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A more indepth look at all champs and synergies

A more indepth look at all champs and synergies

A more indepth look at all champs and synergies

Updated on July 31, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dalems Build Guide By Dalems 7,525 Views 7 Comments
7,525 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dalems Build Guide By Dalems Updated on July 31, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Singed
  • LoL Champion: Dr. Mundo
  • LoL Champion: Trundle
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Introduction/what this guide is

Hello again Mobafire I ,Dalems, thought that I would lend a helping hand in advance the general knowledge about champions and team synergies.

This is not a team build but covers all the champions in what i think would be the best team for them to because of the synergies that the champions have with each other.

Each chapter covers 5 champions and how they work together and what teams that they would work best against.

Every chapter is set Up in a certain format.

I am currently 1500 rating and have tried all champions and have knowledge of most playstyles.


1. Team Name
2. How the champions innate abilities allow them to function within the team
3. Useful Info like Stats that i feel are important
4. Individual little overviews of champions, What their role of the team is, and what lane they will be working in. And a link to a very good guide on the champion so you can learn more about them.
5. How the team should fight in team fights and when pushing

Work in progress, Updating and editing as I get time. I published because my computer deletes guides that i don't. Comments are very welcome and please let my know why if you downvote. Thanks.
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Team one! Dodge

With dodge quints and seals on the first 4 champs they all hit about 26-28% dodge chance or higher which is insane.

The stat Dodge and what it does.
Dodge allows champions to not be hit by autoattacks some percentage of the time.
The only item that give dodge% is Ninja Tabi and it is the cheapest pair of tier 2 boots in the game. I recommend using Ninja Tabi with the following champs because it makes thier innate dodge that much stronger.

Jax Anti-carry/tanky...Bot
"Jax, the tanky dps counter"-saintvicious

Yes jax is the bane of all autoattacking close range champions but he is also the bane of Ad ranged champs because of his Leap Strike+ Empower+ Counter Strike=dead Ad ranged. Jax is known for his insane innate dodge % more than any other champion

Udyr Jungler/tanky...Jungle
Udyr is the jungling beast that pops out and stuns you and then rapes you. He also has 9% innate dodge with his passive.

Personal build: Wriggle's Lantern, Ninja Tabi, Trinity Force, Randuin's Omen, Wit's End, Hextech Gunblade

Nidalee Support/poker...Bot
Nidalee's skills don't scale very well with items and she has no CC. Perfect SUPPORT!
Plus her "Ult" gives her Innate dodge so that if someone trys to focus you with autoattack you will be OK most of the time. Nid is the perfect support for a bot lane Jax for unrivaled burst CC and healing jax with Attack speed buff at level 2=gg. 10% innate dodge while in cougar from I think the dodge % increases with ranks.

Personal build: Shurelya's Battlesong, Mobility Boots or Ninja Tabi, Rabadon's Deathcap, Lich Bane, Morello's Evil Tome, Gaurdian Angel

I will be posting my Support Nid guide after I have completed this project since there is no Support Nid guide that is very good on mobafire yet.

Sivir Ranged DPS....Mid
Sivir is an autoattacking Champion that does massive amounts of AOE AD damage when farmed
Always be moving around for your innate dodge to be in effect.

Just follow the build below and you will do fine.
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Crowd Control? Naah

All have ways to ignore Crowd Controls making it very hard to stop the damage outputs on them.

Tenacity: Reduced the amount of time Crowd Control affects work on your champion besides Supperesion which only a Quick Silver Sash can cure. Mercury treads that the most tenacity on them. There are 3 other items with Tenacity but they have 10% less that Mercury treads and are lackluster for thier curret prices.

I recommend mercury treads for all of these champs to make their innate Crowd Control reduction even more noticable.

Olaf Tanky/Dps...Jungle
His Ult says "ignore all Crowd control for 8 seconds" His damage is very steady. He has the most spammable true damage spell in the game. And the only spell that can get to 0 Cd.

Personal build: Wriggle's Lantern, Merc Treads, Trinity Force, Warmog's Armor, Atma's Impaler, Force of Nature, trade Wriggles for another warmog's if you get a chance late game.

