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Zyra Build Guide by Master Yoda

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Master Yoda

[APCarry/Jungle] "Ecologic" Zyra Guide!

Master Yoda Last updated on August 10, 2012
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Main Build/Alternative/Jungle

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi summoners! My name is Master Yoda, and welcome to my first guide here, in MOBAFIRE!

I hope you guys enjoy this guide, and when you find some mistake, I hope it won't be a problem, because of all the dedication and time i spend on this, and we'll have fun throughout the guide ... so let's start!?

When Zyra was first launched, my mind was like "BUY HER!". After all I heard about her, I had a great expectative about her, and I'm sure you guys was just like me, an I right? But better then my expectatives, is to buy her and feel amazing.
But, new champions come with new challenges, and we have to learn how to deal with then. But who expectated that would buy her and find a easy champion probably found that Zyra and ease are things that will only stick together with a lot of practice and patience, and... THIS IS WHY WE MADE THIS AMAZING GUIDE!
This guide is focusing on turn the experience of playing with Zyra more easy, fun, and turn you on a big problem to your enemies!

And, if you are asking yourself "What do you mean with Ecologic?" Smile, the guide starts now!

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Explaining my builds

Well, our Main Build is the one i usually go with... or I try to. It's a really powerful build, and as you can see, a lot expensive. This is were we join with our alternative build, with not so expensive itens, but they are great too, and can help you to go back on the match when you're in a bad game.

They are valuable, and you can mix both of the builds. ALWAYS REMEMBER: This is a way on many other ways, and you have to buy your itens depending on your enemie's itens. If you feel like the enemy is trying to tank you with MR, you gotta buy magic penetration! If you feel like too squishy, you gotta (situational itens on my build). There aren't a build I can tell you that will work perfect on all the games. You just have to know the right iten at the right moment. The jungle build is... to jungle. You can't just go with a normal iten and hope to kill all the monsters.

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Pros and Cons


+ "Nuker"
+ Great Mobility
+ Fun to play
+ Greate Combos+
+ Greate Range
+ Great harassing your enemies

- Squishy
- Hard to master
- Not a good jungler
- Hard to hit combos
- Will usually be focused
- Kind of useless without her skills(like most of AP Casters)

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This is pretty much the only masteries you can go with. Maybe if you feel too squishy you can go 21/9/0, or if you r going to jungle you can have some masteries at Tough Skin and Bladed Armor , but that's how i like to play her: really offensive!

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Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Health

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

When it comes to Runes, there isn't too much options for Zyra, but let's see what we can put in Marks, Glyphs, Seals and of course, Quints.

Marks - As mark, I choose to play with Greater Mark of Magic Penetration, that can give you some initialmagic penetration against your enemies, so it's a really important runes, and I can't think in anything who could feet here, maybe only Greater Mark of Health, but i wouldn't tell you to go with then if can use insight.

Glyphs - Greater Glyph of Ability Power. No doubt. Is the only rune that can give you a great AP bonus. Marks and Seals can't really help you, and you need this AP. So you HAVE to go with then.

Seals - Greater Seal of Replenishment, I think is the best you can have here. This extra mana regen. can give you a lot of sustain in your lane. Again, i can't think on anything that can feet better here, maybe only Greater Seal of Resiliance, that can make you less squishy, and can also works good if you're going jungle. Again, I still would say Replenishment works better for you.

Quints - Greater Quint of Fortitude or Greater Quint of Potency? Here is the deal: If you feel yourself too squishy, you have to try this one, that is also great because it will work with most of your champions, as quintessences are really expensive, you can have this one(IF YOU'RE GOING JUNGLE, YOU HAVE TO GO WITH GREATER QUINT OF FORTITUDE).
Now, if you don't feel like you need more health, if you want to be even more powerful, you gotta try this one! With 3x Greater Quint of Potency, you'll feel the difference, it can give a lot of powerful early game, and even guarantee you a first blood.

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Summoner Spells

- With it you will be able to kill an enemy who are nearly dead, closer to a tower or its allies, for example.
Do not know if I need to remember the obvious: One kill makes all the difference!

- It can save you many, many times, believe me! Or to reach an enemy, is also valid.

- If you go jungler, Smite will ALWAYS be your choice!

These are what I recommend ... but I'll leave other options that you can also use:

- Valid to reach an enemy or slow you down if you're almost dead.

- Effect similar to Flash, the goals are the same.

- It may be an option if you feel little need to protect a tower or an teammate, for example.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

You'll want to max your deadly bloom first, than your Rampant Growth and finally your Grasping Roots (Always remember to level up your ultimate Stranglethorns whenever you can). Is important to level up your Rampant Growth to level 2 before you max your deadly bloom so you'll be able to plant 2 seeds, for both of your skills.
If you'rejungling, you should level up your Grasping Roots at level 3, so you'll already be able to gank with that long-range stun.

