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Fizz Build Guide by Kamasutra-san

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kamasutra-san

A Guide To Be The Fizziest

Kamasutra-san Last updated on November 14, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Fizz with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Zed Zed is a weird champion. He's fine to lane against as long as you don't get hit by too many q's and if you can time your zhonya's or e, you're fine
Talon Talon is a skill match up. Like Zed, he relies on poke and extreme burst to decimate opponents. Unlike Zed however, he doesn't have a reliable escape. As long as you dodge his W, or play safe and poke him when his cooldowns are up, you should be fine. By the way pink wards are his worse enemies.
Yasuo Yasuo is similar to Talon. Also another skillmatch up that can go either way. I've met terrible Yasuo's that I've had the pleasure of stomping, and likewise I also know the pain of being beat by this champion. There is counterplay to this guy though, and I'm going to have a specific chapter for this him and Zed.
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Hi! My name is Kamasutra san. I'm currently a Gold 1 (darn, i got demoted to Gold 2) player on the NA servers. I've been playing Fizz since level 5 and I can say that I have enough experience to share with people that seek to learn Fizz. He's fun though, rage inducing yes but in the end of the day, all champions have some sort of aspect to them that invokes the wrath of some player in the world right? Here's a quick message to all Fizz players though. I know what it feels like to be called trash by other people. You'll come across players who will berate you for playing this champ no matter who they may be playing. You'll come across people who'll attempt to trash talk you just because of an undesirable score. Whatever your situation is, just keep your chin up. Laugh in the face of despair, because when you learn to do that, that's when you grow as a player, and as a person.

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Pros / Cons

-Ludicrous burst
-Easy to pick up
-Insane mobility
-Good waveclear
-Strong dueling capabilities

-Misuse of E can leave you mana-starved early game
-Falls off if he can't get kills or is bullied out of lane
-CC destroys Fizz
-Not always the most reliable pick
-Cool downs doom Fizz

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Fizz is one of those champions who people either hate to love or love to hate. There is no in between. He brings ridiculous burst to a team, while at the same time destroys the enemy morale by inducing rage via his Playful/Trickster. When a Fizz is fed, no matter the skill level you have to watch out for him, as even people learning Fizz can still wreak havoc. That's the kind of champion Fizz is. With the update to the mastery system, Fizz has new tools to wreck his opponents, but at the same time has even more danger and obstacles to overcome. Recently I've been seeing a resurgence in the amount of Akali tops that get played, and with the changes to the trinket system as well, it's no longer possible to carry around a pink with you in the late game.

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Lichbane is your friend forever and ever. It's one of the things that make Fizz, well, Fizz.

Sorcerers Boots or Mercury Treads can be used in a multitude of situations, pick depending on situation.

Rabadon's Deathcap is for the power spike Fizz needs in order to be viable later on in the game

Zhonya's Hourglass for more survivability

Luden's Echo if you need movement speed or the passive (which the dot also procs by the way)

Rylai's if you need a bit more tankiness

Void Staff if you want the flat MP

Abyssal Scepter if they built MR but you also need MR yourself

Liandry's Torment if they build health AND MR

Guardian Angel if you want another chance at life <3

Banshee's Veil if you need MR or you actually need a shield against hard CC or something

Mercurial Scimitar is an unorthodox item that actually works on Fizz believe it or not. Nothing says Fizz scales with AD, but his Q counts as an auto attack, AND the active portion can potentially get you out of sticky situations

Hextech Gunblade is another unorthodox item that Fizz somewhat goes well with. Back when Deathfire Grasp was removed, I was taken aback. It never felt the same those dark times, Fizz lost part of his well known burst. I tested for a lot of items to fill its role, but the only one I liked was this one. It has an active portion yes, but the AD and AP stats it gives isn't wasted on this champion. As I explained earlier, his Q is also powered by his AD. As well as the spellvamp this item gives is nothing to be messed with. The active can be used as an execute, a chasing tool, it's all up to your imagination. Now that we have the other needlessly large rod items, DFG has been replaced, but I still find this item viable in certain situations.

Boot enchantments is up to you, but I'd recommend either Homeguard or Alacrity. I can't tell you how many times I caught people of guard just by using the Homeguard TP strat. Coupled with your insane mobility, it's nothing to mess with.

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Skill Sequence

I'll keep this short and sweet. Depending on the player, they'll either max out E or W first. Your E is what makes you win trades just through the sheer strength of this ability. If you get get good enough with the E, you will maximize the potential of Fizz.

If you max W however, you will have an even more annoying dot to use against the enemy champion. I recommend doing this for any player who has trouble landing E's, or if the person is building health.

Throwback to my early days as Fizz where I actually maxed Q first.

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Urchin Stike - Q
Your point and click dash spell. On a glance, nothing looks special about this ability. This ability is limited only by your imagination! For starters, the Q can go through walls. This alone already sets up opportunities for jukes and such. Your Q also goes the full range. If you Q close to you, you'll Q past an opponent. If you Q max range, you'll be put right next to your opponent. Instead of pressing E to dodge abilities, try and learn to predict and use this to dodge skillshots.

Seastone Trident - W
This ability has 2 parts. One is a Damage over Time effect, and one is gives empowered autoattacks. What makes people despise Fizz isn't only his insane burst and his untargetability, but also the DOT that finishes things for Fizz. The frustrating part about Fizz's W (well, at least for the other team) is that it gets stronger the lower health you have. This, combined with the empowered autos that comes with this active AND your spellblade passive gives Fizz a respectable amount of burst using this skill alone.

