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Amumu Build Guide by Aussie Nick

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aussie Nick

Amumu NOOB guide for dummies

Aussie Nick Last updated on January 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Guide to stuff below this chapter in a list type form of what the other cha

Amu Basics
About the bloke who wrote this
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly with Amu
Skill sequence/Abilities
Early game (like before lvl 6)
Mid game (like after lvl 6 - small skirmishes, ganks and stuff)
Late game (LERRRooooy Jenkins, u mad bro thingys)
Items (the stuff you kill with, which you buy from the shop)
Tips and tricks for NOOBS
The end/Thanks

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Amu Basics

I love Amu - yes, we're on a short name brocode basis. He rocks. He's cute and humble (soooo unlike me, hence our reciprocal symbiosis). He tanks and helps your team look good. He initiates, assists, kills, saves, does acrobats, tells jokes, offers wine.

Anyone can play him. Bandage toss takes a bit of practice, but the rest is just rushing into a fight and hitting all the buttons at once.

This guide is just for fun - if you bash all the buttons outside of Summoners Rift vs BOTS BEG well I won't be held accountable. If you want to jungle, solo top or buy fancy items with secondary functions that when active send out like 3 ghouls, slow by 15.33 % enemies within a 400 radius if their HP is lower than 38.9% and it's after Midday, increase allied turret range by 1,100 if 5 minions are wearing odd socks - then this guide is not for you.

It's for noobs like me - Q then W then E then R - victory.

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About the bloke who wrote this

G'day - I'm a 47ish something Aussie living in France, been playing LoL for about 3 months now. I've managed to bash my way to lvl 30, but don't know how. I don't play ranked (waaaay too stressful, and ELO reminds me of my Dad's record collection), rarely play PvP normal draft mode (only with a handful of peeps I've met in-game who don't care if we win or lose) and even get frustrated playing against bots INT. I have no idea what I'm doing in Dominion, just run around like a headless chook trying to turn red towers into green towers, and am always surprised when the game finishes - my first question is always 'did we win?'. Scared of Twisted Treeline. Nope, just Summoners Rift thank you very much. Beginner. Free champion rotation.

Amu was the first champion I saved my hard earned (read 'free') IP up for, and is my fall back champ if some other noob has picked the free champ that I wanted to play *sigh*.

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The Good, The Bad and the Ugly with Amu

One of the best, if not THE best, Ultimate
3 (count 'em - friggin 3!) AoE (Area of Effect) spells
2 Stuns
A gap closer
2nd highest HP at lvl 1
Green, tiny, great animation
A friggin tank that starts stuff hitting the fan
Huge CC (Crowd Control)
Sounds like a drunk Simpson
Mana dependant early game
Pretty squishy early game
Blue buff dependant early game
Can be kited easily
Bandage toss can be dodged
Bandage toss a bit tricky to land if a NOOB
Ultimate has a long cool down
Needs to farm a lot to get bling and buy good stuff
If your team are fellow noobs, and you like run in and ultimate, and they like just hang back instead of beating the bejesus outta the other team, well, you die usually.
When you start to be good, you get picked on.
If you start bad, you'll never catch up
Most games finish before you have built him real good

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Skill sequence/Abilities

Passive Cursed Touch

Basically, each time you auto-attack a champ, he loses magic resistance - USE IT. Or not.

Q Bandage Toss

Great range - hit a champ from afar and stun them for 1 second. Get an auto attack in for his passive Cursed Touch to reduce their magic resistance, then press all the buttons at once. Seriously.

I max this last, but have to have a point before lvl 4 just to surprise my enemies.

W Despair

This is toggled - you gotta press 'W' to turn it on, and 'W' again to turn it off. If you forget to turn it off, well, you'll use up all your mana. It deals an immediate set damage PLUS a percentage of their MAXIMUM health + a percentage of their Ability power PER SECOND. At max lvl, that's like 96 damage + (10.8% to 26%) of their health every 4 seconds to ALL THINGS IN A 300 RADIUS! You stick within range of that Mofo for 16 seconds and I can GUARANTEE they be dead ... if you don't run out of mana ... or they have no AP ... or they like hide behind a turret, or oh nevermind...

