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Zyra Build Guide by Melyn


[9.18] Melyn's Grandmaster Zyra Guide (Support and Mid) for

By Melyn | Updated on September 13, 2019
241 Votes
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JeffStrife (10) | August 25, 2019 11:08am
Came back to League after a very long break and tried out Zyra again.
Tried this guide out and it was very comprehensive and, overall, of good quality.
Though I would still recommend going double adaptive force instead of taking cdr. :)
Well done!
Melyn | August 29, 2019 11:42am
I feel like 10% CDR at 18 is more useful than adaptive force, but it's a pretty small difference and, especially with the 9.17 Zyra ult buffs, I agree you can get away with not building much CDR on Zyra. Glad to hear you appreciated the guide and thanks for sharing your thoughts!
SoupaTowTow (1) | August 21, 2019 7:13am
Awesome guide. I play Zyra everyday and I definitely agree with all of this.
Just one thing. Until now, I always play the rune "Ultimate hunter". As you say, Zyra is a secondary carry. This rune allows you to use the ultimare way more frequently and give a nice boost to damage.
So I was wondering why you don't mention this rune in your guide. Is it that bad ?
Melyn | August 21, 2019 1:13pm
Hey there. I don't recommend it as a rune because I find the other two better, but it's certainly not a bad rune. A lot of Zyra boils down to personal preference, so if you find yourself loving the reduced ult CD (which is certainly very nice) then I say go for it.
AbsintheSueffler (1) | March 5, 2019 11:45am
If anyone reads this, Bizzleberry's and Melyn's guids are the best. Forget the rest, it's just a waste of time. Watch the videos and compare them to would-be Zyra players.
The guids are not the same, but there are also two different players.
Melyn is more of a Zyra main. I have been following him for years.
From Bizzleberry you can learn a lot about support in general.
zutani (1) | January 4, 2019 11:59am
Hi Melyn! Reinaldo (the guy who commented on youtube video yesterday) I see you updated the guide! Thanks a lot for this, its helping me a lot!
Nice new rune page vs assassins!

Just one question: Is it really better to get Magical Footwear on runes? On my elo (silver) its really common for me to get sorcerer's shoes around 5-8 min game (people are too greedy/disrespectful/dumb). I can see the advantages, really, since boots = 300g = 1 kill. At the same time, i'm not sure, but scorch/absolute focus means better poke potential on first 6-7 min game.

Thanks again for your help! I Really appreciate your content!
Melyn | January 4, 2019 8:16pm
Honestly, I bounce back and forth between secondary runes so frequently. Scorch + Absolute focus is also really good (and I've been running it into matchups where I don't expect to get poked much) so I think you're set up is solid. Thanks for the kind words and let me know if you have more questions!
DSLow | December 29, 2018 2:19pm
Great guide. Very well covered probably everything?
Especially was glad to see match-ups comments.
ThanosGod48 | December 5, 2018 2:02pm
awesome :D <3
PsykoSamurai | December 3, 2018 8:59am
Awesome guide, from beginning to end. Kudos!
Melyn | December 3, 2018 11:09am
Thank you!
Wicked Cherry (89) | December 1, 2018 10:22am
Hey Melyn,
I stumbled across your guide today and it's really amazing. It full of so many details on Zyra, that I didn't even bother thinking about what could be missing. I'm sure there's nothing, even if I tried. Well, I'm assuming that you'll probably add some synergies, so that doesn't count. :]
Anyway well done. I think this might be one of the most in depth guides I've even seen. Awesome!
Keep it up. :]

Cheers, Wicked Cherry.
Melyn | December 3, 2018 11:31am
I KNEW I was forgetting something! I had postponed the synergies until later, then completely forgot about it. Thank you for the reminder. Support synergies are up now (the strong/weak synergies that come to mind whether in the bottom lane or just on your team in general) and I'll be working on the mid lane ones later today. Appreciate the kind words as well! :)
Wicked Cherry (89) | December 4, 2018 10:12am
Haha okay, for me it looked like you were already working on it.
Since I tend to be good at forgetting things, I created a "To do list" at the very end of my guide. So next time I get the time to actually update it, I can see what I've had in mind. Maybe it helps you too. :)
Anyway, good job. <3
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Rako007 (14) | November 30, 2018 1:10pm
Hello Melyn!
i was passing by your guide it took me a long time to read everything i dont know how much it took you to make it. This is really in-depth guide i really like it the only this you should improve is using BBCodes.
Melyn | November 30, 2018 6:45pm
Hey Rako007,

Thank you for the kind words and the advice. I'm always looking for ways to improve the guide. I told myself for a while I'd try to improve the formatting but your comment really got me to work, hah. It should be a bit more readable now, although I am still not sure what else to do with the giant section on tips. Thanks again!
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