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Fiora Build Guide by RikudouDovahkiin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RikudouDovahkiin

Fiora [In-Progress] Guide: Silver for Monsters

RikudouDovahkiin Last updated on June 2, 2018
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Chantry's Assassin

Fiora Build

LoL Path: Inspiration
LoL Rune: Kleptomancy
LoL Rune: Magical Footwear
Magical Footwear
LoL Rune: Future's Market
Future's Market
LoL Rune: Time Warp Tonic
Time Warp Tonic

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Triumph
LoL Rune: Legend: Bloodline
Legend: Bloodline

+20% Attack Speed

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Win 50%
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Threats to Fiora with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Jarvan IV Do not get caught to his skill combo and destroy all weakspots that you can find. He cannot output huge damage if he fall behind. Or just stay there and when he uses his combo stun him with your W to kill him.
Rengar Rengar is not a problem since his attack speed and damage is lower than yours without Rage. When he tries to kill minions you can poke him or even get a score from him easily. When he uses his skill with Rage just deflect it with Riposte. Build Randuin or Thornmail in case he get some kills, it will guarantee your victory.
Shyvana Shyvana is really dangerous when she get overfeed. But in lane you can easily escape or take advantage of exchanges. Don't duel with her while under effect of her E because it will make her all normal attacks damage to maximum health.
Sion He is too slow against you. Just dance with him.
Maokai An easy opponent that can be taken down with well-built life-steal, and vision control shall help your lane safety, try to deflect his CC against him, find and destroy weak spots and he all shall be yours to exterminate.
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Hi, I'm SirEagleEye TR server player. I'm playing like since season 3 and sometimes quit league yet, preseason brings many new runes and changes our game-styles even more. Actually, I guess, I'm really having fun while playing Fiora the Grand Duelist. Fiora is one of the champions that I really liked playing interactively logic while playing it, that's why I shaped build a little defensive. Having the similar perspectives with Fiora shall help your actual gameplay, a perfectionist who tends to destroy normal opponent's weak spots. Using their weakness against even in-game like +HP% ''true damage''. Fiora is a hit-and-run style assassin-duelist. I want to share my strategies with people that want to learn Fiora. You should remember that when game last longs until the very late game, tanking is not an option, it becomes your duty as your aspect of dominance weakens throughout the game.

"Never give a sword to a man who can't dance.¹ Logic is like the sword - those who appeal to it shall perish by it.² And so Teemo was still yet too cute to exterminate, isn't so oh thee answer my plea!³"

²Samuel B.,
³Me ;_;.

Some Dialogues:

Cassandra: "Why are you looking at me like that, Dorian?"
Dorian: "I’m imagining what you would look like in a dress."
Cassandra: "Keep wondering. If my uncle couldn’t put me in one, neither shall you."

Jon Snow: ''All the best swords have names, you know.''
Arya Stark: ''Sansa can keep her sewing needles. I've got a Needle of my own.''

Arya Stark: Syrio says a water dancer can stand on one toe for hours.
Eddard Stark: It's a hard fall down these steps.
Arya Stark: Syrio says every hurt is a lesson and every lesson makes you better. Tomorrow I'm going to be chasing cats.
Eddard Stark: Cats? Syrio says…
Arya Stark: He says every swordsman should study cats. They're quiet as shadows and as light as feathers. You have to be quick to catch them.

In near future, we may have a little more dialogues about sword, technique, lore, and backstory; so Fiora was born to a big family in Demacia, House Laurent. After years, with dresses and training; she was using her special tailor-made dresses in her sword and [fence?] training, Fiora renowned for her brusque manner and cunning mind. Then she took the control of her family from her father, which was a big event that led them to almost an extinction. This scandal hurt the reputation of Laurent, but Fiora bends his every effort to restore her family's honor and return them back to their rightful place among the great and goods of Demacia.
From an early age, Fiora defied every expectation placed upon her. Her mother had the finest craftsmen of Demacia fashion the most lifelike dolls for her. Fiora gave them to her maids and took up her brother's rapier, forcing him to give her lessons in secret. Her father obtained a host of dressmaking mannequins for her personal seamstress to craft wondrous dresses. Fiora used them to practice lunges and ripostes...
At every stage in her life, Fiora has embodied all that is noble in Demacia, striving for perfection in all things and brooking no insult to her honor or that of her family's ideals. As the youngest daughter of House Laurent, she was destined for a life as a political pawn, to be married off in the grand game of alliances between patrician houses. This did not sit well with Fiora, whose temperament saw only dishonor in being maneuvered by another's will, even that of her beloved father. Despite her resistance, a politically advantageous marriage was arranged with an outlying branch of House Crownguard, and plans were set for a summer wedding.
The ancient families of Demacia sent their invited representatives to House Laurent to attend the marriage ceremony, but instead of meekly accepting her fate, Fiora defied it. She declared before the assembled host that she would sooner die than be dishonored by allowing someone else to control her fate. Her husband-to-be was publicly shamed and his family demanded a duel to the death to wipe away Fiora's scandalous insult, and so that's the how story began, I guess, a redemption, an atonement path that Fiora took, was like a hell of blood, how her father tried to save her girl by trying to end this duel nonsense in an inappropriate way, took him to executioner's scaffold, hanged like a common criminal and his entire family expelled from Demacia. Fiora rejected someone's deciding her fate, like that was ever an insult to other families? To who? That is the how the chain of the events has started for Fiora... Or perhaps, it was earlier, much earlier, when she began to practice sword, being like herself, and not accepting the way humans wanted to define others life; led her family to misery.