Use this to finish off a fleeing champ(s) - just run beside him/them and watch their HP tick down. Even better when you have your sunfire cape! Or hit them!

I like to max this second, otherwise I use it too often before I have a decent mana pool.

E Tantrum

Just doin' nuttin (passsive) you get reduced damage each skill lvl - I guess they should just call this 'armour' or something. Pressing it (active) makes the ground shake and ALL enemies around you in a 200 radius take damage. What's really cool, if you're attacked, it cools down quicker. Try standing in between a wave of minions. With your back turned on the 'caster' minions, Tantrum the 'melee' minions with this. You'll see in no time it's back up - turn around and Tantrum 'caster' minions. Repeat each wave. Make lotsa money. Buy stuff. Victory.

I like to max this first as it seems to give more damage per mana earlier on.

R Curse of the Sad Mummy

One of the most iconic Ultimates in the history of DOTAMOBARPG thingys. Ever. Run into a crowd of bad guys, press 'R', watch your team clean up. REMEMBER, this is just a STUN and not a TRAP...enemies can still cast spells, they just can't move or auto attack for 2 seconds. Since you'll be playing other NOOBS, most players just sit there like a Kangaroo staring at headlights, panic and run.

Obviously, you take this skill whenever offered, being (duh) levels 6, 11 and 16.

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Um - whatever, this is like bonus stuff - I go for 21 points in defense because he's pretty squishy, and 9 points in Utility so I can get more mana and longer buffs, but sheesh, it's just bots, so it don't really matter...try whatever tickles your fancy - feeling aggressive? Take ALL the points in offense.

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Um, again free bonus stuff (well, you gotta play a little to get free IP gold to buy 'em, but what like whatever).

I reckon something like this:

Mark - Magic Penetration
Seal - Armour
Glyph - Magic Resistance
Quint - Attack Damage, Ability Power, Movement Speed, whatever.

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I don't like pressing more buttons than I have to. Crickey, you want me to to Auto attack, Flash, Twin Peaks, Ignite, reposition, Q, X twice, Triangle, R1 or R2 depending on their health?

Naaah, simple stupid. I got low health - Heal. I got no mana - Clarity thank you very much.

Try and do it around your fellow summoners (Heal and replenish Mana) as it has a radius y'know - they appreciate it. Or don't.

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Early game (like before lvl 6)

Farm. Last hit (this is how you get gold and experience, which helps you level up). Practise, it's just bots. If you get the Spirit Stone thingy, try for blue buff on your way to lane. It helps get more minions, faster mana and health recharge - ideally stand in between their towers (obviously if outta range and ideally because their 2 bot champs are dead) and farm with W Despair toggled 'ON' and E Tantrum each time off cool down whilst your minions/partner take down the first turret.

Have fun, it's just a game.

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Mid game (like after lvl 6 - small skirmishes, ganks and stuff)

Hopefully by lvl 6 you remembered to get your ulti (R), and have some Q, W and E points. Now the fun begins.

You see an enemy champ - hopefully without a minion between him and you:

Q Bandage Toss to fly across the terrain towards him (this is usually a good indicator to the rest of your team that you are 'initiating' or picking a fight...)

Ideally, Auto Attack once whilst he's stunned to proc (kick in) your passive Cursed Touch and reduce his MR. Or not.

W Despair toggled 'ON' to start draining his HP. Leave this on until he's dead or you have safely escaped.

E Tantrum to deal some instant damage. E Tantrum again if it comes back up (off 'cooldown').

R Curse of the Sad Mummy if you want to freeze him in place some more.

Pretty easy huh? Q, W, E, R - victory.

Bandage Toss ==> Despair ==> Tantrum ==> Curse of the Sad Mummy ==> Victory

Some people like to turn W Despair on first, but if you ever play REAL people, this kinda gives your intentions away.

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Late game (LERRRooooy Jenkins, u mad bro thingys)

Okay, this one's a little bit trickier, but only because the 4 buttons you gotta push are slightly outta order.

