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Veigar Build Guide by Fox Rage

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fox Rage

Foxrage's Veigar

Fox Rage Last updated on October 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey hey hey, it's me again, Fox Rage! Today i'm writing a guide about my favorite and also my main champion,
Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil.

P.S. Thank you for trying this build BEFORE downvoting :)

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AA = Auto-attack (Basic Attacks)
CC = Crowd Control (Stun, fear, slow, snare, etc)
CC-lock = Multiple Crowd Control effect applied on you, one after the other, making you unable to do anything for multiple seconds
FB = First Blood
AP = Ability Power
AD = Attack Damage
MD = Magic Damage
AS = Attack Speed
MS = Movement Speed
MR = Magic Resistance
ArPen = Armor Penetration
MPen = Magic Penetration
LS = Life Steal
SV = Spell Vamp
DPS = Strong Auto-attacker
MDPS = Strong spells; casters
CDR = Cooldown Reduction
OOM = Out of Mana
MP = Mana
HP = Health
MP Regen = Mana Regeneration per 5 seconds
HP Regen = Health Regeneration per 5 seconds
FH = Frozen Heart
DFG = Deathfire Grasp
ROA = Rod of Ages

I used SixSonatas's guide format for the abbreviation section. I adapted it to my guide, so if there is any errors, it is entirely my fault, not his.

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Pros & Cons

Pros :

- Powerful AoE stun, Event Horizon

- Get AP from killing anything with Baleful Strike

- Anti-AP-user because of his ultimate, Primordial Burst

- Awesome AP ratio on every skill

- Really good farming ability

- Anti-Squishy/Glass Canons

- One of the best Nuker of the game

- The longer the game is, the stronger he gets, thanks to Baleful Strike


- Relies heavily on farming early game

- Event Horizon is hard to use

- Requires lots of practice

- Missing your jail, Event Horizon, is like picking the wrong card with Pick A Card with Twisted Fate. It means that either you, one of your allies or both of you will die without getting the kill.

- Banshee's Veil makes it harder for you to nuke someone

Event Horizon DOES NOT stop charges, like Audacious Charge, Leap Strike, Bladesurge, etc. It will stun the enemy champion AFTER he did the damage from the charge.

- Must choose between farming or poking early game. Veigar's low mana pool/high mana cost cannot let him do both of them well at the same time

- Weak early game

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Masteries Description

Usual 9/0/21 ap caster masteries. Don't forget to grab Cripple and Blink of an Eye for Flash and Exhaust

You can also go for 3/6/21 masteries, if you want more MR and Armor, grab Resistance and Hardiness in the defense tree, and get Cripple from the offense tree plus 2 points in Archmage's Savvy

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Runes Description

Main rune set

Greater Mark of Insight

Greater Seal of Replenishment Greater Seal of Replenishment

Greater Glyph of insight

Greater Quintessence of Insight

Other runes worth considering

Greater Mark of Potency

Greater Seal of Potency

Greater Glyph of Potency

Greater Quintessence of Potency

Why chose MagPen runes instead of AP runes?

The reason is simple. Veigar's ability power ratio early game aren't that great (since you will have Baleful Strike and Dark Matter, so 34 AP isn't that much for him. But MagPen runes, those are always useful. More MagPen = More Damage. Magic Penetration works like Armor Penetration. In other word, YOU CAN put the enemy's magic resist in the negative, if you have more MagPen of course.

Here are the math:
You are mid, with 0 minion kill, at level 1, with Baleful Strike as your first skill. You are agaisnt mid agaisnt Morgana, who has 30 magic resist. So, Morgana reduce 23% of your magic damage.

Veigar 1 has 19 MagPen at level 1, thanks to his runes. So, if he use Baleful Strike on Morgana, due to the MagPen, Morgana's magic resist is lowered to 11. So, she reduce 9% of your magic damage. Baleful Strike has 80 base damage. Since you do not have any AP yet, Baleful Strike does 80 magic damage.

80 of 9% is : 80*9% = 7.2

So, Baleful Strike will deal :

80 - 7.2 = 72.8 magic damage

So, if you use Baleful Strike on Morgana, you will do 72.8 damage.

