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Sejuani Build Guide by xTheUnlimited

Jungle [9.6] Sejuani Jungle - We fight while cowards talk !

Jungle [9.6] Sejuani Jungle - We fight while cowards talk !

Updated on March 21, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author xTheUnlimited Build Guide By xTheUnlimited 649 26 1,538,206 Views 21 Comments
649 26 1,538,206 Views 21 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author xTheUnlimited Sejuani Build Guide By xTheUnlimited Updated on March 21, 2019
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Font of Life

Legend: Alacrity

+10% Attack Speed
+5 Armor
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
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- Table of Contents -

I'm xTheUnlimited (EUW) and I've been playing League of Legends since 2011. I've mained Sejuani all through Season 7. I'm living in Germany, so as you read you may notice that my English isn't perfect, but I'm working on it! This guide is my collected experience as a S7 Plat 3 Sejuani main playing against high Plat / low Diamond players.

Through my time where I hard-mained Sejuani I was the 120th best Sejuani player in the world (I gotta say that this was before her rework, where actually nobody played her). To be honest with you, I loved Sejuani more before her Rework came out. Actually just her Utimate ( Glacial Prison), because of the fact that her Ultimate could change the whole fight, if you got a 4 man stun off. Well, to be real, the Rework was probably one of the best things that could happen to her. So after that rework she was broken as f***, so they nerfed her.
But even after these nerfes shes a pretty solid jungler.


+ Deadly ganks
+ Tons of CC
+ Huge late game tank
+ Decent jungle clear speed
+ Easy to pick and zone carries

Due to Sejuanis kit, she is a CC monster. A knockback on her Arctic Assault, a slow on her Winter's Wrath and a stun on her Permafrost and Glacial Prison. Also after her little buff in the recent patch her clear speed isn't that slow anymore as it was before. Since you are only building to be tanky you are a huge late game tank. With your CC and tankiness you can zone or even pick off carries pretty easy.

- Not that tanky compared to other tanks
- Only one gab closer
- Can get kited
- Low damage output
- Loses a lot of 1v1's

Well, even though Sejuani is a huge late game tank, compared to tanks like Malphite, Rammus or Dr. Mundo she falls pretty fast. Also she only has her Arctic Assault as a gab closer. That means after she used that she can get kited pretty easy. And, obviously, since Sejuani is meant to be a tank she has a low damage output. With that she is also pretty weak in 1v1 situations.


Well, as a true Tank, Resolve is the best rune path choice for Sejuani. It gives her some good other rune choices, which higher her potential to be an unkillable tank. I would not recommend any other rune patch as her main rune path.

Font of Life
Font of Life is your first choice. This rune will provide your team with a couple of heals. The other 2 rune choices aren't really viable for Sejuani. In Teamfights this rune can really help to keep your team at least a bit more healthy.

Conditioning is a beautiful choice right here. It perfectly fits her tanky kit. I mean, which tank would say no to bonus armor and bonus magic resist? Second Wind isn't really an option since you will buy Spirit Visage and Warmog's Armor, which will give you a lot of health regeneration anyways.

I used to go with Unflinching until I realised it isn't that great. For stats like Tenacity you have your passive. Also, Revitalize buffs your healing from Warmog's Armor and any other source of healing, that is coming on to you. Another good choice for her!


You might think: Why the hell would you go for Precision as a tank? Well, first of all: You get attack speed from Legend: Alacrity, which means you can get the stacks for your Permafrost faster on to the enemy, what is the main reason, why you want to go for Precision. Also the other choices are not really viable for Sejuani at the moment.

Triumph is pretty much a "go to" rune and works on everybody. And so it does on Sejuani. It is great to get some health back after a gank where you got low life. Also it can help you to survive throughout dangerous situations.

Legend: Alacrity
This rune just gives you even more attack speed. As mentioned above, attack speed will help you to pull of your Permafrost more quick and since that is a stun that cant miss, you want it to go off as fast as possible. If you are against a lot of CC, you can also go with Legend: Tenacity.

Row 1 For the first Row I'd definitly choose the attack speed to compensate the loss of the attack speed bonus you got earlier from choosing Precision.

Row 2 For this row bonus armor should be your choice. As a tank armor ain't bad at all and you'll have a bit more resist to fight against the jungle monsters in early game.

Row 3 My last choice for Sejuani is the health bonus to compensate the health you got from choosing Resolve earlier.

