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League of Legends Build Guide Author -NA- Veng Lmfao

BroLAUGHing (Jungle)

-NA- Veng Lmfao Last updated on May 31, 2013
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SPi space
shurelya's reverie


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

-My other guides-


-About The Author-

Hey guys! I'm Ryan (or Veng Lmfao), & this is my 4th guide here at Mobafire! I've played Olaf for quite awhile now, as he was my first ever jungle champion. I've played him Jungle, Top, Mid & even support! However, I feel he excels at jungling. If you just want to learn Olaf QUICKLY, stick to my cheat sheet. But if you want to learn every Tip & Trick that I can give to you, then read ahead!

-Why play Olaf?-

Olaf is a very strong, fun & creative champion that can be played in a variety of roles. His skillset compliments the Jungle role mainly, as of the great sustain & quick clear time. His skillset is aimed at fast clear time, keeping yourself sustained & being able to escape very tricky situations, where death is imminent! Olaf is an extremely fun champion but requires some time to get used to!

-What can I expect from this guide?-

You can expect an in-depth guide, delving into the depths of Items, Runes, Masteries, Jungling, Teamfighting, Ganks & plenty more!
Welcome to BroLAUGHing

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Credits to Ciderhelm

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Pros / Cons

>>CC Immune
>>High AS
>>True Damage
Olaf is extremely tanky & immune to Crowd Control due to his amazing ultimate, Ragnarok, which also gives armor penetration. He has a 2.5s slow through Undertow, which its cooldown can be reduced by picking up the axe. He has extremely high Attack Speed from his passive, Berserker Rage. Some of the best Olaf plays come from when he is low health. He has amazing sustain through Vicious Strikes, which also give him bonus attack damage. Finally, his Reckless Swing deals true damage, allowing you to shred anyone.

As Undertow is a skillshot, it takes a bit to get used to, as you can choose the distance. If you throw your Undertow, your opponents can easily move out of the direction you need to pick it up. This means you'll have to go without the 4.5s cooldown reduction. Reckless Swing is damaging earlygame, as it chunks your health a lot. Before you get your ultimate, you are prone to being kited. If you intend to play Olaf, you're expected to perform well. He is not a champion you pick up quickly!
>>Hard to master
>> Undertow hard to land
>>Health cost (E)
>>Kitable early
>>High skill cap
>>High expectations

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SPACE Great for early-game jungling. Applies more hits with Vicious Strikes, therefore keeping you nice & healthy. Also stacks amazingly well with Berserker Rage, making you a serious threat throughout the entire game. Gives you 15% attack speed!

SPACE Standard seals for a jungler. Reduces how much damage you take from creep camps, meaning more jungling & more efficient ganks. Also allows you to dive easier, as you'll be taking reduced damage. Helpful for leading a charge head on (as you'll transform into a fearless berserker), sending your enemies squealing away. Stacks well with Ragnarok. Gives you 13 armor.

SPACE Really helpful late game. Lowers the ability power output by a considerable amount. No more being bursted down instantly! Only logical choice for a Glyph choice. Again, stacks nicely with Ragnarok. Gives you 24 magic resist.

SPACE Amazing attribute to Olaf. Allows you to stick to your target, meaning more stacks of Undertow can be applied. Gives you that extra burst of speed which can be game changing. Gives you 4.5% movement speed.

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-Defense Tree-

15% tenacity & a further 15% slow reduction stack AMAZINGLY with Boots of Swiftness & Spirit of the Ancient Golem.

Grants you some (starting) bonus health & (scaling) bonus health. Really helpful for staying alive.

Grants you 10 bonus gold for when you use Smite, reduces monster damage by 2, & returns 6 damage back to the monsters. Helpful for getting an extra potion or 2 early & for quickening your clear time.

5 bonus armor, +1 armor / MR for each nearby enemy champion & 10% reduced crit strike damage is a HUGE defensive bonus. Allows you to stay alive much longer.

All are extremely similar, Block reduces auto-attacks by 3, Unyielding reduces all damage by 2 & Honor Guard reduces all damage by 3%


-Offense Tree-

Adds an additional 8% movement speed to your Ghost. Handy for creating even more distance from your opponents or for sticking to your opponent for longer.

