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Corki Build Guide by chf23

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League of Legends Build Guide Author chf23

Corki - There goes your armour

chf23 Last updated on November 25, 2011
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Hai people, Im new to mobafire and I just wanted to put up this build. Please leave comments so i can edit my build and do better! Please comment on my build! I would like some opinions!!! 200 views and no1 voted or commented T.T

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Pros / Cons

Crazy damage
Extremely useful in teamfights with gatling gun and crazy spam of missle barrage
Skills (Blink) and (Mini Nuke)allow him to escape virtually any gank except for those with High CCs.
Has a UFO :D

mana dependent early game
Slow (300ms)

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Summoner Spells

What to take:
Ghost- This can help u catch up with another person or run away after u valkyrie your *** from a gank.
Flash- This can also save you if your valkyrie doesnt save you. Also can be used to flash over walls or to chase.
Exhaust- This is GREAT for 1v1s. It can be used to get a kill so u can chase the dude. Can also be used to lock down that ****ing bastard raping your team.

What could be taken
Ignite- This is quite useful early game to that can help to finish off the dude who would be running away with 10 hp if u didnt have ignite. Also can be cast so that heals will be way less effective. However ignite loses its effectiveness as the game progresses so i prefer exhaust.
Teleport- Can save your *** when you teleport in a brush and get to another tower with 50 hp or so. Also can be used to back base then regen and teleport back for another push. Also can be used to farm that juicy huge wave of creeps at top when you are at bot.(Only when there are no allies)
Cleanse- If they keep jumping and ccing u, you can use this
Clarity- learn to control your mana

What you dont need:
Revive- If you know when to use it fine. But 9 minute cd......
Fortify- let support/tank
Rally- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ plus its really ****py now
Clairvoyance- ^^^^^^^
Heal- can save you but i think its "nub"
Smite- You are not jungling

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Runes (For First and Second Build)

Marks Greater Mark of Desolation and Quintessences Greater Quintessence of Desolationfor armor penetration to improve early game damage and with your gatling gun, what armor? (Unless against a tank)

Seals are Mana Regen/5 Per Level Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration giving you some more mana in the lane.

Glyphs are Flat Cooldown Greater Glypph of Focus for some CDR.

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First Build (Max DPS Corki)

The first build is maximum dps corki. Hes extremely squishy so if you actually DO go by the first build, you can actually die in 3-5 hits if a master yi or tryndamere dives u in late game. It does work if ur like below lvl 10 where they focus the first dude going in and u sit at the back and wait for a pentakill.

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Second Build (Final Corki)

The second build is my preferred build since i hit level 15. There were many times where i reached maximum dps build and yet my team kept losing. Thats because teams now know that they should focus the dps first and the moment i went to join the team fight, the entire team dived after me and i died before inficting much damage. So now, i would get some defensive items ( Guardian Angel) or ( Banshee's Veil) so that im not half as squishy.

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Third Build (AP corki)

This is an Ap build. I know I know. Dont think im crazy yet, just try it first. Its really fun seeing your phosphorus bomb and missile barrage being so pain. Its pretty much trolling but it does surprise people.

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Item explanation (For second build)

Mercury's Treads- the 35 percent reduction on all CC is just GREAT.

Ninja Tabi- if there are 3 or more dpses.

Boots of Swiftness- helps with your low ms but merc treads benefeit me more.

Madred's Bloodrazor- not taken as my as is not even close to 2, i feel that there is no point.

Wit's End- Also no real point as the on hit effect counts on AS. However, when against other mana dependent heroes, the 'up to' 42 mana burn is quite a pain, especially when you get more aggressive. You can also get this against casters as you get some early magic resist.

Trinity Force-Very strong early due to the sheen component as missile barrage will proc it a lot when u spam. All depends on your choice. I would forsake the Phantom Dancer or Frozen Mallet depending on whether more damage or survivability is required.

Phantom Dancer- Extra attack speed and critical chance for its prize is quit good. Movement speed increase helps a lot with our slow helicopter/UFO. If getting trinity force, you may replace this item with The Black Cleaver

Guardian Angel- if the enemy dpses are quite fed and are focusing you. This nifty revive will give your team the time to focus that Yi or Tryn flying in all the time.

Banshee's Veil- to defend you from Nukes primarily, removing one part of a combo from a pure caster such as Le Blanc or Annie can save you.

