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Ezreal Build Guide by ClearingCreeps

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ClearingCreeps

Blue Ezreal

ClearingCreeps Last updated on July 12, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

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Who I Am

Hi, I am a LoL player who has been playing for about 1.5 years now. I have written one other guide on Mobafire, here. AD Carries are my main role, and Ezreal is one of my favourite champions, especially since the recent surge of the blue build.

What is Ezreal?
Ezreal used to be played as a traditional AD carry, but now the blue build has become more common and I feel more effective. Think of him as an AD carry but with a fun twist.

-Synergises well with many support champions.
-Counters enemy supports with hooks like Thresh or Blitzcrank because of the ability to Arcane Shift out of the hook
-Allowed to spam skills to farm, allowing for easy farm laning phase.
-Blue build allows massive-kiting power, including damage over time and slow
-Short cooldowns, with the total 25% CDR, and not to mention Mystic Shot cooldown reduction.

-Requires practice, first time usually never works out
-Ulti ( Trueshot Barrage) requires good aiming and timing, and sniping requires practice.
-Heavily skillshot based (3/4 skills)

This guide will show how I play Blue Ezreal, and hopefully help you out in succeeding with Ezreal.

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Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Critical Chance

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

This is the standard rune page for Blue Ezreal, and for many other AD Carries as well.

For Quints, flat Greater Quintessence of Life Steal provides Ezreal with the well-needed sustain to allow him to have a smoother Doran's Blade start and forgo the need for Vampiric Scepter early on. This allows Ezreal to stay in lane longer at the start and farm up to get his damage items first.


For Marks, you should go flat Attack Damage. My personal preference is to have 1 Greater Mark of Critical Chance, as even though it seems weird, does proc sometimes when you least expect it and it has certainly helped me secure quite a fair bit of kills early game. Greater mark of Armor Penetration works too, but since we have Life Steal Quints the AD would scale better with the rune page overall.


For seals, go with the standard flat Greater Seal of Armor. In the bot lane, the enemy AD carry will be attacking you with physical damage and you need the armor to absorb it.


For glyphs, you should always go with Magic Resist. Whether you get MR per level glyphs or flat MR usually does not make much difference, but if you are afraid of the enemy support being too painful then just go with flat MR. It is the safest anyway.

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Offense (21)
These are pretty much standard offense runes for an AD carry, with damage increasing options taken. However, I want to touch on a certain mastery that I feel work only for Blue Ezreal.
Blast , which provides 1AP/level (18AP at level 18) is a good choice as all 4 of Ezreal's skills scale off AP. Despite Mystic Shot and Trueshot Barrage scaling off AD more, the AP/level masteries will give you a slight edge and a little bit of damage for Essence Flux and Arcane Shift, which only scale off AP. Arcane Knowledge simply amplifies the effect of Blast .

Defense (9)
Defense runes provide Ezreal with the durability required in lane. Summoner's Resolve helps increase Ezreal's Barrier effectiveness, while the others like Veteran's Scars focus on making him tankier early game. Although you can't really see the effect of masteries lategame, these early game defense options really make a huge difference.

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Summoner Spells

Standard Spells

Flash is essential on almost all champions now, maybe except for some top laners. It is required to secure kills, to close up gaps, to bait/juke the enemy and most of the time, to escape.

Barrier has now become the more prominent choice over Ignite for AD carries. Not only giving you a shield, it allows you to make unexpected plays (eg. by baiting enemy with your low hp) or simply to survive a snipe-style ulti (eg. Ace in the Hole, Whirling Death or Final Spark. Simply put, it WILL save your life and may help secure kills.


In Blind Pick, you cannot see what the enemy team is picking so you should just stick with Flash and Barrier. However, in Draft Pick (eg. Ranked games), if you see the enemy team has truckloads of CC (eg. Amumu, Leona, Sona, Malphite) etc, you may want to consider taking Cleanse if you don't wish to build Mercurial Scimitar or just to be safe. However, if you are skilled enough, Cleanse is not really necessary.

A less common spell, despite being able to secure kills and provide a +5AD/AP boost on CD, Ignite's purpose is defeated by its range. AD Carries are almost always attacking from a range further than Ignite, and using Ignite requires you to get quite up close. Barrier is a better choice.

Ghost should be a replacement for Flash below Level 12, since you do not have Flash unlocked.