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Hi again, in this section I will try to share different pieces of music suits Tf that might fit your music taste. Feel free to suggest music pieces by mail- or in comment sections;



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Pros / Cons


+ Interesting lore
+ Natural sustain
+ Built in various ways
+ CC' deflecting ability
+ 'True Damage'' for monsters
+ Funny; to dance with enemy.

Fiora is a great pick in solo-queue, her personal style and being both tank and damage dealer makes the game style more unique. She has no mean something mobility, that shouldn't be skipped on for a top laner. Her true damage helps against most of the meta champions, an interactive, moral champion. She catches many wall-leaps to make solo plays in games which help to doesn't instantly fall back; with her Lunge against mobile teams like old-school solos, goes strongly against one-important CC, can deflect an enemy's Dark Binding back as a stun to them with her Riposte without taking single scratch from spell damage. In a utility team, she can shine during team fights.

- Relatable squishy early-late
- Ulti requires a time to activate
- Built from core items
- Susceptible to peeling
- Loss of Battle Fervor
- Hard to master; comeback

As per all champions, Fiora has her strengths and her weaknesses. Compared to other solos, not all durable against hard focuses. Not becoming a monster with abusing tank items. Chasing becomes avoidable/punishing sometimes, in late and having to become tanky for surviving is a bit problem. She has to give an end to the game when she really shines in team fights, which requires a good team and teamwork. Also as a solo needs an enchanter support to help her is gut bad especially when the enemy has plenty of problem champions for your ADC. That means even you can sometimes wish you've been picked a tank or something, need her team's support in team fights to make a good battle.

But to remind, all those are somewhat can be counted as opinions, Fiora does not own the flags of highest win rate percents, becomes sometimes a pain to get over through laning phase since some champions basically annihilating with mere combinations, while Fiora has not such a combination and is relatable feels squishy, especially not building defensive can be punishing against mixed damage- utility and CC teams. Plain enemies are/may be simple to handle, yet with Fiora, it can need a serious amount of experience and effort to put in game for a win, but that shouldn't mean its low-tier cause;

Our gameplay separates us from the enemy team, a true damage dealer, a monster-tank hunter, against kite'y champions like Kalista; situational items shall help you like on-hit slow- can make you take control of the confrontation in a team-fight. With precision; destroy them, with grace;.

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Firstly, we shall explain our main rune choice, its 4-2 Inspiration-X because of Kleptomancy keystone works in harmony with Fiora's kit, and allows her to sustain and manage her sources, having extra golds in the first return will/may help to get core items earlier, which is crucial for a champion like Fiora;

Kleptomancy: It is our keystone, gives a spellblade alike an effect, which generates gold upon hitting AA to an enemy champion, works like a supply, Fiora has Lunge which allows her to AA while activating spellblade effect, after casting a spell your next hit generates gold and perhaps some combat consumables and if you have, it can also trigger and use Sheen effect. Does very well with Fiora in theory, and in game-play will benefit with continued potions and bonuses, probably an alternative to classical AD keystone, which does extra damage on 3rd hit, different choices but they both focus on combat, you will avail perhaps much better than Press the Attack especially in some circumstances.