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Explaining Skills + Tips & Tricks

Rise of the Thorns - It is an excellent passive, mainly to take revenge on the enemy that killed you, or kill another target weaker near you. The shooting range is long, and the shot is very fast, avoiding "risks".
Tips & Tricks
- You have time to choose the direction of your shot, so die already prepared to use his ability to someone.
- Avoid using your ability if your enemy is very close to you, because he can change direction quickly, and you'll end up missing the shot. Be patient!
- Sometimes you can commit suicide to kill an enemy too weak near a tower, for example. Since you're already dead, the tower can not do anything for you. Just always remember you have this last trick, as your enemy probably won't know this, so you have to remember and use this as your purpose.
- Her ability cross everything! If you are behind a wall, you can use your skill she will hit your enemy on the other side and through champions!

Deadly Bloom - It is undoubtedly her most important skill. Your damage and its area are excellent. As I said, is the skill that you must have completed arriving at level 9 (unless you go jungler).
Tips & Tricks
- You should use it there's always a bit behind your enemy, because the damage take a while, so, likely most of AoE skills, you have to aim where you THINK your enemy will be, on the time your skill hurts him.
- The area it is large enough to achieve more than one enemy at the same time, so if you have the opportunity, aim to hit a group.
- You can use this skill to easy and safe farm, when you are sure you have enough mana and mana regen.

Rampant Growth - It is as important as the deadly bloom, and it's because of this that your skills earn enhanced effects. At first, only one seed, the more it behooves you to make this seed a dangerous weapon.
Tips & Tricks
- It clears an area, useful for you to look at a bush before entering it and find an enemy waiting for you. You plant her where your mouse is targeting, so be sure you're aiming right.
- Your trump card is that you can deadly bloom or Grasping Roots, making each one a new skill. Being used along with the deadly bloom creates a carnivorous plant, which shoots at your enemies with a strong magic damage.
Being used along with grasping roots, create a carnivorous plant that shoots in their enemies, slowing their movements.
- This is your skill to maximize your full combo, to "nuke" your target, or just harass and quickly farm. The fact is that you can quickly plant a seed, use deadly bloom, plant another and stun your target with Grasping Roots, and watch your plants destroy your enemies! But there are somethings you'll learn with practice. You can use your deadly bloom and then quickly plant a seed, this way you can sure hit your enemy with your skill, and sure create a plant. If you have to plant a seed and then use your skill on her, your enemy probably would leave the area.

Grasping Roots - It is the ability to stun and slow of Zyra. It can save you from a gank, is important in the combo to kill their enemies and also very important to gank someone.
Tips & Tricks
- You can use this skill to harass your enemy to death. It can stun your enemy, and it's range is just AMAZING! When you use it with your Rampant Growth, you create a plant that slow people, so you have to use this on teamfights and when ganking someone(or escaping from a gank!).
- Different from Deadly Bloom, the time you have to use the skill and then plant your seed is really low, but you don't really need to use the skill and then plant the seed. You can plant first, as this skill goes at the same time you use it, if you're quickly, you can both stun then and create a amazing continous stun! With a lot of practice, you can do great with her.

Stranglethorns - It is an ultimate that worth for this phenomenal AP Caster we're learning. The ultimate area is HUGE, simply frightening. He is not a major cause of damage, But really worth at enemies running and can even save you from ganks.
Tips & Tricks
- When you use it on your plants and seeds, you make then become even powerful!
- You can quickly dive to kill someone with this ult, or just make then really low health and going for recall... and then end your job with this ult!
- Use this on someone running, and knock'em back!(Be careful not to knock him away from you)
- You can also use this to save you from ganks.

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Combos - How to use them!

As you probably know, Zyra is totally focused on use her combo. They are very important both for killing and for the escape.
That's the thing that make Zyra a really hard champion to master(and the reason I made one chapter only to explain this). She can "nuke" someone, but is really hard to use all her skills on time and at your target, different from Veigar, for exemple, who can easily kill you in seconds.
It is essential that you train and learn how to use combos to your advantage. You can make a big difference between killing and in fact almost kill your enemy.
I separated the combos possible for you, for different situations, because it can make a lot of difference if you start with hers stun or not, or you use her seed before or after a skill.

Grasping Roots - Rampamt Growth - Deadly Bloom - Rampamt Growth
Sequence: E - W - Q - W
When you gank someone(Junglers, you gotta master this one!), you gotta first stun your target. Now, you'll choose if you'll plant your seed before or after your stun. In a big gank, you gotta quickly use your ultimate on your enemies, so you'll also make your plants more powerful.