Second tree options

Inspiration isn't too bad on Sejuani. I'd recommend that you stick with Approach Velocity as it lowers your potential to be kited and highers your chance of getting near towards the enemy carries. The second rune you should choose is Cosmic Insight.

I actually never go for Sorcery, but you CAN use it. If you wanna use it in a defensive way you can go with Nullifying Orb and Transcendence. I guess for a good engage Nimbus Cloak could be a good alternative. If you wanna use this page in a more offensive way (I wouldn't recommend it) you can go with Gathering Storm and Absolute Focus. All in all I dont think Sorcery is a good second tree option.

So, I actually never went for Domination as my second tree on Sejuani. To be honest, this isn't a good option for her too. I mean, the only things that are viable on her in this tree are Ultimate Hunter and Zombie Ward. If you are playing a bit more aggressive you can also use Cheap Shot for more damage output after your Permafrost. Again, I wouldn't recommend this page as her second tree.


Flash is core on almost every champion and so it is on Sejuani. Besides the fact that it can save you from a dangerous situation or get you forward to take a kill, it can also be linked with your spells to do some good engages. As example, you can Flash forward and throw your Glacial Prison at somebody. And so there are many more combinations with her spells and Flash. I would definitly recommend to take this summoner.

Smite is a liability on Sejuani. Since you are going into the jungle, you obviously need Smite. It helps you to clear the jungle faster, allows you to buy the jungle item, which helps you in the jungle and gives you good stats and will help you to secure objectives like Dragon and Baron. There is no possible way you cannot take Smite on Sejuani, if you are playing her in the jungle ;)

Starting items

So, you wanna start off with a Hunter's Talisman and a Refillable Potion. You can also go for 3 Health Potions instead of a Refillable Potion if you think you need more sustain, but I just prefer Refillable Potion, because it saves you a lot of money.

First back

Rich back

At your first back you definitly want to buy Bami's Cinder, because this will make your jungle clear way faster. If you do not have the 900 gold for Bami's Cinder, you want to upgrade your Hunter's Talisman into a Stalker's Blade. If you have enough money left, you can also grab a Ruby Crystal or Boots. It is also really helpful to get an early Control Ward to try to control the vision of your and the enemies team.
Poor back

If you are forced to back early due to a fight you lost or a miserable gank, you can just go for Hunter's Machete, Ruby Crystal or Boots. I guess that all does not sound that great as a first back, but I would prefer out of these 3 Hunter's Machete since it will help you to clear your jungle faster and get back into the game.


These are actually my standard choice. They give you a little bit of armor and they block 12 percent of the damage from auto attacks on to you. Since there is mostly more AD damage in a team, you want to go with these boots almost all of the time.

You want to go for Mercury's Treads in case of 2 situations: If you are realising, that the enemy team has a lot of CC or if the enemy team is only dealing magic damage. Actually, everybody just buys these boots for their passive and not to get the magic resist from it.

Jungle item choice

Well, since the green jungle item isn't existing anymore you are choosing Stalker's Blade for your build most of the time. It's just the better choice compared to Skirmisher's Sabre, because it gives you a slow, that is really useful for ganks. So if you are not going full AP, you should choose Stalker's Blade since it is the more defensive choice.

To be honest I rarely buy Skirmisher's Sabre on Sejuani. It's just a too offensive choice for a full tank. Also, you can really use the red smite, because since you are not really a damage dealer you can use the slow from the blue smite better than the extra true damage from the red smite. It is a viable choice though, if you are going to build more damage focussed.

Core items

That is the choice for you jungle item upgrade. The other options are obviously not viable for a tank build. This item gives you a good amount of hp and a really good passive, which helps you to clear camps faster and also to deal a little amount of dps in a fight. And of course, you still got the passive from the jungle item, that also speeds up your jungle clear speed.

Even though this seems standard I like to give this item a little introduction. You want to swap your Stealth Ward for Oracle Lens at Level 9. For vision you should always carry a Control Ward with you. Oracle Lens helps you to clear the enemy vision. You should also use it before you gank a lane to see if it is warded or not.

Good Armor options

Dead Man's Plate
Dead Man's Plate is actually one of my favourite items choices in general for Sejuani. You get a fair amount of armor and hp, the building path is also pretty good, because you profit from every item you have to buy for Dead Man's Plate and the passive helps you to move faster plus your first auto attack against a champion can slow the enemy if Dead Man's Plate is at maximum charge.