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Ability Sequence

At Level 1, I add Mystic Shot. This allows access to easy farm/harass very early on. Following up with Arcane Shift allows quick escapes if you get caught or to catch up and harass even more. Following that, Essence Flux is added at level 4 for that very slight amount of damage it provides to champions. Mystic Shot is then prioritized, maxing it whenever you can except at levels 6, 11 and 16 where you add points into Trueshot Barrage. Following Mystic Shot, Arcane Shift is maxed next because of the lower cooldowns after maxing it.


Rising Spell Force is Ezreal's passive. Hitting a target with any of Ezreal's abilities increases his Attack Speed by 10%. This effect lasts for 5 seconds and stacks up to 5 times (50%). This passive, can be used for quick pushing or to gain the upper hand in a fight. While pushing turrets or clearing objectives like Dragon , note that Essence Flux on an teammate not only gives the teammate extra Attack speed but it also adds to Rising Spell Force. Every teammate hit adds 1 stack.

Utilise Rising Spell Force early game to make farming an easier job. When clearing objectives, Essence Flux through as many of your teammates as possible.


Mystic Shot is Ezreal's Q skill. It is his main source of damage, with a 100% AD ratio and 20% Ap ratio. It fires a bolt of energy in a line, hitting the first enemy with physical damage and on hit effect. If Mystic Shot hits a target, Ezreal's cooldowns will be reduced by 1 second.

Mystic Shot is a very utilizable skill. Early game, use it to farm, and spam it whenever you can after you acquire Tear of the Goddess. The -1 second cooldown when Mystic Shot hits should be well-abused, so use this skill to farm creeps, to farm neutral monsters and to kill. With normal CDR and this, all your skills, including Trueshot Barrage will be off cooldown very quickly. When running from a fight, and Arcane Shift is exhausted, kite with your Mystic Shot to slow them using Iceborn Gauntlet and to lower the cooldown of Arcane Shift to allow you to make your escape.


Essence Flux is Ezreal's W skill. It shoots a projectile that passes through all champions hit. If it strikes an enemy champion, it deals magic damage. If it strikes an allied champion, it provides (20-40)% attack speed for the ally.

Essence Flux should be used when pushing turrets or clearing objectives on your ally, as mentioned above. Essence Flux is not your primary damage tool, but you can still use it to get some decent damage on enemies. Typically the Ezreal 1, 2, 3 punch involves landing your Q, E and W. Landing this combo really devastates the enemies.


Arcane Shift is Ezreal's E, and it teleports Ezreal to a nearby location (can be through a wall) and fires a bolt to the nearest enemy unit, dealing magic damage. It is not only a second, more reliable Flash that Ezreal can use, but it deals some damage and allows you to close up gaps, escape or make some jukes.

Arcane Shift can be used as an escape. Generally, when during team-objectives like Baron Nashor or Dragon , I always stand closer to the back so I can Arcane Shift out should the need arise. Just use Arcane Shift as you would use Flash.


Trueshot Barrage is Ezreal's ulti. It fires a wave of energy in a line, travelling through the whole map and dealing tons of damage to enemies it hits, but doing slightly less per target travelled through, down to 70% damage.

Trueshot Barrage can be used to secure kills. See a fleeing enemy, try to predict his path and fire. Your top/mid laner got his enemy low, but he got away? Same thing. Snipe him. Although difficult, when pulled off your team will be happy and it is a free kill. In teamfights, remember to get Trueshot Barrage down on as many of them as possible as free damage. Also, don't hesitate to use Trueshot Barrage to get some farm due to its low cooldown.

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Doran's Blade is an excellent starting item for Ezreal. Coupled with Veteran's Scars and Greater Quintessence of Life Steal, it provides massive sustain, HP and 10AD. Also can be stacked if you are losing your lane.

Boots of Speed and 4 Health Potions give you the movement speed increase and sustainability. I would recommend building this if you do not have Greater Quintessence of Life Steal or you really require the sustain against your matchup. Also, some tend to prefer going for this start when against chmapions with high movement speed (eg. Miss Fortune).

Long Sword and 2 Health Potions is a risky start for Ezreal. With only 10AD and 300HP to recover, it is better to buy Doran's Blade for the same effects as Long Sword but with 80HP and Life steal. However, it does put you closer to your items later, and since you do not rush Vampiric Scepter going this route is pretty redundant.

Early recall

Tear of the Goddess should be an insta-rush for Ezreal. It allows him to work towards stacking his Muramana early, and allows him to use his skills for farming and harassing way more. Definitely the most important item in this build.

