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Tryndamere Build Guide by xLiiMiiT25

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xLiiMiiT25

A quick guide for Tryndamere top.

xLiiMiiT25 Last updated on June 4, 2013
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Hello and welcome to my FIRST GUIDE.

Btw I have bad english. But I give my best!
Well lets move on. : )

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Who am i?

I'm just a normal little player in SilverIV, who likes Tryndamere alot.
I have 380 wins, 155 ranked games.
And.. Im from Germany, so sry for my bad English.

Feel free too add me|||EUW! :)

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Why Tryndamere, and when?

Why u ask?
Still when u're behind, its no problem u still will do dmg with your Statikk Shiv and Infinity Edge.
Hes a good splitpusher, everytime i do this:
I farm in early game, gettin my Statikk Shiv and beginning too splitpush, harassing my oppenent and later on i dive him. Then i destroy the 1. tower and roam, and push other lanes.
Remember guys, towers = win

When u ask?
If the enemey team doesnt have strong CC, and enemey Top doesnt have much sustain.

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Pros / Cons

+ Sustain ( Bloodlust)
+ High damage output
+ Items low cost
+ split pusher
+ armor is useless vs him
+ He doesnt need alot of life steal
+ Not item depented, you just need your Statikk Shiv :)
+ Good in Early - Mid - Late
+- One of the best ulti in the game ( Undying Rage)

- Countered if the enemey team has high CC
- Can have bad times on lane until Statikk Shiv
- Easily kited
- I dont know more cons.

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Team Composition (Synergies / Counters)

1. Good Team-compositions
I pref something like with tons of CC.
Like: Tryndamere -> Top /// Amumu -> Jungle /// Diana -> Mid

2. Bad Team-compositions
Squishy team comps like: Kha'Zix -> Jungle /// Akali - Mid

3. Other good Team-comp's.
Mh... i dont rly know. I think something with CC and burst, like Cho'Gath.

4. Enemy team compositions / champions to avoid with this champ!

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1. My runes and why i take it.
I always take: Greater Seal of Armor 9x ///Why? Cuz u often face an ad champ top.
Greater Mark of Attack Damage 9x ///Why? More damage with AA's and Spinning Slash
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist 4x and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist 5x /// Why? Cuz top often has some magic damage spells like Lee Sin E
Greater Quintessence of Life Steal 2x ///Why? Nice sustain for early game, so you can outtrade the enemy in trades.
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage 1x ///Why? More damage with AA's and Spinning Slash

Guide Top


Fury will give u a huge advantage in early game, and it rly good with Mark of Attack Speed.
Butcher So u can lasthit easier
Executioner Will give u a huge advantage

Well, i dont have too say anything more too teh rest.
Lets move to the defense tree.

Durability for Veteran's Scars
Hardiness cuz u often fight vs an ad top
Resistance for pickin up Veteran's Scars

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

1. My main choices of summoner spells.
Usally I take Exhaust and Flash /// Why? Exhaust so you can chase the enemy
easier or for escape!
Flash I take this everygame is just good for chasing the enemy or for escaping. :)

2. Other choices.
Barrier is also extremly nice vs burst damage.
Ignite if you want more damage output, I dont pref this. :)
Heal is still good, but you already have an heal ( Bloodlust)
I think the rest is pretty useless

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Finally.. the items.
So well lets go!

1. Core Items
Statikk Shiv is your CORE item everygame, everytime.

Best items for Tryndamere.
Statikk Shiv & Infinity Edge.

2. What order do you buy them in?
Start with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion EVERYGAME!! Why u ask?, cuz then u can get Berserker's Greaves faster.
Bilgewater Cutlass for the extra slow and speed (Dont build it into Blade of the Ruined King get this later.
Infinity Edge I really pref this item it will increase your damage output hard!
Last Whisper AND Frozen Mallet get both of this, its rly important and it will increase your damage and tankiness.
At least your Blade of the Ruined King so u can catch the adc (apc) in a teamfight easier.

