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Rengar Build Guide by Master Baaiter

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Master Baaiter

Each trophy, a victory - A solo top assassin Rengar guide

Master Baaiter Last updated on February 27, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Rengar with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Teemo You should be able to outtrade teemo, but his poke is annoying. That's why you should always stay in the bush. That way, he can't blind you when you're about to take a creep.
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This is my first guide! I'm not sure how to use mobafire yet :/
Please don't downvote this guide ;)
I've been playing Rengar for about 8 months now.
And he's still my favorite/main champion because i just love his passive ^^

I'll try to update frequently.
Don't forget to vote this guide up if you like it!
And please don't downvote just because you don't like my item choice! If you do choose to downvote this guide, please leave a comment with a reason why.

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Rengar is an AD burst Assassin. His sole purpose is to take out the enemy carries. His double Q is excellent for killing carries, which could potentially win you the team fight. Because we all know that without an ADC or APC, a team will likely lose the fight.
Rengar got reworked, which completely changed his matchups and buffed his late game.

Some guides i've seen displayed Rengar as a burst bruiser off-tank.
I personally like to build Rengar as an assassin because he does more burst damage than when being built as a bruiser.

Why should Rengar be built as an assassin rather than a bruiser off-tank?

Well, seeing as how Rengar relies on mobility and disabling enemies and dealing massive amounts of damage in a short time,, i thought; "But wouldn't it be better if Rengar could do more damage in less time? That way, he can get the carries a lot faster and have a less chance of getting a death. Rengar should be able to leap onto his target, assassinate his target, then run off with Thrill of the Hunt's huge speed boost after he comes out of stealth. Therefore, Rengar should be built with items that help him achieve this.

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Pros / Cons


-Strong Burst Damage mid-late game
-Can easily take out enemy ADC
- Rengar's ultimate Thrill of the Hunt also reveals enemies, which great for preventing ganks.
- Rengar can also use Thrill of the Hunt in order to see invisible champions, such as Shaco, Evelynn, Teemo, and Twitch. This can also be useful for hunting enemies down if they are able to stealth. This has helped me multiple times when Shaco tries to Deceive away, or when Twitch uses Ambush to run away.
-He can easily escape dangerous situations with his Empowered Bola Strike, using Unseen Predator's leaps to juke opponents, or just activating Thrill of the Hunt.
-Huge damage output with Savagery
-Good escapes after he gets his Thrill of the Hunt
-Exellent Duelist
- Thrill of the Hunt allows Rengar to scout as it reveals enemy champions in a large radius. This can allow his team to catch enemy champions hiding in bushes, or to prevent an ambush by the enemy hiding in bushes. This can also prevent enemy champions juking you or your allies using the fog of war or bushes.


-He has CC, but tons of champions can do better than he can
-No real ranged harass
-A lot of strengths can be shut down with a Stealth Wards/ Vision Wards
-Prowess depends on ferocity stacks
-VERY fast combos (Sometimes you might use your ferocity stacks on the wrong spell.)
-Almost no escape to ganks pre-6
-Item dependant
- Rengar relies heavily on perfect surprise attacks and burst to take down his target, stunning him and getting out of melee range will stop his momentum and ruin his initial attack.
-Traps such as Noxious Trap can punish him for entering bushes, hindering his ability to leap at enemies.

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I usually try to take critical chance everything. It helps a lot in getting first blood, and it's great for late game. With that extra 20% Crit, all you need are a few lucky crits and then you get first blood. My masteries are slightly different than what other guides recommend, but since this is an AD burst Rengar guide, you shouldn't be focused on defense. Also, the Fleet of Foot mastery really helps boost your movement speed even though it only gives a 1.5% boost in speed, when you combo it with Youmuu's Ghostblade and Thrill of the Hunt, it's a lot larger buff than 1.5%. Also, the Vampirism combined with Doran's Blade is great for sustain early game.
Usually, you'll only have 50% Critical chance once you complete the full build.
But with full on crit chance you'll have 70% because of these items:
Youmuu's Ghostblade
Infinity Edge
Trinity Force
Why did i put 4 points in Sorcery and none in Fury ? Well, like i said, Rengar is a burst AD Assassin, not a DPS bruiser. You won't have time to sit there and AA your target to death, otherwise they might escape or maybe, if they're someone like Riven, they might even be able to kill you. If you can't kill your target in 1-5 seconds, don't go in if you know they also have the potential to kill you.