You see a GROUP of enemy champs - again, hopefully without a minion between them and you:

Q Bandage Toss to fly across the terrain towards him (this is usually a good indicator to the rest of your team that you are 'initiating' or picking a fight...)

Ideally, Auto Attack once whilst he's stunned to proc (kick in) your passive Cursed Touch and reduce his MR. Or not.


W Despair toggled 'ON' to start draining their HP. Leave this on until they're all dead, whilst chasing down stragglers or you have safely escaped.

E Tantrum to deal some instant damage. E Tantrum again if it comes back up (off 'cooldown').

SOOOOOoooo, instead of Q, W, E, R , you are now pressing Q, R, W, E - got it?

Bandage Toss ==> Curse of the Sad Mummy ==> Despair ==> Tantrum ==> kill stragglers ==> Victory

Again, some people like to turn W Despair on first, but again, if you ever play REAL people, this kinda gives your intentions away.

Once you have your Sunfire Cape and W Despair on, it is quite rewarding to just skip alongside enemies and BAM they're dead.

They're running faster than you? Use Q Bandage Toss to catch up and stun them.

Still not dead? Press E Tantrum again, or even try hitting them with your Auto Attack - you'll be surprised...go on, I dare you...double dare...with a cherry on top...

By this time, I find each time I've gone back to shop, regain health or I DIED, by the time I get back into the action, my ERMAGHERD ULTI Curse of the Sad Mummy is back up...

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Items (the stuff you kill with, which you buy from the shop)


I like to play nice and easy - with Faerie Charm and Rejuvenation Bead, some Health Potion pots, (regen and/or heal) I can usually stay in lane a bit longer (i.e. I don't die, run out of mana), farm some more, get more last hits, more gold = more shopping = more damage = more gold = more shopping etc...

Pretty quick

I want some Boots of Speed if I need to chase some pesky champ who has like 10 HP left and decides to run away - very frustrating. I want my philosopher stone for more HP and Mana regen, and soon transform this to Eleisa's Miracle - which will DISAPPEAR AFTER LIKE 3 LEVELS FREEING UP A SLOT BUT RETAINING ALL THE BENEFITS!!! (Not sure if it will still give you free gold 'though).

As soon as poss I want my Spirit Stone so I can freely grab blue buff, MORE mana and HP regen.

Mercury's Treads will give me some MR and SLOWS STUNS and OTHER STUFF on me! Suck a kebab CC (Crowd Control) Nyer nyer. Enchantment Alacrity just makes me skip faster....

Starting to have fun

Sunfire Cape gives me CONTINOUS DAMAGE to bad guys around me - very important to an in-your-face champ like Amu. Oh, and more HP and armour and stuff.

More damage

Abyssal Mask gives me more DAMAGE, more MR and lessens the MR of fools within 600 clicks of me. Pity the fool(s) that get near you now - most champs (except of course robotic suicidal champs) will now be peeing in their pantaloons when they see you...

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is the sorbet on the cherry on the cake with MORE health, MORE damage and MORE CC by slowing your enemies like every time you cast a spell - watch 'em try and run away NOW..

Some protection

Frozen Heart gives you CDR (Cool Down Reduction - means you can use your spells more often/quicker), Mana and Armour. Wait, there's MORE ... for a limited time only, if you're one of the first 20 callers, you also reduce the attack speed of enemies within 1,000 clicks! Hurry, call now...

...if the game's still going, may as well update your Spirit Stone to Spirit of the Elder Lizard for MORE attack damage, MORE CDR and some other stuff cool stuff like burning peeps over time


Um - if you need more Armour, well buy it. Same goes if you need more Magic Resistance - go to the shop, click "Magic Resistance" and buy something. Duh, noob.

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Tips and tricks for NOOBS

Farm first - don't pick fights, don't try and be the hero lvl 1. Just get as much gold as possible. Real people, I've heard, farm for like 20 minutes when in solo lane. Don't push the lane, or take out the turrets so ******* quickly - you'll suddenly have 3 or more champs breathing down your neck...keep fighting them, and they will camp there - best go to another lane, lay low, kill a few monsters for fun until they go away. Take your time, practice - it's just bots.