Getting the 2 Long Sword portion of the Spirit of the Elder Lizard helps give you the extra AD needed to survive in lane as opposed to building Spirit Stone, where you would have no damage agaisnt the enemy carry.

Getting Boots of Speed at this point is viable, as it is cheap and you should not have anything else to buy. The movement speed will help with chasing too.

Now that we are done with the starters, we will focus on our first core item. This is just bought because it builds into it, but if you have enough just go straight to Spirit of the Elder Lizard.

Optional (If struggling/losing)

If you are struggling or losing your lane, a 2nd Doran's Blade or a Vampiric Scepter will give you the extra damage and sustain needed to come back.

Core Items

Spirit of the Elder Lizard gives Ezreal some AD, alot of health and mana regen, faster jungle farm clear, and most importantly, the true damage over a second that is essentially some free damage. A very good first item for blue Ezreal, providing him with all he needs to survive, spam skills and secure kills.

( Manamune/ Muramana) gives Ezreal the mana and extra AD needed to spam skills and have painful attacks. Getting Tear of the Goddess early means you should be able to stack your Manamune up to 750 ( Muramana) latest by the 30 minute mark. When it is a Muramana, not only does it give you massive mana and AD but has an active that does tons of damage. Usually by the end of the game, I have 50 AD passively from Muramana and 150 magic damage from its active.

Iceborn Gauntlet gives Ezreal more AP and mana to back himself up, along with some CDR and armor to become tankier and be able to spam more skills. However, the main reason we get this item is for its passive; causing the next attack after an ability is used to deal 125% of your base AD to surrounding enemies, creating a field that slows them. This allows Ezreal to have both massive damage and have insane kiting power. Blue Ezreal will really start to shine once you are at this item.

Late Game Anti Tank

Last Whisper is your next "blue" item in the build. However, by this late in the game an enemy would certainly have started having lots of armour. At this stage, Last Whisper not only gives more AD but the 35% armor ignore really helps, even if you do not notice it.

Blade of the Ruined King, while not technically a blue item is your last step in demolishing your enemies. Providing free damage from its passive, and generous attack speed, lifesteal and AD from its stats, it also allows you to chase/follow up with its active. Definitely a very useful item, especially against high-hp targets.


Enchantment: Furor is a good enchantment for Ezreal if her team's base isn't getting ripped apart. When winning the game, Furor allows for extra chasing power and to secure objectives faster.

Enchantment: Homeguard is the enchantment to go with if Ezreal needs to desperately defend his base, or if the enemy has pushed further than you.

NOTE: all of these items replace Spirit of the Elder Lizard.

With the slight -10AD nerf on Spirit of the Elder Lizard, more have switched over to The Bloodthirster for tons of damage and early lifesteal. However, I feel that the Damage over time effect on Spirit of the Elder Lizard is better as Ezreal will be poking constantly with his skills and autoattacks, constantly and refreshing the duration often.

Take Mercurial Scimitar as a semi-defense, semi-offense option with a free Cleanse. Take this if you need some Magic Resist, or if you aren't using Cleanse and the enemy team's cc is shutting you down.

Guardian Angel is used as basically a second revive, while also providing armor and magic resist. As a replacement last item, you should just proc Guardian Angel's passive and get another item while its on cooldown.

Banshee's Veil provides durability in the form of magic resist and 400hp, along with an epic shield. Use this if the enemy AP champion is ridiculously fed or they are AP-heavy. Also, some free mana can't hurt.


Elixir of Fortitude gives you a nice AD boost late game, when you have some extra gold to waste and gives you a small amount of health. The effects are very insignificant, but there is nothing else better to buy.

Elixir of Brilliance provides even more AP for Ezreal, and more CDR, giving Mystic Shot a 2s cooldown.

Oracle's Elixir to clear wards.

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Soraka is one of the best supports for blue Ezreal. While it is nice to have bonus MR from Consecration, and the healing from Astral Blessing and Wish, the most important thing that makes Soraka viable is Infuse, which allows Ezreal to virtaully spam his skills in lane, even before getting Tear of the Goddess. Good synergy.

Leona is another popular choice with Ezreal. Once she lands her Zenith Blade+ Shield of Daybreak or Solar Flare, Ezreal can very easily follow up with a Trueshot Barrage or simply just start hitting away.