Quicksilver Sash- can be gotten for the free cleanse, allowing you to escape from long CCs such as Veigar's Event Horizon or Nasus's Wither.

The Bloodthirster- for the damage and lifesteal

Infinity Edge- Basic item for any Dps (Plus it was buffed!)

The Black Cleaver- I know some people like to add a it in but I left it out for added survivability ( Frozen Mallet and Banshee's Veil/ Guardian Angel). The Bloodthirster is better IMO as i feel that the damage and lifesteal helps more then armor reduction since if its squishy, hes already dead. If its a tank, leave it to your mates. You can swap the Phantom Dancer out for this but i feel that the movement speed bonus from it is quite important as corki only has ms of 370 with enhanced movement speed 2, which is from your regular boots.

Last Whisper- Get this if enemies have 2 tanks that have above 200 armor. Usually against Rammus or Shen or Malphite.If not, this item is worthless. However, you are still focusing squishies first, so i do not recommend this item. Unless you are so fed and the squishies are actually forsaking dps items for defense against you.

Atma's Impaler- Get this if you plan to rush frozen mallet after getting you Infinity Edge . However, this is not recommended if you enemy team has like 2+ Ap carries as this gives you armor, not mr, thus not helping you much. Also, the 2 percent bonus is not significant unless you are stacking a lot of health.

Warmog's Armor- I dont get this as i feel that with such amounts of armor/ magic resist, frozen mallet gives enough health. Also, frozen mallet has a slow which can help chasing those low hp champions running after a teamfight. The +20 damage is a a lil cherry on top of your cake.

Manamune- Get this to solve your mana worries. I prefer just conserving mana as this take up 1 valuable item slot. This is because even with 3000 mana, 2 percent is only going to give you 60 damage. If you can conserve mana, you can get another item that can give you a lot more benefits.

Frozen Heart- This can completely solve your mana problems. Also, the 20 percent additional CDR is good for spamming more skills. This can replace thornmail as your defensive item against an AD team. This item also has that great passive of reducing AS of enemy champions around you (1000 range) by 20 percent. The squishies will be affected by this for sure as your attack range is 550. IMO, this item is better than thornmail, but it costs 775 gold more which i rather spend on other stuff. However, i do usually get this when im playng AP corki as the mana and CDR helps a lot.

Sword of the Divine- I usually do not get this as gatling gun scales with ad. However, you can go AS if you like. This is actually very useful against dudes who have high dodge percentages like Jax. The active comes along with 30 armor penetration! If you would like even more flat armor penetration, get this and it is a flat 55!!! with your runes.

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Item explanation (For third build)

Sapphire Crystal- More mana so you can harass a bit more. However, still conserve your mana as corki doesnt have great regen or base mana.

Sorcerer's Shoes- Do not underestimate 20 Magic pen with abyssal scepter.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity- Gives decent CDR, grab this if frozen heart is not required.

Rod of Ages- Rush so the bonuses can stack asap. Gives quite some AP, Health and Mana.

Lich Bane- Since this is a AP build, the proc will hurt quite a lot.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter- When you spam you missile barrage and you do hit every time, theres NO WAY of running away. Especially with this. Also gives nice HP and AP bonuses.

Rabadon's Deathcap- More AP

Frozen Heart- Defensive item against dps teams.

Banshee's Veil- Defensive item against AP teams.

Abyssal Mask- Another defensive item against AP teams. Also gives you AP. Great aura too! I usually prefer this.

Zhonya's Hourglass- Gives nice AP and armor as defense against dps teams. Since this is an AP build, your valyrie hurts quite some. So if you want to, you can rush in with valyrie then PING. You turn gold! Also great against vlad and karthus ultis.

Void Staff- If they start stacking MR get this, however, most tanks i see hardly get more than 150 MR. So, an abyssal scepter is more worth it IMO.

Deathfire Grasp- This is good against health stackers. However, I hardly remember to use actives, so dont get it unless u do remember to use them.

Morello's Evil Tome- I usually get this fast if i am against AP teams and will not get Frozen Heart for the armor, so i can make use of the early CDR and AP.