Not only that but after completing some reliable items, in early every Q toward champions theoretically has a chance to grant at least 65 selling gold valued pouch and other consumables as well.
dfiller, attacque with grace Fiora
dfiller, attacque with grace Fiora

Fiora, as a perfectionist, benefits from this rune at early game, as allows 2v1 and such situations into an advantage for Fiora, helps with Gargoyle or Angel, reducing their use-active CD'es by an amount of 15% and also making them much cheaper to buy.

For Fiora, rushing core items are crucial, especially when you just have to buy in order to make healthy performances, yet you shall focus on your Tiamat, etc. Helps Fiora's mobility problems, and as a spell-blade fighter, a magical pair of boots shall help Fiora. Gold economy + stronger boots.

For Fiora, CDR is an extra priority stat in some matches where you have to deflect and dodge or attack with much more frequent Lunge's or Ripostes, this helps Fiora to exceed her default 40% CDR cap, and gives her additional 5% CDR on spells, items, and abilities while making maximum normal CDR cap 45%.

A commander, perhaps an assassin yet leader, Fiora shall carry the waving flags of victory. Triumph restores 15% of missing health and gives additional +25 gold for champion takedowns, does very well in-team fights combined with your sustain, and makes you out alive against ignite in some situations, where at a single team fight- it can heal around 1K HP. Let the victorious lofty flags sing in your name, so may lead.

Fiora as a fighter assassin, who sometimes relies on basically waltzing in a team fight, having this rune life steal in a Hydra Dance, can avail back you in a noticeable amount of health recovered, best option among the other options, while this grants a general stat for most of the enemies that Fiora, will face an amazing sustain rune with core items.

This page is our usually 'go to' go' page, however, perhaps we may examine other runes as well in future, but this meet the needs of solo's lady in a different way, granting some advantages over enemy, while also strengthens strong sides of Fiora, like how Legend: Bloodline it combines so well with Ravenous Hydra because of life-steal it provides becomes even stronger with AoE effect.

Results for runes on Fiora:

Other keystone combinations all doesn't just make Fiora great and crayz strong, and Fiora has still her sustain problems with Bramble Vest, especially in this meta, its hard to becomes a stronger burster than a natural assassin, or become more tankyy than a natural tank, and our power spike items are somewhat expensive ( Trinity Force, Sterak's Gage, Ravenous Hydra), so we can head to an utility rune, other possibilities are like; Domination for Sudden Impact perhaps Resolve for Revitalize, but Inspiration as first tree necessary for taking Kleptomancy; naturally the second tree will have 2 runes left and Domination basically lacks perhaps usability or viability, attack speed, but I'm not claiming that Precision secondary grants Fiora ultimate power, but it seems the most/more balanced in terms of gameplay in general. 20% AS helps with triggering Hydra, life-steal helps with sustain and fits Fiora great, Triumph generally provides an amazing sustain, however other choices can be viable in other styles or for experimental purposes as well. 10-20 AD can really make a difference in terms of damage at the early game with another tree being picked instead of Precision.

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Starting Items

As an AD champion who values life-steal, this item allows early trades and helps with killing minions, since AD provided by this item near essential level for Fiora, this start-up is our classical and is good for lane pressure, helps with creep score; making last hits becomes easier, a balanced start-up for a classical lane.

The corrupted flask is a refillable potion and recovers noticeably mana and HP during lane, however, mana potions can already be dropped with Kleptomancy, this item helps against ranged opponents and spamming Q becomes more available during laning phase. An alternative to Doran; helps with mana regen + HP until the mid-late game, later can be sold.

This start-up helps for hard match-ups or for new Fiora players. Helps in-lane sustain and gives a good amount of HP for early, makes pokes less effective on you because of regen provided by this item helps taking back lost HP. An alternative start to other two options provides a good amount of sustain for early pokes and makes last hitting easier.


As for main items, Fiora tends to compensate her lack of handling burst damage, but that doesn't also mean she totally give-ups on damage, some items can offer both sustain and damage which Fiora quite uses well.

For examples, we can mention how life-steal or damage delaying/blocking items such as Ninja Tabi or Dance can work well for Fiora, that means we shall focus on our damage whilst still handling defence in one way or another, in defensive items we can build various things against different enemies, which's a good advantage for such sustained gameplay:


Fiora has a fairly weak wave clear, which is the reason many AD top laners have an early rush Tiamat. But Fiora can use all statistics provided by this item very well and turns this disadvantage in her favor. Fiora's weakness at lane is usually minions, against a hard lane pusher, that item is giving lane pushing power while taking advantage of minions while dueling with her rival. More minions around means more healing per hit because every opponent in range of AoE waves will provide extra healing cause of Hydra, that effect strengthens with life-steal.

