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League of Legends Build Guide Author muggy8

different ways to play

muggy8 Last updated on March 7, 2011
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intro and notes...

this would be yet another build from me for sona because i just love playing sona that much. the reason is because of the new item they added last patch. i find that this build is my current favorite and it has worked for me so i'm going to share it with everyone :) by no means is it perfect.

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pros and cons

early game harass
map awareness
AOE stun
super cheep core items (dont need to farm as much)
cant be killed 1 v 1 unless by a fed carry (can always get away from anyone else)
easily get assists
tower dive proof (except by a few tower diving champs such as vlad and leblanc)
great during tower dive supporter
will always tank cait's ult for others
good looking :3

lack of health (focused and you die in less than a second)
mana can be a problem if not conserved
tiny heals (compared to other support champs)
lack of real damage
harder to play than other builds but hay its sona how hard can it get?
only you can hear her :(

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The reason I run with icon=Greater Mark of Strength is because i want to be able to last hit minions better. Some may disagree with me and say Magic Penetration is better or Armor Penetration is more useful and they are totally right but i focus on having a stronger early game (namely before lv 6) and have a good starting team fights if needed and i do believe that getting your team first blood will be more easily done with more attack damage from you. the lack of HP quints is another thing that i often hear complaints about. sona is easily one of the squishiness champs in the game and with no escape skills like shaco's or cait's your probably the easiest target to pick on. However i do find that being easy pickings does have its advantages (baiting) and with such low health alot of people do end up tower diving you early on and if you manage to hug your tower well you will show them who not to mess with under a tower. your heal also covers for the fact that you dont have much real hp so you make up for it with your heals.

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summoner skills

is a spell that i always use on sona. should be very clear why always take this as you have no escapes and if you don't take something that can get you out fast then i'm not too sure what you when you get hit by everything. this is a must MUST!

is my current preferred spell but the down fall is you wont have a back up mana net to catch you once you run try of mana. i went from full mana to about empty in about 1 min before and not having mana is really annoying.

is a good choice when starting out playing sona as it does provide a backup mana supply that you can then count on if you need mana.

is another good spell to take as kiting is really important because you want to be in there to do your ult and you want to get out fast so you don't get focused another good choice

also not a bad choice. but i wouldn't recommend this skill as it is much more useful on a carry or the one doing backdooring say like . you rarely find yourself far from the main battle and if you are then your warding and supporting your team with clairvoyance.

is the last spell that can be used on sona without it being completely waisting a space. most people would wonder why and the reason is because you cant burst heal and you can only heal 1 person. so if there's 2 (or more) people who need healing then pop this and problem solved but it is very situational and i personally would max my cooldowns and spam heal instead of taking this but for those who are used to playing burst healers (like or ) this is not a bad choice.

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about the wards

is your best friend. drop it every were. always buy 1 - 3 if i can afford it after i go back and bought the items. key places to put it is out side of dragon/baron, in the 2 bush around mid, the bush in the river, the bush junglers gank from, the bush besides blue/red. during mid game and late game, out side their summoner base, the bush near the inner mid turret, the path behind and around the wolves dragon/baron as well. and same can be said about clairvoyance.

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Normal Game Play (this probably wont happen alot)