4% attack speed bonus. Stacks really nicely with your Greater Mark of Attack Speed & Berserker Rage.

An extra 2 damage to minions helps clear time. Stacks nicely with Bladed Armor .

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Summoner Spells

Viable Summoner Spells

SPACE An essential spell for pretty much every jungler. No questions asked, take it. Paired with Summoner's Resolve , gives you 10 bonus gold per use. Although it's only a small amount, consistent use of Smite can build up to something small, like a bonus Cloth Armor or something similar.

SPACE Preferred spell for Olaf. Stacks well with Ragnarok & Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed. Paired with Summoner's Wrath , it increases the movement speed amount by 8%. Perfect Summoner Spell for Olaf, combines amazingly well with Ragnarok, leading to some slippery plays where you avoid death. Great for leading a charge or for initiating a gank. Paired with shurelya's reverie, your team can have the upper-hand, both in team fights, initiating or for escaping.

SPACE Another good spell for Olaf. Great for making those clutch escapes, or for getting in range to land an Undertow. Can be used to hop over a wall to Smite aiiiBaron or iiiDragon, giving your team a helpful buff &/or some nice bonus gold, which can turn the tides of a game.

SPACE Decent spell, but not on the same level as Ghost or Flash in my eyes. Can be used very effectively in a team fight or a gank, as it can completely shut down your opponent. If applied, you can land Undertow much easier, & your team will be able to apply their cc much easier.

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Skill Explanation


Berserker Rage (Passive)

For each 1% of health missing, Olaf's attack speed is increased by 1%

>> Some of the best Olaf plays come from when he is low Hp. This passive opens up so many windows of opportunity when at low-mid Hp. Able to clear quicker, or to beat the living **** out of your opponent. Paired with Vicious Strikes, these lead to some interesting combinations.

||| >> Sometimes letting yourself fall to 40% or so in the jungle can drastically increase your clear time & gold income.
>> Some of the best Olaf plays come from when he is at low Hp. You have a higher potential to do more damage at low Hp. Don't panic if you drop low, Vicious Strikes & Berserker Rage can heal you very quickly.
>> Opponents will think they've got you secured when you drop low, but they don't, if anything, it's harder for them to vs. a low Hp Olaf.

Undertow (Q)
Olaf throws an axe to a target location, dealing physical damage to units it passes through & slowing them for 2.5 seconds. This slow fades over the duration.If Olaf picks up the axe, the ability's cooldown is reduced by 4.5 seconds.

>> Pretty handy skill to have around. 2.5s slow on an 8s cooldown is not bad as it is, but you can reduce the cooldown by a further 4.5s by simply picking up the axe. Amazing for sticking to your target. Extremely handy for clear time if you have a iBlue Buff, as it's close to a 0.5s cooldown.

||| >> When chasing an opponent with Undertow, try to throw it so that it hits the target in line of where you would pick it up. This means you won't have to go out of your way to pick it up, meaning you can continue applying Undertow to your target.
>> With a iBlue Buff, throwing Undertow directly in front of you (so that you automatically pick it up instantly) can reduce the time between Undertow usage to about 0.5s. You can clear camps in seconds.
>> When you don't have a iBlue Buff, keep an eye on your mana early, as it burns through it pretty quickly.

Vicious Strikes (W)
For 6 seconds, Olaf's attack damage is increased for a base amount, plus 1% of his max health. While active, Olaf also gains lifesteal & spell vamp.

>> Extremely strong spell. Gives you some nice attack damage, lifesteal & spellvamp upon activation. The more health you have, the more attack damage you will get. Vicious Strikes keeps you extremely healthy in the jungle. Paired with Berserker Rage, you can deal a LOT of damage & heal back a considerable amount at low Hp.

||| >> If you're aiming to stay nice & healthy whilst jungling, use this on most camps, as it has a relatively low mana cost.
>> Paired with Berserker Rage, you become an unstoppable threat at low Hp, due to high attack speed, high attack damage & high lifesteal.
>> Use Undertow, then auto-attack ( Vicious Strikes activated), then use Reckless Swing to chunk a huge amount out of your target.

Reckless Swing (E)
Olaf deals true damage to his target whilst also inflicting a small amount of true damage towards himself.

