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Anivia Build Guide by Humphrey

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Humphrey

bird do work cause bird is da wurd

Humphrey Last updated on March 20, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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this is how ive played anivia , its not THE ONE AND ONLY WAY to play her im just saying i do well with it atm and others might also

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yes yes i know your all going to complain about 2 faerie charms at begining but its how i roll DEAL WITH IT 1 is for tear for seraphs the other is for morell w.e the **** its spelled and getting rod of ages early also helps you with that ult. it also gives more mana for seraphs which i have seen get almost up to 230-240 ap JUST from those 2 items and the shield is nice if your retreating with a dot on you or some1 is chasing you and your wall is on cd or u just need a lil bit of extra help to kill som1.rabs is a must on almost any ap person and deathfire is nice for that twice over double dmg combo.

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Skill Sequence + overview of skills

r+e+q+e and if they run away block em with your w or if YOU need to get away put your w between your and enemies
i know every1 THINKS you should max out q and e first but heres a question. can your q block almost a whole lane and force som1 to possibly walk through your ult or a small opening that u can throw your lvl 1 q at and stun them? and even if they wait for your wall to melt down if they dont go through that one little hole then you SHOULD be long gone by then unless u have a death wish and decide to sit on other side of wall and /d in front of enemy...
but yea i believe ice wall is more useful than your q just because it can almost block a whole lane AND i know for a fact (because ive done it) that it CAN block a whole entrance to yuor base doing one of 2 things forcing your enemy to jump over wall with ability or possibly flash wasting a cd on thier part OR they sit there and wait while u buy time for your allies to realize whats going on
oh almost forgot the most important ability the one u max out first your e if you use your lvl 1 q and let it pass through them and then blow it up behind them just barely it will do double dmg and allow you to do another double dmg with your e if your quick and close enough to hit them with it but anivia does come with a warning label until u get your ult try to play as safe as possible you may have a passive that brings you back to life but it also has a very long cd so if u can, try to avoid dieing on purpose or atleast until u get high enough to where your passive doesnt reduce your armor and magic resistance in egg form

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Pros / Cons

+very nice passive at late game but early game is meh due to armor and magic resist reduction on egg form
+can do double dmg twice if timed and played right
+has lots of cc
+one of the best aoe farmers i know of

-very squishy like a wet pb&j sammich
-not very fast

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Team Work

when using anivia your most likly gonna either be kiting or you have a meat shield distracting the enemy for you so keeping that meat shield in a good spot is partially your job as much as it is thiers if you see enemies trying to gank your meat shield or you block thier path with ice wall if 1 or 2 flash over throw down your ult to slowify them this should also do a decent amount of dmg so that when they get to you or said meat shield they arnt full health ready to melt som1s face off if you time your moves right and get good skill shots off you can go 1 or 2 vs a whole team... thats if you utilize your ice wall and ult properly now if they flash over the wall and halfway through your ults radius thats just bad positioning make sure you put your ult a little distance away from your wall so that when it melts they still walk through it but they dont flash past half of it. you WANT that ult to slow and do as much dmg as possible b4 they get to you or your team.

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other options / alternatives

i reccomend you try anivia as a supporter first if u realize you like how much dmg potential she has then switch over.
i HIGHLY reccomend flash
teleport is replaceable by others if needs be like ignite if you feel that you dont wannt risk your enemy going back to base and healing after you doing twice over double dmg then take ignite or if u dont want to get seraphs then take barrier or if your really impatient and just want to keep your ult up 24/7 in your lane early game then get clarity
the rest CAN be put to good use as i have seen other anivias use them but i dont tend to use them at all
you can also switch rabs and rod of ages purchase order if u prefer i do it for the garunteed 20stacks by end game and btw 20 stacks = +200 health and mana and +20 ap add that to the 60 ap it gives and 450 mana and health is already has and its a good sustaining item for anivia
i havent really played support anivia in awile so if u find a better way or better build that works for you MORE POWER TO YA this is just for people who WANT advice on anivia
if your going to focus on blocking people off with ice barrier spell all the time then u might want some cd reduction for its a 20sec cd and it only lasts 5 secs thats a good 15 secs of time they get on you if u have 0% cd reduction but with 40% cd reduction its only a 12 sec cd and 5 of those secs the wall is up only leaving them a mere 7 secs to try and catch up to you and/or your teammates i know the supportish build has 50% cd reduction and u can only have 40 but i got deathfires grasp for those extra 4 secs of 20% extra dmg you and your teammates can do against a single person NOT FOR CD REDUCTION, sorc shoes CAN be replaced for cd reduction boots but i dont reccomend it on a bursty butt bawlin anivia now if u want to support your teammates more than that extra cd reduction might be useful but with the build ive provided im pretty sure 30% should be enough...
u can pretty much match up any trinket for anivia warding is usually my go to for detecting ganks from certain points but if theres a teemo or a shaco on the other team u might want to invest in a sweeping lens the only trinket i have yet to use is the scrying orb because it doesnt reveal stealthed champs but it will reveal a location (small at first) on the map? no thx id rather pick up the other 2.
and even as a mid laner u CAN use athene's or talisman of ascension in place of morell it depends on what you want if u want infinte mana go with athenes u want to be able to zip past enemies trying to gank u go with talisman or if your just up against a healer / supporter + adc or team fight u might wanna go with morell and just throw down your ult when they are low that way it inflicts wounds on every1 in the ult and low health and the supporter (unless its sora with ult or janna with ult) cant heal all of them at once but heres a way to work around jannas ult try to separate her with as few people as possible with your ice wall she goes around they should all almost be dead or on the verge of death sora i havent figured out a tactic yet other than KILL HER ASAP prolly not the wisest choice though if the most fed person in the game is there and on the enemy team then id try to stun the fed person with your q and then throw your ult down on sora and e sora and if the fed person lunges to you give up and wall between the 2 of u and try again later

