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Thresh Build Guide by TwentyTwenty

Support [9.17] The Ultimate [Indepth] Guide To Thresh [Support]

By TwentyTwenty | Updated on September 1, 2019

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  • LoL Champion: Thresh
    Tank Thresh [Support] [9.17]
  • LoL Champion: Thresh
    Supportstyle Thresh [Support] [9.17]



Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18)
+6 Armor
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

[9.17] The Ultimate [Indepth] Guide To Thresh [Support]

By TwentyTwenty
Table Of Contents
// Table Of Contents \\

1 Guide Details
1 About Me

2 Champion
2.1 Pros And Cons
2.2 Skin Spotlight
2.3 Abilities
2.4 Combos
2.5 Tips And Tricks

3 Pre-Game
3.1 Runes
3.2 Summoner Spells

4 In-Game
4.1 Ability Order
4.2 Items
4.3 Laning Phase
4.4 Late Game
4.5 Teamfights

5 Offmeta
5.1 Crit Thresh
5.2 Fast Boi Thresh

6 Changelog
6 Changelog
1 About Me Back to Top
// 1 About Me \\

Hi everyone, my name is LessThanThre3, I am a mastery level 7 Threshmain with more than 350k mastery points over multiple accounts. I started playing Thresh about a year ago and so I feel pretty confident that I can teach you how to main him too or just to help you understand him.
Also English isn't my first language so I apologize for any language mistakes >w<

By the way this guide isn't completely done yet there are still some aspects that are missing but if you're interested in learning Thresh check back here every now and then because I'll keep working on this guide.
2.1 Pros And Cons Back to Top
// 2.1 Pros and Cons \\


+ High CC
+ Can initiate teamfights very good
+ Can get allies out of bad situations
+ Can get very tanky through Damnation

Thresh has a ton of CC through his Death Sentence, Flay and The Box. These abilities make him very good at getting towards an enemy, getting an enemy towards him and also keeping an enemy in a certain place. He can start teamfights through his Death Sentence by hooking an enemy and immediately reactivating it then he can Flay that enemy towards his team. But he can also save his teammates by throwing a Dark Passage or Flaying enemys away. And then there's his passive which allows him to become very tanky.

- Death Sentence has long cast time
- Relies on hitting his Death Sentence
- Takes a lot of practice

The main difficulty of Thresh is the need to hit his Death Sentence to engage onto an enemy, which is especially hard due to its very long cast time. This leads to you having to predict where the enemy is going to move, if he may sidestep or even flash the hook. Another downside to Thresh is that it requires a lot of practice to master him because he's a very mechanicaly advanced champion.
2.2 Skin Spotlight Back to Top
// 2.2 Skin Spotlight \\

2.3 Abilities Back to Top
// 2.3 Abilities \\

Damntion (Passive): Thresh's passive is one of the things that can make him so tanky.
Instead of gaining armor per level Thresh can collect souls, which are dropped by dead enemies, by walking up to them or by throwing a Dark Passage onto them. Each soul permanently increases his armor and ability power by 0.75.
So you're going to wanna make sure you collect as many souls as possible. Souls only drop if Thresh is within 1900 range of the dying enemy and are only visible to enemies if they have vision of Thresh.

Death Sentence (Q): Death Sentence is the essential ability of Thresh's kit.
Thresh throws his scythe dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit and dragging them towards him for 1.5 seconds. Thresh can reactivate the ability to leap to the chained target. If Thresh hits an enemy with Death Sentence its cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds.
It is very important to hit this ability since you can engage onto the enemy after hitting it. If you reactivate Death Sentence and then Flay the enemy you can get him a relatively big distance towards your ADC or your team.

Dark Passage (W): Thresh's Dark Passage is a great ability to setup ganks or get allies out of fights when they get low.
Thresh throws out his lantern shielding the ally closest (the amount of shield scales with the amont of collected souls) to its destination. The first ally to click the lantern will be pulled to Thresh
You can also throw the lantern ontop of yourself to shield yourself. Souls that are in range of the lantern will be autmaticaly collected.

Flay (E): Flay can be used to get enemies closer towards you or away from you.
Active: Thresh sweeps his chain in a line dealing magic damage to enemies inside of that line and pushing them in the given direction. Enemies hit are slowed for 1 second.
Passive: Thresh's basic attacks deal extra magic damage for each collected soul plus 100-200% of attack damage based on the amount of time that has passed since the last auto attack.

