her zone. You shouldn't eat her into the zone cause she still gets heal. If you can get her out of her zone with Devour do it. You should poke and kite out, and trade her back with Tongue Lash

Don't consider my advice above if you build Bramble Vest or Thornmail the perfect counter item.

Glacial Augment Devour first.
Gangplank strategy is to poke you in order to pop his Kleptomancy so stay safe and start with Devour
You can't really trade him until your level 3, because he has Remove Scurvy which makes impossible to catch him
So what you can do : Try to zone him, and try poke with Tongue Lash and Auto.
He will be forced to use Remove Scurvy since he is too slowed- after that, use Devour but never use it if he still has Remove Scurvy !
Make sure to go agressively if he uses Remove Scurvy it's your main problem.
Once you get close to him, it's pretty over for him.

Grasp of the Undying and Tongue Lash

You can cheese him at level 1. If you want to play safe just start with Devour, because of her poke Tentacle Smash, you just have to bait her Test of Spirit or dodge it...
It's kinda easy to kill her if you have your whole kit.

However, don't ever gank her if she has her level 6, and don't trade her if you're not fed. I advise you to kite out same as Fiora match-up and step back.
If your foolish jungler ganks you, save your Devour for your ally, cause it usually turns badly.
Forget to Devour her, it makes it worse to reset her CD... unless you're sure to kill her with Devour and Tongue Lash combo.

Grasp of the Undying Devour

Start safely cause she will probably **** you with a level 2 trade. So start with Devour and try to freeze the lane near your turret.

Once you get your level 2 or 3. It will be much more easier for you.

What you can do is to harass her everytime she Bladesurge it is really predicatable. Everytime that a minion is low just stay near it and bully her. You're the DANGER, cause you can throw her Devour under tower

Well, don't forget that you're one of the strongest champion when you get all your kit. Just play it safe until 3, freeze the lane and zone.

Grasp of the Undying and Tongue Lash

Equal poke on level 1, after that, you beat him over and over so trade him whenever you can maybe not when he reaches level 6 because of Sadism he is too tanky to be killable.

Grasp of the Undying and Devour

She pushes faster than you, a level 2 trade can screw your lane and force you to back.
Take the three first minions, and start freezing.
Your main problem is to catch her, because she has high mobility. Broken Wings Valor
Do not let her free trade with Broken Wings Ki Burst and back with Valor In fact you need a clear area without any minions to land a Tongue Lash just make a few steps back and force her to take risk if there's minions.
Remember, you're stronger than her after level 3.

One more thing, you should care about her all-in at level 6 especially if you're low and get cc-ed you can't cast Thick Skin

Trick : you can cancel her jump Broken Wings if you Devour
You should cast Thick Skin in order to counter her one burst ult Blade of the Exile

Grasp of the Undying and Tongue Lash or Devour

You can cheese him level one if you take Tongue Lash but taking Devour is safer.
Well, you might not win this if you don't have Thick Skin and you have to pay attention to his ultimate that counter your grey shield. However, don't fight Urgot when you're low after level 6.
Well, don't be scared too, you can beat him hard if you get your 3 first skill competence.

Ofc you can cancel his dash out with Devour

Glacial Augment Devour level 1

You can easily cheese him on level 1. Like most of the champion, sorry if I'm repeating.
I don't have much too say on this match-up. His only escape spell is Sanguine Pool your plan is to waste and force him to use Sanguine Pool, he will lose HP and burn is only way to escape from you. His poke can seem a little bit tricky on early game if you don't have Thick Skin but overall, he is an easy match-up.

Grasp of the Undying Devour first.

Alright, so this dude Yasuo is extremely annoying from his dashes, he can give headaches.
Joke aside, his poke Steel Tempest can **** you up. So wait until level 3, at this point, just try to poke as much as you can and get close to him.

If you can't his Last Breath just make sure to Thick Skin before.
By the way, you cancel his tornado and the Last Breath if you Devour, Yasuo will be in your belly while the bumping time.

Grasp of the Undying and Tongue Lash

In fact, you just need to don't fight in his zone. Trundle is terrible against Tahm Kench

Grasp of the Undying+ Approach Velocity Devour first.

Insane shove potential, so start safely with Devour, just try to get close as much as you can if you want to trade, and avoid getting poke by him.

Grasp of the Undying and Tongue Lash

He is horrible to kill because of his passive, and he can be dangerous Decisive Strike + Demacian Justice which make you impossible to cast Thick Skin so you must pay attention to your HP.

Good tip : you can cancel his Demacian Justice if you cast perfectly your Devour on a ally.

