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Malzahar Build Guide by Gott der 7 Meere

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gott der 7 Meere

Blue Build AD Carrier Jungle Malzahar

Gott der 7 Meere Last updated on August 21, 2014
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If you like the meta builds that need colors and brightness to be interesting, this guide is not meant for you - it will be monochrome and simple but it is very exciting.

Everyone loves AD, right ? This guide is about stacking AD and then spawning tons of mini- Rivens that we call Voidlings, watching them carry us. Let me show you the AD potential of Malzahar by comparing him to the top AD champions...

The best AD-scaling champions

Don't get fooled by Tryn and Yasuo, their damage only comes with IE and Shiv, you beat them in damage if you have the same gold.

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The power of voidal Creatures

Malzahar's base damage is high throughout the game, above all his passive:

247 (+224% AD) physical damage per second ...

... is what a big, frenzied, level 18 Voidling will do to you. Get two of these bastards and add your own auto-attacks... You could build full tank and still carry. But with your amazing scaling, 100 AD will already double your damage so why not get an easily reachable 300 AD for your Voidlings to 1v1 their AD carry? Let's go for it! By the way, this:

763 (+694% AD) physical damage per second

is your maximum damage with 4 Voidlings, the maximum amount you can summon, two of them small and two in frenzied state. Have fun :D

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A true AD Carrier

You can see that Malzahar himself acts less an AD carry, but more an AD Carrier. Call it Overlord, Carrier of the Void, Heart of the Swarm, give it any definition that makes clear that while his army of minions is completely expendable, he himself needs to survive.


Stronger with every level. Frenzy makes all the difference! Base damage good, but AD better.

3sec silence, scouting, zoning. Used for passive stacks and disruption. Makes your ganks succeed.

40% of maximum HP, AOE slow, baron/dragon-killer-skill. Passive stacks.

Voidling aggro control. Mana. Stacks. Jumping damage. This + Voidling = jungle clear.

2.5 sec suppression. It's a stack. Do not click to walk!

Runes, Masteries, Summoner Spells

High base damage => CDR, Offense, Defense Penetration. High scaling => AD, some AP. Weak in early game => Armor, HP. Jungle => Smite. Kite, Duellist => Heal.


As mentioned before, pure offense mens you need to survive for your Voidlings to dish out destruction. We get Rylai's Crystal Scepter to be harder to catch (the kite) - Mallet works too. We get Zhonya's Hourglass as our Voidlings will kill them during the 2.5 sec of invulnerability - GA can work as well. And finally Maw of Malmortius is a wonderful AD item for MR. All these items offer the best defensive stats you can get.

For Damage, you only need Spirit of the Elder Lizard as the minor AD makes for good damage early in the game, and your Voidlings apply the passive on top of their AA. Muramana is probably the most cost-efficient AD item you can get, and without its Mana you are pretty useless in the late-game stages where you can't rely on Mana regain through the jungle. You could take pretty much any pair of boots, provided you find a way to cap your CDR. I prefer to get CDR boots, they are very good early game buys.

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Jungling with Malzahar

AD Malzahar has terrible mana problems throughout the game. Relying on spamming all his very expensive abilities to keep up a sizable army is impossible without circumventing the normal mana system. He is very weak in lane, where he can't spamm away.

Malzahar can abuse Spirit of the Elder Lizard to its full potential and his Voidlings even apply the passive. Clearing every camp in 50 sec ? Dragon at level 3 ? Baron solo ? Duelling a Lee ? Think of Malzahar as a more powerfull version of Elise and you know he can do all that. You need to master the very easy farming combo:

+ - walk away

The voidling will finish the camp for him, acting as tank, damage source and teleport all in one. Big monsters need a Null Zone and Call of the Void, too. And here comes the proof that Malzahar will acctually farm well enough to act as a carrier:

Jungle vs. Lane Farm

Summary: With his easy farming and strong presence (1-4 additional voidling teammembers around him) he can pressure lanes and take objectives without loosing any farm, and late game he turns every teamfight in a 5+X vs 4 by suppressing someone.

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Early Game Use Null Zone/ Call of the Void at your fountain trice. Use it around 1:41 to spawn your Voidling and give it time to grow. Make sure your Voidling tanks a bit, but doesn't die. Go the long road then and farm all the camps instead of going for red. Recall only when blue runs out and you lack mana. Take blue. You need help without voidling.

when you get Spirit Stone Pay attention for possible dragon sneaks. Create pressure mid lane, level 6 should be a kill. Ward both sides of the river, buy Vision Ward.

Mid Game, after Spirit of the Elder Lizard... power farm jungle for defense items and levels and its GG. Power spikes 9 (4 voidlings) and 18 (40% HP). Voidlings getting stronger!

Mid/Late game, when you have Rylai's Crystal Scepter go push, let voidlings dive. Just ult from out of tower range. You can split push well.

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Thank you for reading!