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Anivia Build Guide by saraphangel

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League of Legends Build Guide Author saraphangel

Anivia the Cyropheonix- A World of Ice

saraphangel Last updated on June 4, 2013
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Hello Everyone!


Here is my Anivia guide. Sorry if this guide sucks. I plan on adding additional roles and other builds for Anivia and posting up some pictures for the tips. Please be patient with me ;) but this is my first ever guide and honestly, I think there should be more Anivia players. Most people underestimate the power of Anivia. However, I believe Anivia to be one of the most powerful champ in the right hands of its user. Or at least the most TROLOLOL champion ever created ;)
Anivia is a skill shot champion, every single one of her abilities including her passive Rebirth, requires the ability of the user to use it skillfully. There is no actual target ability except for her Frostbite . All in all, Anivia is a fun character to play. She in my opinion, is the most annoying of all the champions.

You can stun with her Flash Frost, you can burst with her Frostbite, you can troll with her impassible wall Crystallize, and then you can farm and slow with her ultimate Glacial Storm.

Hopefully, you can find my guide to your liking. The other Anivia guides are great and wonderful. However, the biggest difference between my guide and theirs are the skill sequences and the items. Read my guide to turn the entire map to


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Item Selection

Rod Of Ages
RoA offers you Mana, Health, and AP all together in one item. It offers a great sustain start, especially for Anivia who has low armor, magic resist, and mana. That mana is useful especially when stacked with . This item is rarely a bad choice for any AP.

Seraph's Embrace
In my opinion an Seraph's Embrace is more useful than an Athene's Unholy Grail. Seraph's Embrace allows massive AP and a shield for Anivia It allows your mana to increase massively allowing longer laning. Meanwhile, Athene's Unholy Grail does offer a good mana restoration along with a 20% cooldown reduction. However, I prefer to give a stronger burst (120ap > 60ap) because if timed correctly, your burst should be able to kill an adc in one combo hit, thus no need for the cooldown reduction. However, I would recommend this against a heavy AP team.
Rabadon's Deathcap
If I have to explain why you need this nuke, then you should just stop reading this guide and uninstall the game. JK, this item is essential, more AP = more Burst. There isn't much to explain.
Liandry's Torment
By the late game the opposing team should have built up magic resist, if they are smart. This item is built to counter those tanks and that dreaded Runic Bulwark. Otherwise, its passive is op with your Glacial Storm, building stacks and burning in fire and in ice.
Zhonya's Hourglass
Just like the cap, what is there to say? This item packs an additional AP bonus along with a fail safe stasis cell. You shield yourself with Seraph's Embrace your Rebirth saves you once more, and if that's not enough you have your Zhonya's Hourglass to save yourself one more.

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Gameplay Sequences

Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Flash Frost(W)
Probably the most essential and important ability of Anivia, STUN and DAMAGE
Remember you can press Q again to make it manually explode on impact. The best way to do this is to shoot the projection where you think the enemy will be. It moves slow however, it deals damage as it passes through an enemy and an additional damage as it bursts. It serves as a great initiator and also as a good finisher.
The true *FACEPALMER* an impassable WALL
Keep in mind that I don't fully level my wall till the end and only get the first level by 8. You're probably wondering why. The wall is a great ability however its cooldown is extremely long especially in the early game. Anivia can't chase as well thus the wall in the early phase is only meant to save your own teamates. However, in the late game it becomes extremely powerful with capabilities of blocking off an entire lane even. ALSO keep in mind the wall also REVEALS the surrounding for a duration of 7seconds. A great tool to check bushes if there is no ward in place.
Forget about poking! It's a bite out of their health!
Frost bite is where all of the damage comes in. Sure her Glacial Storm is powerful along with her Flash Frost. However, this can easily burst down the opponent's health to about half. If you land your stun correctly your opponent won't even realize what hit them.
Glacial Storm(R)
Articuno use BLIZZARD! Wait... I mean Anivia!
Despite this being Anivia's (r) it is rather weak in damage. However, it is the strongest asset to finishing kills and laning. It allows you to easily farm with a fast cooldown and to slow and frost your opponents. It can easily be casted before a fight and cancelled and casted again before the fight is even over. However, be careful of your mana!
Ima freaking phoenix, I NEVER DIE!!! MUAHAHAHAHA
In my opinion this is one of the most powerful passive in the entire game. Why? It does a great job luring enemy champions. On death, your HP is fully restored (however your mana is not). It works extremely well with ignite and the burn from the torch because you can engage a fight and fight till your dying breath. Don't you hate those moments when they kill you while you're running away? Well this allows you to continue the fight and burn them to death while you're respawning!

