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Ezreal Build Guide by NotButter

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NotButter

Ezreal - Arcane Prodigy

NotButter Last updated on October 1, 2011
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Hello, and welcome to my guide for Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer.
In this guide, I will be explaining the concepts and tactics of his kiting, mobility, ranged advantages, and damage output.

Feel free to comment or suggest what you would do otherwise. Please do not downvote without first giving it a try.

My last, less polished guide was severely trollvoted down to a point where it was as if it didn't exist. So again, please try it first, don't look at it and decide to downvote.

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Pros / Cons

Ezreal is an extremely powerful skirmisher. However, every champion has their weaknesses to counteract their power.

-Kites extremely well
-Flexibility to engage and disengage from fights at will
-Hard to reach to kill
-Global Ultimate
-Impressive damage output

-Susceptible to CC
-One Exhaust and you're done.
-Relatively squishy
-Has a global taunt like
-Positioning is extremely vital
-One wrong move, and you're dead
-Late game is heavily decided by early game.
-Dependent on Skill Shots. No Aim, No Kills.

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Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation
For runes, I go a relatively common ranged AD carry setup.

The Marks I choose to run are 9 Greater Mark of Desolation for increased damage output in both his auto attacks and his . I don't see any other possible alternatives for marks that would be as viable as these.

For Seals, I take for mid-late game mana regeneration management and a more free usage of spells. Some choose to take Greater Seal of Vitality for the sake of attempting to eliminate the squishyness that typically tags along with ranged AD carries. Honestly, it's whatever you prefer.

Typically for Glyphs, I take for the sake of a more spammable Mystic Shot, Trueshot Barrage, Arcane Shift, and Arcane Flux. Some people may prefer to get for an early advantage, but I find the CDR falls off later in comparison to the CDR per level.

Quintessences I get Greater Quintessence of Desolation for the same reason as marks: damage. I know many people who prefer to get Flat AD Quintessences, but I find that to be horrible since 3 of those is 6.8 damage + mastery + doran's blade = flat 20 AD. Honestly, is it more worth penetrating what would've been 25 armor or 6.8 AD? I think the choice is obvious. I have also seen many people run flat HP quints for the sake of eliminating the squishyness, which I solve with the seals. Flat HP Quints x3(78 HP @ level 1) isn't worth it. You're basically sacrificing a large amount of damage output for a measly 78 HP. Not worth it. So, in conclusion, Greater Quintessence of Desolation would be the best choice out of many.

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For Ezreal's masteries, I run a 21/0/9 setup to insure I get the 3 points in Sunder for even more armor penetration, the point in Archaic Knowledge for magic penetration for his Trueshot Barrage, Essence Flux, and Arcane Shift, and finally the point in Havoc .

With a 21/0/9 setup, I can ensure maximum damage output from Ezreal's spells and auto attacks.

I make sure I take the point in Haste for improved Ghost since we are using Ghost in this guide and take the point in Utility Mastery for increased duration for blue/red/baron buff.

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Core Items

I purchase these boots over most boots primarily for the increased movement speed, which allows more kiting and survivability. Ezreal has a relatively low base movement speed, so the extra boost from these boots + Trinity Force will ensure an above average rate of movement.

Or more importantly, Tear of the Goddess. This item allows us to have an early game advantage with mana(which results in a more free usage of spells) and damage. It is important that you get Tear of the Goddess immediately after The Brutalizer to ensure a hasty build-up on the passive. Manamune is a relatively cheap item with only a price of 2110g, which not only makes it cheap, but advantageous for Ezreal. I've seen many Ezreal players decide to skip out on Manamune for the sake of gold conservation, but what I've also seen with these players is that their team gets into many unnecessary situations due to the Ezreal being either A) Low on mana or B) No mana. Trust me, this item is pretty damn important for your sustain in the game.

This is probably one of the most vital items on Ezreal, behind Trinity Force. Ezreal's Mystic Shot procs the effect of Sheen which pretty much just doubles your damage output, although not literally. The added Mana and Ability Power is also an impressive add-on for this item, since it's only a measly 1260g.

This item is probably just as important as his other 3. It provides 15 Armor Penetration, 10% CDR, and 25 Attack Damage all for just 1337g. Not only is this core, but it is staple. You MUST get this. It will DRASTICALLY improve your damage.


