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Sion Build Guide by NilaniDude

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NilaniDude

Ap Sion - Flash and Win.

NilaniDude Last updated on November 8, 2011
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Hello all. This is my Ap Sion guide, i hope you will take time to read it as i have put alot of afford into it. i have played AP sion for quite some time now, both in top lane, duo lane and mid.

He is a fun and special champion, with one of the most powerfull shields in the game, a long range super high dmg stun. He can fufill EVERY Role on his team, tank, AP caster, Ad bruiser and full AD, He can even jungle! this is why i love Sion.

EDIT: I have added a Introduction chapter as it was somehow removed, i have also added a teamfight chapter.

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1: Introduction.

2: Runes & Masteries.

3: Items.

4: Skill Sequence.

5: Summoner Spells.

6: Pros / Cons.

7: Summary.

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Runes & Masteries.

I go with MP Because thats just awesome for a bit more Early game damage. With Shoes early MP isn't going to be big of a problem most of the times.

Greater Seal of Replenishment I go with either Hp per lv, or flat Mp/5 Because Sion is a mana hungry beast. Hp per lv would also be a good choice as sion needs to get close to pull off his combo so the extra help will work..

Ap per lv, man i love these things. they will increase your dmg in the early game to the early mid, when you are farming for your Deathcap.

Flat AP. Awesome stuff, they will help you alot early game and at FB.

Masteries: Fairly simple, with a 9/0/21, you can also go with 0/9/21 if you feel a little squishy. but i think the magic penetration and cooldown in offense is much more usefull. in the utility tree the CD on your Summoner spells is just amazing.. you really need that flash to pull off your combo most of the times. so thats just awesome, also the extra Mana is nice.

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Here it is! the item explation guide.

Why pick 2 dorans ring? simple Mana reg, Ap and Hp. its cheap and just really good for that extra Mana reg so you can lane for like ever.

, Movement speed, Mp. which is good. Would i say is the only real choice on a AP sion. The MP is to good too give up compared to extra movement speed from Or the Cooldown Reduction of

Sheen is up next, why? Because sion can't do much when his stun/shield is on Cooldown, thats where Sheens comes in. Stun, Auto with sheen, Shield, Auto with sheen. This is why he gets alot more dmg output, maybe you wont always be able to get two auto attack off but if you do, its worth it.

And then the Deathcap. Ohh this is wonderfull, it will increase your Ap to scary ammounts, 140 ap is ALOT, and it will increase your Ap by a further 30%? Must have for AP Sion, a must have for any mage really.

It did what sheen did, just much better, Instad of 100% of you DMG, its 100% of your AP, it's badass, with enrage and this thing your auto attacks are going to really hurt, and you will also be an amazing pusher, your Can deal Extremely High, dmg to a minion wave so its easy to clear your way to a tower, when you get there lich bane is going to tear the tower apart.

(NOT NEEDED) Many of you will probaly think, isn't it very late to get this? It is, but i just feel the And Is much more important to get, i normaly only grab this if i feel squishy or i am just amazingly fed so i can afford the next items easily.

Cool, more AP, (Even more because of passive, and tons of MP. its just awesome, with Sorcerer's, Greater Mark of and masteries MR isn't going to be much of a problem.

Armor, Alot of AP, and untargetable for 2 seconds? GIVE ME!
This thing lets you pull of some amazing things, flash in, spell combo getting owned? just use Zhonya's Hourglas and wait for your team to come. very good item on sion.

That high hp Bugging you? no problem, just get this badboy. really, its epic. 30% of their current hp? perfect. Use this, stun auto, shield, auto, most will die of this, really. AP Burst is just EPIC.

These are the items i would love to get in a game, but if they got a really fed AP/AD, these items will help.

Playing Aginst a AD team facerolling you?

: With hourglass and 20% attack speed reduction, this will really help alot aginst heavy AD teams. with the 99 armor it provides you these AD champs might think again before they start to attack you. the cooldown reduction is also nice.

This is nice if you are getting focused alot, you end up dieing just revivie, shield your self and flash out. the armor and magic resistance also help alot, combine this with hourglass or frozen heart and laugh.

The good 'ol anti dmg, 100 armor and 30% give back is nice, but other than this it wont help that much, unless you plan on getting some more Defensive items. you need to surive for the passive to take effect, and if you got low hp/Armor, it wont take much before you dead and the passive wont help much here, compared to wich help when you are dead AND when you are alive.

Ap team is owning me.

This is nice when the enemy got alot of stuns or other hard CC, but its also nice because of the MR and HP it gives, i would recommend getting this instead of Rod of ages if they have alot of CC

Kinda must have if you are getting owned by a AP team,huge MR buff and alot of HP reg, the extra movment speed is also nice for getting away from these mages, as most likely they wont be in melee range and you can easily escape them.