Grasping Roots - Deadly Bloom - Rampamt Growth
Sequence: E - Q - W
Something that can make Zyra a deadly enemy at lane, is her incredible abilities to harass her enemy. Her Grasping Roots has a really long range, so you can quickly stun your enemy and feel free to use your skills! You can plant a seed when stunning then, but i usually just plant Deadly Bloom when harassing. Anyway, you have to keep harassing your enemy to have more creepies and, of course, control your lane!

Rampamt Growth - Grasping Roots or just Grasping Roots
Sequence: W - E or E
If they try to gank you can use your skills to be able to run successfully. You can use Rampamt Growth in your current position, and while keep running away from the direction of your enemies, use the Grasping Roots when they are a bit close to the seed. Thus, not only will get stuck for a while but will be slow.
Most are actually very close to you can just use the Grasping Roots on top of enemies and run.

Team Fights
Deadly Bloom - Rampamt Growth - Rampamt Growth - Grasping Roots - Stranglethorns
Sequence: Q - W - W - E - R
Pretty simple: As a AP Caster with lots of AoE skills, you r GREAT to do tons of damage on all the enemy team and you can nuke not only 1 person, but a FULL TEAM! The most people you can get on the area of skills, always reminding to planting your seeds, the better. Your ult on all that plants will end with the enemy, and they'll think twice before trying to teamfight when you're there!(Remember your passive! You're not useless even after you die)

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Catalyst the Protector







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Explaining Items

Well, here I'll explain you why i choose some itens (instead of others that you may find in other Zyra builds), how they work and why I think they are good to you

-> Start with Doran's Ring or Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion?

Well, there is no "best way". Everything depends on the lane you choose and the champions that you will face in the beginning of the game.
By choosing Doran's Ring, you can be more aggressive and wont have to "worry" too much with your mana. Zyra do not spend so much mana, but maintain control is always necessary, since the beginning of the game is always good to avoid danger. However, there won't be the extra speed and even potions to recover if something goes wrong (Harassing or ganks).
Starting with Boots of Speed, you will have stability and control in your lane, with potions to recover your life and that boots life-savers.
However, you lose damage with your spells, and mana regen, making it less "dangerous".

-> Is really necessary to buy the second Doran's Ring (MAIN BUILD!)?

If, by somehow, you got kind of feed, or you were free to farm a lot, anyway, you have money to spend, you should just jump the second Doran's Ring. If you can quickly rush a Catalyst the Protector, or even a Rod of Ages, DO IT!
However, if you had some trouble with ganks, or you couldn't farm well, anyway, you couldn't have money, you should buy a second Doran's Ring. Dorans's itens are great to push you back in a bad game, and you can always sell then later.

-> Rod of Ages and Rylai's Crystal Scepter : The beginning of the end for your enemies

Both are fundamental to Zyra, because she need just what they give: HP, Mana and AP!
To have a catalyst the protector, and then a Rod of Ages really early can be great, also because of their passives. They'll give you mana and HP, something we always want, plus a great AP. But, even after Rod of Ages, you'll probably still feel squishy, and we have to work on it. So we buy our Rylai's Crystal Scepter, that will fix this proble with all his HP, give you great AP and his passive also works really good. Still, if buy somehow you have great money to spend, I'd say to buy a Needlessly Large Rod before buying your Rylai's Crystal Scepter, so you'll be even more powerful, and will be able to quickly rush your Rabadon's Deathcap.

-> Rabadon's Deathcap : 140 problems for their enemies! (MAIN AND JUNGLER BUILD!)

There's nothing to explain here. This iten has the best AP bonus in the game, is just amazing! For any AP Caster, you HAVE to buy this, no exceptions. 140 AP + his amazing passive that increases all your AP + 30%? Just PERFECT!
But not always go well in all matches. . . is inevitable. In bad matches is too complicated to buy it, as it's one of the most expensive itens on the game. When it becomes too expensive to buy it ...

-> Will of Ancients and Morello's Evil Tome : Back out to the match! (ALTERNATIVE BUILD)

These are 2 great itens... CHEAP and great itens! You can easily buy then by building their secondary itens, more cheap, and quickly have then. Will of the Ancients give you tons of AP and a aura that will also give AP for your teammates! Plus some lifesteal that can save the life of your ad carry! Morello's Evil Tome is a iten who give you 3 bonus that all AP Caster want: AP, Cooldown Reduction and Mana regeneration. Another cheap iten that you can quickly buy and change your match.

