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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Shaco Build Guide by Sonicboom321

AP Carry Enable Pop-ups? The Shaco Guide for any Occasion

AP Carry Enable Pop-ups? The Shaco Guide for any Occasion

Updated on August 2, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sonicboom321 Build Guide By Sonicboom321 12,088 Views 1 Comments
12,088 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sonicboom321 Shaco Build Guide By Sonicboom321 Updated on August 2, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Why Choose Shaco?

Shaco is a versatile champion, who, when played right, is useful in any scenario. Be it you play with Flash or Ignite he can be both over powered and incredibly hard to kill
Shaco is non-meta, he is and will always be strong.
Your role is to demotivate the enemy and make yourself rich, through the use of his epic and endless utility.
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Pros / Cons

>< Safe Pick
>< Alot of Burst
>< Fun to play
>< Anti-Squishy / ADC
>< Invisibility
>< Alot of outplay potential
>< One of the strongest pre-6 ganks
>< Strong counter jungler
>< Amazing splitpusher

>< Squishy
>< You must be in the zone at all times - if you are out of position you die
>< Countered by tank items and Thornmail
>< Hard to master
>< Flamed for picking Shaco
>< Hard to teamfight effectively
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Rune's Explained


Mark of Attack Damage

><Mark of attack damage are my go to Shaco Mark's as they help early with last hitting minions so that i'm not reliant on my Jack In The Box or Two-Shiv Poison

Seal of Armor


><Seal of flat Armor gives Shaco a small amount of resistence towards minion and champion auto attacks.

Glyph of Cool Down Reduction


><Cooldown Reduction Glyphs give Shaco the ability to spam Two-Shiv Poison, Deceive and Jack In The Box more often while in lane; making room for more consistent damage but also a shorter cooldown on Shaco's main escape Deceive

Quintessence of Ability Power


>< Shaco's bread and butter in lane is his Jack In The Box and Two-Shiv Poison which both scale off AP. AP Quints give Shaco his damage

Quintessence of Cool Down Reduction


><Cooldown Reduction Quints caps Shaco's CDR at 10%, not only looking aesthetically pleasing but also giving him the ability to use more abilities, and spend gold on damage items and not have to worry about purchasing CDR
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Masteries Explained



>< Sorcery increases Ability Damage. More damage = happy Shaco



>< Feast gives a wee bit of sustain when you kill an enemy minion or monster. This could mean if your Jack In The Box focuses and kills a minion instead of targeting the enemy laner, you could survive. Brilliant!

Natural Talent


>< Shaco has more AP and more AD. You can feel the Pawah in your Blud!



>< Shaco's Jack In The Box fears an enemy, additional to Two-Shiv Poison's and Hextech Gunblade's slow, this means 2% increase damage at almost all times!



>< Tagged on with the damage output from Shaco finds it easier to last hit minions with his auto attacks, meaning more mana for Jack In The Box and Two-Shiv Poison!



>< Because stacks with and , Shaco finds it easier to obtain gold from creeps



>< Merciless makes it easier to secure kills for your team because of the 5% increased damage to champions under 40% health.

Dangerous Game


>< Assists can be the difference between life and death, and an assist can be as simple as placing a Jack In The Box or applying the poison of Two-Shiv Poison



>< Shaco gains Armor and Magic Penetration, making it easier to take out tanks / bruisers

Thunderlord's Degree



>< Shaco has 4 damaging abilities not including auto attacks, and with hextech revolver, it is very simple and efficient to apply consistent damage through the use of Thunderlord's Decree .
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Abilities Explained

Passive: Shaco passive Backstab grants 20% increased damage when attacking from behind.
SPACEONE>< This enhances his auto attacks, but also spells such as Two-Shiv Poison or Hextech Rocketbelt

Ability 1 (Q): Deceive - Shaco becomes invisible instantly for 3.5 seconds, his next auto attack deals extra damage and a guaranteed critical strike.
SPACEONE>< Put 1 point in this at level 3, and max this last

Ability 2 (W): Jack In The Box - Shaco places a 'box' in the target location which is visible for 2 seconds, when an enemy enters within 300 units (equivalent of a Teemo in diameter) around the box, it fears them and deals magic damage, attacking once per second until killed after 5 seconds.
SPACEONE>< Put 1 point in this at level 1, and max this second

Ability 3 (E): Two-Shiv Poison - Shaco throws a shiv at the target enemy dealing magic and physical damage. (This ability is a point and click projectile, not a skillshot)
SPACEONE>< Put 1 point in this at level 2, and max it second

Ability 4 (R): Hallucinate - Shaco becomes momentarily untargetable and duplicates himself, when the clone dies, it explodes dealing AP damage
SPACEONE>< Put 1 point in this at level 6, but dont put more points in this until level 17 and 18
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Laning Tips and Tricks

Informative Information
When in lane, capitalise on the enemies greed. Most top laners are all in, hard engage champions (take for example Riven or Aatrox) and have minimal escapes. Don't be afraid to use your auto attacks the enemy early to apply damage, because since you have started your Jack In The Box, you have a safe haven to flee to when you are low, use this advantage to bait the enemy.