3 scepters.. only get this if u're rly behind and the enemy pushin your lane everyday and u cant do nothing.. and hes harrassing u under the tower. Only then get this. But i dont pref this

The Ravenous Hydra if u want 2 splitpush your lane. Or if your team is behind and the enemys are in your base. Replace this with BOTRK.

The Bloodthirster for more damage, but i dont pref this. Replace this with BOTRK

Wriggle's Lantern get this if u have a hard time against an ad'er. REPLACE THIS WITH Frozen Mallet OR Last Whisper

Phantom Dancer Replace it with Frozen Mallet if u're rly feed and u dont need def items

Spirit Visage If u have a hard time vs an ap'er top. (Btw your q-heal is stronger then).Replace this with Frozen Mallet

Warmog's Armor DONT GET IT IF THE ENEMEYS HAS 2 botrk's! replace with Frozen Mallet

Bad items for Tryndamere.
(Will add bad items soon)

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Ability Explanation

What do i skill first? And why?
Always max Bloodlust first. It will give u alot of sustain, and you it helps you too outtrade the enemy.
Then i take Spinning Slash Cuz it will increase the damage, and it will lower the cooldown.
After sustain and damage i finally take some points in Mocking Shout, for the extra CC and u can disincrease the damage of opponents.

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Lane Phase / Early Game

Which lane is the best?
I prefer top, this is the build made for.
He's good in jungle too.

Only trade with the enemy if your "Fury-Bar" is full, just do this: Go for it, AA 2-3, Spinning Slash out if needed. If the damaged you Bloodlust it away. Boom you won the trade!

1. Farm until your Statikk Shiv.
2. Splitpush.
3. Destroy 1. tower and roam and push other lanes
4. Later when u're full build, solo baron. Tell your team too go 4 ppl's mid. (I changed Phantom Dancer too Frozen Mallet idk if u can solo it anymore, i will test it soon)
5. In teamfights focus adc/apc.
6. Win :)
Never forget too farm!! Always farm!! If u're behind just focus on farm!
Get like 200 cs in 20 min.

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A-Z & 1/10

Akali If no early ganks and if shes not roaming = 4/10 or 9/10
She can be very easy, her harass is kinda useless (1-5 Level).
Dont let her roam, when shes gettin kills in early levels shes like unstoppable.
Care of early ganks. Ward 24/7.

Rarely seen.
Will add more stuff if i face him.
Caitlyn 8/10
She has all.. she will harass you 24/7 if you try too fight her she just will disingage with 90 Caliber Net.
Ask your Jungler for help.
Cho'Gath Unskilled Cho : 2/10 Skilled Cho : 9/10
Cho'Gath can be pain, if hes know how 2 play vs a Tryndamere.
Do not engage with Spinning Slash wait for his Rupture then dodge this.
Feast can kill you instant, so use your Undying Rage earlier and bait his Feast!
Darius Unskilled always something like 1-5/10 Skilled: 10/10
If the Darius is skilled, he will rush Randuin's Omen and.. you'r ****ed. He has so much CC (Slows). Yeah i said Armor is useless vs Tryndamere but Randuin's Omen will slow you and disincrease your attack speed. Avoid this matchup
Diana Early (Level 1-5) 3/10 ||| Mid/Late (6-18) 8/10
Early shes easy.. she has like no CC only Moonfall and it has alot of cd.
At 6-18 (level) she will destroy you. Avoid this matchup
Dr. Mundo
Rarely seen.
Will add more stuff if i face him.
Elise If she lands [cocoon]] 10/10 If not 1/10
Elise can destroy you in 1 second, if shes going Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Liandry's Torment and lands Cocoon you will die in like 3 seconds. After that she will buy (if shes good)
Rarely seen.
Will add more stuff if i face him.
Fiora nuff said' 3/10 with Randuin's Omen 6/10
You're just stronger, if you're behind or not.
But if shes rushin Randuin's Omen if can get difficult.
Rarely but possible.
Will add more stuff if i face him.
Gangplank Crit gp 8/10 ||| Fulltank gp 5/10 ||| Tanky and Damage 10/10
Crit gp: Can be pain.. hes like you just with range.
Fulltank gp: He can kite you, and i dont think you can kill him only in early levels.
Tanky and Damage gp: Oh gawd.. he will do so much damage and hes so tanky. You cant do nothing.
Avoid this matchup Why? Hes just like you but he has range.
Will add more stuff if i face him.
Hecarim 7/10
He can be very strong and tanky, and he has more sustain than you.
A good Hecarim will rush Iceborn Gauntlet, well thats not the problem. It gives only armor
and a little cc. The main problem will be his sustain ( Spirit of Dread). And if u engage with Spinning Slash he will just Devastating Charge you out. At level 6 he can probaly kill you with Onslaught of Shadows. Avoid this matchup
Heimerdinger 8/10
Can be extremly annoying lane, he can outrange you so hard!!
If he gets Tear of the Goddess he will spam you with rockets allday.
If you try too Spinning Slash on him he will just stun you with his ch-1 concussion grenade (If hes good he will land it allday.). Avoid this matchup or ask your jungler for early ganks and he will become totaly useless.
Will add more soon, I dont have time right now.