Randuin's Omen
Randuin's Omen is a really good choice against a lot of crit damage, because it reduces the damage from critical strikes by 20%. Like Dead Man's Plate it gives you good stats you need and a good building path. The passive of Randuin's Omen also slows the attackers attack speed by 15% for 1 second, which means it lowers the dps of ADC's. Remember that Thornmail has the same passive, so you might not wanna doubble it, because it is not stacking. The active, that slows enemy units by 55% for 2 seconds which are around you, is pretty useful in a fight.

Iceborn Gauntlet
Frostfire Gauntlet is also a good item to rush after you completed your Enchantment: Cinderhulk. 20% cooldown reduction and the good amount of armor are both stats you really want to have. The mana increase also gives you more sustain in the jungle. The passive is another slow and since you already have a huge amount of CC that just fits into your kit perfectly. The bad thing about this item is, that it wont give you any hp.

Frozen Heart
Frozen Heart is a really useful item against heavy AD damage. 100 armor is huge and 20% cooldown reduction aren't bad at all too. The mana you can use as well. The really interesting thing about Frozen Heart is the passive aura. In a good range (1000) it reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies by 15%. That is really powerful in a team fight, because with Sejuani you are likely to stand in the middle of a fight. Sadly this item isn't giving you any hp.

Thornmail is a must-have item against a full ad team. Not only does it give you a solid amount of armor and also some hp, it also gives you the amazing passive. First it reduces the attackers attack speed by 15% for 1 second, so thats the same passive like the one from Randuin's Omen, and it also reflects some damage that is dealt to you back on to the attacker. This item is really affective against On-Hit champions, because they actually kill theirselfes if they keep attacking you.

Good Magic Resistance options

Spirit Visage
Spirit Visage is still the go-to magic resist item for tanks. The Good amount of health, solid amount of magic resist, 20% cooldown reduction and base health regeneration are the stats that it will give you for a fair price. The passive also buffs every healing effects on you by 30%. Remember that it also buffs the passive of Warmog's Armor, so you might want to combine these 2 items, because of their good synergy.

Adaptive Helm
Compared to Spirit Visage the stats of Adaptive Helm are worse, but still not that bad: 10% cooldown reduction, 350 health, base health regeneration and 55 magic resistance. The passive is really useful against subsequent magic damage, because it reduces it by 20% for 4 seconds. As example you could buy it to counter a Syndra ultimate or even to lower the damage from On-Hit champs like Master Yi, because they are likely to buy rageblade, which deals magic damage per hit too.

Abyssal Mask
To be honest I rarely buy Abyssal Mask. It gives you the same stats like Adaptive Helm except for the fact, that instead of base health regeneration it gives you 300 mana. The passive converts 15% of your damage taken from champions into mana. You can also heal health back up depending on the mana cost of the spell you use. The aura of it, nearby champions take 15% more magic damage, is also pretty useful, escpecially if you are having a lot of magic damage dealers on your team.

Locket of the Iron Solari
Another item I dont buy that often. The fact for that is, that often the support buys Locket of the Iron Solari so you dont have to buy it. It is pretty cheap though, but gives you only a small amount of armor and magic resistance. You only want to have it for the active, a powerful shield for nearby enemies, that can save lifes in a teamfight. But as I mentioned before, often the support buys this so you dont have to buy it if the support has it. Sadly it is not giving you any hp.

Other good options

Warmog's Armor
Warmog's Armor is still a pretty good item. It gives a huge amount of hp, some cooldown reduction and a good amount of base health regeneration. The passive allows you to heal back after a fight pretty fast, but to activate it you need at least 3000 health. So, if you want to buy Warmog's Armor you should go for it as your 3rd item.

Gargoyle Stoneplate
This is a pretty solid choice for almost every tank. You get a bit armor and magic resistance (40 of each), a pretty nice passive + active. The passive buffs your armor and magic resistance by 40 if 3 or more enemies are nearby, which is pretty nice for teamfights. The active allows you to buff your health for 4 seconds by 40%, but if 3 or more enemies are nearby you can doubble your health for 4 seconds. If you use the active, you gotta consider, that you might be unkilable, but you lose 60% of your damage output. That's pretty ok though, because since you are a tank you are not willing to dps a lot in a fight. You should also use the effect of Stopwatch once since it is in your building path. Gargoyle Stoneplate is to me a core item on Sejuani.