Flay is also very good for poking during the laningphase. If you combine Thresh's range and the passive of his Flay you can get of a pretty strong baxic attack every few seconds.

The Box (R): The Box can be used very good during teamfights if the enemies are all very close together to keep them there.
Thresh creates a box around himself which deals magic damage and slows the target by 99% for 2 seconds if an enemy colides with one of the 5 walls. This will destroy the wall. Any wall that is hit after the first one will only slow for 1 second.
You can use The Box after you engaged onto an enemy with your Death Sentence or when you are in the middle of a big teamfight. This may force the enemies to Flash over the wall if they dont want get slowed which often results in them getting killed. You can also force them into a wall by Flaying them into it or by pulling them through the wall with your Death Sentence.
2.4 Combos Back to Top
// 2.4 Combos \\

Difficulty: ✦✦(beginner)
Basic Hook Combo: This Combo will just make it easier for you to hit your Death Sentences or to force the enemy's Flash.
It works the following: First you Flay the enemy to slow him this will make it way harder for him to dodge your Death Sentence and if he Flashes you come out ontop as well.
The only thing you have to be careful about with this combo is that you dont accidentaly Flay minions infront of yourself if you're trying this combo inside of a minion wave.

> > >
Difficulty: ✦✦(intermediate)
Advanced Hook Combo: With this Combo you can engage onto enemies. This combo will be most used int the laning phase.
What you're going to do is that you use your Death Sentence to hook an enemy and then immediately reactivate it next you activate The Box and if the enemies get out of it before it's done casting you can just Flay them back into the wall slowing them. if they dont get out you can still Flay them into the wall.
If you know or think that he's going to Flash you can try to predict the flash and then pull them into the wall like that

> > >
Difficulty: ✦✦✦(advanced)
"Bunny Hop": The "Bunny Hop" is one of the most advanced Threshmechanics. It is used when you want to engage onto an enemy together with your teammate, but he his far behind you.
The first thing you have to do is hitting your target with your Death Sentence. Before you reactivate it you now Flash back towards your teammate, throw a Dark Passage for him. Then you instantly reactivate your Death Sentence and your teammate has to click the lantern. like that you and you ally will be pulled to the enemy from here on you can Flay or if you want even activate The Box.
This mechanic is very difficult and if you're a beginner I would not recommend it to you. If you want to learn it thogh I would recommend you to jump into the practice tool and practice it for 5 to 10 minutes for some days to build up muscle memory. The "Bunny Hop" has to be executed very quickly since you can only reactivate your Death Sentence for 1.5 seconds after hitting it.
2.5 Tips And Tricks Back to Top
// 2.5 Tips and Tricks \\

Playing Thresh
Some general tips for playing Thresh are that you can easily kill enemies who try to towerdive you. All you have to do is hit your Death Sentence and then use The Box to keep them under the turret. if you want to you can also Ignite him.
Another strong ability is the passive of his Flay whisch allows you to get of some proper damage with basic attacks every few seconds.

Using Thresh's Damnation
Collecting the souls dropped by dying minions, enemies and also jungle monsters is a very important part of playing Thresh so don't forget to always take them if possible (remeber that you can collect souls with your Dark Passage). Red Brambleback and Blue Sentinel always give one soul each. The Drakes and Baron Nashor always drop 2 souls so make sure to stick around a bit longer when fighting these objectives.

Using Thresh's Death Sentence
You can not only use Death Sentence to engage onto enemies. When used correctly it can save your life. When running away from enemies you can throw your Death Sentence over a wall onto a minion camp then you can reactivate it and pull yourself over the wall onto the minion camp if it's only 1 enemy and he Flashes afer you can just Flash back over the wall.

Using Thresh's Dark Passage
The Dark Passage has alot more usages than you might first think. For example you can block the passage between turrets and wall. Like that enemies can't walk through the little gap.
Allies can also use Teleport on the Dark Passage. Other abilities like Katarina's Shunpo, Jax' Leap Strike or Lee Sin's Safeguard can be used on the Dark Passage as well.

Using Thresh's Flay
Flay can be used to cancel Tristana's Rocket Jump as she starts casting it you can Flay her and thus cancel the jump making it easy for you and your team to kill her. Flay can also be used to control minion waves by pushing them towards or away from your tower.

