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League of Legends Build Guide Author Len M. Kagamine

Caitlyn - A True Sniper (Spam Ace in the Hole)

Len M. Kagamine Last updated on June 5, 2011
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Utility: 9

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Introduction - Debriefing the Mission

Hello everyone. This is Len M. Kagamine, and I am here to show how I build Caitlyn. I started playing League of Legends right after she was released. She is the second Champion I ever bought, and she is the first champion I have ever bought a skin for. I love her resistance costume so much. X3

Caitlyn is an angel. Blessed with one of the most farthest range in the game. Her Ultimate, Ace in the Hole, is one of my most favorite in the game. You you see that laser pointed at you and you don't have any teammates around, you know for a fact your not going to dodge it. With such an interesting ability, I wanted to find a way to abuse this wonderful skill. Not only do I wish to kill an enemy with that shot, I also wish to kill their hopes of escaping.

Even though her ultimate is one of Caitlyn's best skills, her Piltover Peacemaker is also one of my most favorite skills for any Champion. This skill can do some major damage if build correctly. And, unlike her Ace in the Hole, this skill will hit multiple units. This makes Caitlyn very important in team fights, and clearing a lane full of enemy minions.

Caitlyn may be a female, but let me show you how much she is able to penetrate someone.... armor, that is. :3

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Pros / Cons - Knowing you Weapons


Great range.
Great damage.
Really good early game.
Destroys turrets quickly.
Clears minions in seconds.
Has a good escape ability. ([90 Caliber Net])
Can block off paths. ([Yordle Snap Trap])


Very Squishy
Can be ganked easily.
Will be focused in team fights sometimes.

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Runes - Soldier of Recommendation

Ruins are very important. No matter which champion you are playing as. I see ruins as natural skills that can not be taken away. So with the ruins giving it's natural skills to a champ, I wish to show my ruins. With a mission, it is always best to pick the best soldier for the job. This is why Caitlyn is my soldier of recommendation. )with her Resistance costume, of course. :D )

Marks: - 9 Greater Mark of Desolation

This build will show you how to get as much armor penetration as possible. You are going to need these. >:3

Seals: - 9 Greater Seal of Replenishment

If you want to spam Ace in the Hole, you have to have mana.

Glyphs: - 9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Once again, if you want to spam Ace in the Hole, you have to have cool downs as well.

Quintessences: - 3 Greater Quintessence of Desolation

More and more Armor penetrations. >:3 Get some!!

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Masteries - Mental Preparations


Pretty Simple. Everything in Offense is pretty important, but let me just say that if you want to have your 40% Cooldown Reduction, you have to have all 4 points on Sorcery. The rest is just common sense. :D

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Summoner Spells - Carry only what is Needed

These are my choices for this build.

1. Clairvoyance

Caitlyn is one of the only Champions that can make some use of this spell. Sure, others can pick it so they can check around those corners, but with Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole, you can improve the chance of not letting an enemy get away if they run around a corner.

I recall a time were I was at one end of a jungle, and my team was in the mid lane. We knew was saw an enemy Champion in our jungle, but he was going to get away. I popped Clairvoyance where I thought he was going to be. I found him in a bush, about 1 second into his recall spell. I acked quickly and used Ace in the Hole on him. I did some major damage, and caused him to panic. He didn't know where it came from and he was running around. About 5 seconds later, my team came in and finished the job. Good times, good times. :3

2. Clarity

With spamming your Piltover Peacemaker and Ace in the Hole, you are going to need mana. This spell is very important early game, but will become very useless late game. I like having a good start, so I use it. If you don't think you will have a problem with mana, you can replace this with something of your liking.

Other spells that can be used well with Caitlyn.

1. Flash. Flash is good for everything. Running away and running after enemy Champions. If anything, I use it for running away alot more then chasing. X3 I love using it to teleport away, then quickly use 90 Caliber Net to get away from enemies when ever I feel too close.

2. Ghost. Ghost is good for running away and chasing. That is it. I like [Flash] more because it makes you a harder to be targeted by spells. Then again, this covers more distance. It's your choice.

3. Rally. Rally can be good for using right before Ace in the Hole, but preparing the shot will take more time, and you target might get away. First you have to place this down, then you have to activate Sword of the Divine (which I will get to later), then use Clairvoyance if your enemy gets out of range, then you can use Ace in the Hole. I don't think the small boost is worth the effort.

4. Teleport. Teleport is always good. You don't need me to explain it. :)

5. Fortify. Fortify was one of my most favorite spells. It helps the team out, but not yourself. So having this is... meh.

Other spells that can NOT be used well with Caitlyn.

1. Exhaust. Exhaust has way too little range. Your a sniper, not a melee fighter.

2. Heal. Heal is somewhat worth less. If you get ganked, you most likely will be too squishy to survive a serious, well planned attack. Giving you not many chances to use Heal.