starting off you have your Meki Pendent and 2 potions of choice. the first spell i pick is naturally but if your with a champion that consumes health to cast spells such as or then it may be a wiser idea to take Area of Perseverance. either way charge 2 stacks on your passive before you leave the summoner platform. if you get into a fight attack and fill your last charge on your passive and watch it take a chunk out of who ever your against (and do expect them to take a chunk out of you) then after that, auto attack. your attack damage runes kick in now to actually hurt them as team fight at lv 1 is the best place sona should be as this is the time where sona has the highest damage output to total health ratio. when your laning try to land as many of your passive on the opposing champs as you can as it does hurt. alot of time you can store 2 stacks on your passive Power Cord and just wait for the right time to eat them with it. the most annoying thing is that auto target system will most likely focus the minions instead of the champions within a range. the max range on is about 1.2x her auto attack radius but the priority to hit champions is only about 80% of the max distance and alot of time, trying to land that can actually get you killed so you have to be careful. when you find yourself low on mana you can actually sit there and not use spells and in about 3 min you'll have about half your mana back. when you go home first you should be lv 6 or 7 (assuming you didn't die before than) you buy because it can build into the new item or or which are all good items as they provide both CDR and AP. if you team needs more damage or they have alot of tough tanks then is definitely the way to go but most of the time is good enough. if you have enough gold for your basic boots after the then buy that if not buy 1-3 (generally 2 is good) and a whole bunch of Mana Potions as to is like is to . you can spam a bit more now but still do know your mana drops like a hot potato when you spam and unless there's a good reason to spam, dont do it. when you go home you should be able to afford your and another Meki Pendent join team fights and get lots of assists and just dont die. spam mainly your and Area of Perseverance and as tempting as it feels say away from using . with any luck you should be able to finish your and your advanced boots. keep going until you have finished all 3 core items on the list. the boots doesn't have to always be Mercury Treads as sometimes other boots, such as , will serve better especially if the other team has a fed most games end after you have completed your core build as at that time you can spam all you want and when you have about 50 mana left from all your spamming during your team fights, your will kick your mana regen into over drive giving you mana regen of something greater than having the blue buff. meaning you'll always have mana to cast spells about 140 - 160 mana regen per 5 sec depending on your level) but do note that it is still posiable to run out of mana but it will only be dry for about 5 seconds max before you can cast freely again. at this point get what ever item the situation calls for. i have recently found a very fond liking for Banshee's Vale and but items that will boost your AP helps alot such as or or even . Every game s different so i feel akward if i lock down on a item build sequence as an is not always the best answer to the other team. hence this build only has 3 core items and a great range of freedom to do as you please after. however i will offer ideas on what are good items to get at this point

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Roaming Sona (say what lolz?)

the goal of roaming is to slow the other jungler and support your team when ever needed maxing heal first and taking points in movespeed early so help you get around the map. in this case your main source of damage is your passive and if you can leach XP from the enemy jungler than even better. generally you dont want to do this unless your lane partner is super aggressive and you want to leave them be so they have to play defensive and cant do stupid things like tower dive at lv 2 (i've seen Xin Zhaos do that all the time never comes out alive). in this case mana potions and wards are your best friend. roaming alistar is probably better than roaming sona but lets face it if your jungler isn't there to cover for lanes then a roamer would be nice too. and if you can get a few kills on their jungler then thats even better. and besides if your there to heal up your mid after they get harassed badly this might give them a really big advantage over the other mid. also this gives your team 2 solo lane (no jungler) or 3 solo lane (with a jungler) giving your team a huge advantage later on at the cost of a few levels from you which is no big deal as a support its ok to lose a few levels as long as your still pumping out the heals that your supposed to pump out. your damage is not needed only the stun is good and with a massive CD on your stun you better not be bring in late game early. another thing is do watch out for wards so if all of a sudden one or 2 lane(s) goes MIA you better run away ASAP because your dead soon if you dont. when team fights start you start playing sona as you normally would.

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Post Core items

anti casters and saves you from all sorts of troubles like and not revealing your location to and protect you from a gank from

> no matter how fed

more ap more heal happy everyone

for the hard core spamers who just wont stop spamming and eating mana like crazy but it also gives big AP so not a bad thing to have around, bigger heals :)

eats tanks and gives mana regen to help you spam some more

this is generally one of the better support items as it gives alot of benefits to the team and boosts your survivability

this is for those situation where you do not have a tank on your team and hence you have to end up initiating team fights. this will help you survive after initiating and get you out

great items. 80AP and 20% spell vamp to you and 30AP and 20% spell vamp to friends. this is really helpful if your with a reasons should be clear

why not buff yourself and your team and start tower diving against their really passive team. but most of the time your tanks already got one of these.

if your team is ap heavy and the enemy team is stacking MR then this will really help or if they have alot of AP then get this to up your MR.

other items will be added as soon as i think of them

this is just one game i played as sona. it was a duo queue with vlad and my items were mainly for him. however eve, ram and TF did benefit from the aura items that i built. (i did friend TF after the game) do notice that there's 33 assists. 4 deaths in a rather long game is not bad either. and also i have yet to turn my tear into archangel yet as most players do tend to rush archangel

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tips and tricks

this is a repost of the tips and tricks of my other sona build. however i do not believe that anyone will go and actually take a look at it as a result i will repost the tips and tricks section here as it is very useful to know what are some of the cool things you can do with sona without having to fish around for them :) here they are and it is kinda long:

with farming minions, let the minions kill each other and you just get last hits if you can. sona and leblanc has the best attack animations in the game so it really shouldn't be hard to last hit.

