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Ezreal Build Guide by Vyxx

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vyxx

Eric Wright (AD Ranked 5v5)

Vyxx Last updated on March 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 22

Honor Guard

Defense: 8

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Utility: 0

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Straight out of Piltover (Introduction)

This is a 5v5 ranked build. I have one request, if you learn anything or find value in a link I provide, please vote.

Welcome to my guide. I remember when I first started playing and I seen the term metagame. I wasn't too sure what that meant. Basically it's the game mechanics, math, and how items effect or play off each other. Mobafire allows you to lay out the game via the metagame.

I play exclusively, I don't play other champs. It happens sometimes where I'm on top and get first pick and I'll get for a teammate or try and jungle him, but that is less then 1%.

If you want to play and you don't know who Win10cent is you are doing it wrong. I followed his guide for a very long time before I started finding my own play style. I focus on rounding out shortcomings, first you need to work on CD and Mana just a little and pick up a bit more run speed. Then I focus back on his strength. One of the best things about is we have a really good player that streams his play (Win10cent). This really helps to understand situational play. One of the highlights he points out is timing auto attacks.

I ran through several guides starting with AP working through Hyrbid and onto AD. His guide was the best. At this point I plan to cover what I've found to mesh well with my play style.

There are several guides on here that deliver on different aspects of play. I recommend reading through several guides, you'll typically find links or vids that will give you information on game play like zoning. In time I'll add these types of things in.

is he AP or AD or Hybrid?
I have played AP, and I've played different levels of hybrid. I call this build an AD build, because it's focus is AD, however there is AP in it. That is not by design but rather due to the best item for . I hear others say there is no one way or best way to play and I'm here to tell you there is. AP is really not viable, you can play it, you can win. I can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking my head up a bull's ***, but I'd rather take a butcher's word for it. IF you know what I mean...

I plan to add to this guide and refine it over time. These words and icons are subject to change!

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So many Pros he should be a Con (Pros / Cons)


Second funnest champ in the game!
One of the highest amounts of dmg @ lvl 1 / 2
under con, under estimated often


often focused first
hard to jungle (I have started blue and successfully jungled to 4 clearing with one recall)

It's all skill

only has skill shots, you may view this as a pro or a con ^^. You NEED to set up smartcasting for (Q), (W), (E), and I like to leave (R) alone.

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"Gangsta Gangsta" at the top of the list (Masteries)

I've given some thought to trying to improve this 21| 9| 0 set up, every time I do minor tweaks I just come back to this set up.

I do know there are other setups that work well with a focus on the utility tree.

Thoughts on the utility tree:
is all of the regen you need. I've accounted for the run speed with items as well, I make note of this in the summoner spells section. Changing trees to utility you would loose the bonus on the summoner spells, however gaining some CDR for them.

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A side of QQ (Runes)

Greater Mark of Desolation Desolation vs Strength

Another viable option would be:
Greater Mark of Desolation x 6
x 3

The logic and answers as to why you can find here. In this guide Win10cent details information provided by Ryther.

I want to explain why is the starting item. To start off 10 dmg is good, and you'd spend about the same on , only with the you don't worry about the resell value because 1) you don't sell it and if you do it's much later and 2) the resell value is higher, you don't lose as much if you were to sell it back as you do with the .

Okay, that (resell value, and the fact that it doesn't build into something else) is the con of . The pro's are + 10 dmg, 100 HP and more Effective Health.

Lets talk about why it's an AMAZING item! One word: Runes

I see this in lots of builds and I always thought, you know what that's kinda of a waste of gold, and typically it is. It just so happens that not only does it have +10 dmg! but also health which you really do need starting with 430 base. This item puts you not as 530 but some where in the range of 590+ due to your runes and a little thing called 'Effective Health'.

Armor Resist: x 9 = (12.69 + 100) / 100 = 1.1269 x 530 = 597 - 530 = 67.257
Magic Resist: x 9 = (13.41 + 100) / 100 = 1.1341 x 530 = 601 - 530 = 71.073

Let me say something about the math here, there are a few ways to calculate this, you might say well really that's the Effective Health not for but for all of your health which includes your base... that is a true statement. I figure most of the readers don't care about the math to that degree, they like to see it and understand what the runes provide.

For those of you who don't want to read the link on effective health and what all that means and is... basically it means that against another level 1 at level 1:
Physical champ you have: 597 health
Magic champ you have: 601 health

This is one of the reasons I finish so quickly, another being run speed.

Now lets talk about that 10 dmg.

: 10
: 8.5
: 6.7
: 47.20

Here are the armor and health stats for four commonly mid champs:
AR: 12 HP: 434 AR: 16.5 HP: 470 AR: 15.5 HP: 460 AR:14.35 HP: 466

Lets see how our dmg is calculated...