Jack In The Box applies a fear to the enemy and stops them in their tracks! Use this in combination with your Two-Shiv Poison and Deceive to decimate your enemy in lane!

Using Boxes
You are going to want to make a triangle or square formation with your boxes, this is your bread and butter in lane; since you have 10% cdr level 1, they should be available every 14.5 seconds. If you do not have enough mana when you are being chased by the enemy top laner, place a Jack In The Box directly above one you have already placed, this will mean that the fear activated on the enemy when they move over it, then when they continue in your pursuit, it will activate again again, allowing you to Ignite or Two-Shiv Poison them, gaining the kill, or fully escape.

Triangle / Sqaure Box Formation
Known to many as the Illuminati Shaco (shout out to Vision Ward) create a triangle or square near the large walls nearest to your tower, and stand in the middle of them when you are low. This is the Top Lane Shaco bread and butter and is what makes it so successful.
SPACESPACE* when champions such as Riven, Aatrox or Lissandra hard engage on you, quickly Deceive and walk behind them, Two-Shiv Poison then auto to go 20% more damage on both
SPACESPACE* when champions such as Garen, Darius, Illaoi or Trundle run towards you, wait until one box fears them, then run behind another box (dont Deceive) they will get feared by both when they chase! If it is within your abilitiy to kill them, Deceive behind them, Two-Shiv Poison, auto and then Ignite

Baiting Tips and Tricks
Enemies are greedy for gold, baiting gets easier , althought riskier, the lower health you are.
Shaco can use his melee range to his advantage. Common combinations of baiting include:
Use Deceive and walk towards your enemy, pop up infront of them and simply auto attack. The enemy will no doubt use abilities. Run back to the first box in your Illuminati formation and Two-Shiv Poison the opposing Top Laner then run towards the second box which is closer to your tower. By now your q should be up.
SPACESPACE* This scenario can go in one of three ways: they chase you into your first Jack In The Box, but get the message and run away, in which case attempt to bait again. Or they could run into your first Jack In The Box, then run into your second Jack In The Box this is where you have the power of Shaco and two jack in the box's

Tips and Tricks
If your enemy is low, start to b, when you are at 0.2 seconds left, Deceive and run to towards them; Two-Shiv Poison, auto and then Ignite

When against champions such as Riven, Garen, Darius or Ashe (the list goes on), if you see their ultimate animation, activate Hallucinate, you become untargetable, additionally, point and click ultimates, such as Garen, Caitlyn and Darius, can be evaded by activating Hallucinate which puts their ultimate on a 10 second cooldown; which gives you plenty of time to assassinate them.

Obtaining Creeps
Use your Hallucinate and your Jack In The Box collaboratively to freeze lane or to push hard, as Shaco, it is incredibly easy to win lane. If your enemy leaves lane via TP to roam or has returned to base, activate Hallucinate, by the time they walk back to lane Hallucinate will be off cool down. Also, if your top laner TP's or roams, if you Hallucinate when a canon minion enters the lane, it'll be up by the time the next one arrives.
SPACESPACE *Save your Two-Shiv Poison for poking the enemy champion or to last hit Canon Minions.
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Team Fighting

In team fights Shaco is what i like to call a KILL SECURER, if there is a low enemy, it is your Duty to get that kill, not only for your team, but for honour itself.

Two-Shiv Poison is great at last hitting champions, plus, no matter what way you build, you always have 40% cdr, meaning last hitting champs is no different to minions

It is also your role to create a safe zone for your squishies. Allies such as Immobile Mages and Marksmans rely on you to put boxes everywhere in case the enemy is winning and you need to retreat, this can also turn team fights around if your team is coordinated.

Hallucinate can be used to explode in the middle of a huddled team, or to tank tower shots for your AD carry
*your clone also has equivalent AD as you, so use your TP to get towers in Top and Bot lane if your team is winning a fight
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Shaco is versatile and is great for picking off squishies. Practice baiting enemies to boxes and team fighting and become the best Shaco player in the world.

Thank you so much for reading, happy Cloning!
Drop a comment to where improvements can be made <3
League of Legends Build Guide Author Sonicboom321
Sonicboom321 Shaco Guide
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Enable Pop-ups? The Shaco Guide for any Occasion

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