Initiating a Fight

Bite Em Hard
Slow Em
Eating Seconds
Trap Em

*Aim carefully, your Flash Frost must be shot at the PROJECTED location. I prefer to use smart cast and instantly shoot, aiming takes a while and if you get a hang of it you can shoot flawlessly and stun dealing DOUBLE the damage.

*Take a bite out of their health with Frostbite and scare the **** out of them. This will send them running away from you.

*Thankfully you're a troll, they are running from your Frostbite but you can slow them down with this Glacial Storm. Their movement is hindered and they remain frosted.

*At this point, they must be swearing, because they are still stuck in your AoE and is still frosted. You can laugh and just send another Frostbite and take away their hp.

*Sadly if they haven't died yet you can trap them within your Glacial Storm. If that doesn't work you can always cancel the storm and use the Crystallize to block their path. This will force them to go around your wall, allowing you to easily predict their movement for your Flash Frost and the whole thing repeats once more.


The only time you will need to run aware is when you are ganked or the enemy has a closure that allows them to sneak close into you. At this point you can either flash and hope they don't have one or use your skills to stop them.
Block Em
Slow Em
Take Em Out
Slow Em
Face Plant

*First, cast Glacial Storm on yourself which has a wide AoE and will slow them down for sure. If the enemy closes in on you they will be trapped in your storm. Once the enemy passes through it cancel it at once, your will need to cast it again.

*Next cast Flash Frost and hopefully land your stun.

*Give them a reason not to chase you and fight back with a Frostbite. If it lands successfully the enemy would be left behind stunned and taken a large amount of damage.

*However if the chase continues recast your Glacial Storm slow them down as much as possible. You maybe able to fly, but you are freaking slow!!!!

*If all hope is lost cast your Crystallize again hopefully. However, for the most part you should not need to worry. This escape skill sequence if done correctly is able to effectively burst down your enemy. It may in fact make you the hunter instead and turn the table to finish them off.

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Champion Spotlight- Anivia

Is Anivia The Right Choice For You?

Anivia is an AP carry. She has a strong poke damage with Frostbite. Because of the short cooldown on Glacial Storm and a stun from Flash Frost, she can get push lanes easy, and unlike most AP carries she's useful in team fights.

The way I play Anivia on this guide is aggressive. Anivia has a nice range and so she can hit far stay safe from enemy attackers. Dont be afraid to use your Glacial Storm quite often to farm. It keeps the enemy at bay and allows you to farm very effectively. If the enemy gets close just use your Frostbite and burst them.
Anivia is a very powerful burst. She can effectively slow the enemy and burst them down or allow the ADC to clean up the kills. You can even effectively be a lure and bait because of your OP passive Rebirth and get kills for your teammate.
Anivia cant chase and if she is ganked (as mid is often ganked) then she will surely die. However, there are times when you must play passively.

In the early game play passively until you hit level 2. Combined your Flash Frost and Frostbite deal massive damage, however last hitting is hard due to the low damage and slow attk speed. Play passive aggressive until level 6, meaning just poke then run and NEVER CHASE, unless you Flash and attk or Ignite. However, I do not reccommend that, it burns your only escape. I repeat NEVER CHASE until you are at level 6. At level 6 go HAM and start bursting as if there is no tomorrow. Why is that? Simply, Anivia is so slow that you will never be able to catch them even with your boots maxed, however with your Glacial Storm you can slow them down and get your kills.

The Good, The Bad, the Ugly


- Great CC and Farm
- Very Strong Burst
- Rebirth Passive allows for easy lures and less deaths
- Often underestimated or not played against
- Very good range


- Extremely Slow Champ without a good escape
- Stun has a long cooldown
- All skill shots
- Very squishy despite a nice passive (4min cooldown)

Anivia is a wonder mid champ able to farm, push, burst, and carry. However, despite her awesomeness she is easily countered.

