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Ahri Build Guide by Dalraath

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dalraath

Foxxiest Ahri NA's S4 In Depth Guide

Dalraath Last updated on February 12, 2014
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We just hit over 5,000 views, and I'd like to thank everyone for giving feedback and helping me make this into the best Ahri guide out there, up voting helps a lot!

Also here's a link to a few amount of my games over the past few months

This is my first League of Legends Guide, I'm a VERY experienced Ahri player with over 300 matches won as her I hope I may help others have success with one of the most fun champions in the game. I also hope to regularly update the guide and keep up with the constant changes being made to the game. In this guide I will explain the items, abilities, their uses, and great strategies that will Garentee victory. Hopefully by the end of this guide you can have your enemies being S Ahri for queueing up huehuehue. (no more puns sry)

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Pros and Cons

Great sustain with Essence Theft
Insane ganks
Can secure a win on other lanes even if you fall behind
Extremely powerful assassin
Can easily burst any adc in teamfights
Extremely slippery
If she falls off she can still get other lanes fed
Charm can set up some sick plays
Has some of the most original character design in the game
Can hyper carry when mastered
Charm at level 3 can get you an instant kill.
Easily ganked unless you have Charm **pre level 6**
Skill shot reliant
Hard to master
Low kill potential without Spirit Rush and Charm
Easily killed if Spirit Rush is on cooldown.
Very reliant on Spirit Rush in general.

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Masteries and runes.


Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Ability power quints are very helpful. With almost no drawbacks. You get the extra 14.85 Ability Power. You can never go wrong with ability power on Ahri

You need the magic resist glyph for the survivability in laning phase. If you lack the magic resist you'll be at a big disadvantage. On the other hand if you're foe lacks the magic resist glyphs you'll be at a huge advantage.

The seals of armor will give you the armor you need to survive in mid and late game. You'll probably be one of the people your enemies will focus in a fight so it's always nice to have these in your arsenal.

Penetration is always nice to have, if your enemies are stacking MR then penetration will raise your damage against them. If they have almost no MR then you'll be doing true damage. You can't go wrong with it.

These masteries are pretty standard on a mage assassin, some honorable mentions are Expanded Mind Improved Recall and Spellsword . Spellsword helps out alot with cs, and just general harass in lane.
I pick up Artificer over Expanded Mind because having your Deathfire Grasp have a 15% shorter cooldown can make such a difference when you're looking to assassinate targets with ease.
Culinary Master Obviously is for the great sustain in lane.
and Runic Affinity is good if your jungler is giving blue buff to you because he's a good guy Graves

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Ahri Has a very satisfying kit of abilities and has overall a huge amount of scaling if you can hit people with all your abilites.

Essence Theft Is a great passive in the laning phase, it gives you great sustain early on especialy agaisnt people with poke and harass such as Syndra and Cassiopeia

Spirit Rush Makes Ahri one of the strongest gankers/divers in the game. With its absurd amount of mobility it can be used to dive the enemy adc in a team fight, gank lanes, and escape ganks. With each of the 3 seperate dashes being around 15% larger than the area of Flash you can do alot with it. It also has a very short cooldown so dont be afraid to use it often.

Orb of Deception is your main tool for harassing and killing people. It's a pretty divers ability that can be redirected with Spirit Rush if used properly. In laning phase you can throw it at an enemy who is at the TIP of the abilities range and it will hit them 2 times instantly, it can really throw someone on tilt when your Orb of Deception is halving their health at level 4. Although it makes it much easier to dodge for the skilled player. Good idea to use Orb of Deception for harass before a game deciding team fight goes down.

Fox-Fire ***Max this out if your agaisnt a Kassadin use it just before he teleport silences and you should usually win a trade agaisnt him*** Fox-Fire is a pretty straight forward ability press W and it will hit your enemy, it is viable to level up first against a small pool of champions, due to the fact that Orb of Deception does much more damage and doesn't have a random chance of hitting your foe. Fox-Fire has some pretty insane synergy with Spirit Rush if you like the 4 bolt stomp. Little known fact is that every one of the bolts has its own separate circle, so someone on your left side will be hit by the bolt closest to them and someone on your right side will be by a separate bolt that is closer to them. Decent range and high damage output when maxed out.

Charm Is the bread and butter of Ahri's kit. It is ESSENTIAL that you land this ability, if you can't land it then you will miss tons of damage and opportunities for kills and setting up kills. Has a relatively high cd at early levels so save it for helping your jungler gank your opponent, save you from a gank, and can be used as a last resort to secure a cannoneer minion.

