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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Evelynn Build Guide by Resistofdoom

Evelynn the Hybrid Stalker Jungle Guide ! AFTER REWORK

Evelynn the Hybrid Stalker Jungle Guide ! AFTER REWORK

Updated on August 12, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Resistofdoom Build Guide By Resistofdoom 8 3 8,930 Views 4 Comments
8 3 8,930 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Resistofdoom Evelynn Build Guide By Resistofdoom Updated on August 12, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust



Hi, my name is Resist and I want to share with you my way of playing Evelynn as a hybrid assasin. I'm playing League of Legends for 2 Years from now and before her stun was taken away, Evelynn was one of my most beloved champions. Now, that she's viable again, I miss a good guide of her so I decided to show u my way of playing Evelynn on a very high level of skill.

Note that this is my first guide and English is not my main language so please have mercy on me ;)
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Game History Section !

I will put some game historys in this chapter and I hope some of u guys are tryin out my build, succeedin with it, so I can post ur effords here =)

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- August, 13, 2012 : Added Madred's Bloodrazor and Last Whisper to optional Items
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Pros / Cons


- Amazing ganks if played in team
- Very high mobility (SHES ****IN FAST !)
- ****loads of burst dmg
- High map awareness
- Great carry destroyer (they wont get away from u =))
- GREAT AOE slow and shield with ult (If used wisely)
- Permanent invisibility (U WANT MORE?)
- Tits (sorry, couldn't resist ;) )


- Only 1 decent escaping tool
- Not very easy to jungle (easy to predict, not viable without bluebuff)
- Crippled by truesight
- Needs kills to be effective in Mid/Lategame

As u see, she got some cons like the most champs, but if played right, she can be an effective, vicious predator ;)
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Runes I chose !

Greater Mark of Precision

Why not AD or AS? ;) Since evelynn needs the MPen softcap to be effective in early game ganks, but also needs the ARPen for the jungle, I find this runes very underrated over all. Ofc, other Runes would be more effective for the lategame, but Eve has to be effective early on. Lots of ppl have other opinions, but they are my favourites ;)

Greater Seal of Armor

U wanna die in the Jungle? No? Me neither ;) These ones are important.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Since Eve can be bursted down lategame by easy AP clashes or AOE spells, I find this runes are the best choice preventing it. Why not flat? They just scale too good ;)


Ofcourse u will be fine with ARP and AD runes or Mpen and Ap runes aswell. If u dont got the hybrid runes, ARP in Quint and MPen in red will do fine too ;)
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I tried alot in here. 21/0/9, 0/21/9 etc.

The most effective for me is 21/9/0. I know, lots of u ppl will have a hard time without the improved buff duration, but Eve lacks in survivability early on and it's important to perform good ganks with a decent HP pool and defensives. U just have to waste too much points for the buff duration, gettin nothin back then some % of movespeed.
The offensive tree gives u nice ATS MPen and ARPen. All u need to succeed =)

Ofcourse 21/0/9 is effective too and if it's ur style to play this way it's ofcourse viable.
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Summoner Spells

Very different Summonerspells are taken for Eve, alot of them are viable.
I prefer Smite and Exhaust ;)

Smite Smite is a must have. Some ppl think they can jungle without it. Maybe its possible, but not only will u be very slow in the jungle without Smite, u will lose alot of dragon- and nashorkills to the enmy jungle and u wont be able to do some SNEAKY stealaction while takin them from ur enemys (And remember, u have to be SNEAKY) !

Exhaust Exhaust is just my favourite spell. Since mid and toplaner both got Ignite most of the time it's just pain in the *** for the enemy if a sneaky Eve appears behind them and exhaust 'em after flash ;) Many ppl say u will lack of escaping, but dont forget... URE AN ASSASSIN ! U GOTTA BE SNEAKY and u got a decent speedrush + slowcounter. If u can master Eve, take this one :)

Flash Always a good spell. If ur enemys got loads of placementspells or if u need an escape here and then grab this one. Only take this if ure not that sure with Eve, this spell is very beginnerfriendly.

Ghost Viable, but since Eve got her W and + speed has a cap not very effective at all.
Still a good early gankingtool.

Ignite THIS EZREAL CHASES AWAY WITH 2% HP? *trollface* viable, but I prefere exhaust since in the most games, mid, top and AD got ignite.

Surge Viable for some good burstphases, not very team friendly. Would not recommend it.

Heal Sneaky guys, ure not supposed to take dmg ;) !

Clarity Eve got a bluebuff !


Clairvoyance Just, no !

Revive ... ... ... Get the **** out !
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Skill Sequence

I chose Hate Spike > Dark Frenzy = Ravage

U have to skill Agony's Embrace whenever it's rdy.