>> Pretty heavy spell to use. Chunks your opponent for true damage, but at early stages of the game where you have little health or health regen, it can hurt you more than it hurts them. The true damage is amazing, as it can rip through anyone, even the tank. Use Undertow, then auto-attack ( Vicious Strikes activated), then use Reckless Swing to chunk a huge amount out of your target. This allows easy zoning.

||| >> Be wary of spamming it early game, as it chunks your health as well as your opponents.
>> Use it to harass your target if you know your gank will not end in a kill. This can bully them out of the lane or put them in a position where your ally can zone them.
>> Combined with Smite, you can do up to 1,340 true damage to a minion or monster. This pretty much means you shouldn't ever lose a iiiBaron or iiiDragon, as you have an advantage on the enemy jungler.

Ragnarok (R)
Olaf breaks any crowd control effects. For 6 seconds, Olaf is immune to disables, gains armor, magic resist & armor penetration.

>> One of the craziest ults in the game. Locked down by 5 opponents, all with a form of cc? No worries. Just pop Ragnarok & you're home free. Paired with Ghost, these 2 make an amazing escape team. Also give some pretty handy armor & magic resist upon activation, reducing damage by a truckload aswell. If THAT isn't enough, you also get some armor pen upon activation as well, so you'll be: immune to cc, tanky as hell & be dealing lots of damage.
||| >> Breaks ANY form of crown control. Yup, ANY!
>> Useful for tanking out team fights due to the bonus armor & MR.
>> Amazing for escaping. Paired with Ghost, these 2 make one hell of an escape team.

Skill Sequence

>> >> >>

Ragnarok (R)
6, 11, 16
||| >> As with most ultimates, you'll want to take them whenever you can. Bonus armor, MR & armor penetration is too good to ignore. Only logical to take your ultimate whenever you can.

Undertow (Q)
1, 3, 5, 7, 9
||| >> Favored skill to max after Ragnarok. Amazing clear time, great damage & great for ganking. Can chunk your opponents health at all stages of the game.

Reckless Swing (E)
4, 8, 10, 12, 13
||| >> 3rd skill to max. By the time you start putting a few points into Reckless Swing, you should have some decent health, meaning you won't be chunking your health as much as you would at early levels.

Vicious Strikes (W)
2, 14, 15, 17, 18
||| >> Last skill to max. Sure, it's really useful, but it doesn't compare to what Undertow & Reckless Swing do.

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The Build

Starting Items

-- x5 -- x3 --

Hunter's Machete + 5 Potions
Recommended Start
SPACE >> Standard jungle start. Bonus damage to minions is pretty beast as it is, & you also get 5x Health Potion to keep you nice & healthy.

Boots of Speed + 3 Potions
Viable, But Not Recommended
SPACE >> A nice jungle start. Gives you some extra movement speed which is always really handy. The 3 health potions also help to keep you nice & healthy.

Early Items To Build

-- -- philosopher's stone --

Spirit Stone
SPACE >> Really good item. Extremely cheap, great Hp & mana regen, builds from Hunter's Machete & builds into Spirit of the Ancient Golem. Paired with philosopher's stone, you get some pretty high Hp & Mp regen!

Philosopher's Stone
Philosopher's Stone SPACE >> Very similar to Spirit Stone, but instead of monster damage, you get gold per 10. The extra gold regen is extremely helpful, combining very well with the Smite bonus of Summoner's Resolve . Builds into shurelya's reverie.

Boots of Swiftness
SPACE >> Perfect boots for Olaf! Combined with the tenacity of Spirit of the Ancient Golem & Tenacious , aswell as the slow reduction of Relentless , you become an unstoppable force! Sometimes you don't even need to pop Ragnarok, as you'll escape from cc so quickly! Amazing for catching up to opponents or for fleeing quickly.

Core Items To Build

-- -- shurelya's reverie --

Spirit of the Ancient Golem
SPACE >> Exceptionally strong item for Olaf. Nice health, Hp regen, Mp regen, cooldown reduction, tenacity & bonus damage to monsters for such a cheap cost is too good to deny. Very useful for the majority of the game.

Shurelya's Reverie
shurelya's reverie SPACE >> Absolute beast of an item. Amazing for ganking, escaping or engaging a fight. Combined with Ghost, you can do LAPS around the map. Great for speeding your team up to get to an objective much quicker.