Singed tanky/Magic
His ult allows him to tank anything and reduces CC effect by 10-30% and give him crazy amounts of tankyness.

I haven't actually played him but I have seen some very good players and took mental notes.
Good items: Rod of Ages, Boots of Swiftness or merc treads, Rylai's Scepter, Force of Nature, Frozen Heart, Warmogs armor or another Rod of Ages

Dr. Mundo Tanky Dps...Bot
Dr. Mundo's burning agony is like 3 sunfire caps that raises his Tenacity to 70% (with merc treads) when maxed so a stun that lasts 1 second only lasts .3 seconds on Mundo
He is a soak which means that he can take an enormous amount of damage without dieing and gets strong the lower health he gets. He also has crazy health regen with his ultimate and passive.

Personal build: Spirit Visage, Merc treads or Ninja Tabi, Warmog's Armor, Force of Nature, Thornmail, Trinity Force

Irelia Tanky/Burst...Mid!
Her passive reduces Crowdconrol effects depending on how many enemy champion's are around
75% reduction to CC max. Irelia is a very good top champion with innate lifesteal and becomes very tanky late game.

I don't have a build for her because I only played her week after release...6300 IP so much :(. Guide below is very good.

Trundle tanky,dps....Jungle
I haven't gotten the chance to play Trundle yet one of the few champs I haven't. But I just remembered that his Contaminate spell has up to a 40% CC reduction on it so i thought i would add him.

Crowd Control just melts off them
Very tanky in nature
Works well against 3-5 CC hard CC users on the other team to make their CC very weak.
Very steady DPS champions

No insane burst damage
Very little hard CC mostly slows
No true Ranged carry that has this trait

Champions these champions are good against. Galio, Amumu, Sion, Taric, Ashe, Pantheon, Other champion that like to do a lot of CC.
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So the 2 above teams I have probably pointed out champion niches that you knew about.

So here are some niches that are a little more less known but still just as powerful.
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Anti-mage team

Kassidin, Galio, Soraka, Noct, Fiddle

Each of these champions works very well in shutting down enemy mages and mostly mage teams

Soraka and Fiddle fit into another niche as well and are not the greatest at taking out mages but fit in the team fantastically.

Kassidin Nuker/melee mage...Mid
Have you ever been a Karthus mid and had to lane again a Kassidin? HOw did that work for you? The answer as soon as Kassidin hit level 4-6 depending if he had flash or not you exploded. And from level 6 on Kassidin hunted you and made you explode. Kassidin has a great escape mechanic with a flash on a 3 second cd, a single target silence that does a fantastic amount of damage, a cone slow that does a lot of damage and a way to be in someone's face and...DO DAMAGE!

I will be putting up my hybrid Kassidin build for you that are curious but for now here is a good AP nuke build. I think that AS/AP Kass's niche is very powerful so be on the lookout for that build or if you have a nice one please contact me so I can link it.

Galio Tank/support...Bot or Top
Galio get AP from building Magic Resistance so naturally he is in the Anti-mage team. His Ultimate is a very powerful AOE taunt. He has an AOE slow, A shield that increases MR and ARMOR by 90 points each plus heals him and a movement speed buff skill shot. Galio is my favorite "tank" to play :D.

I will be making a guide for galio since I don't see an optimal (runes and masteries need changing) one on mobafire just yet but here is a pretty good one.

Personal build: Chalice of Harmony, merc treads, Abyssal Mask, Gaurdian Angel, Force of Nature, Thornmail

Nocturne- DPS...Jungle
Nocturne is a fantastic ganker at level 6 and even before that. His job is to wait until a team fight has started and either split push solo or ult to carry when they pop on the battle field.

Very nice Nocturne guide. My personal build with Noct is Wriggles, berk greaves, Bloodthirster, Thornmail, Banshee's Veil, Infinity Edge.

Soraka is a very interesting champion that has pretty much Infinate sustain in lane because he can replenish both health and mana with her skills. She is the very essance of a support champion with a passive that give MR and a single target silence that destroys mage's if timed right. She allow snowballs very very well with her global ult. Soraka is oen of the few champs I have a snowball item in the main build because she does it so well.