Veigar 2 has MagPen at level 1, since he has a full AP rune page. If he use Baleful Strike on the same Morgana, who still have 30 magic resist, she reduce 23% of your magic damage. Baleful Strike has 80 base damage, with a 0.6/1 AP ratio (60%). Since Veigar 2 has a full AP rune page, he have 34 AP at level 1.

34 of 60% : 34*60% = 20.4

So, Baleful Strike will deal 80 + 20.4 = 100.4 magic damage at level 1. If Morgana reduce 23% of your magic damage :

100.4 of 23% : 100.4*23% = 23.09

So, Baleful Strike will deal : 100.4 - 23.09 = 77.31 magic damage at level 1.

Veigar 1 did 72.8 magic damage to Morgana, while Veigar 2 did 77.31 magic damage to her.

77.31 - 72.8 = 4.51 magic damage

It is a 4.51 magid damage difference. If you look at the math, you clearly see that the Veigar 2 deals more damage than the Veigar 1 to Morgana.

So, why did I pick MagPen runes if a full AP runebook does more damage at level 1? The answer is simple, it is AT LEVEL 1. A full AP runebook lose it's effectiveness over time, while MagPen is always useful. When your target has 150 Magic resist, you will clearly see that the Veigar 1 deal more damage than the Veigar 2!

Runes are all about personal preference. I prefer to sacrifice 4.51 damage at level 1 to be able to do a lot more damage at highter levels (like at level 9, when you really start being aggressive). So, I use MagPen runes instead of AP runes for Veigar.

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Spells Choice

Recommended Spells :

Flash : You need flash to be able to position yourself for a better Event Horizon. Plus, it's an awesome ''Get out of jail'' spell.
Exhaust : Most Veigar take Ignite or Teleport, but I personally prefer using Exhaust, because it can be a life saver. Exhaust will probably give you the 3 seconds you need to use one of your spell again, or basically run away, or even better, save an ally.

Alternative Spells :

Teleport Good overall spell, but i'm not fund of it on an ap carry. It's better for a pusher like Nasus or Master Yi and Teemo, etc. But, of course, if you like Teleport, feel free to take it.
Ghost A good spell to help you save yourself. Yet, i find it not as useful as Flash. If you want Ghost, take it instead of Exhaust. Ghost + Flash is an awesome combo on Veigar
Cleanse Probably the most underestimated spell of the game. Some people swears only by it, others never even tried it. But, again, I find this spell to be of more use on a melee champion who has more chance of getting CC-locked (like Jax, Master Yi, Xin Zhao and especially Tryndamere, etc.)

Not Recommended Spells :

Clairvoyance : It's better to let the support handle that spell
Smite : You ain't jungling. Can Veigar even jungle?
Clarity : I find this spell to be only useful for the first 5 level. After that, it's useless, like Heal. Plus, you got your passive, mana regen runes and Deathfire Grasp. No need for more mana regen.
Heal : As said above, Heal is only useful the first 5 level. After that, it's useless.
Fortify : Let the tank handle that spell
Rally : Another very underestimated spell, yet, I don't find that Rally have a good synergy with Veigar. It's better on a champion like Jarvan IV
Revive : Useless on Veigar
Ignite : Personally, I hate this spell. The reason why I prefer Exhaust on Veigar, is because Ignite cannot save you, or one of your ally from death. It will not buy you time either. The only good thing about Ignite is the reduced healing. So if you're not facing Dr. Mundo, Swain or Vladimir (On Sion, Exhaust is better, especially if he's built AD), this spell is pure ****.

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Skills Description

A great passive in my opinion. Veigar is quite a mana-hungry champion, and will usually end up with close to no mana after 2 min in lane. This passive allows you to run at 0 mana indefinitely, giving you enough mana to maintain farming with your Baleful Strike. This passive has great synergy with [Meditation and Greater Seal of Replenishment.