Playful/Trickster - E
Fizz's E is a skill that is essentially a counter. While he's on the pole, he avoids all abilities except tethers and dots placed on him before hand, easily making this Fizz's most famous ability. If you recast this ability, you can hop on to whatever direction your mouse is currently located in, although only for a splitsecond. If you don't reactivate it however, as Fizz lands from his pole, not only does he get an AOE effect slow, but it also does an absurd amount of magic damage thanks to his AP ratios. Like the E, you're only limited by your imagination. I'll have some general tips for this ability later on in the guide.

Chum The Waters - R
Not much to say about this ability, other than its a timed skillshot nuke, and that it's also a damage multiplier. Yes, Fizz does more damage when the fish is on the opponent, and for a brief time after the shark has erupted. Oh, and enemies can't see this ability if it's placed in a bush that hasn't been warded so don't be afraid to set up ambushes. This might be a skillshot but Yasuo's windwall cannot delete it, it only stops where the windwall is placed.

Nimble Fighter - Passive
Also don't have much to say about this, other than it gives Fizz a bit of tankiness to autoattacks and gives him the ability to move freely past minions and champions.

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Ranked Play

If you wanna play Fizz in ranked, first of all stop and think about this. You don't wanna pick Fizz against a champion with hard CC like Ryze of Lissandra. At the same time you have to capitalize on the team's weaknesses and needs. Be wise and pick at your risk. Remember your job, you're an assassin. While you pump out damage, you also get wrecked quite easily if you're not careful. So play smart according to your situation.

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Creeping / Jungling

At first, creeping might be a daunting task. Misplaced auto attacks and abilities might push the wave or cause you to lose some cs. It'll get better as you play, but early on try to farm with your W. It only cost 40 mana, and empowers Fizz's autos for an easier time last hitting. Later on when you have 500+ AP you can usually one shot waves just by using his E so farming should be a breeze.

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Team Work

You're Fizz. You can actually start a teamfight using your ultimate. Hope and pray your team follows up though, as you will cry if they don't. At the same time, when your team is retreating place down the R to slow down your pursuers! They'll need to avoid it to catch up to you or you might end up tagging an enemy, potentially securing your escape or even maybe a nice kill. In teamfights, go in when all the CC is down and go straight for the most valuable target or squishiest target. Go for a pick in the middle of the chaos that ensues in a teamfight. The moment that one key target is down is the moment you push your chance at victory through the roof. At the same time however, don't be too greedy. You're an assassin, not a tank. Play your cards right and control the tide of the teamfight. Remember, if you get caught you always have E to get you out. Just make sure not to waste it.

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Your general combo is W Q E. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO MIX IT UP!
Maybe you need to dodge a skillshot in order to engage. E can close that gap while avoiding a possible CC spell casted at you. Maybe you need to slow an enemy down to get to them. R works wonderfully for that situation. You're an assassin. Be versatile.

My all in combo would be R W Q E AA AA AA until the W runs out. This usually ensures a kill, but if you want to add salt to their wounds ignite to finish them off.

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As I explained earlier, this is a skill matchup. I'm not going to repeat what I said in my earlier chapters so I'm going to include a few tips and tricks against Yasuo.

-When trying to poke, try and autoattack him to proc his shield. This ensures maximum damage from your combo.
-Most Yasuo's use windwall to block incoming ultimates from you. If you see them doing this, STOP! Just watch for when he uses E towards or near you, and throw it where he's going to end up. Go all in at that point, but be mindful of his tornado.
-Early game you outdamage him with your E and W combo. Use that to your advantage.

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Another skill matchup. Also not going to repeat myself in this chapter. More tips and tricks for you!

-Zed's Q does more damage the less things it hits. So if you get hit first, you actually end up taking more damage than if you were behind your minions or allies. Use that to your advantage if you can't dodge them.
-When Zed places a shadow and uses both of his damaging abilities, attempt to go in. If the Zed is good he should teleport to the other shadow he places. Capitalize on that and abuse it.
-Never EVER use E if you know Zed has ultimate up.
-If he has R up, bait him with your own R but don't use your R. Remember the fish has the tag and you still do multiplied damage to him as long as he gets hit by it. If all things go well and you manage to bait his R, E the second he's about to pop-up and wait. he'll be behind you and more often than not that E has enough stopping power to put him down.
-Zhonya's also messes up his day if you weren't aware.
-W Q is usually the only thing you need to poke him. Only use E if you're absolutely sure it's going to land or if he doesn't have ult.

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Anivia Horror Stories

I'll also keep this short and sweet.
If Anivia is average or less, you have a chance of beating her. If she knows what she's doing, well then have fun laning against an almost unstoppable force. If you really have to I would recommend ditching the lane and roaming early after Lichbane or asking for a lane swap, as even ganking her won't solve a lot. The only thing you have going for you post-6 is your movement speed advantage over her so use it.

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Much like Anivia, she's also a hit or miss. She'll either zone you out and poke you as you desperately cling on to cs and minions, or you'll dominate her with your superior decision making. It's up to you which one you'll be. Her biggest weakness is how you'll almost always predict when her stun is up. If she's almost at full stacks, do not be fooled if she throws out her Q at you, as her E can turn those stacks into a stun. Unfortunately for you, she has an easy time micromanaging that stun due to the reset on her Q, and to top it all off for you, she has an instant stun if she uses her ult. No time to react, but look on the bright side. Annie's squishy, just ult, do a combo and ignite, and hope for the best :D

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If you've ever played against me, you were probably subjected to one of the following
-A laugh as you're about to die from the shark
-Backing just before the prey dies, then finishing them with a W Q combo
-Dodging skillshots then activating the mastery emote
-Using E and while mid e, activating the mastery emote if you know it's going to kill
-Spamming the taunt as enemy is about to die
-Picking on the weakest member of the team and killing them whenever possible
-Homeguard TP combo on low enemies

This section is useless, just for giving Fizz players ideas on how to enrage people :D