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Lulu Build Guide by Zerxiisiis

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zerxiisiis

APC Lulu! The Weazel Blasting Witchling

Zerxiisiis Last updated on August 17, 2014
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Weazel Blasters

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Hello Fellow Lulu players and learners! Thank you all for checking out my APC Lulu guide!
I've been playing a ton of Lulu this last year, mainly on The Twisted Treeline, and I've noticed that lots of people like AD lulu a lot. Personally, I don't because not only does AP increase her ability damage it also ads AP damage to her basic attacks (via her passive) and augments Lulu's ability effects(Her speed boost, shield and heal all increase with AP) as well. SO I designed my own AP Carry Lulu build

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Pros / Cons


    *Incredible poke with Help Pix Glitterlance Combo
    *Game Changing Ult
    *Hard cc
    *Unbelievable kiting potential
    *Can be a carry/support hybrid
    * Can devour mana if your not careful (biggest weakness)
    * Vulnerable when ults on cooldown
    * Vulnerable to hard ccs
    * Weak against tanky teams
    * Glitterlnace (Q) takes practice

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Play Style: Embrace APC LuLu!

APC Lulu is like a cross between full AP and AD without hybridization. Unlike full AP Lulu, APC Lulu thrives in more extended engagements. Entering fights, APC Lulu's job is to provide damage, ccs, and utility by throwing out her abilities constantly, all the while pounding enemies with her basic attacks.
(Q) Glitterlanace
Lulu's main damage dealer/slow. Use in every engage.
(W) Whimsy
Lulu's SlowSilenceBlind. Use on allies to chase or run. Use on enemies to disable them.
(E) Help Pix!
Lulu's Ninjaness. To harass, use on enemies to move pix to them so your next q will fire from right beside them making it extremely hard to dodge. Use on allies as a shield.
(R) Rapid Growth
Lulu's Game Changer: Step 1 - Use on most focused or surrounded teammate. Step 2 - Win!

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Free Damage! Combo: E to attach pix to an enemy, Q from pix
Life saver combo: Ult endangered teammate, follow immediatly with E then W
The 1v1: Land Q. E yourself to shield from return damage then use W on them to weazelify them then follow with a Q or E,Q and so on. If your losing but not by much wait to surprise them by ulting yourself and gaining a ton on health. If your losing bad use your next W on your self and run.
The Team Fight:
*Use Q and basic attacks for damage.
*Use E on allies to shield.
*Use w on enemies to disable and interrupt channels.
*Use R on your most surrounded or focused teammate.
Situationaly use W on allies or yourself for escapes/chases and use E on enemies to help land Q while chasing or to execute low or squishy enemies

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Itemization Explanation!

So The Core items of this build are Morellonomicon and Nashors Tooth. Together they put you at %40 Cooldown Reduction (the maximum) which is the main reason i use this core. With max CDR lulu can throw out her abilities almost constantly providing a maelstrom of AP damage, Croud Control and Saves! Additionally, Morellonomicon gives a good starting chunk of AP, Lulu's much needed mana regen, PLUS Grievous Wounds to cut enemy heals! The Nashors Tooths passive and attack speed turn Lulu's basics in a decent source of continual damage. This allows her to continue to deal a surprising amount of damage between her bursts or while buffing allies not to mention this brings out the extreme kiting potential that AD lulu players love soooo much!!