This allows an early sustain, you can so mend your lost HP and be more free about dueling with tanks, 80 AD provided by this item is also allowing you to shred enemy squishies at early duels, which is another reason that why it's the main item of Fiora.

With Hydra's active you can guarantee a score from a running Brand, Hydra's active radiate a wave that damages enemies for one time. Also, you can combine it with your AA combo, you can add it to your combos to have a handicap of resetting AA with active. It's really fitting Fiora in many ways especially when we consider her relatably weak early, Fiora's first item that should've rush in-general.

This item is fulfilling nearly 50% of Fiora's CDR hunger. It's giving her a speed boost when attacking someone which makes hitting vitals or dancing around your enemy much easier with the additional burst of speed from passive. Its really comes handy with stats provided, this reduces armour per AA to a maximum of 6 stacks against champion targets that also can help you to deal with tanks.

It will make attacking weak spots easier for you while helping about spamming Q around since CDR from somewhere is crucial for Fiora, 400 HP and that relatable high AD with such easy stats comes handy. Fiora's 2nd main item in-general.
With this item Fiora is becoming a monster on the top of Hydra. Because Hydra provides AoE damage. And Death's Dance is turning all your physical damage to a healing effect for you which becomes a strong healing. It's giving 10% CDR too that can maximize our CDR to the limit.

The fateful part of this item is with all those other stats is; item turns the 30% of damage received to a 5 seconds damage over time effect, which means a skill that should've been killed in mere sec basically doesn't kill you for few more seconds, that bleeding effect might kill thou, this means you'll have more time to react or even max your HP by life-stealing from somewhere. This makes Fiora ''tankyish''. Increasing our ulti Grand Challenge's heal over time efficacy by this way, if you already have a mix of def, it should make you near invincible in a normal 1v1 or even 2v1.

If you were to die, the delayed bleeding effect might save you in this situation and so healing arena can start to heal ya'. Gives almost a new level of sustain with a combo of previous items, provides both damage and sustain alongside juicy that long wanted CDR of Fiora, this item should be built as for 3-6. item in my opinion.


Youmuu's Ghostblade is a possibility against teams that have too much damage sources. You can build Bloodthirster while sacrificing Death's Dance to get Youmuu. Because your life steal can be a little bit lacking without Death's Dance so we are closing that imperfection with Bloodthirster. Youmuu is a great choice in place of Death's Dance since they bot give 10% CDR. Youmuu's active is very useful in teamfights. Its making you easier to close down all weak spots or catching someone up.

Maw of Malmortius is useful against hard ability power teams. Lets mind a opponent mid. Killing you with one combo, and always get away with gram hp. You played awesome but nothing is enough to kill him/her, thats where the Malmortius joins. When your hp get low Malmortius automaticly active a spellshield with 100-600 HP that absorbing any magic damage comes to It's user and active a berserk mode also provides extra life steal and spell vamp.

Dead Man's Plate is a very strong item for any assassin or juggernaut. Helping you to catch up team-fights or killing their AP-AD carry. As you move it stacking some points that turning into extra movement speed. This speed can be used agressively or defensive. But its have one more trick too, you can trigger all those speed points with an auto attack, that slowing and giving extra physical damage to your target.

Randuin's Omen is very useful against teams that focused on physical damage. Many AD heroes prefer critical damage over normal attack. For example a Yasuo is building 100% critical damage chance while their adc building critical damage too. Randuin's power is lowering received damages from critical strikes for 10%. Its really awesome and also lowering attack speed of attackers for 15% while giving awesome stat. boost (450HP 60Armor). Also its have an interesting active power that unleash a slowing wave to around of It's user. Dreaming possibilities that can be done with this item's active is up to you.

Frozen Heart is not a recommended item for Fiora but you can build it to lower enemy's attack speed. Also add huge amount of mana to your mana pool that can be used well in long team-fights.

Spirit Visage is quite logical if you think how its fitting Fiora's abilities. Fiora is usually taking life-steal items, her passive and her ulti have healing effect on her. Taking Spirit Visage will increase all of healings done by normal attacks and skills for 20% and also provide satistfying amount of HP and magic resist. Also closing lack of max CDR (Cooldown Reduction). Because if you build with my recommended items against AP teams you will almost 20-30%, but we need to maximize our CDR to 40% and this item is providing that.

