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Orianna Build Guide by GayGreenRanger

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GayGreenRanger

Clockwork Red (Alternative Ori Builds)

GayGreenRanger Last updated on July 7, 2016
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The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello fellow Orianna lovers! I assume you are all here because you enjoy playing Orianna and want to get better, you want to play Orianna for the first time, or you are just looking for something new. I hope to be able to appeal to all three of you if that is the case.
note: If you are really struggling with Ori, and you are getting crushed using my builds, then go check out this build. Its a much more comprehensive guide, and would be better for Ori beginners.

I want to let you know that this build is intentionally out of the norm. I am looking to experiment a little bit while still trying to stay viable in competitive game play. That being said, this build may evolve a bit with time as I test different things out and find what works best.

Orianna is pretty hard to master, and she's honestly probably not the best mid/mage champ. But she's wicked fun, and really strong (if you know how to use her). So don't give up trying her even if you suck after 10 games. Just practice, watch pros play her, read better guides then mine, and you'll get there.

Ori Tank
This particular build really focus's on making Orianna less squishy, and being super team oriented. If you look at Ori's kit, she is a very strategic, technical, and utility based champ. She's also not the greatest duelist (though not the worst). She thrives most in a team oriented situation where she can CC, protect, and deals tons of AOE damage.

The most important thing to note about this build is that there are no defensive runes. Ahhhh, red flag! But what this actually does, is shifts the need for mana regen away from items and into your runes/masteries. This frees up your item choice for more situational defense options. It also requires you to play a little smarter and have better map awareness (more explained later)

Ori Attack Speed
This build focuses on Ori's awesome passive by increasing her attack speed, and making her more of a duelist. Its really awesome for farming, pushing lanes, and generally being badass. (Currently my favorite way to build her). This is an aggressive build that requires you to get a ton of CS, and not to fall behind.

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Ori Tank

  • Greater Glyph of Ability Power: This is pretty straight forward and typical on ap casters. Boost your early ap, duh
  • Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration: I take mana regen here because my build foregoes the use of Chalice of Harmony as you would typically see on an ori build. Seeing as Orianna is a pretty mana hungry champ, its important to make up for that lost chalice.
  • greater mark of hybrid penetration: Orianna's Clockwork Windup boosts her basic attacks with magic damage. All of her abilities do magic damage. So why take hybrid penetration? Because your AA (auto attack) does attack damage too. So the hybrid penetration really maximizes your AA's for last hitting minions and getting early poke on your enemy
  • Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: I think this is really important on Orianna. Its one of the keys to this build. You want to be super fast (movement speed quints pairs with the Boots of Mobility) so you can roam top and bot and help your teammates get ganks. Your primary goal is to be as useful of a team player as possible (and get yourself more kills)

Ori Attack Speed

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There are so many masteries. I'm not explaining them all. Just take all the mana regen and movement speed you can. (for the same reasons I mention when explaining the runes). And ALWAYS get thunderlords with Ori. Its just so easy to proc with her kit it would be dumb not to take it.

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Maybe some day I'll get into more detail about Ori's skills and the best ways to combo them. But till then, here is at least a hover link and some short hints

  • Clockwork Windup: Orianna's passive. Don't under estimate how much damage will come from this. Especially early game, and especially when farming. Always get your AA's in
  • Command: Attack (Q): Its how you move the ball around (the most important skill for an Ori to have), and is your primary means of poke. A fun fact that you may overlook: it never increases in mana cost. This makes it Orianna's MOST MANA EFFICIENT skill
  • Command: Dissonance (W): Apart from her ult, this is Orianna's most powerful skill. It really hits hard. And its AOE (area of affect) damage. And it slows enemies that pass throw it while speeding friendlies that pass through, so it is good for escapes. But its expensive, so go easy on it early on (only use it on a champion, or 2+ minions if it is to secure the kills)
  • Command: Protect (E): This is a seriously important skill. Not only will it help you mitigate damage in duels while laning, it will boost your amor and magic resist while the ball is on you, it will also help save your squishies, and help your tanks/bruisers initiate. But use it wisely in a fight, it has a longish cool-down.
  • Command: Shockwave (R): Tons of damage, large AOE, and CC (crowd control). This is one seriously powerful ult. But its really easy to waste it or use it at the wrong time. Just remember, there is a slight delay after the animation starts before the skill actually hits. So if they are on the outside of its range, they can run out of it pretty easily.

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Skill Sequence

This is an area of some debate, and you'll notice on both my builds that the sequence pattern is irregular. I think that ability sequences should be flexible, and react to the circumstance of that game. If you are playing against a squishy champ, then extra points to W will help crush them. If you are squishier than your opponent, then early points to E will help level you out. If you are bad at last hitting, then maxing Q will give you a lot of mana efficient low cool down damage. That being said, the sequences I provided are my template that I usually follow quite closely.

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Spells are totally personal preference, but I believe each build synergizes with certain spells better.

Flash - Ubiquitous and you should never not have it. If you are progressive or experimental than you can try to grab something else, but you'll probably regret it.

Ori Tank

  • Teleport - This is a good pick if you have good map awareness (which you need for this build). It allows you to help out other lanes, save towers, counter gank, and quickly take enemy towers.
  • Barrier - I have actually been running barrier over teleport a lot lately, and I really like it. It gives you tons of ganking survivability, and I like to try and bait people under my tower with it for easier kills. Always stagger it with your E, unless you are recieving tons of burst damage.
    Ori Attack Speed
    Ignite - I pretty much only take ignite on this build because its an aggressive build, and it calls for aggressive spells. You want to be able to secure early kills to help you jump out ahead.

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Since this is the most important section, it is going to take me the longest to write (ironic how that works out). But since I still want people to enjoy my awesome funky build, I am going to publish before I get a change to finish it. Sorry :/. But I'll probably finish it before most of you even see it anyways.

Ori Tank

Ori Attack Speed

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  • Farm smart and manage your mana
  • Read the enemy team and the flow of the game, and build accordingly
  • Use your insane speed to gank for your teamates
  • Protect those getting attacked/engaging