It works just like Nasus's Siphoning Strike. In other words, each time you last hit a creep with this skill, shall it be a minion, a jungle creep or even another champion, you will gain 1 PERMANENT AP! This is just awesome. It mean, put even simplier, the more you farm, the more you get AP. The more you get AP, the more you are strong! And if that wasn't enough, each time you kill an enemy champion, you get 1/2/3/4/5 AP. Again, more kills, more AP! Baleful Strike Deals 80/125/170/215/260, at a 0.6/1 AP ratio (60%) with a 8/7/6/5/4 second cooldown.

You guys probably noticed that Veigar, as if he wasn't cool enough, can cast METEORS! It is pretty hard to hit someone with Dark Matter, since it takes 1 sec or so before Dark Matter land. That is why you need to use Event Horizon in combination with it. If one of your ally has a stun/taunt/snare (i.e Taric, Rammus, Morgana), you don't need to use Event Horizon to land Dark Matter. Dark Matter does 120/170/220/270/320, at a 1/1 AP ratio (100%) with a 12 second cooldown.

This is probably one of the best stun of the game, in my opinion. It has a lot of range, is AoE, but it requires practice to use it well. The borders of the jail is the stun, don't forget that. The range limit is FOR THE MIDDLE OF THE JAIL, not the sides. That is why it's such an awesome stun. Use it in combination with Dark Matter to make a sure hit. Laugh at your enemy target while he watch helplessly as Dark Matter fall upon him, followed up by Baleful Strike and Primordial Burst! Event Horizon deals no damage, but stun for 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 seconds, at 24/22/20/18/16 second cooldown.

Have you guys ever been hit by a truck going at 400 miles/hour? Well Primordial Burst does the exact same thing as that truck. In other words, it hurts. A lot. Simple as that.

1- It has an awesome ratio. It is the skill that has the biggest AP ratio for Veigar.
2- It turns out 80% of the enemy AP into additional damage. 80% of AP IS A LOT. This is the reason Veigar is the ultimate Anti-AP-Carry
3- Low cooldown once you have DFG and FH
Primordial Bursy deals 250/375/500 base damage, at a 1.2/1 AP ratio (120%) + 80% of the target's AP. All of that, every 130/110/90 second!

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Skill Sequence

Why do I get max out Baleful Strike before Dark Matter? Simple, because if you have less CD on Baleful Strike as it level up, giving you the possibility of farming more AP, and it's a great poking ability. Plus, early game, Dark Matter is too mana expensive, since you also need to use Event Horizon to land it.

I max Dark Matter right after, to be able to do more damage, ending up in giving you more kills, and more AP at the same time.

I take Primordial Burst every time I can, and max Event Horizon last

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Skill Combo

Veigar's skill combo is pretty simple.

Use Baleful Strike to poke you opponent. When he has less than 50% HP, stun him with Event Horizon, then, quickly use Dark Matter followed by Baleful Strike and Primordial Burst. If your opponent have less than 50% HP, you will probably kill him, wich will give you more AP

In other words,

> = Followed by

Event Horizon> Dark Matter> Baleful Strike> Primordial Burst

or, if you prefer :

E > W > Q > R

If you have DFG, you will need to do the following combo :

> = Followed by

Event Horizon > Deathfire Grasp > Dark Matter > Baleful Strike > Primordial Burst

Or, if you prefer :

E > 1 > W > Q > R (1 being DFG's emplacement/shortcut)

There is 2 reason why I use Baleful Strike before Primordial Burst.

1. You can use Baleful Strike again sooner.
2. Sometime you don't even need to use Primordial Burst to eliminate your target. In that case, wait a bit and use Baleful Strike again to pick up the kill.

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Item Section


+ x2

I start with Saphire Crystal so I can make [Catalyst the Protector]] faster. The 2 Health Potion help you stay in lane stronger.

Why not start with Doran's Ring? Because you need the increased mana pool Saphire Crystal provide. Plus, since you are Veigar, you will probably be harassed a lot. That's where the 2 [[Health Potion] comes in.
Catalyst the Protector

Youu need this item as fast as possible, since it'll help you stay in lane longer and give you the ability to harass thanks to it's passive.