Knight's Vow
Knight's Vow is also more a support item. It is prety cheap so if you are going to buy this, you want to rush it after you completed your Enchantment: Cinderhulk. The main reason to buy this item is a look on your ADC. If he gets really ahead early and his support wont buy this item you should definitly go for it to protect your ADC. You can use all of the stats it gives you too.

Zz'Rot Portal
Obviously Zz'Rot Portal is wanted because of its active. The Portal allows you to push a lane and that's always nice. Beside the good amount of AP and AD Zz'Rot Portal gives you, you also get some base health regeneration and a passive, that allows you to move faster near (fallen) turrets or portals. I don't buy it that often, because it is again more a supporting item than an item for a full tank. Also it does not provide you with any health.

Righteous Glory
Even though I rarely buy Turbo Chemtank I still want to mention it in here. The reason why you should build it is the active: It provides you with a lot of movement speed for 4 seconds when moving towards an enemy. With this active you can go for fast and powerful engages. The thing: With her Arctic Assault you can also jump towards the enemy and that's what I mostly do to hit a Glacial Prison so Turbo Chemtank might not be needed for good engages. Also the stats are ok, but there are better items to go for.

Health with damage

Well, these items carry a high risk, because since you are not looking to go for a full AP build this gold might be wasted in late game. If you want to be a full tank you should sell these items (if you buy one from this section) later on for a tank item. Just in case you are pretty ahead early on and if you want to do some more damage, because you can afford it, then you should probably build one of these 3 items as your 3rd item. Sejuanis spells scale on AP, so buying some AP on her isn't that bad. There are also players, who build full AP on Sejuani. Since this is a Sejuani tank build I wont go into a full AP build. In my opinion Sejuani is more effective as a tank, but even though you can combind damage with at least some tanky stats like health. Here are some options for some I could recommend if you are in a leading spot:

Hextech Protobelt-01
I really love this item. If you are pretty ahead you can afford to rush this item after you completed your Enchantment: Cinderhulk. It gives you some AP, health, some cooldown reduction and an awesome passive, which you can use as an engage or disengage move. Sadly after her rework I can only recommend to build it when you are REALLY ahead early on. Otherwise you just lose a slot, where you could build something more tanky.

Liandry's Torment
Liandry's Anguish is also only to build if you are really ahead and can afford a bit of fun or if your team is lacking some damage. Good amount of AP and health and a solid passive that increases your damage output. Even though it has some solid stats it is pretty expensive and aint really an item for a full tank.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Compared to Liandry's Anguish, Rylai's Crystal Scepter gives you more AP. Also the passive of it is way more useful: Your spells slow the enemy by 20% for 1 second. Since the only spell where this would be good is your Winter's Wrath, it is pretty useless, because Winter's Wrath already has a solid slow in it. That's why this cool passive would be kind of wasted on Sejuani.

Example full tank build

Jungling: There is a quite useful rotation of your spells, that you can do, to get a lot of single target Dmg without getting hit once by a buff. Auto attack--> Arctic Assault-->Auto attack--> Winter's Wrath-->2 Auto attacks--> Permafrost-->Auto attack
If you do that combo really fast and manage to do your spells quick after you auto's you will get good Dmg on to the buff without getting hit once.


Before Level 6: You use your Arctic Assault to get close --> then do one auto attack --> right after that use your Winter's Wrath --> after that one more auto attack --> use your Permafrost to do the stun

After Level 6: With your Glacial Prison you got a massive stun, which the enemy eats (then you mostly get a kill) or he has to flash away from. So if he's far away from you (most common case): Glacial Prison--> Arctic Assault to him --> Auto attack --> Winter's Wrath --> Auto attack

Late Game + Teamfights: If you see a good spot there is one animation cancel you should be able to do to catch a carry and / or open a teamfight (It is pretty easy so dont be scared). Its simple you just Arctic Assault and Glacial Prison right after it (If you played Riven: It's like her Valor--> Ki Burst Animation cancel). Then you throw your Glacial Prison, which is hidden by your Char, because you are dashing at the same direction as your Glacial Prison is. You also get a bit more range, because you use your Glacial Prison mid Arctic Assault.

