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Fizz Build Guide by BloodMage666

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BloodMage666

Fishy fizz in honour of incarnati0n

BloodMage666 Last updated on April 21, 2013
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bruiser fizz

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 30

Honor Guard

Defense: 0


Utility: 0

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Pros / Cons


-High burst
-Nock up
-escape mechanizem (short cd)
-Awesome fish
-More pros than cons

-If you fall behind you can be almoast usless
-With this guide you will need to be like the old kata (decision making)
-If your opponent can read you outplay you.. you can lose the game

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Hello fellow sumoners and welcome to my (first) guide to fizz (best champ) In this guide you will be learning how to play fizz, outplay your oponents and more. if you dont like the guide please let me know why and write a comment, than come back in a month or so and BAM i have changed the mistake (probaby).

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All and everything considering items is in the notes up there.

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For items you need money. Money comes from... farm (or kills^^) If you are doing good you should have about 100 farm at 15min, if you are always on your lane the hit mark of 100 creeps should be reached at 10min. In this build where you will be maxing Playful / Trickster you can 1hit caster minions with it. Remember ALWAYS farm no matter what stage of the game (exept when you got all items).

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Summoner spells

for the more risk taking and expirienced players i recomand going full offensive (as well as the masteries and runes).
Summoner spell Flash can replace Barrier if you want to feel eaven more safe.

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Spells (q,w,e,r)

Well lets not forget your passive Nimble Fighter
The passive is really good first of all you get to walk in to stuff (minions, champs, monsters) aka you ignore movment COLISION. for the second part of the passive is the auto atack damage reduction (that increases with level) this part should help you a bit in the early game since ranged champs will try to aa (auto atack) you, and you can win trades more easely.

Your Urchin Strike

is a wery cool spel it can eaven go trough walls (if the enemy is on the other side) note that this ability procs on hit efects in our case Lich Bane and it will always put you to the max range of it so use it well. If you need to escape go behind the enemy or a minion q them and you are home free. The spell becomes a really good chasing ability becouse of the reasons listed before but oposite.

Your Seastone Trident

This spell is awesome not that it helps you last hit if you active (helps you last hitting at tower) but look at its passive, Just wow this spell will deal crazy amounts of damage if your enemys are low becouse it takes their missing health to the count, AND it helps you last hit what more would you ask for???

Your Playful / Trickster

Oh oh you beutiful e oh. well you can guess what you are looking at, yes summoners it is the best spell in the game.
Usages: damage (does the moast damage in your kit exept for r), escape (better than flash, that why i dont recomand it), wall hopping (you can check the other side of the wall with it and ANYWEARE that you have gone over the wall with playful you can go back with trickster)
video (with q jumping ower walls at rhe end): DEM JUKES

Finaly your Chum the Waters

When you get this spell you can kill almoast anyone. It slows the enemy for 3 seconds and than WOOSH a wield shark apeares (urf if you have got the best skin in the game!!!) and knocks up everything around the enemy and himself ofcourse.
Usages: iniciate (werry good iniciation tool but i preffer to hit the carry and yust let him raw of my burst), last hit (if you predicted someones flash or movment you can just use it to finish your enemyes off), escape (in the worst case you must use it to help a tammate escape or yourself)

NOTES FOR YOUR ULTIMATE: try to land your ultimate while baiting so you can have a greater chance of hitting it.
it is a adjustable skill shot meaning it will land where your cursor is so almoast never go for max range (its huge btw almoast a nidalee spear)
If you miss the enemy he can still walk in to it and pick it up or your Lee Sin can cick them to their death (=

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Early game

In early game fizz is really strong against most of mid laners. As mentoined above you can kill an opponent really easely with the red elixir and the w,q combo.

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Mid game

Now here is the moment you get your Chum the Waters and become a killing machine. And there is your combo breaker, if you are against a player who is going for a Rod of Ages you w,q them, bait one spel and e on top of them, if you see they are low enough you go for the kill with your ultimate but usualy that will not be the case (yet) and after that just repeat with your ult and WEEE your kill.

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Late game

In late game you need to wait that every1 is low and get a pentakill (that will be the case if you are tied vs enemy) but usualy you wait for a chance to land your Chum the Waters on the enemy ap or ad carry (more late it gets ad is usually better) and destroy them with your combo.

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Your CCCCCCCCC-ombo breaker

Chum the Waters > AA or Playful / Trickster > AA > Seastone Trident > AA > Urchin Strike
This combo is sooooo strong you get off all the spells with the lichbane procs, almoast a guaranted kill.

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Fizz dosent have real counters it usually depends of your outplay potencial the 2 real counters i can see are Ryze (becouse you cant e the snare) and Galio (mr stacking beast), and fizz is not happy if mid swaps with top )=

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You can't go alone

Fizz works really well with
- Amumu becouse of Curse of the Sad Mummy
- Jarvan IV becouse if his ult gets all members in and you ult + e over it everyone in there is going to die
- Nami and Alistar becouse of the nock up that you can folow. The same is with Malphite's ultimate

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Smart casting

My opinion on smart casting is that each and every player who wnats to get better should use it. As we know lague of legends is a reaction game and guess what if your reactions are bad the smart cast just might make up for it. How does smart cast work? Well you dont need to press a key and click on the target to activate an abilty you just press a key with out the click and yea your clivk takes away your precious 0.2 second wich can mean if you will live or die. If you have truble knowing the range of your skills you can easely turn on the smart cast indicator. What will taht do? The smart cast indcator shows you the range of a spell when you hold down the key and when you let go you cast your skill shot.
Dont worry you can cancle the abilty if you just right click to move (=

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Special thanks

I would like to say my thanks to Incarnati0n for inspireing me and my friend to make this guide.
incarnati0n is probably the best mid laner out there(whole world) he has gone to rank 1 chalenger on eu west in WEEKS (moastly) using fizz. But wait thts not all un weeks he has beaten the first one un chalenger when the guy already had more than 700 points to beat and incarnation has toped that of getting more tha a 1000 league points but he was permabaned on his prewius accoun for beaing to "toxic" but the dude changed and was still baned )= (riot found out)

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