At level 1 against a champ with 15 armor

15 - 6 = 9 (6 is the amount of armor penetration we have from masteries)
9 / (9 + 100)= .08
1.0 - .08 = 92% (percentage of our dmg we do to target)
78 + .04 = 81.12 (4% dmg from masteries)
81.12 * .92 = 74.63

So we auto attack for 75 dmg.

What about ?

15 - 6 = 9 (6 is the amount of armor penetration we have from masteries)
9 / (9 + 100)= .08
(78 + 35) * .04 = 117.52
117.52 * .92 = 108.11

+ = 182.74 at level 1

Greater Seal of Replenishment or Mana Regen, will not solve your issues with the amount or rate of mana has. The change is fundamental to your play style, don't use to last hit minions. At level 1 you have enough mana for 9

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boyz n tha hood (Jungling)

Look don't, just don't. Turns out is slow at the jungle. / / Br are some of the best junglers if you're interested you need to know which one is better and why. The answer to that question depends on the other team.

example: / are better with hard carries that need CC, Br is better for teams comps with .

I plan to add more information on Jungling, as I do enjoy it.

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Ran in the house and grabbed my clip (Skill Sequence)

Order of Priority



3) (optional) except at level 4 take

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Mac-10 on the side of my hip (Summoner Spells)

Have you ever seen someone buy a snowball item as the first item?
Then they turn around and go 27 / 3?
Have you ever seen someone go 0 / 11?

First kills are the start of this process, or lack of. and give you that edge. I go into this more in the rune section.

These two spells combined make you a very scary person to mess with.

If you jungle then I like to take and (Keep in mind I only add these jungle comments to troll those that would jungle ) Did I mention it CAN be done?

You maybe a huge fan of , I sure was / am on other champs. Once you get to use to the run speed of it's hard to give it up. combined with any tier 2 boot puts you at 419, being a ranged champ this is more then enough speed to keep you out of trouble not to mention

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Bailed outside and pointed my weapon (Farming)

This is the start of talking about items, and all of the things I've explained not to do comes to light.

this item has been controversial. I've seen it called a noob item for ppl who can't manage 's low amount of mana. Its been infered as a crutch for new players and so forth. You will see there is 10 dmg difference and 1300 mana difference in build 3 (edit I removed incomplete builds due to regulations with publishing) and 4 based on changing for Madrids. While I should be going for red buff I'm always going for blue if I don't have Manamune. You will see guides that tell you no matter what get the gold, or last hit. If you can't do this without burning mana you will not be a carry with or not. Gold comes faster from kills then minions. You need to develop your skill with your auto attack to be viable on anyway. This item allows the staying mana you need to harass the other champ, once they are low enough to kill them you have the mana you need to do so. Mana should be reserved for those that yield enough gold!! Don't be farm'n with q

Farming, I'm hi-jack'ing this section to talk about game play. Typically is mid, this information applies to multiple locations ( top mid bot) but focus on mid.

Last hitting, zone control, these are things you need to understand.

I found these on the tube:

This is a great guide on zone control for starters, her voice is difficult to take but the information is great!

About 5 minutes in is really good info, I've not watched the whole vid but he does talk about thinning the field of minions so they don't push back so fast. I talk about this later in the guide
Last hitting is not auto attacking the **** out of mobs and then getting last hit. Last hitting is the first step in winning your lane. If you push your lane you are bound to get ganked. You are asking for it. This is what happens when you auto the minions to death, your line in the sand goes further out and it is unsafe for you.

Minions should kill minions, I like to call this minion on minion crime. You're just there to supervise the progress of your minions and bean the last hit on the minion to get the kill. This is what is referred to as 'Last hitting'. Here is the thing, you want your minions to lose at a slightly less rate then the red minions. How is this done? You need the other mid to kill your minions faster, so you can get them closer to your tower and get between the minions and the other mid. Next you want them to push you back to your tower, but you don't want the other minions to get hit by your tower. You want to get last hits, so this mean sometimes you will have to tank the minions until yours show up just outside of range of the tower. This creates an extended window of time between waves from red to your tower, this is when you attack and start your zone control. This also creates less protection for the red mid, allowing for more successful ganks. If red has a large wave coming in you want to start thinning the numbers to ensure you don't ran over or they push into the tower.

With the minions closer to your tower, hop over them and harass or kill the enemy mid. If they run don't tower dive, turn and last hit keep them from the xp and gold. Some times getting first kill doesn't come, take refuge in CS (Creep Score). Hitting tab and seeing 0 / 0 / 0 68 vs 0 / 0 / 0 11 is awesome. It means they are behind, way behind, they will not be the carry.

