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Varus Build Guide by ninjaloveboy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ninjaloveboy


ninjaloveboy Last updated on June 29, 2013
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Overall Review

Varus is always considered to be a adc a bot, well today im going to show you how we are going to break the meta with my build, Blur varus. Ever heard of "Blue Ezreal"? Of course you have! Who hasn't? Nobody! Well Blue Varus is almost the same thing with some minor disadvantages and advantages.


+ Varus "Q" Piercing arrow does more damage then Ezreal's "Q" Mystic Shot
+ Can be easily used to finish a enemy at the turret without even getting hit by it

+ Has a greater range then Ezreal's "Q" Mystic shot

+ Some people argue that he doesn't have any escape tools, but with your "E" Hail of arrows
and your basic attack (with Iceborn gauntlet) can easily slow them down. And if that's not enough you can always use your "R" Chain of Corruption or your Flash.

+ You don't even have to be in the Team fight because your range is very big


- Very, very, very squishy (even for an Adc)

- if you exhaust your escape methods there is very little hope for you to survive because your suppose to harass, then exchange. Not to trade only.

- if you can't aim your "Q"s you gonna have a bad time.

- cool downs can be and issue for your "E" because it's level 1 in till level 7

- you cannot 1 v 1 directly

- if you cannot be aware of your surrounding's, YOUR GONNA HAVE A BAD TIME

Guide Top

When at Lane

When your at lane in early levels (1-7) this is what you need to do:


+ Always ward your bushes, since this Varus build imply's for him to be Extremely squishy you are going to need the heads up before they come

+ Harass with your "W" when you get it, then wait till the corruption stacks go to 3, then fire your "Q" with along with your "E" (unless your running low) *Note when firing with 3 stacks do not risk charging to full length of your "Q" unless you are safe

+ when you get your "R" this is the point you want to harass with your "Q" with or without the stacks

+ when hes about 1/4 health you can probably take either one of them or both ( because *REMINDER your "R" spreads to all champions near by. Start with your "Q" then your "R", following with a "E", a couple basic attacks, then finish with another "Q" if necessary. With this combo along with your support ( or none) your can dominate your lane.


- Do not be cocky, this will lead you to die or worse, your support as well

- Do not leave your lane without 1. 3 mana potions, 2. 2 wards, and finally a heath potion or 2.

- ALWAYS i mean ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings ( I cannot stress this enough )

When in Mid/late levels (8+)


- Now you want to spam everything you have against them or the minions when you have the chance
( *Exception on your "R" )

- If you engage follow the following rules/steps

1. Fire your ult right when they decide to come in ( and if you don't have your ult I SAID TO SAVE IT)

2. Stay back, your tanks will deal with them just keep on spamming your ability's (From a distance in which you can spam your "Q")

3. if they try to aim you and go pass your tanks, follow the slow combo up above in the first chapter.

4. BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS ( i know most of you are gonna be like " what is his problem I GET IT " but usually what happens after that is you complain he's to squishy, which i admit he kind of is, BUT if you are aware of your surrounding you will survive

5. WOMBO COMBO, you ult is great for wombo comboing ( is that a real word? idk) so use it wisely


1. Do exacly the opposite of what i said up on Do's YOUR GONNA HAVE A REALLY BAD TIME


Varus in this build is an amazing solo top or ADC, he can harass and dominate his lane yet in team fights it is a bit hard for the team unless you have a good coordinating team (Like Lux, Malphite, Ashe, Leona, and anyone with a good stun usually)

He is also a moderate escape plan (nothing compared to Ezreal's but it's something)
but is very very squishy compared to even ADC's in this build

He is a very good ADC or solo top to play and is worth your time
(think of this as a challenge)

Anyway have fun at your lane !

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