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Jarvan IV Build Guide by zen25

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zen25

demacian version of pain

zen25 Last updated on July 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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since i have used mobafires services and they have helped me i thought it was time i give something back,so i decided to make a guide to one of my favorite champions, Jarvan IV.

Jarvan IV is a really unique champion,and most builds make him into a really tanky champ which really lower his damage output,so i make him into a champ that can take some hits but with his high damage and sustenance in battle he can solo almost anyone.

now this build is not rock solid and you will have to change what items you get based on your situation to counter your opponents,the build on the cheatsheet is what i usually use in normal balanced games,but if your opponents have a lot of ad or ap your build will change to counter accordingly.

so with out further ado i present to you a


to Jarvan IV,not a very strict bible to Jarvan IV but a guide.

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Pros / Cons


-very good at late game.
-easy to kill almost anyone from mid to late game
-they will remember not to mess with you
-they wont be expecting you to be so op so they wont focus you early on
-fun to play


-need practice to get good at
-you will do a lot of ks,and most of it will not be on purpose
-you will have to start and lead a team fight,so you need to get good at it.

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so for your masteries basically you want to go in the defensive tree first because early on it will help you take more hits hand survive long enough to deal the killing blow,and the extra armor pen is really helpful to,now you might say why 21 in defense if your doing a dps jarvan?well lets face it masteries are not going to help that much in late game(or at least the offensive ones),so being tanky while doing alot of damage is more of what you need

so it should look like this:


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i use these runes :


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Scaling Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

my marks give good armor pen,and when comboed with Dragon Strike and Weapon Expertise it will shred the opponents armor and you will be able to take them down that much quicker.

my seals i get for late game damage.

my glyphs are for early armor to help tank some early harasses,and since i dont get a dorans weapon no early game health boost so armor helps

my Quintessences are for more early game damage output.

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so here ill explane your ability's.

Martial Cadence-this is a realy good passive because it helps initiate a fight and when you wana last hit or haras just hit them with Dragon Strike and then a basic attack and they will start to run,if you time your attacks so that every time your Martial Cadence will trigger they will probably think that is your normal damage output so they wont rush you that much,and another thing is if you get a vampiric scepter early game your passive is going to give you 25 hp on hit.

Dragon Strike-so this is a great ability,easy to haras with and not only does it do a lot of damage but it lowers the armor of your target(s).use this in team fight to help your team mates get the kill(s).

Golden Aegis-this is a great shield for teamfights that gets better the more opponents are near you,and slow near opponents which can help out in a lot of when trying to chase some one and when you get close to them with your flag pull use it to slow them down or when you or your ally is running away use it to slow down the enemy so they can escape.and ...

Demacian Standard-this is a really important ability,not only does it give armor and attack speed as a passive you can activate it to throw your standard and give the passives to your ally and double the passive to yourself,if you cast Dragon Strike and it contacts with your standard you will pull yourself to it and knock up all opponents in your way.

its also great for breaking channels and ability,like the dreaded Death Lotus when you combo it with your Dragon Strike,and on top of all of that its a mini ward,you can use it to check bushes or scout baron or dragon and its a mini flash over walls,over all a very important ability

Cataclysm-this is a amazing ultimate,it does great damage and lets you 1v1 someone you really want to take down or if done right help save one or meany of your teammates,but a piece of advise,look who has flash and remember how long it has been since they have used it,so that if you use your ult on them they don't just flash out,and try not to use it as your first move,use it at the middle,or at the end of the fight so you get that one kill that you really want and need

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Summoner Spells

Flash- a great summoner spell,helpful for closing gaps and increasing them,and probably one of the best summoner spells out there.

Teleport-good for pushing your lane or to stop your enemy's from pushing your lane.a good spell altogether,and one i prefer to use

Ignite- great for last hitting a fleeing champ,also another good option.

other options

Exhaust-usefull for catching your enemy's and good when trying to take someone down that thinks about fighting back when you use your cataclysm on them.

Ghost-good escape tool,and for chasing someone,but i still think flash is more useful,if you really like it i guess there really is nothing i can say to stop you from using it.

Heal-ok a lot of people don't like heal but its still a valid summoner spell,and might help you out when your trying to really do dome good team work

not so good summoner spells with jarvan

Clarity-ok i said your mana hungry but please don't use this.

Cleanse-not so useful,why?because you dont have major movement speed to be able to get away even if you had no cc's in you.

Garrison-your not a lane pusher,your a team fighter,so no.

Promote-same thing as Garrison

Revive-no,just no.