Same goes for inhibitors - if you take all 3 of them down, your minions will win the game for you. Don't be greedy, just take out 1, then you and your team mates can have fun finishing your build and JUST KILL CHAMPS....

Have fun - crickey, it's not like you're unemployed, depressed, ex-wife who won't let you see the kids except for a few hours a week, and they haven't slept over for like 4 years, or you haven't had sex since November 2011, wasting all day on Lol, cold without heating...ahem, I digress...yeah, it's JUST a GAME, so enjoy it, chat in game, laugh, curse (which can be fun depending on the level of creativity/troll factor), congrat your teammates, use smiley faces, steal their kills for the lolz.

Um, don't play solo - remember you're a team - if you wanna win, you gotta like rush mid together, not have someone bot trying to get more gold, someone jungling for practice, and the other 3 playing tag team betwen summoners platform and their Nexus - it normally takes at LEAST 2 of you, like together, to take down a champ, or you wouldn't be reading this.

As Amu, wait until everyone is cowered behind you, rush into the enemy and press all the buttons. I cannot stress enough how important this is. You're a TANK, act suicidal and immaturely, she'll be right mate.

In the lobby (where you choose your champion) say 'Hi', and tell everyone which lane you're going to (usually choose top - bottom and mid he can be 'kited' by champions who have 'ranged' attacks). Like this there are no confusions as to which lane everyone is going to. If you can't speak English, please, at least learn 'Top', 'Mid' and 'Bot'. And if you can't speak English, how come you're reading this guide!!??

Seriously, having 3 AP's stubbornly sitting in Mid is just plain stupid. The Bots don't care and they will still send 2 Top and 2 Bot, making life miserable for the solo NOOBS left there. Same goes for having a jungler. You wanna practice, fine, make a custom game...but Peeps vs AI Bots, some poor NOOB's gonna have to go solo in a top or bot lane against 2 bots. "But they're just bots" I hear you say. Yeah, well try telling that to my 10 year old son who now has nightmares of Trundle Bot and Shen Bot kicking his scrawny lil a$$ - not cool. He deserves better.

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Crickey I hate NOOBS whinging "KS" (Kill steal or kill secure}, like all the champions are belonging to them. It's true, it's frustrating when you chase down a champ, peel off 90% of their HP and a wild Teemo appears - pew pew - "Your Ally has slain *******" but it doesn't really matter. Really. Seriously, they're just bots. If you want a solo high score, go play Tetris. This is a TEAM game, the point is to WIN, not see who has the highest kills.

If I'm playing with a bunch of fellow NOOBS for the first time, and I see a fleeing enemy run past me, scampering back to his base, then sure - BLAMMY - I kill him.

I have no idea if my team mate has the skill, Mana, ability-off-cool-down, speed, competence or any number of factors to secure the kill.

Yet I'm expected stop what I'm doing, look around the map, assess said fleeing enemy champs health, regen abilities, distance from nearest tower/enemy champs, see if fellow ally can or cannot complete the task that I never saw instigated in the first place, (Is there DoT in effect?), weigh all this up in my small (read male) brain, and if in doubt press "Enter" mid game and type "Um, excuse me xXD3athmOnger1998Xx but, uh, you got this or you want me to, like, y'know, pow-1-shot-it's-over type thingy?" ... "xXDEathmongerXx?...hellooooo" ... "Whaddya mean you can't type, chase and kill at the same time - Noob" ... "Did I spell that wrong? Sorry..." "Um, English? Please? xD"....

Seriously - I believe the team gets more gold for a kill/assist, and who cares HOW the bot died? Just nuke the bastards, earn IP, buy champs for free.

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The end/Thanks

Tah - Mobafire, Riot Games,, Red Bull, Coffee, Nicotine, fellow summoners and all the young fellas who have slept with my Mum.

Noobs rule.

And Jhoijhoi? I love you, will you marry me?

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