Ezreal is probably one of the few ranged AD carries that are EXTREMELY susceptible to CC. The reason you would get these pair of boots is simple, reduced CC time. Although I don't prefer this over Boots of Swiftness is because you shouldn't even be in the range of CC. If you are, you're doing something wrong. Ezreal's priority isn't to autoattack, but rather spam his Mystic Shot in the back for most of the fight and then running in to clean-up when they're much lower.

It's pretty obvious why to get this. Increased Attack Speed for a Ranged AD Carry plus Ezreal's passive at full stacks = free 75% attack speed. Although this is great, the idea stays stationary, don't be in the frontline autoattacking, you're not a Xin Zhao or Garen. Stay in the back and don't attract aggro from enemy champions.

This is recommended for Ezreal due to the sole purpose of increased Mystic Shot outputs. With this plus your Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reductions + Masteries = 26.62% CDR at level 18. I know this sounds fantastic since you're throwing out more Mystic Shots, Arcane Shifts, and Trueshot Barrages than you normally would, but the lack of the one extra movement speed doesn't get you to 442 MS, but rather a much lower amount which makes you an easier target and decreases your kiting potential + survivability. People may think otherwise but think about it this way: you can spam in theory, but in reality you're just going to get focused down and there's not a damn thing you can do about it moving so slowly.

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Luxury Items

This item provides Ezreal with everything he needs. No, literally. Everything. The 12% movement speed just adds onto the concept of faster movement. The health, mana, damage, and critical chance are all great benefits to Ezreal. The most important part of the item though, is the 25% chance to slow the opponent by 35%. As it is known, Ezreal's Mystic Shot applies on-hit effects. So in theory, every 4 hits by Mystic Shot should allow one proc of this effect, granted that you don't auto attack in between(which most likely you will). That's a more than enough percentage to kite effectively as well as escape effectively.

This item is purchased primarily for the flat AD (100) and the lifesteal (25%). Of course those are the only two stats these add, but they're the only two you need this late into the game.

This item is purchased for the Passive, which allows three stacks of a (-15) armor effect. That's 45 armor reduced right off the bat, plus 25 from runes and 6 from masteries, that's 76 reduced even without a Last Whisper.

As said before, Ezreal is susceptible to CC. With this item, you practically get a get-out-of-jail free card every 45 seconds. That Taric wants to stun you? NOPE. BLOCKED. Of course, again, it's only every 45 seconds. Besides that, the HP and Mana are great for Ezreal. This is honestly a staple item for every ranged AD carry.

I've seen people get this and it works relatively well... granted you're in the frontline soaking up the aggro. This item really isn't worth it for Ezreal. The gold cost is tremendous and the stats it provides do not synchronize with Ezreal at all. I mean, great, 80 damage for a price larger than Bloodthirster's. Great, a 50% increase in critical damage, but oh wait, Ezreal's Mystic Shot doesn't crit.


Again and again, I emphasize that Ezreal is susceptible to CC. However, this item is purely situational. If they have a Warwick, Malzahar, Fiddlesticks, Urgot, or Rammus, you might as well keep this as a good-luck charm.
REMINDER: You can cleanse off Mordekaiser's Children of the Grave, Vladimir's Hemoplague, Exhaust, and Ignite.

You can always get this instead of The Black Cleaver if you feel more comfortable with it. That, or they have some sort of heavily armored team such as Malphite or Rammus where 71 armor penetration wouldn't even scratch them.

You can always get this instead of The Black Cleaver if their team is more armored such as Malphite or Rammus, as stated above.
REMINDER: Your Mystic Shot procs Madred's Bloodrazor's passive.

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Summoner Spells

I run Ghost on Ezreal for increased kiting and easier escaping as well as chasing. To me, it is more consistent than Flash.

I run Ignite on Ezreal since he's dependent on Skill Shots and sometimes when you can't just get that last hit off, this will do the job for you.


If you're soloing top, you might want to get this. It will help you quickly return to lane or quickly teleport to dragon for a kill.

Two ways of covering distance is great and all, but Flash is instantaneous to cover that tiny distance, while Ghost is continuous, allowing for a more consistent chasing which results in more distance than Flash. Plus, you have a built-in flash. You don't want to run away from fights, you just want to stay a bit back.