Using The Box
When using The Box you should make sure to have your Flay or your Death Sentence up so you can force the enemy into the wall to get of the slow and lake that have an easier time killing the enemy.
3.1 Runes Back to Top
// 3.1 Runes \\



Aftershock: I like to pick Aftershock on Thresh because it works really well with his cc-heavy kit. whenever you hit an enemy with your Death Sentence Aftershock will proc and thus give you extra armor and magic resist for 2.5 seconds. This is very useful if you want to reactivate Death Sentence and dive into the enemy. after a short delay you wil then deal magic damage to enemies around you (this damage scales with your maximum health).

Demolish: Demolish is very good for building up pressure in the laning phase because you will be able to get at least one plating whenever you kill your enemy-laners. You can also use Demolish for split pushing in the late-game how ever that can be dangerous if someone comes to stop you since you're still just a supporter and so you probably can't 1v1 them. Just like Aftershock, Demolish also scales with your maximum health.

Conditioning: This rune is very matchup dependant. In general Conditioning is a very good choice, it gives you +9 armor and +9 magic resist after 10 minutes and also increases your armor and magic resist by 5%. Against poke champions like Soraka or Nami I would rather take Second Wind which will give you extra health regeneration after getting hit by an ability.

Overgrowth: Taking Overgrowth as your last rune in the Resolve-tree will add to the already huge amount of tankines you already get from your Aftershock, Conditioning, Damnation and of course the items you buy. You will gain +3 maximum health for each 8 minions that die near you and at 120 minion deaths you will gain an aditional 3.5% maximum health


Biscuit delivery
Biscuit Delivery: Biscuit Delivery will prevent you from running out of mana too fast in the early laning phase. Together with your Ancient Coin it will always provide you with more mana to spam your abilities. Biscuit Delivery is also a good thing to pick against pokelanes since it will also give you some more sustain.

Cosmic insight
Cosmic Insight: Cosmic Insight and CDR in general is very important on Thresh because your Death Sentence (your main engagetool) has very high cooldowns (20/18/16/14/12) which is also why your main focus is gonna be getting as much CDR as possible.

: For reasons I've already mentioned before CDR is a must-have and no matter what matchup you always wanna take it. From here on you'll just look at the enemie's and your teamcomp if they have a lot of magic damage take magic resist, if they have a lot of attack damage take armor, if your team doesn't have a tank take health,... you get the point.
3.2 Summoner Spells Back to Top
// 3.2 Summoner Spells \\

As the first Summoner Spell I would definitely take Flash because Thresh does not have a built-in escape except Death Sentence but since you need a minioncamp to get away using Death Sentence, which often isnt there in the right situation, Flash is the safer way to go. You can also use Flash agressively as a gap closer to get close enought to your enemy that you can throw a Death Sentence at him or Flay him however you should only do that when you're sure thatit is safe to go in since you won't have an escape without your Flash. Taking Hextech Flashtraption can also make for some good plays.

Ignite is a good way to make sure an enemy dies. For example if you fight them near their turret you can hook them, Ignite, fire some spells at them together with your adc and even if they Flash out of your range they will still get some true damage and hopefully die. Its also a great counter against champions like Yuumi or Soraka that will just heal their adc when ever you attack him because of the Grievous Wounds that will reduce all healing effects by 40%.

You can also take Exhaust instead of Ignite. You can use Exhaust offensively by Exhausting an enemy to hot your Death Sentence more easy or if they want to get away you can Exhaust them and then also use The Box for a massive slow, or you can of course also use it defensively by Exhausting an enemy that is attacking you since Exhaust will also reduce their damage dealt by 40%.
4.1 Ability Order Back to Top
// 4.1 Ability Order \\

> > >


For the ability order you're going to put a point into The Box whenever possible (6/11/16). The first ability you should max is Death Sentence (1/4/5/7/9) because that will reduce it's cooldowns from 20 seconds to 12 seconds and combined with all of the CDR you have, you'll have your Death Sentence up much more often. Second you're going to max your Flay (2/8/10/12/13). When you have your Flay maxed you're going to have a ton of cc which is very useful in teamfights because you can get the backline of the enemy in a position where your team can easily kill them and also keep them there with, for example, your Flay. Last you're going to max your Dark Passage (3/14/15/17/18). The reason for that being that you're going to use Dark Passage way less frequently than your other two abilties and so the priority of maxing it is lower.