you have a relatively small damage output. the only way i really see to pack some damage alone is to open with your ult and if your passive is up use it if not use q and then use your passive. should all happen within the time they are stunned

your passive needs 3 spell casts it doesn't matter if you hit or not and where you are when u use it. charge 2 stacks at base first before heading out, that ways if you dont need it you still have 2 stacks if you need it, you're trying to do do damage so might as well hit the q and fire the passive off the bat.

upon 3 spell casts, the next attack that lands will deal extra damage. this means that if your auto attack is in mid flight and you cast a spell, it will deal damage as if it is the boosted attack. the attack animation is the same and the sound it makes is also the same but it will do the extra magic damage so when harassing people, you can actually wait for your auto attack animation then fire off the Q and run. does great damage and scare them away but make sure you recharge your passive with your heals or something after.

save your flash. some people use flash to gank others i personally prefer to use flash as a method of getting out of the way. as you really dont have any other way to get out of a mob.

never be the only one with orical as you will be focused. let the tank and the carries get the oricals before you and if needed you can get it too but just make sure your not the only one with it.

all of your spells can go through a wall. if you want you can hide behind a wall and support your team. your enemies will be like where's that guy getting all that extra health. but there are places where you can and cannot do this good places such as between your outer and inner turret, across wall at baron/dragon/blue buff/red buff.

many times, after you finished your core build, you find that there's not really anything else that really suits the situation as your team is doing good and nothing seems like it can go wrong. at times like these, i personally find it better to get spirit visage as it improves your survivability and most importantly it improves your heal by 20% even if the healing boost is its only effect i'd get it. the 30 magic resist and 12% cooldown reduction and the 300 health is all extra. not to mention its relatively cheep compared to other items.

your aura from your q will boost no only your allies attack and ap it also boosts yours. so if you cast another spell when your blue aura is on then it will actually do more. healing for extra 10 or so. and doing extra 10 damage. it nothing much but its extra damage/heal that costs nothing so why not make the most of your spells?

sometimes you will find yourself doing alot of running around mid game because there's a jungler on your team and both top and bot need your help time to time. its ok to get boots of mobility and grab a point or 2 in your e and move around alot. and its also ok to be a bit under leveled as i do find myself in that position alot. you damage normally isn't as needed so if thats the case even if your with a tank follow the build as if your with a physical dps champ. it is also ok for you to tag out mid for time to time as well when they go off to gank someone. you are a ranged champ and if played right you actually should be able to push minion waves really easily even with only 2 or 3 points in your q

healing someone who is doing damage durring team fights will get you an assist. meaning if you have majais, you can get stacks real fast if you just sit back and heal and you dont really have to do anything to get these stacks but its better to do stuff because a bit of stun can go a long way. and even your small damage output can change the tides of 2 evenly matched carries. but your heal does do a better job of changing the tides lol

how to use your ult: its a stun. it only lasts for 1.5 sec so be smart about it. although its stats are almost identical to amumu's stun, you do not use it like amumu's stun. what you do is hold it on you until one of the following situations.
A) they're gonna get away stun and the rest of your team kills them. simple enough
B) your team's about to die stun and get away. like no duh
C) there's a huge mob of people in a small space (because there's just that many close ranged dps champs on both teams) ult and stun everyone in your blast radius. even if they're at full hp and wont die nor doesn't show any signs of running away, its hard to see what's happening and if u stun all of them then the carries will stop madly attacking whoever and focus on 1 person and if done right 2 of the 4 or 5 will drop around the time the stun ends (pick the squishes) and chasing is just a simple task now.

another thing sona's amazing for late game is cleaning banshee's vales. it takes some skill but before team fights you go close to the other team and drop a few q on them they wont really care because u do no damage anyways but what you did was cleaned a few banshee and so your anivia can proceed to one shot their shen without having to deal with the banshee. thats the easy part, the hard part is cleaning banshees during team fights. as you dont always get the luxury of starting the team fight. if you must, ult the banshee's vales off them but try to avoid doing so as you q normally is enough. just takes a few practices to get it right the people with banshee will most likely be in your face anyways so your goal is to land your q before your anivia lands her skills.