Glacial Augment Start Devour for less poking

So early game you will suffer from his hard poke, so stay safe first and farm peacefully with your abilities. When you have your entire kit at level 3, you can start trading.
Make sure to hit your Q first and run into him, please don't place yourself behind him because of his jump.
If you're good enough, you can cancel his jump (you need to cast it perfectly)

Note that Mega Gnar is less dangerous than the little one due to his weak mobiliy. So don't be scared to trade when he is big.

Grasp of the Undying and Tongue Lash or Devour for safe play

It's a snowball Match-UP, I advise you to play safe cause he can really be annoying when fed. So a typical Renekton players will make short trade and dash out like a *****.
First advice, be aware of his positionning and don't get hit by his first dash. (So he won't dash out)
Second advice, poke - poke - poke when he tries to last hit or charge his rage bar.
Third advice : Temporize his ult ! Avoid eating him when he has his ult you're just recharging his kit and rage bar... just try to stunt him with Tongue Lash and keep distance !

Grasp of the Undying and Tongue Lash

Mordekaiser can hold you since his health regeneration potential. So first don't slow push a wave cause he is going to reload his life bar.
Don't stay near minion
Try to poke and go for all-in at level 2 or 3.

Adaptive Helm is a great counter item !

Grasp of the Undying and Devour first.

Why I hate him ? Cause you can land any combos against him. Just a ****ty match-up early game is poke poke poke and try to survive.
I like freezing the lane and force him to push agressively and waste his mana. This is the only way to force a trade and kill him.

Grasp of the Undying a Devour for safe

This champion has a better early game on level 1 to 3, for real don't trade him. He is one of the strongest level 1 champion... Once you're 3, you can crush him. Listen it's simple, it's a snowball match-up avoid getting killed by him on early, cause he is really strong after. Moreover his ult can counter your Devour so eat him early if he doesn't cast it( so he can take damage) don't do Devour when he is on ult of course, it's uneffective.

Grasp of the Undying and Devour first.

This guy is just annoying on level 1, since he can shove the wave early on. Just try to take too much damage from his poke.

You can smash him when you're level 2 or 3.

Adaptive Helm best counter item.

Glacial Augment Devour level 1

Better pushing, faster than you. Kinda annoying.

First hide in the T2 bush and stay here, just in case if he tries to proxy, you can counter his **** and get a free-kill.
If he doesn't proxy early game, just freeze the lane near your turret and force him to waste his poison. Poke him with Tongue Lash if he walks near your minion, and depush with Devour
You can trade him when he is Out of mana or when you have hit your Tongue Lash

Little tip : Eat him wth Devour as soon as possible cause he going to fling you. If you follow my advice the fling is going to cast with Singed in your belly and makes his fling ridiculous.

Adaptive Helm best counter item.

Glacial Augment and Devour level 1

This champion can blind you and make impossible to combo. But once you get closed to him it's pretty over for him. So don't try to Auto Attack when you're blind, just keep walking to him or forward him, Tongue Lash if you can of course.
You can trade at level 3 and take the less damage as you can early game from his poke.

At level 6 : Buy a pink ward (control ward) that cost 75 gold. Freeze the lane near your turret and place a ward on the lane in order to spot his mushrooms and avoid putting it. Most of Teemo will try to destroy it. So, you need to zone him and place yourself so that you can poke with your [[Tongue Lash].

Counter items : Oracle Lens Control Ward Adaptive Helm

Grasp of the Undying and Tongue Lash

This one can be really tricky because of his 6 and his Dark Procession avoid you to catch him.

I advise you to go really agressive until his level 6. He his lie Nasus match-up avoid him to last it any CS when you can !

Here's some tricks : try to bait his Dark Procession or dodge it.
Use Devour when he pops his Dark Procession hold him and destroy the cage.
You can counter his Maiden with Tongue Lash+ Devour combo, just spit it into your tower.

Glacial Augment Devour level 1

High poke potential, don't approach him until level 3 or a gank. Try to CS the better as you can. Once you hit Tongue Lash try for a trade. He will automatically disengage with Thundering Blow at some point you will just sustain his poke when you have enough items like Ninja Tabi.

The fact that you can hold his poke will make him out of mana really quickly since you have a tons of pots and your Thick Skin to survive.

Tips: Devour can be casted while Thundering Blow as a result you pull him out

Glacial Augment Devour level 1

You can't just approach him, high poke, high push. Just be safe and try to bait his big turret. Wait for a gank...
Only trade when you bait CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade or UPGRADE!!!

Counter items : Adaptative Helm

Glacial Augment Devour level 1

Grasp of the Undying and Tongue Lash

Glacial Augment Devour level 1

Glacial Augment Devour level 1
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V) How to play against Tahm Kench

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