Hate Spike
I recommend those sequence because Hatespike is your main damage tool overall. It works very nice with Sheen and if used wisely it offers a great AOE for teamclashes. When used together with Agonys Embrace, u become a very strong AOE burst champ in mid and late.

Dark Frenzy
Your main escape, initiate, chase tool. Just be careful and find the right moment to use it. If u get ganked in the jungle by 2-3 players, this spell can save ure *** if not used too rashly. I recommend using it right before u can enter a brush for a quick escape.

Another good tool of destruction. The attackdmg boosts makes items like Wit's End or the madreds procc, for dragon and baron, freak out. Decent dmg and a pretty nice scale of AD/AP either. Grab this in a good balance with Dark Frenzy.

Agony's Embrace
Now it gets interesting. This tool makes Eve very strong lategame. We got AOE %tual dmg, a shield that can make u supertanky (300 for each player !) and a very strong slow that makes ur hunt even more interesting. Sometimes it's better to wait till the time has come to use it. Find the perfect moment to Relentlessly strike down the enemys AD + AP carry when they forget to take distance to each other. I just love this spell ;)
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Resist, tell me how to build her !

Since I got a lot followers in many games these days, im often asked for the "PERFECT BUILD FOR A CHAMP".

Let me tell u, there is NEVER a perfect build. Every Item has to be buyed with BRAIN.

Example : U play Irelia solo top and u got firstblood. U just got enough gold for Sheen and 1 Ward after porting back. Ofcourse, grab it then.
U play Irelia solo top against 2 Tanks, unable to farm. After ur first port back u got 900g. Ofcourse, buy Philosopher's Stone. Every Item must be fittin into the Situation.

As Eve jungle I choose Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion first, because even with a good pull and leash Eve has not very much sustain, and since eve has the most gankingpower @ lvl 3 with blue u will need the sustain to be effective.
When I port back first time I always try to get Boots, and as fast as I can Wriggle's Lantern.

If u finished this, we come to your CORE item. This means, never swap this Item in no situation, because it makes u stronger then other items for the price u will pay for it.

> Trinity Force :
Eve is one of the champs who will get a BIG dmg boost and who's a big threat with just one Item, Trinity Force. It gives u a nice Ad/Ap boost, scaling with your Q and E, nice movementspeed, sustain, mana, short: Everything Eve needs. And the most important : The sheen procc triggered by all of ur spells working very nice with ur Q ;) Try to get Sheen first after Wriggles, because Sheen alone will boost ur dmg pretty well.

After u build this, there is only PURE SITUATIONAL. I give u some advices, when u have to build WHAT item :) FE

Enemys do focus you, their AD dmg is slightly stronger then the AP dmg and its overall an equal match for both teams, grab:

Guardian Angel :
Most of the games my favourite. Provides great Armor for AD focus, some MR for caster, and this beloved passive who makes eve a double thread for all enemys. Countless times I died, escaped with W again and could be a second time effective, hunting their clash suffered carries.

Enemys do not focus you, their AP dmg is Pretty good and they got only a few AD dmg. U got alot of gold and positive stats, grab:

Wit's End :
Provides u a great dmg boost working together with ur W spell to scale almost instantly and the bonus MR will help u surviving the enemys AP dmg. Overall, a very very good item on Eve.

After grabbing one of this situational second items (or both ;)) it's time to think about the lategame. Here are some Item advices.

Hextech Gunblade :
A very strong item on Eve. 300 dmg burst, single target slowing active. Makes u deal even more dmg and gives u even more lifesteal since ur spells + ur autoattacks will get a rly good vamp boost overall. Perfect item to hunt those flashing lowhp carries.

Infinity Edge
This item is VERY underestimated by many Eve players in the game. But since u got that nice movementspeed boost and this nice attackspeed boost u can punish ur enemys with alot of autohits. With the critical chance of Trinityforce this item makes a HUGE dmg push on Eve. Grab this, if ur enemys are tanky, and the fights are long.

Maw of Malmortius
Enemy got a fed AP carry? Or 2? This item gives u a very nice defensive aspect. More dmg on lowhp, shield when falling low (maybe combined with ur ult ? ;)). What are u waiting for? Grab it and kill those nasty AP nukers :)

Here some other situational items:

Last Whisper
Ur enemys got more then 150 armor and u feel like dealing no dmg at all? Grab this item. The armorpenetration will shred the armor of ur enemys !
Note : Dont grab this item too early, if enemys do not have more then around 120-150~~ armor this item is absolutely not worth to buy on ANY champ in the game since it's pretty low cost and dmg.
Note 2 : Your AP dmg will not be affected by this. MRes will still hurt ur dmg a bit.