It gives a fair ammount of MR, decrease others MR and gives you Ap thats nice, There are other items there is better. but if their team or your team is heavy on casters, this is good. as it will decrease the enemy's damage on you and increase your allies dmg on them.

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Skill Sequence.

Nifty passive, helps you tank damage better, you wont really sense this much, it just happens sometimes. not much more to say here, random damage redutction is awsome.

: This is awsome, 2 second stun, 100% AP ratio. very nice. the cooldown is a bit long tho' so you wont be spamming it. its mostly used to catch pepole so you can get the other spells off at them. So we rank up this second.

100% AP ratio on both the damage AND the shielding, so basicly this is going to teal tons of dmg, and shield tons of damage, we rank up in this first becouse of the survivability this gives.

Great spell! just not very much on AP sion. on paper it might seem nice with max hp for every kill! it is, but on ap sion you wont lv this up first, and then it will give a single hp per minon kill.. lets say you get 200 minons in an entire game, thats around lets say 300 hp (becouse you will get some kills when its getting ranked up) 300 hp isent much, and you only get the bonus late game. so we max this last,

Not that great on Ap sion, i get this so im able to heal after a major team fight. not much else, the attack speed and lifesteal is nice in a 1 v 1 fight where you are loseing. but apart from that, not that great. we do rank it up every time we can becouse it gives awsome staying power.

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Summoner Spells.

: Awesome.. awesome.. AWESOME..
You can flash, stun, pull of combo and get the hell out of there again, pure awsomenss on ap sion, must have. you can also use it to escape, if you can reach the other person with out flash things is perfect, combo on him, and flash out. seems awsome dosent it? it is.

: I love this on sion, adds to his already amazing dmg, and it also helps aginst pepole with massive heal regeneration, like

Other Options:

: you could take ghost instad of ignite to really get out quikly from fights after you flashed in or ghost and stun, but i just perfer ignite for dmg.

You could use exhaust to, but. if you need to chase pepole its better with [Ghost] or [Flash] Becouse if you get in range to use exhust you can use stun instad.

Can also be a good choice, stunned? use [cleanse] and flash out. it can be nice on sion. take this if you are getting tired of CC.

Avoid these:
Nice at the first 5 levels, after that you got your ulti and heal just becomes weaker, and weaker,

Same reason as heal(exept for the ulti), after two dorns and runes you wont need this as if the enemy dosent die of your combo, just give up. while waiting for it to come up you wil regnegate alot of mana.

I dont think [Sion] needs this at all, if pepole see him comeing his suprise attacks with his stun kinda blows a little..let tanks or other champions who dosent need the important stun to be good.

Dont ever think about these...

I can't see the usefullness of this..seems to just fail.

Its called a support mate, you are NOT a support.

Really,let tanks get this.

You are not Pantheon..

You wont be jungling, so i can't see the use of this.

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Pros / Cons.


Massive Burst, able to tear almosy anything apart in a matter of seconds.

Huge dmg long stun.

Awesome shield, wich also can do alot of dmg.

He is undead... :D


He dosent like to be CCed, he really needs to pull his combo off, if he can't his pretty much worthless imao.

Apart from that i can't really find much more cons.

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Sion, the farming beast.

Sion is a a BEAST at farming, deals MASSIVE damage to minons, after the Deathcap its going to on shot the minon wave. so its easy to farm enrange late game. so just farm and farm and farm. This is just Mid-Late game... early its a bit harder.

Early. it can be quite hard farming as sion got low attack speed and without enrage his not going to deal that much damage, and since his melee you will have a hard time farming, even more aginst a ranged team.

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Team Fights.

Team fights, they decide alot and is a big part of the game. They decide who gets baron, dragon, a tower and maby even pulls home victory! So every one have a "Mission" in teamfights.

The tank normaly starts teamfights, useally with some kind of CC, ,

The carry tries to attack every thing in range and dealing tons of damage, with out dieing..

And you, what do you do? Its simple, kill their Ad carry! burst them down, and normaly they are squishy so it should be easy enough.

Pop shield stun them, auto attack and proc or, then pop shield, ignite and they should be dead, if not eaither run or wait for another stun, I can't tell you when to do eaither, you must use your common sense.

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That was my guide! hope you liked it, i enyoyed writeing it. its really fun to share what build you have with other pepole, it not that hard so if you think about publishing a guide, just go ahead :)

Thanks for reading, and for trying out the build (Yea i know you will try it ;) )

Thanks to Vododoll for helping me with how to do, well alot..

Apart from that. Please comment and vote, and please dont just downvote without telling me whats wrong, constructive cirticisem aproved :)

Constructive critisem more than approved :D