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Lux Build Guide by Th1rt3en

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Th1rt3en

AP Lux, 600+ damage Basic Attack?O.O

Th1rt3en Last updated on May 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, This is my 1st guide and it is about my favorite AP nuke, Lux. Lux has the ability, thanks to her passive , to deal quite nice damage with auto-attacks, too. While being able to deal tons of damage to 1 or more enemies(considering a 1v1 lane battle, or a team fight), she can protect her allies from hit-and-go DoT spells like with her

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Pros and Cons


  • Lux can easily harrass in early stages with her thanks to it's long range, and in late game get enemies enemies low for a finishing hit with withfinales funkeln. remember, her ulti ignites her passive
  • Pseudo Support, with high Ability Power, you can easily protect allies from dying with your
  • High Damage with auto-attacks thanks to the combination / , plus, the combination / can save you in occasions against low life opponents, while you are low on mana to use your other abilities
  • Two CC abilites, helping you flee from 1v3(or more) occasions, but also helps your jungler to gank your lane opponent, if he does not have a blink or dashing ability

  • Mandatory Mid lane for quick growth on exp and gold
  • All her abilities are skillshots, with an ulti that misses easily, if not trained to use it
  • Other AP carries and nukes can easily counter you

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Investing on Armor, magic pen, AP is what Lux need. Gaining survivability against AD Carries that can still hit you, even when rooted with with for and for health. Flat magic penetration and AP, will help dealing more damage, early in game making the opponents go bank to the pool to regenerate, giving you free time to farm. In the end, your mana regeneration runes, tagged with the starting Items and the summoner spell will lead into a never ending mana, if played correctly, and you will have to retreat for mana at the 10th minute and after, resulting in a powerful comback. To be honest, I use Greater Glyph of Potency, that provides flat 1.19 AP, but I could not find them here

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I go 9/0/21, taking the first 9 for AP and CDR in the offensive tree and mana/mana regen, movement, spell vamp and CDR on champion and summoner Spells. In the utility tree, I take the exp boost, but you can take those 3 points and put them on the gp10, but I don't recommend that.

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Now, I must say that this may be my fav chapter.

mekis pendant

First of all, endurance on the lane. Using your and luminosity to farm in the 1st level behind your minions, and then harrassing with your /lucent sungularity from safe distance. Look oout for ganks, and you will not need more than a health potion

First Comeback

By playing safe and farming, return when you are out of mana, and returning at about the 10th minute, without deaths you will have about 3k gold to afford these

Second Comeback

It has a high cost, but after taking it you will deal extreme damage with just your auto-attacks that will increase, as your AP gets higher

Other Comebacks
Now consider purchasing the other items with the following Order

Caster's what else?
With almost 3500 Maximum mana, you gain more AP than Rabadon's
HP/Mana/AP boost, better than rylai's crystal septer for Lux
NUKE ALL TANKS EVEN MORE, with AP almost 600, you deal about 50% of their health as magic damage

Items that are not purchased

Very nice passive, and a good AP boost, but Deathfire's Active is way better for Lux
Very high HP boost and a wonderful passive... But now for Lux, both her attacking spells, either slow or root, and her ulti is for finishing... Rod of Ages is better, gives almost the same amount of HP and also boost her Mana

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Skill Sequence

What? An AP nuke that auto-attack between abilities?O.O Make an epic use of
>auto-attack>(active and re-active)>auto-attack>finales funkeln No non-tank/offtank can withstand this combo. If you have to deal with a tank, first active deathfire, and then the same combo. Guraranteed kill, if not, a 3rd auto attack will do the job. It is possible to get more kills with auto-attacks, than with your ulti

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Summoner Spells

The ultimate summoner spell. Helps you easily escape from life or death situations and, combined with your CC spells, allow you to survive, or pick up a lost/impossible kill(believe me, I have done it with this build).

Mainly used in early game, and allows you to spam your abilities to stank your tear of the goddess/Archangel's Staff early/mid game

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A well build Champion, since she came to the league, but she needs expirienced players to use her abilities. With this build, we focus mainly in her ability to deal damage with her abilities and attacks with lich bane. She can triple kill 1v3 if played correctly, but there is no way to pentakill alone. Remeber, she is a carry with minimal defences.

I know it is not very detailed but I did what i could. I hope it helped you:)