In general you try to safe your Arctic Assault just in case the enemy might flash away from you. So if you can get near to him without using Arctic Assault it goes like this: Auto attack--> Winter's Wrath--> 2 Auto attacks--> Permafrost-->Auto attack--> Glacial Prison-->Auto attack--> Arctic Assault--> Winter's Wrath

Little fact you gotta know for that is, that you CAN stun the enemy twice if you use the Permafrost stun first and after that your Glacial Prison. If you use your Glacial Prison first, then you cant stack your Permafrost on to him.

You generally want to start at the buff where your Botlane is, because then you get a better leash and your rotation is easier for you to complete. I have 3 standard rotations:

Rotation 1

Starting at Blue Sentinel --> Gromp --> Rift Scuttler --> Greater Murk Wolf --> Crimson Raptor --> Rift Scuttler --> Red Brambleback --> Ancient Krug --> After that you should either go base or go for a gank. In this case, a bot lane gank would offer.

Rotation 2

Starting at Red Brambleback --> Ancient Krug --> Rift Scuttler --> Crimson Raptor --> Greater Murk Wolf --> Rift Scuttler --> Blue Sentinel --> Gromp --> After that you should either go base or go for a gank. In this case, a top lane gank would offer.

Rotation 3

Another Rotation would be to start at Crimson Raptor --> Red Brambleback --> Rift Scuttler --> Ancient Krug --> Then I already would look for a gank, probably at mid lane. Tell your laner to get pushed in early, so you can some from the bottom side at Lvl 3 and get the enemy mid laners flash off, or even kill him. For this rotation you will have to use both of your Refillable Potions pretty early to stay healthy enough to be able to gank. After you went mid lane your rotation would continue like this: Greater Murk Wolf --> Rift Scuttler --> Blue Sentinel --> Gromp -->After that you should either go base or go for a gank. In this case, a top lane gank would offer.

General facts for jungling

After Rift Scuttler got reworked it gives you a massive amount of EXP, gold and you also get a lot of HP and mana back from killing it. You should permantly try to get it whenever it is up. For Sejuani it is also pretty easy to take down Rift Scuttler , because of her stun on Permafrost. Remember that the jungler, who will start at Red Brambleback , is likely to win an early fight around Rift Scuttler . That means for you: If you are doing Rotation 1, avoid fighting the enemy jungler if he is at Rift Scuttler too. But, if you are doing Rotation 2, you have an advantage over the enemy jungler if he is at Rift Scuttler too, that means you can try to fight him.

Another thing I can tell you is, that Sejuani isnt that great to invade the enemy jungler. You lose a lot of 1v1's, because of your low dmg output. So I would just focus on farming on your own side of the jungle and getting good ganks in. There are situations in which you can go for an invade. This would be the case if the enemy jungler is super behind and / or you are super ahead. In general I would just enter the enemy's jungle if you recently killed your Red Brambleback , because the buff just increases your damage rapidly.

All in all you should permanently think of possible spots for ganks, so you should jungle with your thoughts on ganks. Example situation (Here your Team has their base on the blue side of the map): Your thinking of a top lane gank in about 1min --> so you go into the jungle on the blue side.

Jungle Matchups

Easy matchups Sejuani could invade junglers that deal even less damage than she does in early like Nunu & Willump, Nidalee, Amumu, Rammus, Pantheon, Fiddlesticks, Elise or even Gragas. At the moment she isn't the strongest jungler to be honest so these are the only champs she could fight with a guarantee on a win.

Average matchups Mostly assassins wont shine in early that much, but without killing Red Brambleback before the fight, I would avoid these ones. With the buff of Red Brambleback you are able to fight them most of the time. Here I mean champs like Kha'Zix, Rengar, Evelynn, Wukong, Shaco and Kayn. In mid game they can be dangerous since that is the point where they reach their powerspike. In late game you dominate these champions, because assassins fall off later on.

Hard matchups The meta at the moment isn't really tank-friendly, because the games are way shorter than they used to be. Accordingly a lot of damage focused junglers are getting picked since tanks really shine in late game. There are some champions Sejuani should avoid duelling with, because she just cant win 1v1's with these giants: Jax, Kindred, Shyvana, Nocturne, Graves, Master Yi, Xin Zhao, Udyr, Lee Sin, Trundle, Warwick, Jarvan IV, Hecarim, Camille and Vi.

More detailed information about specific matchups you can find in the matchup section at the top of the guide.

