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Olaf Build Guide by reganakers

Jungle diamond


By reganakers | Updated on April 3, 2020
495 Votes
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Runes: My preference

1 2 3
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Jungle Role
Ranked #32 in
Jungle Role
Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide


By reganakers
My Twitch Stream
Why Olaf is the best Jungler for S10 Back to Top
Season 10 has brought many different changes to Jungling this year, these changes have forced power farming Junglers into the meta, however, the late game scaling Junglers that power farm aren't neccessarily the way to go, due to the dragon and rift herald changes. Getting early dragons and both rift heralds will allow you to gain a much bigger early advantage than you could in Season 9. This means that stomping games is much easier.

These changes make Olaf one of, if not, the strongest Jungler this season so far because he can do everything the new changes has asked of him. His clear speed is the fastest in the game, he can take dragon incredibly early and he can do herald too, all while pretty much every Jungler is unable to fight him, so he can walk around and do what he wants, providing your laners have priority.

If you haven't tried Olaf yet, I strongly recommend you do because of how dominant he is. You will snowball games so hard providing you dominate the objectives on the map. His weak late game shouldn't be too much of a concern because; 1) Games don't last as long anymore 2) You should have gained big advantages for your team so they should be strong enough to win. (Dragons/Soul, Towers from Herald etc.)

I will keep updating my guide because it is very early and things could change.
Contents Back to Top
Featured in this guide
x Introduction
x Abilities
x Pro's and Con's
x Runes
x Items
x Pathing 1
x Pathing 2
x Ganking
x Ward trick
x Conclusion
x Thanks for reading

Introduction Back to Top
Hey guys, I am a Jungle only player on the EUW server who is currently in diamond 4. I have around 4000 hours played so I have a slight idea on how to play the game. I play Olaf alot because I like his play-style, as I can run at enemies without being stopped by cc. So if you are a fed Olaf there isn't much counter-play. I also like how strong his early game is, which is where I focus mainly on getting leads.

Olaf is a very fun Jungler to play due to his damage and tankiness, while being unable to be CC'd.

I have a twitch account that I try to stream on, if you prefer watching people play the champ instead of reading guides, come watch me play her! A follow would be much appreciated :) Watch Me Play!

I am very new to making guides so please keep your feedback friendly. I have made guides on other Junglers that you can check out here :

Fun fact: Glacial Olaf was my first ever skin.

Abilities Back to Top
Berserker Rage (Passive): Olaf's Attack Speed is increased by 1% for each 1% of his Health he is missing.

Undertow (Q): Olaf throws an axe into the ground at a target location, dealing damage to enemies it passes through and slowing their Movement Speed. If Olaf picks up the axe, the ability's cooldown is reduced by 4.5 seconds.

Olaf throws an axe to target location, dealing 80/125/170/215/260 (+100% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage to units it passes through and slowing them by 29/33/37/41/45% for up to 2.5 seconds. The further the Axe flies, the longer the slow lasts, but it is never less than 1.5 seconds.If Olaf picks up the axe, the ability's cooldown is reduced by 4.5 seconds.

Vicious Strikes (W): Olaf's Attack Speed is increased, he gains Life Steal and has increased healing from all sources based on how much Health he is missing.

For 6 seconds, Olaf gains 14/16/18/20/22% Life Steal and his Attack Speed is increased by 55/65/75/85/95%.During this time, Olaf also receives 1% increased healing from all sources for every 2% of Health he is missing.

Reckless Swing (E): Olaf attacks with such force that it deals true damage to his target and himself, refunding the Health cost if he destroys the target.

Olaf ferociously swings his axes, dealing 70/115/160/205/250 (+50% Attack Damage) true damage to his target. This ability's cost is equal to 30% of the total damage dealt, but the cost is refunded if it kills the target.Basic attacks lower the cooldown of Reckless Swing by 1 second.

Ragnarok (R):
Olaf temporarily becomes immune to disables.

Passive: Olaf gains {{ resists }} Armor and {{ resists }} Magic Resist.
Active: Olaf removes all disables from himself and becomes immune to them for the next {{ duration }} seconds. Olaf also receives a {{ haste*100 }}% Movement Speed bonus towards enemy champions for {{ hasteduration }} second. During this time, Olaf loses the passive portion of Ragnarok and gains {{ ad }} Attack Damage.