Don't finish your boots yet. You don't need the extra MagPen and movespeed yet.

It'll help you farm faster, since you will gain your mana back a lot faster

Great mana regen and it gives you CDR and some AP. A great early game item

Now is a good time to put in 750g for 20 more MagPen and 1 more move speed

This item explain's itself I believe. Mana, HP, AP. What do you want more? You should have RoA at around 20:00

DFG probably have the strongest active of the game. It'll help you burst down people who stacks HP. Put it as your first item, so you can activate it by pressing 1.

Even more HP and AP. Plus, it gives you a good slow. I take this item for the extra HP, mostly. The slow you get from Rylai's Crystal Scepter isn't THAT great on Veigar, but consider it a plus. Plus, it gives a lot of AP

FH gives a lot of mana and you cannot ignore the CDR. FH, after Thornmail, is the item that give the most armor in the game. But the real reason why I get Frozen Heart is it's passive. It'll come in handy when the enemy AD champion comes to take you down. And the enemy AD champions WILL come to take you down, since you make their ap carry useless. I get this item in almost every game, since I found out that AD champions likes to focus Veigar
The enemy team will probably get lots of magic resist, so if they do, get Void Staff. Lots of AP + 40% MagPen


It gives you a monstrous AP boost. Get this item if the enemy team doesn't seem to get lots of MR. Get it instead of Void Staff, as your last item.

If the enemy team is mainly composed of AP users (3 or 4 heavy AP champions), getting these 2 items should be a must. Get those instead of Frozen Heart and Void Staff

If the enemy team is mainly composed of AD users (3 or 4 heavy AD champions), getting Zhonya's Hourtheirglass is a must. Lots of AP, armor and an awesome active. Get it instead of Void Staff

DO NOT take this item. Archangel's Staff is just a terrible item. Low AP for it's price, and a ****py passive. It's only use is the 1 400 mana you can get from it. With FH and ROA you have 1150 mana, and I don't count the other bonus you get from these 2 items. The only champion in the game on who Archangel's Staff is good is Ryze IMO.

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Laning Phase

Laning phase with Veigar is relatively easy. Go mid and farm. Just farm. You MUST LAST HIT with Baleful Strike. Play defensively, using your precious mana for last hitting with Baleful Strike only. Don't waste your mana to harass. Veigar's low mana makes you unable to farm an harass properly at the same time.

If you play agaisnt a champion with a lot of range, or really strong early game (i.e. Cassiopeia, Caitlynn, etc.), just use Baleful Strike to last hit a minion, and try to get as much last hit as possible with your AA while Baleful Strike is on CD. If your opponent is too aggressive, simply last hit with Baleful Strike and fall back without using your AA. Don't take any unecessary risk.

Farm, farm and farm again, until you can affort buying Catalyst The Protector and that you are level 6. Recall to heal your mana and buy Catalyst. Once you are back in lane, keep on farming until you hit level 9. Since you have Catalyst, you can affort being a bit more aggressive. Try to hit your opponent a couple of time before hitting level 9.

By level 6, you should have around ? CS and ? AP

Level 9 is also called : AGRESSIVE MODE ENABLED. Why wait until you're level 9 to bbe aggressive? The reason is simple, Baleful Strike's CD. Early game, Baleful Strike has a too big CD to be used as an harassing tool. Now that this skill have 4 second cooldown, harass your opponent, when possible, with Baleful Strike, without forgeting to last hit minions with it. Try to find a bbalance between farming and harassing.

By level 9, you should have around ? CS and ? AP
Once your opponent has less than 50% HP, start your whole combo and enjoy your +5 AP.

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Avoid Laning VS

DO NOT lane versus Kassadin, mid, unless you are an expert with Veigar, and if you are an expert Veigar, you'll avoid laning vs Kassadin

Why you ask? You tell me that, since most Kassadin are squishy, you can easily nuke him? Maybe, maybe not. Playing agaisnt a good Kassadin mid requires a high skill cap with Veigar and lots of luck. There is 2 reason to that.

