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Zac Build Guide by Esix

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Esix

Fighting is in my blood.. I mean, my goo.

Esix Last updated on May 9, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I'll start off by acknowledging that this is probably NOT the kind of build you'd expect for Zac, according to the type of builds I've seen here already. While this IS my first build made public; I have been playing Zac since day one, and it's the most efficient build I've experienced.

My current account on EUNE is only Lv24, so I am yet to find out how well it will work in Ranked games.

These are the type of games I usually get. Most of my deaths come from late-game, with a single death at most before the 20-minute mark.

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Items / Farming / Ganking


For this item build to work, you will have to farm with fierce determination. Business as usual, you'll start off by getting Blue buff for the cooldown and Lv2. You only need your team to take the Ancient Golem down to 50%-60% HP, at which point you can signal them to leave. Use your W for continuous damage and remember the gather the blobs! You only need one HP potion at most, at this point. Finish up with Smite.

From there you take Q and use it to attack the Wolves, followed by W and running around to heal yourself with the blobs. Next up are Wraiths. Always start with Q, run to the middle, and use your W. Always auto-attack the strongest creep only. Use another HP potion once you're done.

Wait in front of the Red buff until you have at least 55% health to make sure you don't waste your passive. (Minions/creeps won't attack them.) When your Smite is at <12 second cooldown, go ahead and attack with your Q, W, and auto-attacks. Use another Health potion at 30% health.

Pick E as soon as you're done. Sit in the bush closest to the two golems, and heal up with another Health potion. Jump over the wall and onto the golems, use E, Q, etc. Smite for extra 10g. From here, you should be Lv4 and should cycle Wraiths, Wolves, Golems, and loop.


As soon as you get to Lv6 RUSH to help your team if they're struggling. It's usually not wise to gank before Lv6, as we haven't recalled yet and have no items. With Rank 3 Elastic Slingshot, it'll be easy for you to jump on the OPPOSITE side of the enemy champ from where your ally is. Your gank combo should be E(obviously), W(mid-air or on landing), Q(to slow them for your ally), and R(to knock them into the air for one second). You CAN use your AoE while in your ulti, use that as your advantage. You can also use Flash to catch up or position yourself just right to knock the enemy towards your ally.
(If there is no lane you can/need to help, simply keep farming until 2250g.)

Once you've (hopefully) gained some kills for your team, it's time to either recall or go back into the jungle. The amazing thing about Zac is that you can keep farming even at 50 health, assuming you go for the weakest jungle creeps(wolves, wraiths). You'll be surprised to see how well Zac can recover with no spellvamp to speak of. Simply use your skills in as quick succession as you can, and catch the blobs. You'll gain 12% of your total HP almost instantly, and you're back to safe farming!

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Final words

This is definitely not up-to-par with the majority of the build guides I've read, but I wanted to share my tactic to the best of my abilities. I would appreciate if you tried 2-5 games before rating the guide. It's probably not the most efficient one, but it's a quick and relatively cheap build that you can pretty easily change in the late-game.

Yours truly,
~ Esix