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Fiora Build Guide by Nekoparry

Top English and Spanish Fiora Guide (Build, Runes, Matchups)

Top English and Spanish Fiora Guide (Build, Runes, Matchups)

Updated on May 13, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nekoparry Build Guide By Nekoparry 14 0 22,975 Views 2 Comments
14 0 22,975 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Nekoparry Fiora Build Guide By Nekoparry Updated on May 13, 2022
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Runes: Conq (Read notes)

1 2 3 4
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Best for soloq
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Welcome to my Fiora guide! I'm Nekoparry a small spanish streamer in Twitch, I stream as a hobby and so I can help anyone who wants to climb elo. Fiora has been my main for about 3 years now. I was a jungle main a long time ago, but I started playing top lane and then I found Fiora, I really like her playstyle, I play a lot of champs but Fiora and Jax are by far my favourite champs. I started playing her after her rework, and I think she has a really unique kit of abilites that makes her a great champion for having fun. I already have 500k points and I hope I can get a lot more in the future.

My twitch:
My twitter:

👍🏻 Pretty good early game
👍🏻 Great 1v5 potential
👍🏻 A God tier W
👍🏻 Lots of true damage
👍🏻 Great movement speed
👍🏻 Demolishes towers
👍🏻 Can handle ganks

Fiora is really a great champion, she has inmense true dmg thanks to Duelist's Dance and Grand Challenge, she also has god tier mobility and survavility to ganks. unlike other late game champs, like Kassadin or Kayle, Fiora has a pretty good pre lvl 6 thanks to her Riposte and sustain. She also is very good against champs with only one stun or an important ability that they HAVE to hit to win the trade, like Aatrox ( 3rd The Darkin Blade) or Kled ( Beartrap on a Rope / Pocket Pistol)
👎🏻 Countered by antihealing
👎🏻 Really squishy
👎🏻 Poor wave clear
👎🏻 Hard to master
👎🏻 Matchup knowledge dependant
👎🏻 Very punishable
👎🏻 High cooldowns in early

But, as every champ on the game, she has her downsides, you need to know every matchup really well to win lane, she has a lot of cooldown so she can be punished easily, and that's why she can be considered a hard champ. She really suffers in early game against champs that build Bramble Vest and Plated Steelcaps. She also is countered by teams with lots of CC and you need to have both good reaction time and knowledge of enemy's cooldowns.

What does Riposte block?
A: Riposte blocks all abilities in the game, and can also block Ignite, Exhaust and Smite. The only thing it can't block, is tower shots and fountain dmg.

Is it better to splitpush or to teamfight?
A: It really depends on the game, the comp, the elo... but as a fast answer, you can do both, she is a great splitpusher but she can also carry a teamfight if well played.

Should I focus carries or tanks?
A: In my opinion, it depends, if you're not fed, I personally think it's better to focus tanks, since your ult demolishes them eitherway, gives healing to your team and you won't get to the backline since you don't have tank items. If you're fed, then you should focus a carry, you should be able to get to the backline easily, I recommend parrying a stun from someone and trying to hit it on the carry, so you can ult and delete him.

Is Fiora always in the meta?
A: Yes, Fiora is a champ that is always going to be in the meta, since she is an anti-tank champs, so she is a really good champ in both fighter and tank metas. Also, right now, she is a S tier toplaner in soloq.

Has Fiora got any unplayable matchup?
A: In low elo she doesn't, since people in low elo don't really know how to play against Fiora and don't even control their own champs well. In high elo, I would say Lulu is the only completely unplayable matchup troughout the entire game, but if we are talking about lane phase, Malphite, Karma and Heimerdinger are also some almost unplayable matchups.

Do I need good ping to play Fiora?
A: No, of course, it's really helpful against champs like Cassiopeia or Pantheon, but it isn't necessary to be a good Fiora. I play with 80 ping and you can still parry a lot of things.

Do abilities that block AA block Lunge dmg?
A: Yes they do, but if you hit a vital with your Q, Teemo's Blinding Dart and shen's Spirit's Refuge won't block your Duelist's Dance dmg, but Pantheon's Aegis Assault and Jax's Counter Strike do block Lunge and Duelist's Dance dmg even if you hit a vital.

How do I get better at parrying?
A: Every game you play with Fiora will make you better and better with Fiora. You can also practice reaction time, that will also help.

Here are some things you have to know before playing Fiora:

Before playing Fiora, you have to know one thing, all her matchups are very different, that's why she is considered a hard champion. Champs like Kayle or Garen have almost the same playstyle in every matchup, but Fiora has to play differently for every matchup, in some you poke and then all in, in others you all in every time you can, in others you have to wait until whip... So don't get frustated if you lose the first times you play her, every game you play, (as long as you want to learn) you will get better with the champ. You also have to know, that there's something all Fiora mains love, and that is, when you predict something with your Riposte, when you are fighting against a Renekton and you predict his W, that's a really amazing feeling.

