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Sona Build Guide by Zazusha

AP Carry AP Sona: Mana-Cannon (ARAM Build)

By Zazusha | Updated on April 11, 2014
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LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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AP Sona Mana-Cannon Build
(This is my First Build Guide, Constructive Criticism Welcome)

All Random, All Mid (ARAM) is my Favored Game mode to play. One reason is builds that would be frowned upon, or would be really bad in Summoner's Rift can be quite viable.

This ARAM build's focus is to stack Mana, with Archangel's Staff(or Seraph's Embrace) to convert it into AP and abuse Lich Bane procs with Power Chord.

Please Refer to the Notes above for details on Items, Masteries, and Runes.
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Change Log

4/11/2014 - Added change log, Adjusted Core Purchases Order w/Note, Added 'Captain' boot enchant option, Added joke Pro and Con, Updated Summoner Spells.
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Pros / Cons

+ Good Burst & Sustained damage
+ Big Shift after Archangels/Seraph's is built
+ Great teammate to have on ARAM
+ Heals, Slows, AOE Dmg, Off/Def/Speed Buffs, Stun, etc...
+ Teams with Sona often win ARAM
- Glass Cannon (lessened after RoA)
- Often Focused/Burst Down
- Squishy
- Can Lag teammates with low-end computers/toasters
- Spamming Q-W-E in rapid succession may lead to excessive Wear-&-Tear for your keyboard
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Staring with all 3 basic abilities allows for quick mana charge stacks on Tear of the Goddess.
  • Use Hymn of Valor to poke/harrass, or just for the passive aura for team mates to have stronger pokes.
  • Use Aria of Perseverance to heal yourself and a nearby ally after taking a hit, or use as proactive Armor/MR boost on incoming Poke(s).
  • Use Song of Celerity to get back from base to lane, to boost teammates' escapes or chases, or to just guarantee an assist on a kill when you are too far away.
Before getting Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Sona's Crescendo should be used sparingly. Try only using it to stun 2 ore more enemies at once. After completing Ionian Boots of Lucidity, and a point or 2 more into it, spamming the skill to secure a kill/ace, to stop enemies when chased, or just to make enemies dance is fine(not really that last one).

Good use of Power Chord, Sona's passive, is key to this build, especially upon building Lich Bane(or even just the Sheen).
When no enemies are around, or your running to lane, or away from the enemy base to prevent a counter push, Just spamming your abilities, minding the Cooldown on Tear of the Goddess's mana charge, is a good idea. You want to have ~400+ mana charged on it before finishing Archangel's Staff, depending on how much gold you make before dying.

After building Sheen or Lich Bane, mind the 2 second Cooldown on the SpellBlade passive when pushing creep waves and turrets/inhibitor. Even with just 20% CDR, your skills will be spammable enough to cast one every 2 seconds to burn through targets. Always try to have Hymn of Valor be the spell that procs Power Chord when pushing.
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Summoner Spells

Barrier is my first choice for any champ on ARAM. Very useful for when Pulled/leashed into enemy team ( Blitzcrank, Amumu), when your about to be hit with a heavy skill ( Super Mega Death Rocket!), or burst down by skill spam( Katarina).

Flash is a staple for most, and with the change to Heal, is now my go-to second summoner spell. The Utility is brings is hard to beat.

Heal was my default secondary summoner spell on ARAM when it was a party heal. Now that it is only a 2 person heal, its not up to par anymore. You'll have a better, more spammable, heal in your arsenal for just being Sona.

Ignite is 'meh' on ARAM, in my opinion. I've rarely seen it secure a kill. Sure its useful for the Greiv Wounds, but with no Recall/Fountain healing, pokes are better suited then it.

Exhaust on ARAM? Can't recall seeing someone with it, let alone it being useful. It's got good utility, but I find Barrier better.

Clarity... Nope. This build has u start with 2 Mana pots, with gold to spare for more if you're sketchy on your mana usage. Also, after Catalyst/RoA you'll never have Mana issues, so Clarity's usefulness drops off quick.
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This is my favorite version of this build to play when I get Sona on ARAM.

In the future I may add additional AP Sona ARAM builds to this guide, especially if requested. *nudgenudge*

Thanks for reading this build guide & let me know what you think, and/or how the build works out should you try it for yourself. Which might take time, as you might not get Sona whilst playing ARAM.

League of Legends Build Guide Author Zazusha
Zazusha Sona Guide
AP Sona: Mana-Cannon (ARAM Build)
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