Personal build: Shurelya's Battlesong, Mobility Boots or tabi/merc or Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Mejas Soulstealer, Aegis of the Legion

Fiddlesticks DPS, Mage..... Top
Fiddlesticks has a silence that bounces to multiple enemy's and a fear so 1v2ing is fiddle's favorite activity. His ultimate when landed correctly=team fight won most likely 3-5 kills. He was my first ever champion to buy and still to this day I find him extremely powerful and fun. He can both lane and jungle effectively.

My personal build perfected through over 250 games: Will of the Ancients, Sorcerer Shoes, Rabadon's Deathcap, Zhona's hourglass, Abyssal Mask, Guardian Angel

Team fights
1. Wait for Fiddle to be in position and have Galio Ult catching 3-5 of the enemy; Fiddle Ults onto Galio ult.
2. Nocturne/Kass Tele/flash in destroying enemy carries
3. Soraka spams all abilities and uses ult once people start getting low
4. Kass chases down any survivors

Pushing turrets
Same as above accept Galio is tanking the turret

Great Ult synergies
Point source burst
A lot of MR
A lot of Magic pen
Medium amount of CC

Lacking in armor
Most of the team has trouble with stuns and hard CC
heavy on the Magic Damage
If this team faced each other almost no damage would be done LOLOLOL
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Armor Penetration champs

Corki, Nasus, Rammus, Jarven, Taric

With this team. And if corki and someone else build starks, The Black Cleaver, Youmuu's Ghostblade, Sword of the Divine, and Last Whisper

Corki Dps ranged...Mid or bot
Corki is a high elo Ranged carry that excels in chases/escaping and doing a lot of damage late game with lots of farm.

Nasus Tanky/burst/dps...Top
Nasus is one of the 3 champions that doesn't have a cap on how strong they can become. Make sure to make Spirit fire first for the Armor pen it gives. Nasus is a very strong push and can wade into fights at a whim and usually come out alive.

Personal build: Trinity Force, Ninja Tabi or Mercury treads, Stark's Fever, Guardian Angel, Aegis of the Legion or Thornmail, Force of Nature

Rammus tank... Jungle
Rammus is the bane of all auto attacker because of his Defensive ball curl. He is really good at getting places fast with Powerball. He has a 4 second taunt that reduces armor. and his ult destroys turrets very quickly.

I found rammus kinda boring to play so i haven't played him that much.

Jarven Tanky Dps...Bot?!
Jarven normally goes top because he is a great solo laner but since nasus is the champ who needs a solo farm lane the most he is going bot with Taric. Jarven has a line nuke/knock up combo that reduces targets hit armor by a %. His ult is also really nice for trapping an enemy champion within range of your team.

Personal build:The link is a fine build to use

Taric Support/
Taric has a heal, a stun ,and an armor buff/debuff. He is agreat lane partner for bursty champs like Jarven who also have a built in flash. He is great for boosting the damage output of the team in team fights and when taking out towers with his ult.

I don't play taric all that much because i mostly solo queue and taric is a team oriented champ.

Team fights
Jarven locks everyone together in his ult
All armor debuffs are landed
Damage output is tons higher than enemy team

If all armor debuffs can be landed then no one stands a chance
Very tanky champs
Not all damage is physical so can still be effective if other team builds **** ton of armor.

Landing armor debuffs is what makes the damage come out.
I actually think this is a legit team HAHAHA had my doubts when writing it.
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Magic pen team

Amumu, Fiddle, Morgana, Ryze, Karthus

Work in progress
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CDR/Snowballer team

Akial, Katrina, Ryze, Xin zhou, Master yi
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Single target Nukers

Malzahar, Warwick, Mordekaiser, veiger, Nocturne

Work in progress
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Hmm what to do next?

Magic Pen team?
Armor pen team?
Single target+the more the merrier team?
Teleport team?
Hard CC team?
Auto attacking team?
CDR/Snowballers team?
AOE nuking team?
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Change Log

Made: 7/22/11

Will be updated with all the champions in a team as soon as possible these projects take a couple of days to complete. :D

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