In early game you are actually pretty strong, because you can keep up with the damage of other junglers. That's why you should finish your main rotation (explained above at "Jungle Rotations") as fast as possible. Luckyli her Permafrost got buffed some patches ago - it now has no cooldown anymore against neutral monsters - what speeds up Sejuanis jungle clear speed. When you finished your main jungle rotation you should try to gank a lane. For that you can take a look at the "Combos" section or scroll down a bit where I talk a lot about ganking. If you are going to gank a lane, your chance of getting a flash or even a kill is pretty high due to your high CC trough your Arctic Assault, Winter's Wrath, Permafrost and your red buff slow. Make use of your early ganking power and try to get your laners ahead! It isn't really Sejuanis time to powerspike, but she is still good in early game. For your first back I would try to collect 900 gold at least so you can afford Bami's Cinder. Get that as fast as possible so it can speed up your jungle clear speed. And faster jungle clears mean more ganks! After you went base for the first time you could do your rotation again and repeat ganking some lanes. If there are no spots for good ganks open you can just continue farming. You dont need to force ganks, because this can go horribly wrong. Rather wait for a good spot than try some fancy plays out of bad spots. If you hit Lvl 6 you should instantly do a gank. Your ultimate is a guarantee for a flash or a kill. For me it feels like Sejuani powerspikes around the Mid game. Here her damage is still decent and she already is pretty tanky. This is also the time, where a Baron Nashor could decide a game. Due to her high potential of stunning and picking a carry, you have a high chance of closing the game at this point of the game.


Since early game is based off the part of the game, where everybody stays in their lane, ganking is a big part of it. If you are approaching a lane, you can take a look at the "Combos" section, where I explained, how to use your spells in such a scenario.

When do I gank? You are permanently looking for ganks. So, your job is to look at the enemy laners and see how far they are pushing. If your laner is pressured under tower it is always a good spot for a gank. Another reason to gank is, when the enemy summoner spells are on cooldown, so you know they cant escape your CC. You can also try to focus on one lane to get an allie really ahead. You should also listen to your allies - sometimes they need your help, so you should head to their lane next.

Which lane do I gank? Well, I cant really tell which one is the "best" lane to gank. It depends on how the matchups work out for your team. Of course it is easier to gank a winning lane than fighting a really fed enemy laner. I still have my preferences though. My favourite lane to gank is the Mid lane. Why? The laners are most likely to be squishy, you can gank from a couple of spots and I want to believe that summoners are getting burned pretty fast in Mid lane through 1v1 fights. The lane is also pretty short, what gives you a good oppurtunity to get to the enemy tower pretty fast after the gank. After a Mid lane gank you can decide if you want to go towards the bottom side of the map or if you want to move towards Top lane. Top lane is OK to gank, because the lane is pretty long and it is pretty easy to get between enemy and enemy tower. Due to the fact that a lot of tanks are played at the Top lane, probably not all of your ganks are going to lead to a kill. Bot lane is pretty hard to gank, because supporters are mostly trying to safe their carries, everything is warded down there and if the enemy Bot lane isn't pushing really hard, the gank spots to come from aren't that optimal.

From where do I gank? The important thing to watch out for is, where the enemy laner is positioned. You mostly want to get between the enemy and his tower so he cant escape, so you want to catch him between you and your laner(s). I cant tell you specifically from where to gank, but each lane has its spots. The top lane is approachable through the lane bushs (in case your laner is pushing, that makes sense), towards the river (if not warded) and from behind through the tribush (if not warded). You can gank the mid lane from 2 sides of the river and again you can come from behind through the patch that is near to the enemies tower. It is important to check the bushs you are going to walk through for wards. You want to go at Bot lane through the river or through the tribush (take care these are mostly warded), through lane bush (check for wards too) or you can use some spells of your support to get into the lane (Example: Thresh lantern).

What to do after ganking? You go back to the jungle if you want to farm. A recall would also be reasonable if you are at low HP. You should take a quick look at the other lanes - maybe another good spot for a gank has opened up, that you could use. If you ganked a lane successfully you mostly are going to push the lane with them. You can also go for an objective, if you notice that it might be free, because the enemy jungler isn't around. If your gank fails, lets say the enemy laner survives but your laner dies, you are going to hold the lane for him. That simply means, that you are going to clear some waves under your tower until your laner is back at his lane.