Pro's and Con's Back to Top


Very Good early clear
Lots of Sustain
Very strong 1v1
Uncontested by any other Jungler.
Immune to CC in teamfights.
True Damage on his E
Passive can be OP when clearing


Falls off very hard
No Hard CC
Can get kited vs some champs
Not easy to comeback from behind
Runes on Olaf Back to Top
Unlike most Olaf Jungle players, I prefer to go Conqueror over Predator. This is because I like the how insane it is in skirmishes and fights, which Olaf will be doing alot of in game. Although Predator is a nice gap closer for ganking, I gain most of my leads from forcing enemies to fight us for objectives. Also, Olaf can still gank without it so I don't see it as being batter then Conqueror

Triumph is best here because it can come in clutch and save your life multiples times per game. It also provides some nice extra gold. The other options are incomparable.

Legend: Alacrity is my favourite to go here because it benefits your clear speed unlike the others. It is also nice to have in fights because the extra attack speed means you can do more damage quicker and lifesteal more when your W is up. I don't take Legend: Tenacity because in teamfights, you won't be getting stunned so there is no need for it.

Last Stand makes Olaf and even scarier champ when he gets low on HP. You already thought killing Olaf was hard, think again.

Cheap Shot is the only secondary rune I see viable on Olaf, as it gives more burst when you land your Q. Which is nice because all of your damage will be following the Q when you gank, so it will help you kill your target.

Why wouldn't you want more heals. You can replace this with a rune in the 2nd column if you prefer as they can help contribute towards vision control.
Items on Olaf Back to Top
Enchantment: Warrior is the best Jungle item for Olaf, the damage makes him uncontestable in the early game and the Challenging Smite makes him even stronger. Olaf doesn't need more slows so this is why I go red smite. Enchantment: Cinderhulk is a viable option however at the moment I think that a more damage heavy Olaf early build is better. He will go tankier later in the game.
Black Cleaver is a very good item on Olaf because it gives everything he could want. HP, DMG and CDR. The passive also allows him to shred tanks.
Ninja Tabi is my personal favourite pair of boots on Olaf because no other ones feel worth it. I don't buy Boots of Swiftness on any champion even if they are recommended to me because I feel that they're are better options. I don't find Mercury's Treads that useful on Olaf either because in teamfights he will be immune to CC anyway so Ninja Tabi is my best option, providing it suits their comp.
Righteous Glory is a very good engage tool in 5v5's, which will most likely start happening around the time you are building this item. You will be impossible to escape if you activate this and Ragnarok. It also gives a nice slow that will be very useful if you can run in and get it on their whole team.

Spirit Visage is a very good item to build on Olaf against some AP champions. Not only does it give some tankiness but it also increases the healing you receive. The HP and CDR is also a nice bonus.

Guardian Angel is really the only final item I see fit on Olaf.It allows him to make plays and not worry about dieing. It also gives some more damage and armour.
Dead Man's Plate is the only alternative item I could see for Olaf. I would build this if they are an AD heavy team replacing Spirit Visage. Dead mans offers HP and ARMOUR which is great. But also an out of combat movement speed bonus which pairs nicely with Righteous Glory as you can engage faster and from a further distance.
Sterak's Gage is very good if you are going a damage heavy build. I will only build it when I am ahead. It gives HP and a huge shield when you are bursted, which can come in handy when trying to engage and not die instantly.
Jungle Pathing (Passive Abusing) Back to Top
Olaf's passive allows him to clear at unmatchable speeds when he is low HP. So I sometimes take a full clear path that makes the most of his passive.

Dont get a leash. I will start with W at Red Buff then go to Krugs and kill it without smiting or using any potions. This will leave me at about 100HP if done correctly. I will then take raptors still without potting or using smite. THE LOWER THE BETTER JUST DONT DIE OR TEAMMATES WILL FF AT 2 MINS. I then go to Wolves and then to Blue Buff . At Blue I will use a potion and smite it because I want to build up some hp for the Rift Scuttler as I may have to fight.
You should finish Blue Buff at around 3:20. You will then take it and look for a gank on the nearby lanes. You should have a good amount of HP after Scuttle. If no gank is available i'll take Gromp and recall for 2nd clear Krugs . This is the fastest clear in the game if done properly.

Quick Summary: Red Buff -> Krugs -> Raptors -> Wolves -> Smite and Potion Blue Buff -> Rift Scuttler

As you will be going to such low hp's this will mean you are very vulnerable to dieing. This is why I will only clear like this in certain matchups. If you are against a J4 or a Xin then you could be at risk to an early invade. There are quite a few champs to beware of. I would only take this path if I know I can get away with it.

