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Akali Build Guide by Shock_101

Middle Detailed Akali Mid Guide

Middle Detailed Akali Mid Guide

Updated on October 10, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shock_101 Build Guide By Shock_101 5 2 16,308 Views 2 Comments
5 2 16,308 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Shock_101 Akali Build Guide By Shock_101 Updated on October 10, 2020
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Runes: Usual Burst

1 2 3 4 5 6
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Presence of Mind
Coup de Grace

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Detailed Akali Mid Guide

By Shock_101
Hello! I'm BlueFishSticks, I play on NA and im an akali main. I do wanna say real quick that most of the stuff im going to go over works better in low elo. Thanks for reading my guide! I hope you learn from this. To start the chapter off, lets go over the pros and cons of akali.
Pros / Cons


High Damage
High Mobility
Loads of outplay potential
High skillcap
Strong in every stage of the game
Can do damage no matter what you build


Not really strong right now
Relies on gunblade
Weak to CC
Heavily countered by MR
Ok so, first lets go over runes.
Electrucute -
I run electrocute almost every game. It gives a lot of kill pressure in early / mid game. Because of this damage, its really easy to setup kills level 2 - 6, because a q -> aa -> q + electrocute will easily half health most squishy mid lane mages. It also gives opportunities to roam bot and get doubles, thanks to the extra burst, and to assassinate lonely adcs in any stage. Now, the reason I pick ToB instead of sudden impact is because I really like healing in fights. It gives you the potential to 1v1 almost anyone before 15 mins, tank or not. I prefer eyeball over zombie or ghost poro because I'm not amazing at warding, but every game I end up killing every member of the enemy team at least once. Lastly, if you aren't running ravenous hunter on a mid laner, I'm sorry to say you're wrong ;). You can take PoM in precision, and I much prefer this over triumph because it gives extra energy, and the potential to turn ganks / 1v3s. Finally, Coup de Grace is good when youre trying to kill tanks, but feel free to switch it out for last stand, tenacity, or even alacrity if you really want that extra attack speed.

Against zed, I take bone plating every game, because it negates the burst of his w -> e -> q combo, and if he waits out the bone plating, the e slow will wear off, making it easier for you to dodge his q. Also, demolish, because its really the only rune in resolve that will actually help you, since akali isn't quite a tank.

2+ Tanks -
I take conqueror because it gives major 1v3 / 4 / 5 potential in prolonged fights. It basically allows you to jump into everyone and live, especially since if you hit all 5 people with your R1, you instantly get 10 stacks. I prefer triumph here, because tanks also deal damage, and if you're going to be killing one after the other, you're gonna need a refill on health. Energy isn't such a huge problem, because these fights are prolonged for so long. I'll link a video to show you how long these fights can get (1). Tenacity is good here, since 9/10 tanks have some form of cc. I also like last stand, since you get those health refills,its much easier to stay alive during fights. Remember in these scenarios, your goal isn't to kill everyone as fast as possible. Your goal is to kill everyone, and get out alive. If you can't get everyone, then make sure to get out. And, of course, ToB + ravenous hunter is really balanced. Again, if against zed, take resolve.

Speed -
Phase rush may seem like a joke, but it makes it like 15x easier to get your passive procs off and stick to people. When running these runes, I would take Rylai's and get basic boots early. I would take this into champs like Lux or Neeko, as dodging their skill shots is key to the matchup, and you don't need any more damage than you already have to kill them.

Scale -
DH will always be the best rune for scaling, and for akali, it's super easy to get people down to half hp. I would refrain from taking this into a late game team, since akali can also be a very early game centric champion with electrocute. Also, take gathering storm, since... ya know... gathering storm.

    Passive - Assassins' Mark
    Hitting an enemy champion with an ability will create a ring around you. Walk outside of this ring and you will get an empowered auto attack. This is what your entire kit revolves around, and you will find yourself weaving in and out of this ring in between each ability you cast. You also get move speed when moving toward the ring, and when you get the empowered auto you get move speed when moving toward enemy champions.

Q - Five Point Strike
Your q will fire a cone of kunai in front of you, dealing your main source of damage besides your ultimate. The tip of your q slows, so you can use this to stick to your enemy. This ability deals small damage to minions but big damage to champions at ranks 1 - 4.

W - Twilight Shroud
Your w will place a donut - shaped smoke around you. Stepping in the smoke will grant you stealth, being outlined by oracle lenses and being reveled by towers and fountain. If you auto or use an ability while in shroud, you will be revealed. After one second, you will return to stealth. It also gives you energy back, so use this ability when fighting ADC's or auto attack based champions so they have less chances to deal damage to you. You can also fit this into a combo when you've used the majority of your energy, to replenish it and keep putting out big numbers. I find myself using shroud after my ultimate, as it is a point you will keep returning to.

E - Shuriken Flip
It throws a shuriken, and if it hits an enemy or smoke, you can re-activate it to dash back to it at high speed. You can also cast all of your abilities on the way back. I usually use this as a gap closer, or a way to kill someone then return to a different target to finish off 2 people. This is also global if it hits someone. Say you're against a shen in top lane, and you e him before he ults bot lane. If you re activate it, you can dash across the map and go to bot lane with him to get an easy multi kill.
R - Perfect Execution
This is your big damage. On first cast, target an enemy champion to perform a dash (that can go over terrain) and do a little damage. On second cast, dash (skill shot) that deals massive damage based on the enemy's % missing hp. Use this to finish off an enemy, or get away from a sticky situation.
Laning Phase / Early Game
Ok, so in laning phase your main goal is to pickup 2 - 3 kills to lead into a clean midgame, so you can snowball and be the hard carry your team needs. Now, this isn't always what can or will happen, and your team doesn't always need a carry. In this scenario, just try to pick up enough kills to stay a potent and relevant threat till late game. Matchups like zed or panth, wont net you many kills, so just try to freeze wave, ask for jg help and farm. In any lane where you wont be able to pickup those 2 - 3 kills, you should try to cross into midgame with enough gold to get 2 items and boots (mid game in this scenario would be ~20mins.)