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Laning Phase

First of all sight ward For goodness sake BUY WARDS! Sight ward's are some of the most helpful items in the game, knowing where your enemy is can help you out a lot more than you think, be aware of your minimap and the enemy junglers routs/jungle buffs if you plan to invade. For the first 1-3 levels you don't want to waste your mana on your expensive Orb of Deception just focus on harassing with auto attacks with your Spellsword mastery and op level 1 physicle damage. You just hit level 3 congrats you now have Charm or Fox-Fire hopefully, it's time to get firstblood. (unless you already got a penta-kill while invading) If your foe is around 200-400 hp you can easily burst them unless their a tanky champion such as Mordekaiser. You want to engage with a Charm Orb of Deception Fox-Fire *combo in that order*. You're enemy should be Charmed♥ by you with around 50-200 hp at that point, fling some auto attacks and Ignite your foe. Flash ONLY IF NECESSARY! I know it sounds like a n00b tip but I always see people flash into towers agaisnt someone who has 20 health within auto attack range just to get an Ignite then die to tower.

Mid-game / Dragon stage

Gank gank gank. Ahri's about to start kicking some Ashe (literally), Spirit Rush can get her and her team SO MANY kills. Right before your ult comes off cool down shove your lane with Orb of Deception and gank. Kill both the enemies on bot lane and take a dragon, or better yet the bot tower. Ahri can help her team control the map if played properly.

Late Game

If for some reason you don't have dozens of kills at this point, you need to keep in position, don't get caught out, and try to pick the enemy adc. If you're really far ahead a good idea would be to buy a Lich Bane and split push, **Make sure your team is notified that you are going to split push so they can warn you if someone is coming towards you or they don't engage** because when the enemies try to stop you you can most likely out duel most champions in the game even Vayne and ironically xx FioraMA573Rxx. Some exceptions are Tryndamere Sion Nasus and other people that have high amounts of survivability in fights. If you're going to team fight then try to stay in the back and not get picked off by an ability such as a Thresh hook. When a large engagement happens fly around your enemies gracefully with Spirit Rush and absorb tons of damage with Zhonya's Hourglass. Charm the enemy adc and try to take them out so they don't help in the team fight. Your priorities as a diving assassin are ADC> Enemy Mid > support > Tanks

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Da Combos

Ahri Has a very flexible move set and can be combo'd in numerous ways.

If your opponent doesn't have creeps blocking them, also used as an engagement in team fights.
Deathfire Grasp - Charm - Orb of Deception (cast these 2 abilities at the same time for maximum efficiency.) - Fox-Fire - Spirit Rush

Used when engaging on a target that is alone, or you need to get in range to use Deathfire Graspon the maggot you're about to kill.
Spirit Rush - Deathfire Grasp (use this while your ulting towards them so they take more damage) - Fox-Fire - Charm - Orb of Deception - Spirit Rush - Spirit Rush - Fox-Fire. And if your target is a squishy and they survive this combo, you should probably farm up to get more items instead of getting kills.

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Item build

sight ward
sight wards are extremely useful. Just buy them, they make a huge difference on the tide of battle. Just the fact that they let you know every step your enemies take makes them worth the minuscule 75 gold they cost. Just don't overward.

On a normal basis I will buy a Crystalline Flask with either 3 potions or a sight ward. I buy it around 80% of my games due to the fact that it lets you be spam happy and take damage without to much of a penalty, just don't use it as a crutch or excuse for taking free damage, or wasting mana.

Deathfire Grasp Is an essential item, in most situations you'll want to rush it as a first item. It significantly raises your kill potential and leaves little margin for error with the 20% bonus damage you do to your foes.
**Note it's very necessary to get this item around 11-14 minute mark so you can start ganking and snowballing your bot lane**

Rabadon's Deathcap Is for Ahri like most ap assassin's a must have, with its 120 ap and the additional 30% ap it has some great synergy with Deathfire Grasp Granting you 50% increased magic damage which can devastate anyone. Rabadon's Deathcap is generally for if your ahead, if you're not then a Zhonya's Hourglass would be a better option. But since you are going to be ahead because you're reading this guide you should probably buy Rabadon's Deathcap as the next item after Sorcerer's Shoes.

Sorcerer's Shoes is a very standard pick for almost any ap caster, you should generaly only sway from this item for Mercury's Treads if you're agaisnt someone such as Veigar or LeBlanc

Zhonya's Hourglass is one of the best ap items in the game, there are very few scenarios in which you wouldn't want to buy it. Between its extremely powerful active and its staggering 120 ap and 50 armor you'll be hitting like a truck with this item. You're behind? Ult into a teamfight and use zhonya's to bait and absorb enemy ults. You're ahead? Ult into a 4v1 take veryone to a quarter health and zhonya's to wait for cooldowns. Then get a triple.