Pushing towers: When I first started playing Ezreal size-15 I wasn't sure when I should ult in regards to minions. Only noobs ult minions? Why would I do that... I like to push a lane to a tower as fast as I can (blue helps) Keep your passive up as much as you can. You want to make it to the tower just as the red minions are passing outside of the tower range, Ult the minions but don't kill them, auto the tower and use the minions to keep your passive up. Towers drop fast!

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Knowin nothin in life but to be legit (Team Work)

You're a badass you can 1v1 all day and live if not rack up a score. This is a team game, they are not going to come at you 1v1, they are going to focus you and bring 2 or 3 if 2 isn't enough. I've killed both 1v2 and another when they show up 10 seconds later.. this is not typical, and more times then not you will take your ganking with a side of QQ. You need to team play you need to support your tanks and other players. If you see someone overextending, ping them once, politely ask them to b or ping them and then a buff mob to entice them to come back.

If you are top 2v1 and the solo is at your tower, break off support mid, counter jungle.

Here is a little a gem: At towers, monsters, inhibitors, team fights try to line up your team and the target with your things melt.

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Loot (Items)

Part of the skill of playing a champ is knowing when to buy which items. I like Moba it provides a great interface imo. It gives you the items in the order to buy. It doesn't / can't tell you when to deviate.

If you find yourself at lvl 4 with 1700 gold BUY A , I don't care what the other team comp is, or how much ap or ad they have adding 45 to your 65+ attack dmg is game over at that lvl. If this happens destroy mid and get to a lane that is pushed; kill *****es! GO GO GO

Otherwise ...

this is your core, just this we are building to this.

has a few amazing strengths, his dmg output, , and his or snipe / range. With this comes some weaknesses. We can only take care of so many with runes / masteries. To start of the game you have a few more things you have to over come. CDR and ArP. The great thing about this is not only do we work on these two things with our first item ( ) we build on his strength by adding dmg! More on this in a few...

From level 1 - 7 isn't going to give you a real advantage because you will not complete it until level 7. And then while you may have a nice shinny you don't have the power to wield it; and by power I mean mana.

combined with your runes gives you the mana / ad you need and works well with the effects of at an early level. In the item section, I go for -> ->

It seems the amount of gold you can get isn't enough to buy before lvl 7 (on average) anyway, where as you'll have the money to pick one up by lvl 9 or 11. I find the team play to start taking off around lvl 7-9 these crzyies love to gank gank and gank, ppl on the roam all over the place. If this starts to happen early you need to catch up on mobility I'll put off my build and pick up , afterwards regardless of where I am in my build I go for . Then I go back to my build. At level 11 with and you can dragon, works better with or .

One thing that most ppl make up for in runes is CDR and ArP. I solve this problem with early on. You may notice I don't build . This because it doesn't provide enough benefit imo. There may be a viable way to build based around critical chance / dmg, but at the point where you pick your last item it doesn't fit into this build well. At the point in which you have 5 finished items it is time to sell and complete your transition to the dark side. The last item needs to be either defensive or ArP. Most of the time you will go with or if you were to go for a defensive item, or .


This depends on the other team's composition and items. I've seen go for a complete tank build and it worked for her. If you see more then 2 ppl building AR (AND have over 50 AR) you need to go for the , however if they only have 1 tank maybe an OT then stick with . The reason why you do this is the way ArP works, and diminishing returns on your investments in which piece of gear, or to say one is less effective depending on the other team composition.


AR vs MR this is something you have to pick again on which type of dmg is coming in higher.
I like over due to the this item will add dmg based on the mana and has 99 AR! say it with me 'Effective Health!'. Not to mention after selling it even replaces the CDR!

I think is just all round one of the best MR items. Adding this makes two things very noticeable. Magic doesn't do much dmg to you and no one can catch you with + +

If you do need a defensive item you should consider trading for as it will most likely do more dmg.

or :

is kind of a snowball item and cost is almost as much as . Epic long games with excess cash you're going to be looking for ways to tweak out more dmg, the efficiency of the upfront is better imo.

More health is returned from .

The AD is 60 on both items.

gives you bonus if you kill 40 minions. You will not have killed 40 minions by the time you are lvl 4. Lets say for a minute you get the kills on minions and you don't die, i.e. lets take the death factor out of it.

Over all the AP does nothing for your auto attack, however your abilities are going to hit harder and give you more dmg on the magic side. I like the over .

Snowball Items:

- -

If you like these great, if you're reading this guide you're not ready for them imho. Everyone dies... I prefer to know my abilities not based on this level of dynamics

If you are here and have read the guide, thank you for your time, I hope you've gotten some value from it.

Thanks, and don't forget to vote~!