On second thought, if your target is a champion like Riven, instead of using Empowered Savagery and Savagery, use Empowered Bola Strike for the snare. This will prevent them from casting spells, and seeing how Riven is spell reliant, you just bought yourself an extra 1.25 seconds to kill your target.

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I always start with Doran's Blade. The extra lifesteal that this starting item gives is great for sustain, and I never feel the need to buy Doran's Shield unless I'm in a 1v2 top. You should buy 3-4 Doran's Blades before moving on to your first item. That extra damage is really useful for picking up early kills.
I usually get Youmuu's Ghostblade, The Black Cleaver because Youmuu's Ghostblade gives critical chance (Which you need) and both give a reasonable amount of armor penetration. The Bloodthirster is also a reasonable choice because it gives lifesteal (You really need the sustain and AD), and Black cleaver gives HP plus each attack you do lowers their armor. If I'm winning my lane top, I rush Youmuu's Ghostblade/ The Bloodthirster because of the extra AD and Youmuu's Ghostblade's crit, plus youmuu's is a great combo when i use it with my Thrill of the Hunt. If I'm behind in lane and need to play safe, I get The Black Cleaver.

Youmuu's Ghostblade Is also an exceptionally good item for Rengar since his skills are limited only by cooldowns, and the item's stats and active effect synergize well with his kit.

If you're getting focused by champions like Warwick ulting you, get Mercurial Scimitar.

If you keep getting blown up in team fights, get Guardian Angel.

You can also replace The Bloodthirster with
Ravenous Hydra because of the wave clear, the free 1.0 AD ratio added to your combo, and the sustain it gives. Ravenous Hydra also adds a 1.0 AD ratio, it's like an extra AA, and allows you to execute your combo faster. I strongly advise you consider it over The Bloodthirster but i still get it because i prefer BT.
Phantom Dancer is an excellent choice but will not be as effective as trinity force. However, you can move through units.

Get Blade of the Ruined King if the enemy team has a lot of tanks.

I can see why some prefer building Rengar as a bruiser rather than an assassin:
The slow from Frozen Mallet allows Rengar to get in a lot more attacks where the enemy would otherwise escape.
The bonus damage from Atma's Impaler combined with a Frozen Mallet is always a decent combination; the increased attack speed from Savagery allows him to maintain the slow of Frozen Mallet. Additionally, now that Atma's Impaler is built out of a gp-5 item, the Avarice Blade, it's a good combination if you expect to have a hard lane where you might not get much last hits on minions.
Rengar also has higher than average base attack speed (0.675). He also has good AS per level scaling, totaling 48% bonus AS at level 18.
zeke's herald can be a very powerful item for Rengar, since it offers, health for durability, attack damage for damage output, life steal for sustain and 20% of CDR.
Spirit Visage can be a good choice since it grants you MR, health and cooldown reduction as well as boosting Empowered Battle Roar's healing and any lifesteal/spellvamp items that you may have.
I've considered bruiser Rengar, and if you're against a hard counter like Riven, then you should definitely be building Rengar as a bruiser rather than an assassin. I chose to build Rengar as an assassin rather than a bruiser because i find it easier to kill an enemy carry. However, late game, i recommend you try eventually switching to building Rengar as an assassin because i find him a lot more useful in team fights that way.

For assassin Rengar, you should get Berserker's Greaves because of the bonus attack speed. Another option is the Ionian Boots of Lucidity because it gives you 15% CDR. If you have trouble catching up to your targets, get Boots of Mobility or Boots of Swiftness. However, i recommend replacing any boot you get with Trinity Force. You'll still have 400 base movement speed (Higher than average, still good enough to chase, and higher damage.) When you combine Youmuu's Ghostblade's active with Thrill of the Hunt, you don't need boots.

Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads give you tankiness. Attack damage reduction and an Auto Attack soaking passive or Magic damage reduction and a Tenacity passive that make you less vulnerable to CC.

However, you should be able to burst the enemy adc in an instant, so you shouldn't have Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads late game.

Rengar is particularly susceptible to Blinds, as almost all of his damage is autoattack reliant. In situations where your target is Quinn or Teemo, get Mercurial Scimitar to remove blinds, as they are very effective against Rengar's Savagery.

If you feel like you can never catch up to your target after you've jumped on them with Unseen Predator, Frozen Mallet can help with that. Since each Auto attack slows them down, your target likely can't escape. However, this will lower your damage compared to getting items like Trinity Force or Infinity Edge. This item is not recommended.

Zephyr is really only good for it's attack speed and CD. If their support has a lot of CC, you might want to get Zephyr because it gives tenacity.

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Killing enemy carries

Make sure you always have 5 ferocity before you ult. You can throw Bolas(E) at the jungle camps so you stack ferocity while moving. Your assassination combo is:
1. 5 ferocity
2. Thrill of the Hunt
3. Wait for the best opportunity to go in (Usually when the enemy carry is alone)
4. Youmuu's Ghostblade
5. Empowered Savagery
6. Unseen Predator
7. Savagery
8. Bola Strike and Battle Roar
9. Savagery
If the carry has an escape like Ezreal, use your CC combo instead:
1. 5 ferocity and Thrill of the Hunt
2. Youmuu's Ghostblade
3. Unseen Predator
4. Empowered Bola Strike
5. Savagery
6. Bola Strike and Battle Roar
7. Savagery

Before you go in, ask yourself these

How fed are they?
Draven for example. If he is fed or ahead he can most likely 1v1 you even if you land the first blow. This is common sense.

Can I kill them?
Some ADCs have escapes some don't. For example, Twitch is easier to kill when compared to a Corki. If you're facing an ADC with an escape, use your CC combo, hunt them in the jungle, and make sure their support is not around. Use the bushes to your advantage. If you suspect that their ADC is baiting you into a trap, you can always activate Thrill of the Hunt to reveal enemies. This has prevented me from being lured into a trap. If there are other teammates around the ADC, don't make a stupid move like trying to 1v2 their ADC and support unless you're fed. Since the support usually doesn't do much damage, and if their support isn't someone like Sona, Blitzcrank, or Leona who could easily CC you on the spot, you could go in. For example, Thresh doesn't have good CC compared to someone like Blitzcrank or Alistar. If their support does not have hard CC, you could go in. Also, Mercurial Scimitar really helps if the enemy support has CC. Use the active after they have used up their CC spells to remove all debuffs. If both the support and ADC are squishy, you don't have to worry about failing a 1v2.

When you use the CC combo, keep this in mind:

Rengar can cast Bola Strike and Empowered Bola Strike when he's leaping mid-air with Unseen Predator. Therefore, casting Thrill of the Hunt first, leaping on an enemy champion with Unseen Predator then using Empowered Bola Strike mid-air almost guarantees a snare, then following Bola Strike for further slow. It is extremely effective when ganking other lanes and is very easy for your teammates to deal more damage for a kill. If you got Ravenous Hydra, then use it's active while in mid jump to cancel the leap animation and then perform your combo.

If you don't have time to wait, before you go in for the enemy carry, always make sure you have at least 2 stacks of ferocity so that you can still use Savagery twice or Empowered Bola Strike for the snare. However, if your target is Ezreal/ Corki/any other adc with a good escape, you'll want to go in with 5 ferocity so that you can automatically snare with Empowered Bola Strike, giving your target no time to react.

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Team Fighting

Okay, just because you have a double Q that instantly kills doesn't mean you charge into a 1v5 at the carry. The enemy team will easily CC you, and especially if the ADC/APC has a Guardian Angel.
Always Let the tank go in first.