3. Revive. ._. Just don't die.

4. Smite. Smite... wont help you snipe. (Hey, that kinda rhymed a little. :D )

5. Cleanse. Same reason for Heal.

6. Ignite. Same reason for Exhaust.

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Items - Spoils of War

The first Item you should obtain would be a Meki Pendant. Keeping you mana up at the beginning of the match is important if you want to harass your Piltover Peacemaker. I also recommend getting 2 [Health Potion]. Since Caitlyn doesn't have any for of healing other then normal health regeneration, you will be needing it. No shame in that. :3

On your second trip back, Get a Tear of the Goddess. If possible, get a Manamune there and then as well. I don't recommend getting Ionian Boots of Lucidity before getting the Manamune. Having Tear of the Goddess increases your mana every time you use an ability. Although it is okay for Caitlyn to cast abilities, the Manamune does the same thing but also increases you mana every time you use your auto-attack. This is more fitting for Caitlyn's use, and will give you more mana faster. :)

Now you can get your Ionian Boots of Lucidity. These boots will give you a 15% cooldown reduction. At the end of the Chapter, I will display the math that shows the result of the build.

Next, get a Avarice Blade so you can get the gold boost early.

Afterwards, I would work my way to getting a Sword of the Divine. The speed boost will help alot with killing minions and also help with Caitlyn's passive. There is an activation ability to this item that is very important. Activating it will grant 30+ Armor penetration.

The next step would to get a Last Whisper. There should be no question to this item. Much more damage, much more penetration. I find that getting more damage is more important then getting more cooldowns. So this is why this came before our next item.

The Brutalizer is next. Giving more cooldowns, more damage, and armor penetration. What a perfect item for Caitlyn.

Last will be a Youmuu's Ghostblade. This will finish the build of what is mandatory for armor penetration. Granting the last bit of cooldown possible before reaching the maximum amount. Extra armor pen., and damage will not hurt. Well, atleast not yourself. :D

The next item is up to you. I recommend an item that will provide more survivability. I recommend Banshee's Veil. Health, magic resistance, and an awesome passive. :)
Guardian Angel is also fun to have sometimes. XD

If you want, you can get an item that will give you more damage as well. Madred's Bloodrazor or The Bloodthirster will do good. Do you know whats fun too? Getting a Tiamat. Now you pack fragmentation rounds!! >:3 Caityln with an anti-tank rifle. Hoorah.

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How to Snipe - Down the sights, Out the Barrel.

Play Caitlyn how you normally would, just instead of using your auto-attacks, try and spam your Piltover Peacemaker much more then usual. It does Major damage, and great for harassing.

How to snipe is a little different now that you have Sword of the Divine. This is how to do it.

Say there is an enemy that is about to leave your line of sight, whether it be going around a corner, or flashing away. You have to use Clairvoyance to prevent him/her from escaping. After this, if you have Rally, drop it as fast as you can. I prefer not carrying Rally in the first place because performing this step might take too much time away. After that you have to use Sword of the Divine. Because of the building order, I have made it so you have to push you "4" key. It is right above your "R" key. This way, you can easily push it without having to look for it if you don't have much experiences with typing. :D Now you have your opponate in sight, Rally placed (or not), and Sword of the Divine activated, now you may use Ace in the Hole for maximum damage.
Get Some!! >:3 All this should take about 1-2 seconds.

Side note
It is possible to activate Sword of the Divine after you begin using Ace in the Hole. When you have your laser on your target, you can't activate it. It will state that you can not activate it while channeling. However, after the shot is fired, while the bullet is traveling to its target, then you can activate it. This way, you don't loss your target if you didn't set up your shot fast enough. The problem is, I do not yet know if the 30 armor penetration applies to the shot because it is already fired. If anyone would like to inform me on this situation, please send me a message. :D

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The Math - Calculating Chance of Success

Lets put the math together now...

Say we have a target with 200 armor.

First, we apply the flat armor pen.

"Slunder" Masteries


Sword of the Divine (If activated)

Youmuu's Ghostblade

What comes next is the armor penetration percentages. We have 40% so...

Last Whisper
120-(120*.40)= 72 armor.

So it would drop the armor from 200 to 72. That is a huge difference. This target is losing 64% of all his armor.

Almost every item I have displayed also gives off attack damage, so even if the enemy doesn't have much armor to begin with, you will still do major damage.

Now it's time to do the math for the cooldowns.

The maximum cooldown reduction you can have is 40%.

"Sorcery" Mastery

Ruins (Assuming you have reached level 18 in game)

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Youmuu's Ghostblade

Total= 41.5%

Yes, I did go over 40%, but remember that the ruins will only be used completely when you reach level 18, so before you reach that level, the ruins will provide you with a bit more cooldowns before then. :)

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Conclusion - Mission Complete

This is my Caitlyn. This is my way. This is for sniping, and thats what I say. :3

Alot of people build caitlyn for her auto attack, so they build her with damage and criticals. I use to play like this, but then I noticed that I was dying to fast. It turns out it was because you have to stand still for her auto attack. This makes you an easy target, even in team fights. My way is different. You can still stand still to do some auto-attack damage, but now you can spam your Piltover Peacemaker into team fights and still be dodging your enemies attacks. :)

Please try my build before you go and vote. Now go out there and fight for Glory.