Void Staff With it's crazy amounts of penetration can wreak havok on your enemies, if their tanky you'll be doing significantly more damage with this item, if they have no MR than you'll be doing true damage, penetration NEVER fails you!

Situational items

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a decent Item on Ahri, especially if you get ahead! If you're ahead you'll of course be doing significantly more damage than everyone else because of your level and item lead. But if you buy some health items when you're ahead, you'll still outdamage everyone else AND you'll be much harder to kill! Plus it has a great passive to chase people, has synergy with the Lich Bane Spirit Rush combo.

Lich Bane **Probably won't fit all play styles, just experiment a little with your builds to find what suits you the best** Lich Bane is a personal favorite of mine, I buy this item every time I'm ahead, because late game you probably won't be able to 100-0 someone with your full combo, you'll be waiting on cooldowns, lich bane has great synergy with Spirit Rush and helps seige towers and helps you win duels. Near the end you should probably be doing around 600+ damage with the lich bane passive, which can melt towers and enemy carries.

Rod of Ages is not a personal favorite of mine on Ahri, but if you're agaisnt strong enemies that will burst you unless you have 2500+ health than this is not an item you really want on Ahri

Hextech Revolver Is a nice pickup against poke champions such as Lissandra and Vladimir. The spellvamp it gives you steals some of an enemies health when you use an ability on them.

Athene's Unholy Grail is a good item to get if you're against high damaging magic damage enemies, and it also gives you some nice mana regen and cooldown reduction, very versatile item, but not highly recommended.

Haunting Guise is a very good item, between its health bonus and penetration it provides, it's a great item to have in your arsenal, whilst it may not always be worth it to upgrade it into a Liandry's Torment, don't completely ignore it as a possible option. If your enemies have a 6 Warmog's Armor build Zac than Liandry's Torment is a good item.

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The scale is 1-10 1 being the easiest and 10 being the hardest.

Difficulty 10
Grab your Dyrus pillow, because you're life is over if you don't ace the first 3 minutes of this game. Kassadin much like Akali is very weak without his ultimate ability Riftwalk, even without it he is still very formidable so take extreme caution with an enemy Kassadin in your lane. You're best hope is to take advantage of his early game wich is obviously much weaker than yours, and hit level 6 before he does. If you get Spirit Rush make sure their jungler isn't near mid lane, and all in. If you can force a recall on him while you still have a decent amount of health or kill him shove the lane and recall. If you get ahead you need to take as much of an advantage as you can because if not Kassadin is probably the scariest midlaner to be against as Ahri.

Difficulty 8-9
LeBlanc is a tough champion to scale on this, she's constantly going through changes buffs then nerfs all around. She's an intensly scary mid like Veigar that can burst you down with 1 combo. Mercury's Treads are almost a must have, unless you get ahead, if the enemy LeBlanc gets a slight lead on you she can burst you if you dont use Spirit Rush to dodger her ethereal chain and hopefully win trades with your Orb of Deception. Maxing Fox-Fire is a perfectly viable strategy due to LeBlanc having to dive on top of you for her damage.

Difficulty 10
It's Veigar what else is there to say. He's squishy, doesn't have the mobility you have, but he packs one HELL of a punch for being a yordle. Level 6 is the time where you curl up and cry because his full combo will take you from 100-0 faster than you can blink. Mercury's Treads are 100% necessary unless you just want to roam and tell your jungler to hold your lane (let him take the blame for feeding Veigar). There are of course ways to outplay the Veigar you are against, that's the point of this guide. Of course you must rush an Abyssal Mask and Mercury's Treads, at this point you should be able to survive his combo, and if you're lucky you can turn the tables on him. Wait for his combo because he has long cooldowns such as Brand Land a Charm Orb of Deception combo and you can probably chunk his health. Dance around him with Spirit Rush while he ***** his pants because his CRIPPLINGLY long cooldowns.

Difficulty N/A
This is where it comes down the the wire. S Ahri but a mirror lane is based 100% on your skill level, for some people facing an enemy Ahri is a breeze for others its a trip to hell and back. Recommendations would be a level 3 all in if the enemy Ahri has 75%ish health. If that kills her or scares her off, *and you're positive the enemy jungler isn't nearby*, then take 1 more creep wave to get more xp and money over your enemy to hopefully have the extra Doran's Ring that will ensure you victory in lane.