*Champions with the ability to silence
Kassadin Fiddlesticks Blitzcrank Soraka etc can stop her from chaining and cancel her Glacial Storm.
*Champions that have gap closures and able to get up and personal are very troublesome.
*Be careful of ADC,never fight head on. Wait for ganks or an ambush. In a head to head conflict they would easily take out your hp faster.

Champions To be Wary Of

Bad Setups against you will be Fizz because he has a gap closure, a knock up to cancel your Glacial Storm, and has the ability to dodge your stun and burst.
To counter Fizz I prefer to use my Glacial Storm and my Frostbite to force him
to dodge. When he comes back down, land your Flash Frost and stun then follow up with
Frostbite. The key is forcing Fizz to waste his Playful / Trickster.

Katarina is also annoyin, in her ability to poke and dodge as well.
Kat is tricky, due to her ability to poke and disappear as well with her Shunpo. My
best advice is to wait for ganks and turret hug. Rather than trying to land your
Flash Frost cast your Glacial Storm on yourself. Most Katarina players
will try to get up close infront of your AoE or behind you. As long as you cast your
Glacial Storm on yourself and send a Frostbite it will force her to keep her

Diana has the power to poke from the sides, gap closure, and shield with a pull. Diana is quite the troublesome champion.
She is a hassle. However, early game until lvl 6 you have a strong advantage. Your
Flash Frost and Frostbite combo is enough to get your first blood or at least
land bully. Ganks will allow you to gain a considerable lead. However at lvl 6 be cautious
and play safe and wait for ganks.

Kassadin is by far the most annoying mid that can be played against with his gap closure, burst, and silence.
The only good thing about playing against Kassadin is that he is very predictable. This
allows you to be bait for your jungle by force him to use up his skills in hoping for an
easy kill. However, in actuality your Rebirth saves you and you get the kill or assist
with the help of your jungler.

Though the video is outdated, Anivia is still the same old champ ;)

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Runes & Summoner Skills


Runes are essential for any and every champ. I prefer leveling runes. Flat runes are great for early gaming champions that snowball, however Anivia is not that champion.
9 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration allows you to have a good early game advantage. Having that +8.55 Magic Penetration is key to getting through your enemies Magic Resistance in early game.
9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power along with
2 Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power allows you the carrying advantage. If you do the math, by lvl 9 you will have the ability power of a flat rune and by lvl 18 you will have that double of a flat rune and in some cases more!
1 Quintessence of Ability Power for that early game AP that can be helpful.
5 Greater Seal of Armor gives you the edge in Armor. Sadly most items for Anivia do not build a good Armor defense. When Anivia comes back from Rebirth she will gain some armor and magic resistance according to your level.
4 Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration allows you to receive mana. When you are playing Anivia, Mana is key to staying late into the game. The more mana you have the longer you can stay active. Her ultimate has a small cooldown yet drains massive amounts of mana but is the most essential to bursting her way to victory.

Summoner Skills

Fire works well with ice, it is hard for Anivia to chase down and finish off champs, thus ignites do a very good job in finishing kills. However, the most powerful aspect of ignite is that with Rebirth you are able to fight head to head with enemy champions and not worry about dying. Bring them down to low health and Ignite them. While in your egg form, you are helpless and unable to attack, but ignite slowly eats them away. Perfect for those first blood fights.

You may be able to fly, but you sure are slow. Flash alows you to escape effectively, through walls, creeps, and champions. Anivia is great but the flash is what will save you and kill them.

Other Possible Spells

Teleport is a good spell, it allows for fast laning and allows you to effectively help in ganks. Due to the turtle speed flying of Anivia, teleport in replacement for flash is not a bad choice.


Why is Clarity a bad choice, easy, because you can always buy a Mana Potion. The item build I suggested would allow you for late game to hardly ever worry about mana. Continuously grab blue buff and you should be fine as long as you stack up on your Mana Potion.

Heal is a support spell, it is in my case less useful then clarity because of the Rebirth passive which restocks health but not mana. Same as before, the Rod of Ages and Health Potion should be plenty to keep you up and lively.