The main thing you wanna do lvl 1 is q -> aa to set up for an all-in at lvl 2. Q - aa does a lot of damage early, and you can easily half health 9/10 champions you'll be going up in the mid lane against with about 2 of those. At level 3, remember to use Q -> aa -> q to proc electrocute as much as possible. Now, depending on the matchup, you should alter your laning phase just a tiny bit. For champs like syndra, bait out her qs so she doesnt have enough mana to w you away at lvl 2. For champs like azir, fake an all in by eing a minion, qing azir then eing back to the minion, as he will usually mistake it for an all in and use most of his mana and a full combo. However, for champs like yasuo, just go in lvl 2. Theres more you need to do in some matchups than others, usually the harder the matchup, the more setup you have to do.
Mid Game
Good job! You made it to mid game. This is the time to get kills. If you had a good laning phase, you should have anywhere from 2 - 5 kills by now, with a decent amount of cs. Now, your job is to get map pressure, while keeping your lane in check. So, usually what I do is roam bot, get vision on drake and get a deep ctrl ward. Always remember that vision is information, and information is valuable. Try to either get objectives for your late game team, or feed some of your other early game teammates. Make sure you're gaining some kind of lead with every kill.

Whether this is towers, objectives, whatever, you should be doing something with these kills. If you can't get any of these, get more farm, as it puts you more and more ahead. This is one of the most important things to do with snowballing assassins that most people in low elo don't know about. Also, being 18/0 doesn't help your team, it just makes you a kd player, and nobody likes a kd player in a recent-ish game I went 22/7, but we still lost because the rest of my team was negative. If I had given some other teammates kills, we would've had a better chance of winning. Basically, if you are the only source of damage on the team, they kill you and the rest of your team falls apart. To recap, get the enemy carries behind, get vision, get objectives and get towers.
Late Game
Welcome to late game. This is where akali starts to fall off, as most people
will have built magic resist to avoid getting one shot. This is where game knowledge
starts to really matter, stuff like getting towers and objectives should take #1
priority. It doesn't matter how many kills you have, because if you don't have any
towers, you cant get to their nexus.

Prioritize soul, and elder. If baron is up,
unless you have suspicion that they're taking it, take elder first, then fight at
baron pit for the ace -> baron -> win.
Expanding on the vision stuff from mid game, knowing where the jgler is can be
the difference between your team getting elder and their team getting elder. Also,
with that vision, now you know that the rammus just predatored into mid lane and is
trying to run you down. It also helps get your vision score up to get that last S so
you can get m7 and call yourself an akali main ;).

Get fed off of bot lane so you can put their adc behind and become their worst nightmare - a fed assassin. If there's a prime opportunity for a roam top, tell your top laner to freeze lane and get your jgler to come top side for a 3v1 into herald. Make sure you have vision on drake first though, cuz they might try to sneak it. You should always be able to pick up a kill or get your team a kill during a roam, and possibly a tower. You gotta know if you should roam too, because if you roam down there and they're either at their tower, already dead, or just killed your bot lane and still full hp, you shouldn't have roamed down, because you just gave up cs, turret plates and / or a kill on your laner.


Basic combos -

Q -> AA
This is your basic lane trading combo. Q them, walk out of the ring, auto them. It puts a lot of damage on them, and its very easily repeatable, since it doesnt cost that much energy early, all things considered. If you cant auto the champ, auto a minion, since it gives you energy back.

E -> E -> AA -> Q -> AA
This is another super basic combo. use this in laning phase as soon as you hit lvl 2. If you expect a lvl 2 gank, hold your e.

E -> E -> AA -> Q -> AA -> W -> Q -> AA
This is your all-in combo with shroud, as it gives you more energy for more abilities, which obviously makes for more dmg.

Ult Combos -

E -> E -> AA -> R1 -> W -> Q -> AA -> R2
Ok, so this one may sound like a lot, but it really isn't. What makes it look so long is the weaved in auto attacks. Make sure you're doing those after every ability, or you're going to do a lot less damage.

R1 -> E (wait for cooldowns) -> E -> Q + Ignite + Gunblade -> R2
This is your classic one shot combo. You ult and e behind you, make sure you hit your e though, cuz if you don't you wont be able to go in. Wait for your R2 to come up, then e back, q them, use your ignite and gunblade at the same time for maximum burst (as well as to apply grievous wounds to stop ppl from healing to live the burst), then R2 them to finish em' off.

The rest of the akali combos are pretty situational, so you'll have to act of instinct. There's not enough time nor space for me to go over all of the combos for every situation.
Thanks for reading my guide! I hope you learned some stuff, and I'm glad I could help! I know you'll get better with determining & evaluating the situation as you get better at playing akali. I'd like to say that this is a guide to get you started, not to take you all the way to m7. GLHF, and don't waste the anger - channel it :3
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