-> The cherry missing on your cake : Zhonya's Hourglass and Void Staff

Up here you will already have much power in your abilities, and very complete and versatile, but why stop halfway, right? Most of the games end before here, but if that's the case...
Zhonya's Hourglass not only gives you 100 AP, also give 50 amor as well, which can be very useful to protect yourselves from AD enemy champions, and still has its passive. It is expensive, yes it's true, but its value is well compensated!
Void Staff is a great iten, that time of the game you'll need something like that. He gives you a lot of AP, but the sweet thing is his incredible passive: 40% magic penetration! At that time, your enemies probably will try to tank you stacking something like Negatron Cloak or even Force of Nature, and it can be a problem. So we'll need magic penetration, and the 20 magic penetration that your Sorcerer's Shoes give you at early game wont help you now. Here it comes your Void Staff, that will destroy your enemies Magic Resistance like knife in butter!

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I'll explain you how I play with Zyra while early, mid and late game goes on.
When it starts I usually go mid lane and try to play a bit passive until I'm level 4 (or level 3, if you level up Grasping Roots earlier. There is no problem doing that). F You can always harass your enemy with Deadly Bloom and your plant, but I try to hold my mana as much possible. There's no mistery farming with Zyra, just gotta last hit minions. When I got my Grasping Roots, I start making my enemy ask himself if he shouldn't switch his lane, harassing him a lot with my Harassing combo(explained earlier on this guide). With your longe range stun, you can easily use it on your enemy and then use your Deadly Bloom at him.
As it comes to mid game, you should already have at least Rod of Ages, and I starr trying to gank and help my team as much as possible. On every teamfight, you have to use you AoE skills, and carefully use the combos I explained earlier.
At late game, the match probably starts to be a big teamfight. You'll be focused, so be careful and stay with your team. Your itens now will be based on your enemies itens: If they're AP and you need some Magic Resistance, you should stack Abyssal Mask. If they have lots of AD, you need Zhonya's Hourglass. Trying to tank you? Void Staff! But you have to check your enemies itens and be sure to don't buy the wrong iten.

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YEST, IT'S POSSIBLE! Zyra is a champion not so easy to go jungler. Need a little practice to get used to. It follows the route pattern, with one important detail: You can not fail to Gank! Ganks misdeeds can greatly hinder your life in the rest of the game.

You gotta start with Cloth Armor, Health Potion and level up Deadly Bloom.You will need a good help with the Blue, because Zyra is quite squishy! Like I said, it's possible for you to go jungle, and you can sometimes have great matches, but she isn't a true jungler champion! After killing the Blue Golem, level up your Rampant Growth and go right to kill the wolves. FEEL FREE TO USE ALL YOUR SKILLS ON THE MONSTERS! YOU HAVE BLUE BUFF! Then, you go kill lizards, and finally kill the Red Lizard. You should be at level 3 now, and level up your Grasping Roots. Now, you're able to gank! Tell your teammate you're going to gank and stun her, and then use the gank combo (already explained on this build).
A GANK WITHOUT A KILL ISN'T A FAIL GANK! If you make your enemy waste his Summoner Spells, or even go recall, it's already a sucessful gank! After your first gank, you may (or not) have health to gank another lane, or to just hold the lane for your partner. After you recall, ALWAYS BUY Health Potion, and keep going jungle if you can't gank. After level 6, you should be able to clean the jungle really quickly.
If you stop ganking and killing monsters even a minute, you'll start to be underleveled compared to your teammates and enemies.
Also, you can keep going laning with your teammates, to level up more quickly with minions and help then against their enemies. Remember: Don't stop!

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Which lane should I go?

This is another great cheap with Zyra. She is so versatile and so complete that can go well in Mid Lane or Bot Lane without encountering many difficulties. His skills give Zyra the option to choose which is the best option lane in match.
But if you ask me: "What is the best lane to Zyra?" I think the answer is Mid Lane.

She is well able to meet other great champions of Mid Lane, eg Ahri Brand Veigar, Annie, as an equal.
In fact, it will depend on the choice of champions on your team. If your team is well set up, any one of the two lanes will be good for you. Some say that Zyra is only Mid Lane, which is pure nonsense.

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Well guys, finally, our guide came to an end. I would like first to thank all of you who chose and read it, I really am very grateful.
I hope I have not much wrong in English, because I'm not american ... I did my best to make fewer mistakes possible. With a little patience, I will correct the errors later.
I would like to thank the jhoijhoi. The guide Making a Guide was very helpful to me it really just have to thank.
If it was not too much to ask, if my guide helped you, please be sure to give your positive rate will help me a lot and gives the opportunity to help others with doubt!
Again, thank you!

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Change Log

  • 07/26/2012 - I'd like to apologize myself because of all the errors and the mess that i made. I had some problems at the time that i was posting the guide... ... Only hours later I realized it ... I'm sorry!
  • 07/27/2012 - I created two new chapters "Explaining Itens" and "Gameplay"