Instead of explaining what each of Fiora abilities do, I will tell you some tricks so you use them better.
As you know, Fiora's Lunge resets 50% of the cooldown if you hit something, so if you are escaping or chasing someone, you can go trough the wave to reset your Q. You can also use it to jump walls and reset AA, this can be really good for breaking wards. Have care when you're trying to destroy a turret since if there's an enemy close since it will focus him and can make you get tower aggro.
One of the best abilities in the game, here are some tricks and interactions. You can Q and then W to extend your Riposte or to parry some abilities like Jack In The Box, Event Horizon or Yordle Snap Trap. Remember that Riposte does AP dmg, so you can use it to activate Camille's Adaptive Defenses so instead of giving her an AD shield, it gives Camille an AP shield.
Your first AA slows, you can use this to perma slow someone after using W, you can also reset your AA with this ability. You can also use your E for breaking wards. You can also use this to break your ult faster.
You should only use this when you're sure you can kill him or at least make him use Flash. It's really good to oneshot carries since it gives MS or to demolish tanks since it does true dmg.





- +
R (E Q Stridebreaker E2+ Flash)

Basic Fiora combo, used for making your Riposte larger or to parry abilities like Veigar's Event Horizon or Shaco's Jack In The Box.

Really useful for short trades with Press the Attack or to break wards. It's really good for short trades since it slows the enemy so you can run without him chasing you.

Good combo when you're close to an enemy or to break towers, you reset 2 AA with Lunge and Bladework.

For a permaslow on the enemy you can hit him with a Riposte and since it lasts 2 seconds you can hit 2 AA and then E for another slow. If you build Stridebreaker you can also use it after E.

(Fast R combo) This only works if you have Stridebreaker, with Goredrinker it isn't as fast. You have to use Q into a corner of your enemy so you are closer to the other one and after using Stride you use use your 2nd E and when you're in the middle of the animation flash so it hits the last vital.

A safe option for using R when you want to get an outplay is using your R and then W, so you get the dmg of one vital and then with the slow or stun you can easily hit the other vitals.

The weakest Fiora phase, but still not that bad. As mentioned before, her playstyle really depends on the matchup, but what Fiora normally wants is to have lane control and if she can, get some advantage early, since the faster she gets 2 items, the faster she starts killing. If you get lvl 2 before your enemy you can get lane control really easily, since Fiora's lvl 2 with her Riposte is really abusive. Unless you get your laner really low health and he doesn't have Ignite, you should have care with early ganks, since Fiora before lvl 6 is REALLY squishy.

Now we have a lot of options depending on how you and your team are doing:

If you're fed and your team is fed, you want to look for teamfights to get objectives like drake or rift herald , you don't want to risk a lot tho, since remember, your team probably gives shutdowns, so don't go for risky things that could give enemy team slight advantages, you have to make sure everything you and your team do have almost no risk at all.

If you're fed and your team isn't, don't teamfight, you want to either try to give your team some kills by getting someone in a 2v1 situation and then trying to take objectives (unless your team is very very behind) or you can just splitpush and look to get in 1v1 or 1v2 you can win.

If you're not fed but your team is, you want to either splitpush safely so you can get back in the game without risking your life or try to teamfight if your team is really ahead. If you teamfight and you're behind, try to protect your carry by parrying someone who is trying to kill him and using your ult on any threats.

If you and your team aren't fed, then you only want to splitpush and farm until late game, also try to get in 2v1 or 3v1 situations if you can so you can get a little bit ahead.

Happens the same in late game, you have various options:

If you're fed and your team is fed, you want to look for teamfights around Baron or elder drake , this teamfights are the most important ones since this objectives can easily turn around a game, so you have to play it perfectly, before teamfighting if you have Teleport, push the opposite lane of where the objective is and then TP when someone goes to defend or when your team is going to start fighting, if you don't have TP, push a lane that's closer to the objective.

If you're fed and your team isn't, you have to carry any teamfight you can, in late game it's harder to splitpush, but your team shouldn't be too far behind, so you should be able to carry some teamfights, in situations like this Guardian Angel really helps.

If you're not fed but your team is, there are two options, if your team is really ahead, you should just splitpush, since your presence won't be necessary and your potential as a splitpusher is great, also enemy team has to send someone, who will sometimes be the least fed on his team so you can 1v1 him and destroy some turrets. If your team is not so ahead, you have to be on the teamfights to protect your carry and sometimes oneshot theirs.

If you and your team aren't fed, you have to play around your team comp, if you have a teamfight comp, try to make a teamfight where you and your team can steal Baron or Elder Drake to flip it. If your team comp isn't a teamfight one, try to catch people in 2v1 situations and push, since teamfighting for an objective can end in you losing the game.

Hope it helps in your adventure as a Fiora main and remember that for more info (and fun) you can come anytime to my stream at:
League of Legends Build Guide Author Nekoparry
Nekoparry Fiora Guide
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