Sona also works well with Ezreal. With Aria of Perseverance tanking you up and healing you, a very painful poke ( Power Chord and Hymn of Valor, Song of Celerity allowing for a little bit of chasing power and most importantly, Crescendo, allowing you to not only own fights in lane but later in the game.

Taric is a support that works well with many AD carries, and Ezreal is one of them. Shatter provides you with so much armor that you will be able to tank up more hits from the enemy than just having HP. Imbue also can heal you, making Taric someone who keeps you alive easily. Dazzle is basically like Leona's Shield of Daybreak, temporarily stunning an enemy. Take the chance when an enemy is dazzled to fire off some AA's or a Mystic Shot.

Thresh is another very viable support for Ezreal. He can always hook people in, allowing Ezreal to Arcane Shift strategically for maximum damage output. He also has a better set of skills that work better late game, eg. ( Dark Passage and The Box).

Blitzcrank is just like Thresh, except with less utilizable skills but compensated with a faster, more effective and bigger hook ( Rocket Grab). He also has Knockup, comparable to Thresh's Flay and silence.

Janna synergises quite well with Ezreal. Howling Gale allows Ezreal to land Mystic Shot on a target, and Monsoon can be used to aid an escape or a fight, or even to begin one.

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Gameplay: Arcane Shift

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Gameplay: Trueshot Barrage

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Lane Matchups

Ezreal has no CC, and no escape once Arcane Shift is burned. A good counter against him would be champions with high range or high poke which allows a tough early laning phase, or high CC bot lanes which can prevent Ezreal from utilizing Arcane Shift well and to stop his skillshots.

Easy Matchups

Ashe, besides Volley and her AAs, have no other damaging abilities. You should be able to counter her in lane very easily.

Quinn has very short range, which allows her to get close to harass you. This usually allows you to land a Mystic Shot on her. Since your will be using your skills more than your auto-attacks for damage, Quinn's Blinding Assault will not have as much of a bad effect as it would against other ADCs.

Vayne is easy to counter for Ezreal. With Arcane Shift, it is very easy to escape from Vayne as she lacks any form of real CC.

Medium Matchups

Caitlyn would be considered a not-easy, but definitely not impossible fight against. With her superior range, she can easily poke you down before you are even able to land Mystic Shot in range. Her traps also are easy targets for you to Arcane Shift into, and note that Arcane Shift does NOT cancel CC.

Draven would be in the hard tier, but ever since the nerf to his passive now I would say he is a medium matchup. Spinning Axe has more damage than Ezreal's skillshots, and can be caught back by Draven which means it essentially has no cooldown. His Blood Rush may allow him to continue chasing with the aid of the slight slow and 'knock-aside' from Stand Aside even after you Arcane Shift away, and Draven's Whirling Death is essentially a Trueshot Barrage that comes back to him, dealing 2-way damage.

Miss Fortune is also in medium, due to the fact that she has slow from Make it Rain, high poke power allowing her to trade with Ezreal comfortably, and her passive, Strut, allowing her movement speed which may aid her in dodging your skillshots. Definitely not an easy matchup, but not too difficult either.

Varus is medium to counter for Ezreal. With Arcane Shift, he can just escape Varus's Hail of Arrows or even Chain of Corruption if timed/used correctly. This means Varus's skills will just go to waste anyway. However, he has more range with Piercing Arrow and Hail of Arrows, however small it is, still is a form of CC that can hinder your escape progress. His ulti, Chain of Corruption is also a more potent skill in the late-game phase.

Hard Matchups

There is almost no need to explain why Sivir is a hard matchup for Ezreal. Ezreal is heavily-reliant on his skills, not his autoattacks, and Sivir's Spell Shield pretty much just shreds that down. Your Mystic Shot ends up being free instant mana pots for Sivir, and your Trueshot Barrage goes to waste, not quite hitting Sivir due to her spellshield. These are all why Sivir against Ezreal is insanely tough.

Graves can deal more burst damage in a short time with the same amt of gold/items because of his early build and scaling. Buckshot hurts more than Mystic Shot, Collateral Damage hurts more than Trueshot Barrage, Quickdraw can help him catch up to your Arcane Shift, giving him %AS and Smoke Screen clouds your vision, preventing you from landing skillshots.

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Ezreal Patch History

Spoiler: Click to view

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Guide Patch History

13/7/2013 - Guide Published

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thanks for reading my guide on Ezreal ^_^

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