Here is a video example of the clear to help you perfectly excecute it: (You can speed up the video by clicking the gear)
Another Jungle Pathing (Aggressive and Risky) Back to Top
I take quite a specific risky pathing on Olaf, because I feel that things need to be forced early game or you will just lose the game due to his late game.

My pathing starts before camps spawn because I need some vision to know whether or not the Jungler will invade me when I show later in the game. Make sure to pay attention to where the enemy starts. I will ward my blue buff at around the 1:15 mark and then procceed to raptors . Taking Undertow first I will clear the raprots very first and then move onto my Red Buff and take Vicious Strikes next for the extra attack speed and lifesteal. Some players may want to take Reckless Swing to get lower on hp but I need my HP for what I'm going to do soon. I will then take Krugs and smite it to gain hp and clear faster. Now I am level 3 in a good position to gank bot or top without wasting much time. Look at the lane, and decide whether it is gankable, if it isn't, don't reveal yourself as this could give the enemy a free invade on your blue side. If the enemy Jungler started at Red Buff I will then walk into their blue side and take the Blue Buff . You should clear faster than them so if they are taking similar pathing to you then it will be free. I will then look top or bot again, depending where you started. I will even look if mid is gankable, as I wait for scuttle to come up. This is where Olaf will want to look to begin his killing spree (If you already didn't kill them at their blue). Olaf should 1v1 every Jungler because he is so strong, but he can't 2v1, so you MUST look at the close lanes and their priority. If their Jungler shows up at the same scuttle and their laner has priority, I would give it up if your laner has no intention of coming. I would then proceed to the other scuttle and recall after taking it. Then I will get the all-important 2nd clear Krugs. This is the pathing I take and I will summarise it here:

Raptors -> Red Buff -> Krugs -> Look for gank on bot/top -> Invade enemy blue side and look for Jungler/things to take -> Is mid gankable? -> Take Rift Scuttler -> Recall -> Krugs
Ganking with Olaf Back to Top
As Olaf has no hard CC, it isn't too easy to gank, unless you are able to repeatedly lank Q's, as the back to back slows are pretty much hard CC and only escapable by flashing/dashing away.

I gank by running at the enemy and holding my Q because they may try to sidestep it. Sometimes holding it can be more valuable than throwing it because some players try to hard to dodge it and will just walk backwards and forwards until you are right in their face. I will then throw my Q when I am sure I can hit it, or when the axe is going to land in a position I can grab it without have to go out of my way, so if I miss it or they flash out the way, I can throw it again.

So ganking with Olaf is pretty much just slow them so you can beat them down with your W and E.

Small tip: you want to use your E as soon as you are in range because it will reduce in cooldown for every auto-attack you do, which means you might be able to get a second one off.
Start of game ward trick Back to Top
Every game on pretty much every Jungler I will place my ward and recall to buy an oracle lens before I start my path. This is because it is technically a free ward and you will have your oracle for when you gank.

I usually place the ward on red side chickens, regardless of what side I am playing on. This is because when im blue side, seeing the enemy take chickens/path past them will give alot of info on what his next move is. When I am on red side I will still place it there because you cant really safely get to the enemy chickens to ward. This ward will prevent aggressive early game champions from invading your red, so it is extra good on a full clear jungler that there is a good chance they will contest your 2nd buff.
Conclusion Back to Top
In conclusion, I think that Olaf is a very strong Jungler in the Patch, who if played correctly, can snowball games so hard that the enemy team will not even know what happened to them when they see their nexus explode. Sometimes this champion is so strong players will wonder what they can do against this un-killable warrior.

I would seriously recommend picking up Olaf as he is very rewarding and a champion I feel can carry a game.
Thanks for reading Back to Top
Thank you very much for reading this guide, I have had a lot of fun making it so I hope you have had just as much fun reading it. I appreciate every single one of you who clicks on this guide, even if it was accidental, thanks for your view :)). I hope you have learned something from this guide and If you did then I will consider my job to be a job well done. If you have any questions, make sure to leave them in the discussions tab and I will make sure to answer them.

If you wanna add me on league then I play on EUW and my name is : kâlam
A follow on my twitch would be much appreciated also :

Thanks so much for reading and good luck in your games friends :).