Blade of the Ruined King is purchasable instead of Hydra for early game or you can pick both for more guaranteed life steal. Picking it at early games will provides awesome speed (Both attack speed and movement speed) and attack damage against meatshield style players at lane and teamfights. Since you have a passive that damaging connected to your enemy's maximum HP, BOTRK will help you to smelt tanks. Also as the game continues your enemies will have more maximum HP. So even you don't build anything else your target's scaling HP will be enemy of himself. Thanks to my close friend Sanders for giving me this idea ^^.

Trinity Force is almost a must for every hybrid hero. But Fiora is picking it for It's passive and active (triggered) speed boost. Whenever she casts Q Fiora will get extra attack damage for her next normal attack. Fiora is using every stat. that Trinity Force provides for her. Extra HP and mana for more durability in teamfights or 10% extra CDR. Also its increasing her Riposte's damage but as i said Fiora players picking it usually for speed and CDR and its pretty expensive i don't recommend it at all because Fiora has a wide variety of item selection and you can find items that fitting more than Trinity to the situation.

Infinity Edge I cannot recommend that item to a Fiora player. Because its offering a little damage in change too much golds. Fiora doesn't building critical chance and it will not trigger often. As a melee champion you will need off-tank items. Its as meaningless as building statikk shiv to Fiora, because you are not ranged champion that dealing damage over time with safe range. But you need to use your everything to shut your target down in teamfights, so sustain and damage items is more important than 20% critical chance. Because normally top lane heroes are tanky heroes and usually building tank and being forefront team of his/her team. If you think Fiora is a tank too but extra dealing awesome AoE damage and single target damage with her skills and items while healing everyone in duel area. But if you are desiring IE that much you can just buy it and combine it with Bladework while sipping your tea.

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Skill Sequence

Fiora's all skills are somewhat very useful in their ways, Riposte becomes a perfect way to resist important skills, spells while Bladework helps with classical 4-5 AA combo. It depends on which champion you are facing with. Of course maxing Q is essential usually. But sometimes you can max W instead of Q. When new Fiora appeared, i tried maxing W first. Its really working well but if you are playing against Riven, Tryndamere, Maokai etc. Q is essential. You can try the power of maxing W first on normal matches. It is about your playing style but as I said lowering Q's CD is really useful for early/mid-game. But if you are facing opponents with low damage and too much CC your skill sequence can be something like that:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Lunge is a mobility skill, and should be unlocked first due to how Fiora utilizes it well both in def and at., also other two options offer not enough balance between enemy, both mobility and damage perhaps and offered survivability is the best option probably because Q can easily trigger vital spots do deal critical amount of damage in terms of early poke. We shall max it most of the times due to how CD lowers with per level, and also two other skills are usually used for alternative moves, AA-reset or def and such while Q is our main skill.

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Summoner Spells are extra spells that are granted to summoners, every spell offers different things, playing styles and advantages. Top laners usually pick spells that offer celerity, because mainly top laners are juggernaut style players-heroes and usually most top laners have lack of speed and while pushing solo; also retaining dragon and joining teamfights are hard without Teleport. That's why Teleport is really important to solo players as it allows many impossible tricks or physchological pressures, and back door.

Is almost a must for any champion. Fiora can make nice plays, saving someone with Flash + W
or you can use it to destroy weak spots faster while re-positioning yourself.

Teleport is really is important for solo players because joining dragon fights and ganking other lanes is really hard without Teleport. Even you gank bot-mid probably their top laner will take tower from top lane.

You can pick ignite if you are so sure that you can't win lane without ignite. Taking ignite against a healer or life stealer is pretty useful. Also in teamfights you can use ignite on your primary target like Karthus, Caitlyn to destroy him/her more faster, it will increase your team's survivability.

Cleanse is a nice possibility too. You can make good use of this spell against teams with too much CC, its also removing continuing effect of ignite too. But cleanse don't break spells like Death Mark, Hemorrhage or Kalista's Rend, only removing slows, crowd controls and summoner spells.

Ghost is not a recommended spell but playing styles are different, unless you're trolling you will want to pick generally Flash and Teleport or if you are more comfortable with ghost you can pick it instead of flash, but slow skills will be more effective on you while ghost is active additionally loss of Flash is much greater than what Ghost alone provides for Fiora as you can experience.

Exhaust is very popular against assassins or AP-nukes. Cutting their' damage 40% off for 2.5 seconds. Additionally, exhaust can be used to decrease target's speed values which makes hitting vital spots easier. Exhaust is good at turning monsters into useless/weak targets.