Team comps

If you have a Kalista, great, tell her to use Fate's Call on the tank, and launch them right into the middle of their team. The enemy team will likely panic, and focus the tank instead. You go in after your adc, while your support and jungler protect your adc.
Leona's Solar Flare is very useful (especially when you land it in the middle of their team), and she can easily get into the fray with a Zenith Blade

Prioritize using Bola Strike at full ferocity if you want to snare the target (Or think they have a chance of surviving your double q/Have an escape) or Savagery if you think you can instantly burst the target down without a chance to escape.

Activate Savagery, and then Bola Strike while in mid jump, so that the animation doesn't buy the enemy carry time to react. Now you just got some serious damage in AND you slowed/snared your target!

Unseen Predator allows Rengar to lunge to his enemies while stealthed, using his Thrill of the Hunt. Use this to your advantage and Thrill of the Hunt combined with Savagery for an exceptionally well executed combo in rapid succession, then slow the enemy using your Bola Strike.

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Laning phase

If you know you can't take on your lane opponent head on, use the bushes. Bushes are your best friends.Jump onto the opponent when they are in between the bushes, use Savagery whenever you can, and if they catch up to you, use your snare from Empowered Bola Strike. Flash if you don't have the snare into the next bush. If your lane opponent doesn't fall for this trick ward the other bush, then jump onto your opponent, throw your Bola Strike behind you to slow and run into the next. Repeat this process until they start running (If you can't catch up always try using bushes), and activate Thrill of the Hunt if you have to. What's so unique about Rengar's Thrill of the Hunt is that it basically provides an extra leap to catch up to your opponents. Think of Rengar's ultimate as a "bush set" spell. You position yourself and then leap out at your opponent.
When you're farming, always stay in the bush. Your passive allows you to basically choose which creep you want, and staying the bush will help avoid being poked by champions like Teemo. Never let your lane opponent gather creeps to push your tower. Your lane opponent needs to be afraid, paranoid to walk to the nearest bush. I made a few misplays against champions like Renekton and Riven because i sat in a bush while they gathered a minion wave and when i jumped onto them, the minion aggro caused me to take heavy damage. If they know you're just going to sit in the bush and leap onto the lowest HP creep, don't do this tactic. Try to push as hard as you can to avoid being pushed to tower, and making the tower take a lot of damage.

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Match history using this guide

As you can see, using this guide can get you a lot of kills. You have huge damage output, you can quickly assassinate the enemy carry and easily win your team the fight. Notice that in a few of these matches, i didn't get a lot of deaths. The movement speed buff after you exit stealth from Thrill of the Huntallows you to quickly get away. Your Youmuu's Ghostblade's active should still be on, because you should be able to eliminate the enemy carry in 1-2 seconds. Also, you regain 5 ferocity after 5 seconds of exiting stealth, so you can snare anyone chasing you, and use Battle Roar and Bola Strike to charge your ferocity stacks faster.

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Summoner Spells

Flash should be taken on every champion as a primary spell, it is a very useful gap closer that can be used offensively and defensively, it help you secure kills or get out of dangerous situations like ganks. Sometimes, you just aren't fast enough with Thrill of the Hunt and Youmuu's Ghostblade, but you still want to take advantage of the extra leap your Thrill of the Hunt gives you. This has earned me numerous kills when i need a gap closer to get a little bit closer to my target so I'm in range to make the leap. Not being able to leap is a huge disadvantage, especially if your target is Ashe, who can easily kite you if you don't leap. Ashe can take advantage of the distance between you and her and Volley, turn on Frost Shot, and keep running away or even kill you before you get into melee range to initiate your combo.

Ignite is a kill secure spell. This is also very strong against champions like Singed, Dr. Mundo, and Warwick. Sometimes, you need that extra true damage to get the kill, and since Ignite applies grievous wounds, it lowers the amount your opponent heals. If your target has a lot of lifesteal, i suggest you grab Ignite. Ignite is also great in the laning phase because, for example, you hit your opponent low. They Flash away, and you can't reach them. Your Ignite in this case would kill them. This is also helpful if your lane opponent is someone like Warwick.

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Leveling up Savagery and maxing it first is just the usual thing to do. Rengar's main damage output comes from his double Q.

But what should you max next? Bola Strike or Battle Roar? (Of course, put a point into Thrill of the Hunt whenever you can.)