Guide Top

Mid Game / Team Fighting

1. When should you leave your lane
A: If your team grouping up mid.
B: If your team wants Baron /// Dragon
C: If one of your team-member has troubles go and help him!

Items you should have
Statikk Shiv and Bilgewater Cutlass and Infinity Edge.

Wait for your team too engage, then go in an go for the adc/apc!
If u see u only have 200-100hp left use Undying Rage

What is your strategy for teamfights?
Hit whatever you can, go for a adc/apc.
Protect your adc/apc when the enemy team has an Zed or Akali aka. all other assassins.

Guide Top

Late Game

Where should you be.
A: Go on a lane (alone) and tell your team that you are "splitpushing".
B: Go with your team and start a teamfight.
C: If you're full build: Solo baron , but tell your team too group 4 mid.

Items/Consumables u should have
Full build maybe.. idk if u farmed very well and got some kills. "Our" build isnt very expensive.
But you should have Statikk Shiv Infinity Edge and Blade of the Ruined King.

What objectives you should secure
Dragon -> Towers -> Inhibs. Baron isnt so important.

What things you should pay attention on the map.
If your supporter is good, he warded alot and if u see one on their team, that is alone go for it!

Guide Top

Bug with Tryndamere (Negative bug)

The legendary skin from Tryndamere is buggin. Why?
The crit animation is slower! DONT USE THIS SKIN!
Use king tryndamere! :)

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Good tips. (Read)

When u play vs Champs, who can kill u instant with a spell like Cho'Gath use R earlier.


When u're full build do this: Go to baron with a Vision Ward or oracle (IDK TEH NAME), SOLO IT, but tell your team too group mid. Too confuse the enemies, just solo it u can do it. :)
(I changed Phantom Dancer too Frozen Mallet idk if u can solo it anymore, i will test it soon)

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So yeah.. this was my first guide.
Pls be nice, and help me with my next guide soon inc.!

P.s: Sry for my bad english, I'm from Germany.
If i missed something, or spelld something wrong say it!

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30/5/2013 - Added Mercury's Treads and Mercurial Scimitar to "SITI. ITEMS"
30/5/13 - Added a new build "NOOB TRYNDA FOR NOOBS UNDER LVL 20
30/5/13 - Changed some stuff
30/5/13 - Changed guide title into "A quick guide for Tryndamere top."
30/5/13 - Changed runes got some nice tips from my friend
30/5/13 - Published.!
31/5/13 - Still changeing some stuff'
31/5/13 - Added a 4 new chapters.
1/6/13 - Changed Phantom Dancer too Frozen Mallet.
1/6/13 - Changed tons of stuff, new chapters, i will add more matchups soon.
3/6/13 - Added some matchups, fixed some spelling errors.
4/6/13 - Archived. Seems i dont get any votes, without votes and rationale I cant make my guide better.