Clairvoyance-are you crazy?if so go for it.

Smite-after you get infinity edge and phantom dancer's you'll be able to jungle just fine.

Surge-um?surge?not so useful with jarvan.

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Skill Sequence

your skill's with this build should look like this

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

if not then wtf are you doing?!?.

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so you items are always important,in this build you focus more on doing damage and being a bit tanky,usually i go for

Item Sequence

Infinity Edge

Phantom Dancer

Frozen Mallet

The Bloodthirster

Guardian Angel
starting items

Long Sword+ Health Potion: usually what i start with,it gives a good early damage out put and lane sustenance

Doran's Blade: also a good item but i like Long Sword more because it gives the same damage as a Doran's Blade and it builds into Thebrutalizer as were Doran's Blade does note build into anything,if you realy like the item then use it

Doran's Shield:good if your trying to be more tanky,its good when your lane partner can do a lot of damage and you want to try to defend him in early game.

Boots of Speed+ Health Potion X3 :also works but not recommended,although you could use it if your lane opponents have a lot of skill shots and your confident you can dodge them

Regrowth Pendant+ Health Potion:also a good starting item set,it builds into a philosopher's stone which is a great item on Jarvan IV

core items

Berserker's Greaves:since your going to build jarvan like a dps champ you will need these boots(like all dps champs do)

Infinity Edge:most damage in the game and a amazing passive,really doesn't need any explanation

Phantom Dancer:also really great item with your Infinity Edge

The Bloodthirster:your only real sustainability item,really helpful with...well NOT DIEING.

late game options

offensive items

Maw of Malmortius:great item for a magic heavy enemy team.

Youmuu's Ghostblade:a really good item,it has every kind of stats you could use.

The Black Cleaver"a good item but not good for you because no sustain or critical chance which you need in your offensive items for a expensive price.

Madred's Bloodrazor:again your mostly focusing on critical hits,and not on onhit affects,only get this if enemy team has alot of tanks.

Ionic Spark:ok although i said no onhit affect items but this item is one of my favorits,gives health,alot of attackspeed and a sick bouncing thunder blast every 4 attacks,so thats 850 damage every 4 attacks on one target(not counting your passive)and 125 damage to up to 4 other enemys,how awesome is that?

defensive items

Warmog's Armor:if your team is lacking a real tank this is a good option,it helps to get in,kill kill kill,and get out.

Sunfire Cape:a nice item,no real bad side,its a balanced item that gives both good armor,health and good aoe damage.

Banshee's Veil:also great,although the item really does explane itself.

guardian angle:a awesome instant revive every 5 min and helpful when your team is focused on pushing to finish the game.

Aegis of the Legion:really nice item,give health,magic resistance and armor plus a attack damage aura,good if your team has alot of attack damage champ.

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well,if you follow the steps above you should kick some ***.

just remember:
1-after berserker's graves dont get anything till you get you'r b.f sword,but its ok to buy ward and mana pot.
2-your suppose to start a teamfight,but don't until you have your b.f sword.
3-try to get some cc ruin's and mastery's if you can

have fun

and i would like to thank nar f baby 12 and grim troll,for always backing me up and being there when i needed them,and meany thanks to jhoijhoi for helping me make this guide.

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some trick's

1-always start by throwing your standard and using your dragon strike towards it,if you do you will pull your self towards it and do extra damage and knock the enemy up.

2-you can use your flag pull(as i explained above) to go over anything just lick flash.

3- when running away or your ally is,use your ult on the guy/guy's chasing him and quickly flash or flag pull out,to trap a bunch of them.

4-use your golden aegis to get away or help your team mate to get away from a enemy cause when you activate it it will slow all nearby opponent down.remember that

5-when trying to push the lane drop your standard on the torrent,because it gives all its passive's that you get to your ally's,or when your in a team fight

6-if trying to harass,every 6 sec hit the guy with a basic attack,because it wiull do extra damage but only every 6 sec to the same target.

7-use ignite on someone who you have trapped with cataclysm.

8-the best why to start a fight is to "flag pull" your self to the target and then use Golden Aegis to slow all of them after your knock up

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1-instead of atmas impaler get the blood tirster,and at the end get frozen malet,with life steal+frozen mallet you get quite a bit tankyness

2-on domineon you can get berserkrs graves first and vamipiric scepter,and then get sanguin blade where you would get infinity edge and do the rest the same but get infinity edge where you would have gotten sanguin blade.

3-i guess i owe shooninjo an apology,yo sorry,but still its not good to hate.

4-a almost total rebuild.