Difficulty 3
Twisted Fate should be a walk in the park for a seasoned Ahri player. You can Charm him to cancel his ult (le troll) out-damage him in most trades, and burst him down due to his lack of a damaging ultimate ability.

Difficulty 7
Zed Is like Ahri one of the top tier assassins at this time, you should NEVER underestimate his damage! Maxing out Fox-Fire first is a very good strategy, due to teh fact he has to get into close range to fight you. Rushing a Seeker's Armguard is 100% necessary. When you have a Zhonya's Hourglass you can completely shut down his ult by either blocking out the initial damage or blocking the 35% damage that comes afterwards. On the other side, Ahri is also extremely bursty you're chances of killing him when you have a Seeker's Armguard are increased 10 fold, and makes trading with him very easy.

Difficulty 4
Annie can kill most enemies with her Summon: Tibbers Pyromania combo. But if you can take advantage of Annie's absolutely terrible range, you can beat her easily. Watch for Pyromania by seeing if there is a grey circle floating around her, if there is stay far away from her, this is when she is her scariest, if an Annie is forced to not cast abilities, they may get anxious and use her Disintegrate to kill a minion. This is when you strike, Pyromania should be down and so should Disintegrate her main source of damage, due to annies relatively slow movement speed you can easily chase her down with Spirit Rush and use Charm just out of range of her Summon: Tibbers ultimate.

Difficulty 3
Gragas is a pushover if you're playing skillfully and have a keen eye for dodging his Barrel Roll you should do very well against most Gragas players, but when he hits level 6 the potential for a successful gank to be pulled off against you sky rockets! Gragas can use his insanely fast Explosive Cask ultimate to push you deep into lane to put you in an open spot to be ganked, so make sure you're river is well warded and you don't overextend, and you should be fine. Chances are you wont get fed off of a Gragas due to his natural tankyness so ganking would be a good idea.

Difficulty 5
Ap Nidalee can wreck your health if you have trouble dodging her Javelin Toss than you're not gonna have a good time. If you get around 25% hp she'll use Aspect Of The Cougar and dive on you for an easy kill. Though an AD Nidalee may not do much damage in her human form but as soon as Aspect Of The Cougar goes off you better high tail it out of there with Spirit Rush if necessary. She has crazy damage with her cougar form abilities and can destroy any hyper squishy such as Ahri.

Difficulty 8
Malzahar does some crazy damage in a 1v1, asking for ganks would probably be your best option, if you're in a ranked game or draft pick and you notice the enemies chose a Malzahar you should probably take a Cleanse summoner spell over Ignite or Barrier. If you prefer to keep Ignite than you should definitely buy a quick silver sash ASAP

Difficulty 2
Xerath has abilities that are very easy to dodge but very punishing if you can't manage to sidestep. And you can easily cancel out his Arcane Barrage ultimate, you're Spirit Rush has 3 charges, Arcane Barrage has 3 charges. Do the math. Xerath has a huge range advantage on you, but when he casts Arcanopulse you're best bet would be to rush him and chunk his health or possibly kill him.

Difficulty 4
Lissandra should be pretty simple to deal with, so long as you take care of dodging her Ice Shard than you can avoid one of the most lethal parts of her kit. Frozen Tomb is the biggest thing to be afraid of, it makes you very easy to gank if you dont stay out of Lissandras relatively short range. It's difficult to out poke her but is do-able.\

Difficulty 6
Fizz is a high burst assassin such as yourself, but like some other mages he has some pretty low range and health. Maxing out Fox-Fire first is a very good strategy, due to teh fact he has to get into close range to fight you. If you can avoid his extremely powerful early game than you can probably stand a chance against him later in the game when he uses his suicidal Playful / Trickster to jump onto you and die.

Difficulty 7
Swain is much like Fiddlesticks in a sense that the best way to beat him is making him waste his abilities. For example when he casts Nevermove on the ground, you can run out of its range to avoid its root, and if he uses his Decrepify, you can run out of its range to further waste his mana. Swain in general is very easy to counter if you can dodge his Nevermove wich can be done buy buying Boots of Speed on your first recall. If you are both level 6 and you get caught in his Nevermove then your best bet is to Spirit Rush out of the range of his Ravenous Flock and attack him from afar while his cooldowns are coming back up. Reccomended items are Abyssal Mask and Mercury's Treads

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Change Log

Guide created

Guide updated fixed minor issues
-and added match ups chapter.

-added masteries and runes chapter.

-Holy **** 1,000 views, thanks for the support guys, keep on Charmin