In order to get Exhaust, you'd have to give up Ghost or Ignite. If you were to pick this over one of the original summoners, I'd highly suggest replacing Ignite, and definitely not Ghost. You could replace Ghost with it, but you'd lose so much in the process. Reduced chasing, running, and kiting potential are all at risk once you decide to replace Ghost. Exhaust lasts only 3.5 seconds(with mastery), while Ghost lasts 11.5 seconds(with mastery).

Some people just aren't confident about their aim with their Trueshot Barrage or Mystic Shot. This usually solves the problem(granted the enemy is standing still). The idea here is, just don't get this. It's not worth it. If you Clairvoyance them, it's more likely they'll move around more than they usually would when you have no vision on them.

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Skill Explanation & Usage

This is Ezreal's passive(obviously). To put in short, if he hits any target with his abilities then he gains a 10% attack speed boost for each target hit for 6 seconds and it stacks up to 5 times. The reason I bold target is because if you hit your teammates with Arcane Flux(not your ultimate or mystic shot because you can't actually hit them) then you will gain a 10% attack speed stack for each ally hit. This is usually in the background. It's not too noticeable of a passive, not really the sort that makes you say "OH GOD I CAN PLAY EZREAL AND USE HIS OP 1337Z0RZ Rising Spell Force". But no, it's rather just a boost that plays in the background.

Priority #1
DO YOU SEE THAT ICON?? I made it especially large for a reason. It is your main skill, your main source of damage, it's what makes Ezreal what he is today. It's what makes him different from all other ranged AD carries. Enough of that though, I'll move on to explaining this particular skill. Mystic Shot is basically a skill-shot single-unit damaging ability. There's not a lot I can say about this that you can't find in the description of the skill, but for the lazy people I'll tell you what it does. First of all, it procs on-hit effects such as The Black Cleaver or Madred's Bloodrazor or Sheen or Tiamat or Lich Bane or Frozen Mallet or Trinity Force or The Bloodthirster, etc. Basically ANYTHING that would happen as if you attacked would be applied to the enemy/yourself when casted. Besides the list of items, this procs life steal, but NOT spell vamp. It is your most vital spell that you must master in order to play Ezreal. Also note that if you hit something, all your skill cooldowns are reduced by 1 second. Please take note of 'hit something' because you MUST hit something for this to go into effect. If you shoot air, you're not going to get the reduction. Also take note of 'all your skills' meaning that if you shoot out your mystic shot and the cooldown for your mystic shot is at 4 seconds then it will be reduced to 3 seconds instantaneously when you hit a target.
Priority #4
There's not much I can say about this spell. It's a magic damaging skill-shot that has approximately half the range of Mystic Shot and it applies an attack speed buff(allies)/debuff(enemies). There's really not much I can say about this especially in this guide since it's more of an AP Ezreal sort of thing. The main reason I put one point in it at level 4 is because it's a one-point wonder, similar to, say, Lux's Prismatic Barrier or Urgot's Noxian Corrosive Charge. Basically, it does a lot for having only one point in it. First of all, it provides, like I said, an attack speed buff. This just aids in killing dragon, early baron, pushing, team fights, etc. It's the only utility spell that Ezreal has provided to his kit. Secondly, it, just like ignite, occasionally helps you get the last amount of damage off since it does not hit minions like Mystic Shot does. To be honest I always thought this spell wasn't worth it due to the high mana cost and negligible damage/buff bonus but people always try to convince me otherwise, which is why I finally decided to put a point into it at level 4. It's a really situational spell, but I'd say it's safe to put one point into it.

Priority #2
This is basically Ezreal's mini-flash that fires a homing missile towards the nearest enemy champion. It's your only way to escape, aside from summoner spells, so you must learn how to use this carefully. NEVER, EVER use this to engage unless you are either A) Guarded by teammates B) Guaranteed to get the kill and escape. I've seen many Ezreals shift in and either get killed or blow summoners to escape. This is another spell you have to master for Ezreal aside from Mystic Shot.