Madred's Bloodrazor
Very nice Item on Eve. Since she got a huge attackspeed buff with her Ravage and she deals much dmg with her Autoattacks, this little Item could strike fear into the heart of every lifestacking enemy like Vladimir, Mundo, Shen or those other nasty bruiser ;) The warding ability and the lifeleeche on Wriggle's are too important though. Only grab this lategame if u have to replace wriggles or other Itemslots.

Warmog's Armor
U have a hard time surviving a clash, or ure just not that good with eve? Grab this item, it will make u supertanky with ur ult ! (I prefer stats before HP because stats scale with her shield, HP does not)

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
U need more sustain, + % tual dmg on ur ult and a very nice slow? Take this item !
(Since u got Triforce slow and ur AP spells are AOE I would only recommend takin it for the AP and the +HP).

Ofcourse there are 100 of ways playing alot of items. But I think I showed the most effective to you ;) If u got 5 Fed AD Carrys ure pleased to get a Thornmail, but were talkin about REAL games =)
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Resist, how to jungle?

Jungelin with Eve is pretty simple, if ur enemy does not interfere. There are 2 methods to start.

Hint ! Ask ur bot or toplaner to protect red ;)

Method 1 :

For this method u will need a team that works with u, but if your team does, this is the best way to start. U start with wolves, with some leash of ur allys ! (Be careful to use hatespike correctly). After that u will need a pull and a HEAVY LEASH. Note that, without it, this way of jungeling is not viable. DONT USE SMITE AT THE BLUEBUFF !. After that u instantly rush to red, killing it with Smite. U will come out as lvl 3 bothbuffed and almost 100% hp if u do well.

Method 2 :

This method is more effectively in random games, where u dont get such perfect pulls or leashes. Start out with the blue (u will only need an easy pull) and smite it as soon as it reaches 445 Hp. After that u do wolves and u will get ur Smite ready just in time to kill the redbuff.

But Resist, why do I not start at wolves?
Simple answere :
Most of the random players will take the small golems on botlane. When u start at wolves and smite the bluebuff after it, u will have a problem after finishing the wraithcamp. U will have 25 seconds smite CD and ur small golems wont be respawned yet. If u do red then u will come out without a Health Potion and with kinda 50% Hp. Losing HP means uneffective ganks and losing the jungle while wolves just save u 5 seconds of time ;)

Probs to Wookie for the empty map ;)
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How to gank ;)

I will show u now, how to gank effectively as Eve. Note, that shes permanent invisible and ur enemys dont know u're there if u play wise. U're team has to note this too. If ure coming from behind and your mate rushes too obvious, your gank will fail. To gank with Eve u will need alot of patience and timing.

I will show u now the 4 best positions to gank an equal lane. Note, that every gank behind ur enemy is an effective gank, so punish those who try to push while u are in the game ;)

NOTE: These games are botgames. The laners dont fit the normal position. I just want to show u the gank positioning.

Position Top:

As u can see this position allows u to get into the brush, EVEN if the lane is pushed, aslong as the enemy Champion is out of your stealth radius. Use this if the lanes are equal like they should be. You can request ur ally to bait, maybe getting some movementspells of your enemy on cd before u enter (for example Fiora's Lunge). With a little patience u will be able to sneak behind him too.
Note that its very effective to gank like a normal ganker, just trying to sneak behind the enemy. For this, watch Position Bot 2.

Position Mid:

This is definitly the best entrance to mid. If both midlaner are equal and both farming and harrassing, there will come a time when u are able to sneak behind this squishy bastard and almost get a sure kill. Try to communicate with ur ally to open with a useful spell and prevent the enemy from escaping while using exhaust immidiately after he flashed. Same position when playing on the other side just mirror-inverted.

Position Bot 1

The same as toplane. If u got a pinkward @ dragon or something like that, try entering this position. I find Position 2 more effective though, since most of the botlanes wont put a vision ward that early and ure easy able to sneak behind them if ure clever enough.

Position Bot 2

I prefer ganking botlane like this. If ure careful and ur allys will fall back a bit, the minions will give ur enemys a feeling of safety. If u got hardchasing enemys like Ezreal or Corki with Flash, try to wait till they got their escape spell out and/or wait till 6. With Agony's Embrace u will get kills on botlane very often.

NOTE : Since Evelynn cant be seen from wards and minions, u can gank botlane better then other jungles can. At normal games and below 1400 Elo most enemys will not be very awared of a very good Eve gank.
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I really hope u enjoyed my guide and u forgive me my many mistakes in the English language. If u got questions or references, be pleased leaving them in the comment section =) I appreciate every Upvote and I hope this guide will help u to master the "New Evelynn"

Special greetings to my homy "Vhienna" !

Seeya around guys ;)
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