For the ability that you're leveling first I would recommend Death Sentence because of a leashing technique with Thresh that I'm going to talk about in "4.3 Laning Phase" and also because you can play very agressive with it and maybe get first blood. However if you're playing against something like a Leona, Draven and you know that they are going to reach level 2 before you, it can be better to level Flay first. That way you can cancel Leona's Zenith Blade (E) so she can't dash onto you or your adc and hit her Shield of Daybreak (Q) since that might result in a first blood against you or at least burn a Flash.
4.2 Items Back to Top
// 4.2 Items \\

Ancient Coin
In my opinion Ancient Coin is the best option as your support item. It always gives you a good supply of mana so that you're rarely going to run out of mana, especially if you take Biscuit Delivery as well.
On your first backs it should then be your main focus to upgrade Ancient Coin into Nomad's Medallion so that you can have it transformed around the 8th to 12th minute of the game. As soon as that's done what I like to do is buy an Oracle Lens since you dont need your warding totem anymore. The Remnant of the Ascended is the first item you should build since you will then be able to place 4 wards before having to go back to base.

Control Wards
Control Wards are a very important item and you should try to buy them at almost every backport. For example when your team starts the dragon you just put down a Control Ward to deny the enemy vision of that area or if the enemy has a Evelynn or Twitch as the jungler you can put a Control Ward in the river so that you still see them comming. So make sure you always have a Control Ward somewhere on the map and always have a spare one with you in case it gets destroyed.

// Tank Build \\
Boots Of Mobility
After buying Boots of Speed on one of your first backs you should get your Boots of Mobility shortly before or right after completing Remnant of the Ascended since having them will make hitting your Death Sentence a lot easier. The out of combat movement speed bonus you get allows you to position for your hooks a lot faster.

Knight's Vow
This item is extremely good for multiple reasons the first one being that you get more armor which you already have a ton of so you're going to becaome even more of a giant shield for your adc. In case your adc still gets hit by some abilities Knight's Vow's passive will redirect 12% of the damage your adc would take to you as true damage but you will also heal for 12% of the damage your adc does. Another big advantage of Knight's Vow is the 10% CDR it gives which, how I already mentioned, is very important for Thresh.

Righteous Glory
Righteous Glory is very useful against enemies that have a lot of movement speed on activation it grants +75% movement speed and after 3 seconds or when near an enemy it will emit a shockwave slowing nearby enemies by 75% for 2 seconds. This is great to surprise enemies by storming at them from the fog of war and then landing an easy Death Sentence on them or force an easily predictable Flash. And Righteous Glory of course gives you some more bonus armor and another 10% CDR

Randuin's Omen
Randuin's Omen is practical because of very similar reasons to Righteous Glory. It also has an active that slows enemies however the slow is a bit weaker and it doesnt have the movement speed bonus that Righteous Glory gives. In return it gives a lot more bonus armor and it's passive reduces the critical strike damage you take by 20%. Randuin's Omen does not give any CDR.

So now that you're extremely tanky you can build thronmail. It reflects damage equal to 25 + 10% of your bonus armor, which you are going to have a ton of. Thornmail will then also apply grievous wounds to them, this is extremely strong if they try to lifesteal off of you. In addition whenever someone hits you with a basic attack they will be slowed by 15%.

Warmog's Armor
This item is the final stage of your already insanely tanky build. Warmog's Armor gives you another 800 bonus health and it's passive will regenerate 5% of your maximum health per second when out of combat for 6 seconds. It also gives +10% CDR.

// Supportstyle Build \\
--- in progress ---
6 Changelog Back to Top
// 6 Changelog \\

- (31.08.2019):
- Guide adjustment for 9.17
- Introduced changelog
- Changed "Introduction" to "About Me"
- Added "Runes" chapter
- Added "Summoner Spells" chapter
- Added "Ability Order" chapter

- (01.09.2019):
- Added "Items" chapter
- Added Thresh Supportstyle build
League of Legends Build Guide Author TwentyTwenty
TwentyTwenty Thresh Guide

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[9.17] The Ultimate [Indepth] Guide To Thresh [Support]
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