1- His silence, Null Sphere, has as much range as your Baleful Strike, resulting in you being unable to combo him.

2- He has a spammable ''flash'' with Riftwalk, wich makes it REALLY HARD to land your stun. Unlike other champions with similiar skills (i.e. Katarina, Jax, Xin Zhao, etc.), Kassadin DOES NOT need to teleport on you. What does that mean? It means you have to GUESS where he is gonna appear (this is the luck part), to stun him BEFORE he can do his combo (I hope you have a great timing, caus it's A LOT harder to do than it looks like). If he silence you, you won't be able to do your combo, but if you are able to stun him right as he teleport, you will avoid most of the damage, wich is better than nothing

Try to avoid laning versus Leblanc, unless you are an experienced Veigar. Same reason as for Kassadin if the LeBlanc is good. She has a silence and an insane early game nuke. The only reason why I believe she is less worst to play agaisnt then Kassadin, is because LeBlanc's teleport will usually bring here back to her inital location, where she used the skill.

So, if you have the range to drop Event Horizon on her initial location, there is a high possibility that you will stun her when she goes back to that location. By then, her silence will probably be over and it'll be payback time.

Her Shunpo is kinda annoying, but with some practice, you will be able to stun her when she shunpos, and guess where she will shunpo.

If she is using Shunpo offensively, she will probably use it on you. If she does that, drop Event Horizon on yourself, resulting in you stunning her. If she is above level 6, she will probably use her ultimate on you. If that happen, wait for her to use her ultimate before stunning her, and starting your combo.

If Katarina use Shunpo defensively, it's a bit more complicated, since you have to guess WHERE she is gonna shunpo. On wich minion/champion or even worst, on wich ward will she sunpo? Sometime it's obvious, sometime it isn't.

Morgana is really annoying to lane against as Veigar, mainly because of her Black Shield. To counter this, you need to have mastered the art of using Event Horizon.

Basically, you have to drop Event Horizon BEFORE she use Black Shield. You need to drop it ON HER, or else she Black Shield and kick your ***. If you miss your jail, just
back, don't even fight her, she'll beat you because of Black Shield.

Another good thing to do versus Morgana, is to try to bait her Black Shield by poking her with your Baleful Strike. By doing so, you will force her to use Black Shield to avoid the damage from Balfeul Strike. When you see her shield, wait for it to wear off, and start the *** whoopin' with your combo

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Your Job

Your job, as Veigar, the best anti-ap carry of the game, is simple. Kill the enemy ap carry.
You see Rammus with 100 HP escaping, but a full health wild Annie appears, kill Annie. Simple as that. Oh, and NEVER FOCUS THE TANK. Let's say Annie got ganked and died before the teamfight start. Then, you need to focus down the ranged ad carry.

Your priority order should be : AP Carry > Ranged AD Carry > Support > Off-Tank > Tank

In exemple, the enemy team is composed of : Annie, Rammus, Sona, Ashe and Irelia.

Your priority order should be : Annie > Ashe > Sona > Irelia > Rammus

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I'll put a video on how to play Veigar early game as soon as I find out how.

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Match History

Here's a picture of the 6 Veigar game I did in row, in order to make this guide.Yes I know, my picture is super lame, I tried to make it look better, wich worked (trust me, it was A LOT worst than right now), but I couln't do any better, sorry :(
For those of you who can't read what written, here are the scores.

Kills / Deaths / Assists

Game 1 (Victory) : 16/4/12
Game 2 (Defeat) : 14/7/14
Game 3 (Victory) : 21/4/12
Game 4 (Victory) : 7/0/2
Game 5 (Victory) : 3/1/2
Game 6 (Victory) : 9/3/14

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Have fun playing Veigar! Give me constructive criticism if possible, so I can make this guide even better.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english, as most of you know, english is my second language (french being the first one) So, if there is a sentence that is not clear, or that you don't understand, tell me so I can correct it ^^'

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27/10/11 : Fox Rage's Veigar guide is finally published!
28/10/11 : I changed the organisation of my chapters and updated a few other things, like adding some BBCodes and pictures