Well , when I began playing Rengar top, I maxed Battle Roar second, for it's resistance it gives and the sustain. But if you max your Battle Roar second, you don't have any poke. That's why you get The Bloodthirster first, so that you already have sustain, and you have a ranged poke against your opponent. Since Rengar's Bola Strike scales off of his AD, it benefits from The Bloodthirster's AD, increasing your poke damage if it's not safe to go into melee range. I know, Rengar's Bola Strike is not really considered a ranged harass, but hey, some damage is better than no damage at all! Plus in late game Rengar's Bola Strike with full ferocity does a relatively high amount of damage.

For example, if you're laning against a Jax or a Darius, you know you can't take them head on, and they could potentially kill you if you get into melee range to take a creep. Bola Strike is also good for picking off creeps that you can't get into melee range to last hit. If you're about to miss a big minion but don't want to risk dying for it, wait until your minions hit it low enough and then throw your Bola Strike to take it. Even though you are relatively tanky with Battle Roar because of the bonuses, You won't be fighting your lane opponent long enough to actually put the Battle Roar to good use. Also if you're dueling someone like Darius or Fizz, they will wreck you as soon as you even get into your Battle Roar range to take a creep. Fizz, with his 1200 range initiation will burst you down. Darius will Apprehend you right into him and combo you. You may not die from this, but you WILL take a lot of damage. Therefore, max Bola Strike second.

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Unique Skills

Rengar's ultimate Thrill of the Hunt is great for escaping ganks. It provides stealth for a reasonable amount of time, a moderate-huge speed buff(After the ult), and it reveals enemies. This is great for escaping ganks. In late game, it's nearly impossible to escape Rengar because of his double q. Sure, you can put a pink ward down, but that doesn't mean he can't leap onto you. For example, even if the tower sees him ulting to tower dive you, there's nothing you can do to stop it unless you have some type of CC.

Rengar's Thrill of the Hunt is also unique because it provides an extra leap. This has earned me numerous kills when enemies are about to escape.

Another thing you should note about the stealth you get from Thrill of the Hunt, is that from early-mid game your opponents could easily match your speed, because the speed buff isn't big yet. When i see a lot of Rengars play, they usually run the same direction their opponent is going. Take advantage of your stealth. Run the opposite direction. If there is a bush nearby that you don't think has a Stealth Ward or Vision Ward in it, then you could start recalling in there. This technique has saved my life numerous times. I usually see a Rengar run to his tower and then start recalling. I start recalling in a bush that i don't suspect is warded. That way, if my opponent comes near me, i could potentially burst them down, especially if they're an ADC like Twitch. Another benefit from recalling in a bush is that champions with global ults like Ashe, Draven, and Ezreal can't predict where you're going. Especially if their mid lane is a Lux. Her Final Spark has a large range, and deals a huge amount of damage.

If you're ahead and you pushed the outer tower, you should try helping other lanes. For example, you see your mid lane failing. Unseen Predator allows you to gank unexpectedly. Use Thrill of the Hunt in order to not be seen across the map as you move towards your target to not be seen by wards (When ganking a lane warded with Stealth Ward, use Thrill of the Hunt outside of the ward's range) or save it for chasing if you think the target can escape with Flash and/or stealth or dash ability.
Be careful with this as opponents will know if they are revealed.
Rengar can also hop over walls using Unseen Predator. This is great for surprising your target. You place a Stealth Ward over the wall or a Warding Totem. Also, when your Bonetooth Necklace (Yellow) reaches 6 Trophies, use the extra range on Unseen Predator to make this wall-hopping easier.

The parts circled in black are where you are. The red circles are where the ward should be placed depending on where your target is.

Thrill of the Hunt is a decent tool for escaping ganks and other nasty situations. However consider that the stealth can be delayed to up to 3 seconds when attacked and enemies will know when you are within 1000 range of them. Also, when you cast Thrill of the Hunt, Rengar does not immediately turn invisible but after about a 1 second delay. Keep this in mind while you are in battle. Is it worth it to ult? If you know for certain that you can't escape, don't waste Thrill of the Hunt.