Priority #3
Teemo: "LOL I GOT AWAY WITH 62 HP. FREAKING NOOBS CAN'T KILL M-". An enemy has been slain. This spell is basically either a great half-map finisher or a finisher in general for numerous situations. Aside from that, it deals a load of damage granted that minions or other insignificant units don't soak up the damage. By soak up the damage, I mean that this spell does 8% less damage for each unit it hits down to a 30% minimum. So, in other words, try to use this towards champions that are away from minions.
The priorities just mean which ones should be maxed first, second, third, and last.

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Early Game

At the beginning of the game, grab a Doran's Blade or Boots of Speed + Health Potion x3 and play passive. Focus on minion farming. Try to get a few kills through synergizing with your teammate, granted you're not soloing. If you are soloing, do the same, but also focus on hitting your enemy with Mystic Shot. If in a solo or duo lane it is impossible for some reason to hit your enemy with your Mystic Shot(such as if there's a large amount of minions guarding the person), divert your focus to strictly farming. By about 15-20minutes, you should hopefully have at least The Brutalizer, Boots of Speed, and Tear of the Goddess. Remember, this portion of the game should be focused on setting up for your mid-late game. Don't let a few deaths throw you off, just keep your focus on the gold farming.

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Mid Game

At this time of the game, you should focus mainly on killing, but farming on the side also. Try to keep a red or blue buff on yourself at all times. Roam often, try to gank those overextended lanes and try to participate in any team fights. You should attempt to kill Dragon with your teammates by this time(perhaps earlier, if you're in the right position). Always remember, stay in the back do not ever venture on the front line. By 35minutes, you should have(granted you picked up a few kills and earned yourself 50+ minions) Trinity Force and a B. F. Sword.
Your inventory by this time should be Boots of Swiftness, The Brutalizer, Trinity Force, B. F. Sword, and Manamune. Those items are if you're at an optimum pace and are not guaranteed.

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Late Game

This is where the real action happens. This is where you end the game. Team fights. Focus on nothing but team fights. The whole 40minutes to end-game time is all team fights. Of course, focus on farming too and picking up some kills on the side. Baron fights are vital, do not let them get Baron Nashor or it's likely you're just screwed yourself over. Focus on getting Dragon too, try to engage in a team, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS remember: stay in the back. Do not, and I will keep repeating this, venture on the front line. You will die, and your team WILL lose a vital DPS. So basically, focus on team fights, grabbing Baron Nashor , grabbing Dragons, Buffs, and occasionally farming. Your inventory by this time of the game should be how it is listed at the top of the guide.

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Team Work

As Ezreal, always stay in the back. Always. Do not EVER venture onto the front line. If you have a tank, tell him to tank ******** it. Don't go to the front just because he's being a whiny little kid.

Remember, Ezreal is positioning dependent. You should always use Brush and walls to your advantage. If you ever get caught off-guard, QUICKLY Arcane Shift into a safer position. ALWAYS use your teammates as meat shields, even after your tank dies. Never save your Trueshot Barrage to finish off a champion in team fights. Use it at the start when as many of them are grouped up at a time. This not only allows you to deal the damage, but also almost instantly grants you five stacks on your Rising Spell Force.

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You can always toggle on Smartcasting if you have trouble with your Mystic Shot.

Smartcasting is basically where your spell is casted instantly towards wherever your mouse is at. i.e. Karthus's Lay Waste or Urgot's Acid Hunter.

Smartcasting can be modified through the Menu in the Key Binding sections.

By default, smartcasting is used by holding Shift and the spell you want to use.
So for Mystic Shot it would be Shift + Q. Of course you can just change it to Q to simplify the job.

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This guide should give you a great overall and in-depth understanding of Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer. Feel free to PM me regarding questions since I honestly cannot fit all my knowledge into a guide mostly because I can't tap into it constantly. I really hope that I have made a guide that was worthy of your time spent reading it and considering it for your future Ezreal games.

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End / Final Words

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide as much as I enjoyed making it. Feel free to leave suggestions and comments below. Please, please do not troll vote and please just try this build before you actually make a final decision. I'm not going to even give a damn about suggestions until you've actually used this build. I don't care about your special ways or different ways to play Ezreal or whatever until you've actually used this build. If you do well with this build, please post a screenshot of your score in the comments and I will add your name + the screen shot to a list I will make as soon as I get one.

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10/1/2011: Guide revised and released.