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things i hate and dont reccomend

I SWEAR if i see an ad anivia im going to go ballistic BECAUSE THERE IS NO GOOD REASON TO GO AD ANIVIA EVER
its almost as bad as every1 thinking kog'maw is ad... (what do all his abilities use for those of you scratching your head saying "WHAT HES NOT AD?!!!") (the answer is ap if your to lazy to look or dont have enough ip or rp to buy him )
another thing dont come in here and say "oh this guys a troll" just because my advice didnt work for you... if it doesnt work then find your own way to play that champ and make your own guide simple as that
i do not reccomend hextech gunblade or any of the jungler machete or w.e the **** that thing is because jungling with anivia will only bring tears to your eyes when you say "WHY DIDNT I LISTEN" now im NOT saying dont get blue buff whenver u can im saying dont make jungle your main priority stick to a lane and farm the creeps cause constant creep wave > respawning jungle minions
plz do not get armor or ninja tabi just to counteract your early armor reduction on eggnivia form , simply solution is : pick fights u can win besides it wears off after lvl 8ish or so

if your laning buddy is being a selfish egomaniac who thinks all the kills belong to them i dont want u to just sit there and do nothing i want you TO PUNISH THEM use your barrier and block them from the fight and kite the enemy away from them and if u manage to get the kill ( which if played correctly u should) ask them if they liked the timeout corner XD and if they threaten to report you theres nothing there that should really hurt you because you didnt intentionally feed u didnt go afk , meh well i guess if u die u MIGHT be reported for assisting enemy team but very unlikly over one death BUT if they do threaten you enough just report them after the game for negative attitude im sure if they act like that every game theyll get a ban eventually

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champions i find hard to deal with

in alphabetical order...
ahri after lvl 6 when she gets ult
blitzcrank because of dat grab
darius cause of his bleed and grab
diana for that op q+ult+e+ult again -.-
elise because cacoon then spider jump to ya
fiddle suprise i dont have a brain and u just got ulted
fizz jumping tuna fish can also dash
jax just a overall pita
jinx that long range slow + super rocket
karthas can spam little dots of death everywhere and even if u kill him he can still kill you
kassadin can riftwalk so many times he could beat you to your base and back to his b4 you
katarina spinning siezures of death
lee sin the blind monk that can throw balls of light pretty darn straight and kick you far away
master yi because its master yi...
pantheon ult + e = op
teemo shrooms of death + invisability
thresh a hook and a ult that slows you
twisted fate can teleport anywhere on map with ult
vel'koz melts faces easily on a bad day for him
warwick can hold u in place and life steal lots of health
wukong because i dont like monkies
yasuo can dash everywhere and u wouldnt be able to land any spells or abilities on him -.-

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anivia is good against...

EVERY1 lol jk it all depends on how you play and if your build is more further along than the other persons
like for ex:u may have an easy time killing the above champs but a hard time with every1 else prolly because you play safer and less risky than i do XD
but if your looking for a counter pick website i think is the name of it... just google championselect counter picks should come up

and yes i did test this once again b4 publishing i went 11/2/19 the 19 is only cause i slowed people and let my allies kill em, if i wanted to i coulda just chased and dived and gotten 2-3/4 of those assists as kills but im not a tower diver nor a big risk taker XD