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Teamfight Tactics Guide by LastLee

[9.15]Analyse TFT all the way Guide LastLee

By LastLee | Updated on August 7, 2019

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Teamfight Tactics Guide

[9.15]Analyse TFT all the way Guide LastLee

By LastLee
Hello Hey everyone I am LastLee ,and i am playing league of legend since the first season and now that i have more free time i would love to make more guides. Playing always ranked games and streaming .
I hope you will enjoy my guides and that they will be helpful for you .
My English are not perfect but i will do my best so you will understand my way of thinking about Teamfight Tactics.
This is my first guide in mobafire i wish you guys love it and will help you to play Teamfight Tactics in an other style .
Greeting LastLee
First Stage Item Back to Top
Let's Start from the begining of the game .

I believe that one of the best items to begin is
Recurve Bow - Tear of the Goddess - Needlessly Large Rod - Spatula Chain Vest

It depends on what strategy you wanna get in on the game ,but items like Needlessly Large Rod and Chain Vest ,would secure you an easy items set up if things goes wrong .
Items Best Sorceror Back to Top
In this chapter i wanna analyse the best items preparation for your team .

Lets talk about Sorcerer amazing class if you are busy with a team that will smash the opponent in the end of the game . Fast damage and also sometimes changing the whole game because you can do deal tones of damage in your opponents and vanish the enemy .

Needlessly Large Rod + Needlessly Large Rod = Rabadon's DeathcapWearer's Spell Power stat is amplified by 50.0% ,You can also try this kind of items to champions like Atroxx ,insane damage in every skill that he casts.

Needlessly Large Rod+ Tear of the Goddess= Luden's EchoSpells deal 200.0 splash damage on hit.Grate items on Abivia you can do some extra damage every time you cast a spell .

Needlessly Large Rod+ Giant's Belt= MorellonomiconSpells deal burn damage equal to 15.0% of the enemy's maximum health over 5.0s and prevent healing.At this point of the game on of my favorite items on champions Like kennen or Brand .
Items Best Range Back to Top
In this chapter i wanna analyse the best items preparation for your team .

Lets talk about Range champions that will secure you the damage that you need to kill your opponents as fast as possible and also carry some times the game . One of my favorite choises when it goes to late game team is Draven.

B.F. Sword+ B.F. Sword= Infinity EdgeCritical Strikes deal +100.0% damage.Grate way to deal tones of damage in every hit also an amazing combination with assassins but we will talk about this on an other chapter .

B.F. Sword+ Negatron Cloak= BloodthirsterAttacks heal for 50.0% of damage.IF you have enought damage that will secure you to stay longer alive on a fight .

Recurve Bow+ Recurve Bow= Rapid FirecannonWearer's attacks cannot be dodged. Attack Range is doubled.Great item to deal damage from far away .
Items Best Tank Back to Top
In this chapter i wanna analyse the best items preparation for your team .

Lets talk about Tanks Knights Gurdian's,thats the class that will make you stay longer in fights ,protect your other champions ,it works like chest you always need Tanks to win a fight so do you also on TFT.

Giant's Belt+ Giant's Belt= Warmog's ArmorWearer regenerates 6.0% max Health per second. Great item like in League of Legends it gives you health and mana regenerate,perfect choice for brawler's .

Chain Vest+ Chain Vest= Thormail Reflect 100.0% of damage mitigated from attacks.One of my favorite choice .

Negatron Cloak+ Negatron Cloak= Dragon's Claw Gain 83.0% resistance to magic damage. Perfect against Sorcerors or other champions that they do alot of damage from their spell .

Needlessly Large Rod+ Chain Vest= Locket of the Iron SolariAt the start of combat, allies within 2.0 hexes in the same row gain a shield that blocks 300.0 damage.

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[9.15]Analyse TFT all the way Guide LastLee
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