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General Gameplay

Early game: Just last hit with your auto attacks and play more passive to save mana. You can use Phosphorus Bomb to last hit multiple creeps. However, MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE 180 MANA AT ALL TIMES. With this mana you can make sure Valkyrie is available to GTFO out of a gank. This is extremely crucial if u do not have Flash. The remaining mana if for Phosphorus Bomb will nuke them a little and scare them off and even giving you a kill from the unexpected burst of damage if they tower dive you.

Start harassing when you get your ultimate, Missile Barrage. Do try to have at least 3 other rockets left in your Missile Barrage in case a gank comes and u got to fight.

Remember that Missile Barrage does SPLASH damage! You can still hit your opponents even if they hide behind their mage creep! Whenever you get a Big One, try to land it on your opponents!

At around level 4/5 for duo lanes and 6/7 for solo lane, start to buy some sight wards. If not, you can use Phosphorus Bomb to scout the bush as it reveals an area for 5 seconds. However, once you get your ultimate Missile Barrage, just shoot 1 missile into the bush to scout as it is way safer as you do not have to get that close.

Middle game: This is the time where team fights will start to happen, usually at mid lane. Always conserve about 350 mana when both teams are waiting for the other to make a move. If you have spare mana, throw a few Missile Barrageas harass now and then. When you get a Big One, try to make it count! Please scroll down for what to do in a teamfight.

Late game: This is the time where a win in a team fight is extremely crucial. One teamfight win means one tower down, possibly two. Even an inhibitor. For strategy, I would follow what I do in Mid game. However, be more careful when harassing with auto-attacks or your Missile Barrage as they may initiate when u get close and you will mostly die. Valkyrie will not be able to save you as you will get hit by CCs. Even if u do get out alive, you will have to go back base as you health will be dangerously low.(Unless u go AP and have Zhonya's Hourglass or your Banshee's Veilblocked their stun/snare and u valkyried your *** outta there. Guardian Angel can save you if u do "die" but only if your team is still around. This shows how important defensive items like Zhonya's Hourglass, Banshee's Veil, Thornmail and Guardian Angel are.

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What to do in 1v1 (AD)

Against a dps character, Throw a Phosphorus Bomb and nuke them for some hp. Switch on Gatling Gun asap and make sure you get as many stacks on them as possible. Reducing 40 of their armor can increase you dps output by a lot. Save your Valkyrie for a getaway if you are losing. Valkyrie can also be used as a chase. Remember that Gatling Gun's stacks will remain as long as u maintain auto-attacks on the person. Spam Missile Barrage while auto attacking. If you can, use Exhaust on the dude.

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What to do in a Team Fight (AD)

Three words: AIM THE SQUISHIES!!!!!!

However, to hit the squishies, you will be in a VERY dangerous position due to corki having only 550 range. You will probably be right in front of the tank and other melee dpses jumping in. Auto attack the tank or the next guys jumping in until almost all CCs are used on your tank before you move close. Switch on Gatling Gun ,your main skill, and aim the melee dpses until its is safe to move further.

Once it is safe, move in to the range dpses and use Phosphorus Bomb, that is if your mage has not nuked them dead. If not, use it on the melee dpses. As Usual, save Valkyrie for your gtfo/chase.

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What to do in 1v1 (AP)

Stick to the same concept as AD. Only now, you can Valkyrie over the enemy to increase your dps as long as they are not quite a lot more fed as you.

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What to do in a Teamfight (AP)

Same goes for here as in AD. Only now, your Missile Barrage and Phosphorus Bomb is your bread and butter, not Gatling Gun.

Spam your Missile Barrage as usual, but do make sure you hit at least 80 percent of it. If you have a Zhonya's Hourglass, you can rush in after the tank and Valkyrie over the enemy dpses. Then, phosphorous bomb and switch on Gatling Gun. Remember to continue spamming missle barrage. Once they start focusing you, use your good old Zhonya's Hourglass active and let your team save your ***. NEVER do this in solo Q unless your team knows what to do to help you.

After stasis ends, be prepared to run away if they start to focus you again. Run while spamming missiles backwards and use Phosphorus Bomb when they get close. Get ready to use Valkyrie to jump a wall to gtfo if they continue chasing. Anyway, ususally its a dps chasing so you shouldnt mind it as your team takes less damage. If they dont focus you, continue spamming Missile Barrage and phosphorous bomb whenever you can.

**DO NOT use Valkyrie over them again unless you are sure of winning this and do not need to run.