Locket of the Iron Solari
SPACE >> Extremely useful item. Decent armor, health, hp regen, cooldown reduction & an amazing shield. Great for absorbing some damage in a teamfight or a tower dive, & great for saving a team-mates life.

Choose 1 To Build

-- -- --

Frozen Mallet
SPACE >> Pretty insane item for Olaf. Huge Hp, decent attack damage & that all important slow. Amazing for sticking to your target, & combines exceptionally well with Enchantment: Furor & Undertow.

Sunfire Cape
SPACE >> Very nice item for Olaf. Great armor, very nice health & that amazing AoE damage. Great for doing consistent damage all game. Extremely helpful for doing damage around you, & adds just that extra edge onto your teamfight capability.

Runic Bulwark
SPACE >> Highly situational item. If you intend to build Runic Bulwark or Aegis of the Legion, work it out early in the game with your support. Make it clear with your support so you don't accidently double up.

Finish Off With

-- -- --

Guardian Angel
SPACE >> Nice item for Olaf. A 2nd life is always useful. You can charge into a fight, absorb a LOT of damage, revive, & heal up very quickly due to Berserker Rage & Vicious Strikes. Very nice item.

Iceborn Gauntlet
SPACE >> Extremely fun & strong item to use for Olaf. Throw Undertow, auto-attack, pick up Undertow, repeat leads to a deadly combination of high damage & sustained slows. Amazing for sticking to your target, you'll become glue to them. Combines very will with Enchantment: Furor.

Randuin's Omen
SPACE >> Great item for Olaf. Charge into a fight, activate Randuin's Omen & the enemy team will be momentarily immobilized. Can allow you to sneak into a good position to shred the enemy ADC.

-Other Items You Can Build-

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Warmog's Armor
SPACE >> Pretty good item for Olaf. Amazing health & amazing Hp regen. Not a favored item of mine, as you already get a large amount of health from the current build. Feel free to build it, however.

Frozen Heart
SPACE >> Pretty good item for Olaf. Great armor, cooldown reduction, mana & attack speed debuff. Reason why I don't pick this anymore is that both of it's components build into better & more useful items ( Iceborn Gauntlet & Randuin's Omen). Still not a bad item if you're against someone stacking attack speed.

Spirit Visage
SPACE >> Solid item. Great cooldown reduction, great magic resist & a pretty handy passive. Only worth it if the enemy team as 2 or more ap champions, though.

Maw of Malmortius
SPACE >> Extremely nice item. Don't have to rush the completion of Maw of Malmortius, as Hexdrinker, which is relatively cheap & very cost effective. Stacks amazingly well with Berserker Rage, as it is a low Hp item.

Blade of the Ruined King
SPACE >> Beast of an item. Nice attack damage, great attack speed, great lifesteal, deals 5% of your opponents current health in bonusphysical damage, & also has an amazing activate which steals their health & movement speed, healing you for the damage stolen. For only 3.2k gold, you get a heap of stats!

Guide Top

Technical Play


Jungle Route:

>> Letting your Hp sit around 40% can drastically increase jungle speed, therefore increasing the amount of ganks you can supply & a greater gold income for the team.
>> Use Vicious Strikes to stay nice & healthy in the jungle.
>> Be wary of using Reckless Swing at early levels, as it chunks your health by quite a bit.
>> If you have a iBlue Buff, throwing Undertow directly in front of you where you automatically pick it up can reduce the cooldown of Undertow to about 0.5s, meaning insane clear time.
>> Be wary of not to spam Undertow without iBlue Buff as it has a relatively high mana cost.

Counter Jungling:

>> Take care to not damage a minion with your Undertow. Position yourself accordingly.
>> Be quick & efficient when counter jungling. This reduces the chances of being caught out by a considerable amount. Get in, get out. Simple.
>> Always leave 1 minion!
"It's not about the minions, it's about sending a message" - the Joker"


>> Lead with Undertow.
>> Try throw it in a line, so that you'll be able to hit your opponent & pick it up without going out of your way.
>> Keep picking up the axe & applying Undertow, whilst doing auto attacks & using Reckless Swing whenever you can.
>> Be careful not to disrupt your path of movement; refer here! Credits to Ciderhelm.