Taxing? When? In 3 cases: If you are going to push the lane after you ganked it, because then it is mostly not important who gets the lasthits. If your laner and the enemy laner died at your gank, because you wanna shove the lane in to make the enemy laner lose XP and gold. And in general if you successfully ganked, but the laner got the kill. A lot of people see taxing as a negative thing, but it is a big help for you to not fall behind.

General stuff to think about in Early Game

You should also try to track the enemy jungler all the time. You can do that by looking at the enemy junglers first camp. Then it is about calculating. You are trying to predict his jungle routine. Here it is important to look at the enemy junglers champ. If it is a champ , that clears his camps pretty fast like Trundle you should calculate less time for each camp. If you are really good at it, you can use it to countergank or warn your teammates from incoming ganks through the usage of pings. And that is pretty powerful, because a jungler without useful ganks can be pretty useless.

You should also be aware of how present the enemy jungler is. Try to keep up in Lvl's with him. If you see, that he is one or 2 Lvl's down on you, you can try to invade him to set him even further behind. If that is the case, you can also farm less and try to gank more. If you are equal in Lvl's, only invade the champs that I listed as an easy matchup. And, worst case, if the enemy jungler is one or 2 Lvl's up on you, you are in danger to get invaded by him. That's why you should focus on getting enough farm in the jungle. If you are behind the enemy jungler, you should definitly try to ward your jungle and farm up through killing your camps.

If a mountain or infernal drake is the first one, you should play a lot around bot lane. At Lvl 6 you should definitly roam bot lane to get a kill there and then take the drake. Here it would be nice if you could clear the Scuttle crab before you are approaching bot lane, because then you can see if the enemy jungler is nearby.

The first thing I should mention about late game is, that you should never forget about farming, except for the fact, that you are already max Lvl + full item build. If your team is grouping up mid lane and the carries are just clearing the waves you can take a camp to not fall behind.
In late game Sejuani is a massive tank. So, since late game consists of a lot of teamfights, that will be the main point to talk about now. There are some job's you have in a teamfight. The first one is: Engaging. You are the one who has to start a fight due to your high potential to pick a carry out with a good Glacial Prison. It might take some practice until you know when the right spot is to go in, but it is actually pretty easy. As a tank you are standing in the front line all the time and the thing you are looking for is an out-positioned carry of the enemy team. Mostly you want to stun the mid-laner or the ADC with your Glacial Prison so your team can follow up and kill them. Take care if one of them has Zhonya's Hourglass or Quicksilver Sash.
Your second Job is: Either protect your carries or zone their carries. Before a teamfight you have to know if you want to go into their team and try to zone their carries - this would be good if they have a fed ADC (or something comparable) you can zone completely from the fight - or if you want to protect your own carries - you have to do this mostly when your team is getting caught / engaged or if your support cant defend the carries alone. Decide for one option BEFORE you think it is time for a fight.

General stuff to think about in Late Game

You should also be aware of objectives - all the time. So, since you are the jungler you cant really go farm bot lane if the enemy team is grouping up around baron. Remember that your team needs your smite to take down important objectives like baron or elder dragon, which can change a game.

Keep in mind that death timers are pretty high in late game. If you can catch one member of the enemy team, this might be a great chance for you to get baron / elder drake!

Another thing is, that you need your team to do all the damage. I mean, your base damage isn't that bad - in early. In late game you are not in the game to deal damage, because, you aint dealing any damage at all. So you should be aware of enemies that could get you into a dangerous 1v1. The most efficent thing in late game is to just stay with your team and follow them.

Im sad that I have to say that Sejuani isn't as effective as other junglers at the current meta. The games are too short to let her reach her strong point in late game where she really shines. Even though she may not be the strongest jungler at the moment, she also isn't the worst at all! She is still the late game tank with the huge amount of CC she used to be before. And tanks are always wanted. So dont be afraid to play her. I guess times are gonna get better for her and with a lot of practice every champ can fit into a meta.

All in all I would like to thank you first for reading till this point of the guide. I hope you like it ! If you have any questions and / or feedback just let me know in the comment section. I would really like to discuss or share my thoughts on Sejuani there :). I also wish you the best luck on mastering Sejuani and I hope I could help you with my guide.

Also I would like to specially thank Jovy for designing all the awesome Banners, dividers and the Table of Contens. Go check her out!

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