>> Always fight the ADC.
>> Push him out of the fight if possible.
>> Use Ragnarok, shurelya's reverie & Ghost to get your target very quickly & easily.



>> Undertow is an amazing kiting tool.
>> Use it to create or reduce huge distances to your target.
>> Continue to use it to level the play field (wait for an ally, Hp advantage, minion wave, etc).
>> The longer you kite, the greedier your opponent will get. He'll be likely to make mistakes & not think about the things that could endanger his life.

Guide Top

Jungle Timers


Spawns at: SPAAAAAAAACERespawn Time:SPAAAAAAAACE Initial Reward:
>> iiiDragon is a powerful monster. It applies a damage over time debuff which deals 60 true damage over 4 seconds & reduces your attack speed by 20%. Olaf is exceptionally strong at soloing iiiDragon due to Vicious Strikes. It also gives a 25G bonus to the person who dealt the last piece of damage to iiDragon.

Spawns at: SPAAAAAAAACERespawn Time:SPAAAAACE Initial Reward:
SPE15:00SPAAAAASiiPAEEAAACE 7:00SPAACE 900 EXP, 300G (Team),iBaron Buff
>> iiiBaron is a powerful monster. He is immune to CC & has many different attacks. One of his attacks is that he applies a debuff where he deals 25% increased magic damage per stack. The longer you fight, the more damage you'll take. Again, Vicious Strikes is an excellent tool against iiiBaron, as it helps to keep you healthy.iBaron Buff is an outstanding attribute to your team. Massively increased AD, AP, Hp regen & Mp regen greatly increase your teams fighting potential. It also gives a 25G bonus to the person who dealt the last piece of damage to iiBaron

Blue Buff
Spawns at: SPAAAAAAAACERespawn Time:SPAAAAAiAAAACE Initial Reward:
>> iBlue Golem is a monster of medium difficulty. At early levels, it is tiresome to kill & takes a large amount of mana to take down if you are spamming Undertow. iBlue Golem is favored for it's buff, iBlue Buff, which is an infinite source of mana. Always give it to your midlaner if they require it.

Red Buff
Spawns at: SPAAAAAAAACERespawn Time:SPAAAAAiAAAACE Initial Reward:
>> iRed Lizard is a monster of medium difficulty. At early levels, it is tiresome to kill & takes a large amount of mana to take down if you are spamming Undertow. iRed Lizard is favored for it's buff, iRed Buff, which deals true damage & has a 100% chance to slow, making it optimal for you, as it is great for ganking, or for your ADC, who can use it to get lane dominance.

Spawns at: SPAAAAAAAACERespawn Time:SPAAAAAiAAAACE Initial Reward:
>> iWolves are a monster of easy difficulty. There are 2 small ones, & 1 large one. The large one gives the most exp & the most gold. Upon killing the large one, you are healed for a small amount & some of your mana is restored.

Spawns at: SPAAAAAAAACERespawn Time:SPAAAAAiAAAACE Initial Reward:
>> iWraiths are a monster of easy difficulty. There are 3 small ones, & 1 large one. The large one gives the most exp & the most gold. Upon killing the large one, you are healed for a small amount & some of your mana is restored. The small ones are melee, whilst the large one is ranged.

Spawns at: SPAAAAAAAACERespawn Time:SPAAAAAiAAAACE Initial Reward:
>> iGolems are a monster of easy difficulty. There is 1 small one & 1 large one. The large one gives the most exp & the most gold. Upon killing the large one, you are healed for a small amount & some of your mana is restored. The small one has considerably less health, & killing it first can often lead to less damage taken.

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-My other guides-

-Ending Words-

So yeah, this pretty much concludes my guide. Tried to keep it short & sharp in comparison to my Udyr guide, which went on & on. Didn't do a match-up section as all are extremely similar. However, if I get enough feedback asking for a match-up section, I'll squeeze one in.
Hope you've all enjoyed BroLAUGHing as much as I did making it! Feel free to leave a comment explaining what can be worked on or what you enjoyed. Hope you all have a wonderful day, & 'til next time, peace.
- Veng <3

-People that have contributed to this guide-


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